Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Rob Kardashian Is All Smiles As He Shows Off Slimmer Figure

THAT is the smile I've missed!!!

Yours truly hasn't spoken much about Rob Kardashian's emergence back into the public eye, simply due to the fact of the drama surrounding who he's dating.

Quick roundup:

Blac Chyna is Tyga's ex baby mama.....and he is currently dating Rob's sister Kylie.


One positive however, out of Rob and Chyna dating is that she's brought Rob out of his shell, and helping him shed the weight he put on.

And can we talk about that smile in the above photo, which was snapped by paparazzi while Rob was getting gas while Chyna waited?

Keep it up Rob....and Chyna?

Good for you in helping Rob (if that's really what you're doing, and not just trying to stick it to Tyga and Kylie).

Looking GOOD Rob!!

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