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'Dancing With The Stars' Premiere Recap: The Newest Batch!!


'Dancing With The Stars' returned tonight for its 22nd season, and before we can get to the action in the ballroom, there are some changes to address:

Julianne Hough is no longer a judge, and Len Goodman is BACK in his rightful seat as head judge!!

The night was jam packed with brand new dances featuring the newest round of celebs, which consisted of TV stars, NFL players, a meteorologist, a former talk show host, and Donald Trump's ex-wife!!

Shall we get on with the show?

1. Kim Fields and Sasha - Cha Cha

Our beloved Tootie was kicking everything off with a red hot Cha Cha, and girl has some MOVES!!

She exploded onto the dance floor with Sasha, and really hit a lot of her steps. Small tiny complaint right out the gate?

The facial expressions.....


But Kim is ans absolute burst of energy and I'm really looking forward to seeing how far she goes. Len nitpicked a few things, but did enjoy the routine as a whole, Bruno agreed, while Carrie Ann only mentioned her timing.

Two 7's and a 6 from Len.

20 out of 30

2. Paige Van Zandt and Mark Ballas - Foxtrot

Mrk has a contender on his hands!!!!

The UFC stunner came alive on the dance floor, and consider yours truly already very impressed, because that routine was exceptional.

Paige looked like a natural out there, and all 3 judges thoroughly enjoyed the routine. They went on to receive three 7's from the judges.

21 out of 30

3. Doug Flutie and Karina Smirnoff - Foxtrot

The NFL legend admitted in the video package that he was a perfectionist, and had ZERO dancing skill.....

Which was evident.

There were a few steps that delivered, but unfortunately Doug and Karina seemed to miss a lot of the holds and moves together. You could tell that Doug was really pushing through the dance, and I give him a lot of credit. The crowd was fully behind him, even if the judges weren't. The commended his effort, but did give him feedback which he really needed.

Three 5's.

15 out of 30

4. Jodie Sweetin and Keo Motsepe - Tango

Now, as a life long fan of 'Full House', I need to have a moment:


Jodie and Keo dominated with their tango, and she looked really at home while doing so. She hit every single move, and looked confident doing so. Len and Bruno loved it, while Carrie Ann did as well. Although, she said Jodie needed to work on her facial expressions.

Two 7's and a ......6!? Len, don't start with this.....

20 out of 30

5. Geraldo Rivera and Edyta - Cha Cha


Okay, so they bring Edyta back, only to probably send her home in WEEK 1.

That's how bad this was.

Short and sweet. Sorry Geraldo!!

Two 4's and a 5 from Carrie Ann.

13 out of 30

........that 5 was generous......

6. Marla Maples and Tony Dovolani - Quickstep

This woman can dance!!

I think many people may have written Marla off when she was announced for the show, but she proved us all wrong on premiere night. The judges picked up a few tiny mistakes during the routine, but all agreed that Marla did a great job, which yours truly agrees with.

Three 7's from the judges!

21 out of 30

7. Wanya Morris and Lindsay Arnold - Cha Cha

And to Mo-Town Philly?!


And can we TALK about the routine!?

Wanya and Lindsay brought everything to the dance floor, with the Boyz II Men showing off his killer moves, and remember:

This is week 1!!!

A 7 from Len....and two 8's from Carrie Ann and Bruno!!

Highest score of the night so far!

21 out of 30

8. Ginger Zee and Val Chmerkovskiy - Jive

Seriously, it really feels like the show just started. After Wanya slaying it, Ginger came to do the same with that explosive jive. Once again, the judges nitpicked a few minor things, but it was pretty solid across the board.

A 7 and two 8's!!!

Wanya has some competition!!

23 out of 30 

9. Mischa Barton and Artem Chigvintsec - Foxtrot

Did anyone else think she seemed completely awkward during the video package?

Well, it carried into the performance, at least for yours truly. Mischa appeared completely out of her element, but she does seem determined to make it work. So let's see how long she can try.

Two 5's and a 6 from Bruno.

16 out of 30 

10. Nyle Demarco and Peta - Cha Cha

Peta was facing an uphill battle with her new partner Nyle.

The deaf model wouldn't be able to hear the music, so he was very worried about his timing during the routine.


OH NO!!!

Nyle and Peta tore up the dance floor, and following their scorching routine, Tom had to ask about whether or not he could hear anything at all, or even feel the vibration in the floor. His translator explained he couldn't hear ANYTHING.

Absolutely killer routine, earning them two 8's and a 7!

23 out of 30

11. Antonio Brown and Sharna Burgess - Quickstep

Okay, so here's the truth:

I thoroughly enjoyed Antonio and Sharna's routine, but I have a major critique:

He's very heavy footed.

While Sharna (being the pro that she is) is very light on her feet, Antonio seemed to clunk down on the floor. This put him out of framd many times. But I will say this about the actual routine:


The judges were all over the board with an 8 from Carrie Ann, a 7 from Bruno, and another damn 6 from Len. 

21 out of 30

 12. Von Miller and Witney Carson - Foxtrot

Okay. let's give it up for the SuperBowl MVP.....

But he needs to loosen up FAST. 

Von and Witney did a good job, but he seemed really stiff during a lot of the routine, and the end result suffered. He does have charisma, so that could carry him, but I need more. 

Once again, an 8 from Carrie Ann, a 7 from Bruno, and of course....

A 6 from Len. 


What did you guys think of the premiere?? 


  1. Wanya and Lindsay got 23 points, not 21.
    Proofreading is a good idea.


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