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Teen Wolf 5x18: Crystal Reed RETURNS

But you all know, it's not as Allison....

'Teen Wolf' sent shockwaves through its fanbase when it was announced a while back that former leading lady Crystal Reed would be returning.

In the capacity we wanted?

Not really, but this still works!!

After last weeks crazy cliffhanger that saw Liam lung towards the Beast, and Scott/Kira and Brett's sister trapped in the school, we weren't picking up right where we left off.

We were rewinding all the way back to the French territory of North 1760.

We started off with two soldiers running for their lives, but were both quite injured from an unknown battle. They arrived to a cabin within the woods to take shelter in.

Except they weren't alone.

A woman approached them inside and told them there was a demon, shapeshifter, outside in the woods. While the awaited whatever was coming, armed soldiers also arrived, but were no match for the unseen Beast.

Finally, we heard Gerard's voice over, and he informed us all that the Beast would eventually square off against a young woman, and you can guess who played her:

Our beloved former Allison Argent, Crystal Reed!!

Gerard's voiceover explained that the young woman was the Maid of Gevaudan.

We were going to have to wait to see more of Allison, er.....the Maid, as we were back with Lydia, Parrish, Gerard and Chris Argent. Gerard was explaining the story of the Maid to them, but Parrish informed them maybe they needed to resurrect HER, because he was the cause of so much death and couldn't help hem. When Lydia insisted he stay, the Argents called her off of him as he walked out. They told Lydia they knew someone else that could possibly stop the Beast:

Lydia herself.

Finally, we were back at Beacon Hills High, as Stiles and Hayden rushed an injured Liam into a classroom and hoisted it up onto a desk. He was REALLY hurt, with a nasty gouge into his chest from his fight with the Beast. One kiss from Hayden later, and she used her powers to pull the pain out of him.

Meanwhile, we were given more backstory onto the Maid, as Gerard began explaining the similarities between her and Lydia. The town was on edge due to this unknown creature, and Marie Jean (the Maid) was reunited with her brother Sebastian, who was one of the soldiers in the opening scene.

Their reunion was cut short, as a child who was killed by the Beast was brought in. Marie vowed that they would hunt the Beast down themselves.

Back in the present, and Scott was in full wolf mode at battle with the Beast, and he wasn't giving up.

The jumping back and forth continued, as Marie and the other soldiers searched throughout the night for the Beast, and it began picking them off one by one. Marie finally came face to face with, and after suffering a gash to her leg, was rescued by an unknown soldier, who threw mountain ash at the Beast stopping it in its tracks.

The terror at Beacon Hills High continued as Malia searched desperately for the others, before calling Braeden and telling her to bring ALL of her shotguns. Scott meanwhile, saved a students life before retreating to a classroom. It didn't take the Beast long to sniff them out, and just after ordering the young girl out of the classroom window, Scott was dragged out of the room by the Beast.

It also seemed to be taking an affect on our Banshee, as Lydia began to feel like something was wrong, but didn't know what. While she began to question his story, he continued on.

The soldier retreated with Marie to his cabin, which was surrounded by mountain ash. Marie informed him she didn't need saving, she needed to know how to KILL it.

Scott was having a hard time trying to do just that though, He found himself in the library, and wasn't alone:

It was full of scared students, who were hiding from the Beast. Scott ordered them all upstairs, just as the Beast burst through the door.

Marie needed to discover who the Beast was, and concocted a drink that included mistletoe in order to draw the Beast out. When a soldier broke the glass in his hand, Marie ushered him to to tend to it. He then told her to check his cellar for a cloth to wrap it in.

Upon direction from a soldier, Marie Jean headed into the cellar, where she made a horrifying discovery:

The cellar was full of bodies!!

 She returned to the wounded soldier, with her crossbow aimed at him, only to tell him she discovered the truth. He was covering for Sebastian......


Marie confronted her brother, who held nothing back, but reminded her he was still her 'family', and she couldn't kill him.

She needed to come up with something powerful enough to slay the Beast, which to be honest was something present day Scott needed.

He was being tossed around like a rag doll by the Beast, as the terrified students watched on. Help finally arrived in the form of Liam, and most importantly, Braeden and her shotgun!!

The Beast took quite a few shells to the chest and back, before lunging out the window and into the night. When Braeden attempted to blast Scott for taking on the Beast alone, he informed her he finally got its scent.

In another era, and another battle, Marie was at war with her brother, 3 years after the truth was exposed. Just as it seemed the Sebastian, in Beast form, had her cornered, she took her crafted spear straight to his chest. The blade was created with steel, mountain ash, and wolfsbane, with her blood (meaning HIS blood) under a full moon. Sebastian took his last breath, as Marie told him NO ONE would remember who he was.

We were then back with Lydia, Gerard and Chris as they told her the town and Marie burned all of Sebastian's mementos and belongings, with his name being stricken from history. When Lydia informed them that maybe Marie did slay the Beast, she had HELP. They needed Parrish with them, which may prove to be difficult as he was leaving his badge and gun at the sheriff's office.

Lydia demanded to know why Gerard was helping them, and in the twist of the episode, he informed her it was his name as well:

The man Marie married.....was an ARGENT.

Lydia blasted Gerard and Chris for trying them to convince her to be the one, reminding them she wasn't an Argent....or Allison for that matter.


Scott and Liam were on the hunt for the Beast, and the scent led them to a car....and when Scott pried open the trunk....they discovered bloody running shoes, belonging to the human form of the Beast.

And here's the whopper:

Mason showed up, demanding to know why Scott was in his car!!!!

Before Scott and Liam could process Mason possibly being the Beast, Corey showed up out of nowhere and disappeared with Mason!!

So wait.

Is Mason the Beast....or is it Corey!?



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