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Teen Wolf 5x17: Who Is The Beast?

Any 'Teen Wolf' episode that includes lacrosse?

Is going to be GREAT!!

We're getting closer to the conclusion of the second half of season 5, and it's only a matter of time before we find out who the Beast truly is.

Any guesses, because I'm stumped!!

Following the gang finally breaking Lydia out of Eichen House, we kicked things off with our beloved Hellhound, Parrish.

Parrish had enlisted the help of Chris, who stood watch over him while he slept and waited until the Hellhound inside him awoke. He needed to know where he was going when he was in that trance, and Chris obliged.

Well, the plan kicked into gear, and Chris contacted Scott, Liam and Stiles who followed the direction to Beacon High.

Papa Argent arrived before the boys and drew his gun, not knowing exactly what he was going to encounter, as the 3 guys arrived as well.

They quickly lost track of him, only to discover a dead body....and then another.

And then a BUS FULL of dead bodies!!

But it wasn't Parrish....who suddenly emerged in his Hellhound state:

THE BEAST was in the bus!!!

Just as the guys thought the Beast was going to attack, it sprinted in the opposite direction, with the Hellhound in pursuit. Scott wondered what was going on, with Chris simply stating (the terrifying truth):

The Beast was getting smarter!!

One intro later, and things had calmed down.

Malia was holed up at Scott's place with Braedan acting as protector from the Desert Wolf. While they kept watch, Scott was getting busy with Kira upstairs.

The following morning, it was still clear that Kira was battling the fox within her, and Scott was very aware of it. Another relationship was seemingly crumbling though, with Corey telling Mason he needed to leave Beacon Hills and get away from everything and heal properly. Mason pleaded with him to stay, promising Scott could help him if he needed it. Upon discussion of the Beast, Mason made a discovery:

It's only around high frequency, detailing specific moments in past episodes when the Beast attacked. He mad the conclusion that the Dread Doctors were tapping into some sort of frequency which was getting the Beast to certain locations.

And then ANOTHER horrifying discovery:

Tonight's big, charity lacrosse game was going to have news vans from all over the state coming to the school.....


I just need to add I need more of Corey and Mason. All the time. Make them series regulars. NOW.

Scott took the information from Mason and joined up with Stiles, Liam and a returning to school Lydia. He filled them in, and they concluded the Doctors were using the frequencies to make the Beast stronger, without the use of a full moon.

They knew the needed to cancel the lacrosse game, and as the guys took off, Lydia sensed something was off in the school library.

She was right:

She found a wounded Parrish, who was REALLY banged up from his run in with the Beast.

When Stiles failed to convince his father to cancel the game (not really within his power), him and Scott knew they had to find someone bigger:


Who was, unfortunately still in rehab, lying about having an addiction to pills, and too scared to return to the school following being shot by an arrow. (Remember that?)

They didn't need coach to.....well....COACH the game. They needed him to forfeit the game!!

Lydia took Parrish to the only ones who she thought it could help, and that was Chris and Gerard. Parrish's fight with the Beast was cloudy, with him only remembering that he was losing. Always ahead of the game, the Argents brought forward some sort of chamber, that they claimed would help Parrish meet his Hellhound self.....


This would help him understand more, of what happens when he turns. Lydia was skeptical of using this machine, which would drastically lower Parrish's temperature. They finally revealed to Parrish, what was going on with his transformations, as well as the Beasts'. And Lydia began to piece it together herself after Valack's ramblings back at Eichen:

They explained that the Beast, like Parrish, was evolving. When it transformed back from its state, it was the child, who we're still unsure of their identity. However, the stronger it becomes, it would transform back in the older state, the Man of Gevaudan.

Back to the lacrosse game!!

Coach arrived, and didn't head the boys' warning about forfeiting the game, and, even with their plan (with Mason, Malia, Liam, Corey and Kira) made, the game was moving forward.

Would the Beast show up?

Mason and Cory's mission would be to check the other team's school bus, and check the bags for any blood marks that could be the Beasts, while Malia began using her claws to cut the satellites on top of the news vans.

Lydia meanwhile, was getting spooked with how long Parrish was in the chamber for, and began talking to him through the glass. He shockingly informed her Parrish died and she was talking to the Hellhound.:

"There is no Jordan Parrish".

Scott, Stiles and Liam had a bigger problem on the field as the fox began to overtake Kira once again, and she started taking out the other team in vicious fashion. It managed to get her kicked out of the game, much to Scott's relief. Malia was nearing the final news van, when she was suddenly thrown to the ground by her mother, the Desert Wolf who had just arrived.

Kira quickly became unhinged, as Scott used a fellow Brett's wolf sister to watch her, which quickly turned into a vicious battle between the two throughout the school.

Mason got quite the startle alongside Corey when they almost got caught on the other teams bus. The quick encounter garnered a makeout session between the boys, but something stopped Corey in his track, much to Mason's surprise.

OH......MY.....GOD.....Is Mason the Beast and just doesn't know it!?


Kira and the Brett's sister continued their fight as it began to get out of control, when Scott showed up and urged his girlfriend to stop and fight the fox within her. Finally, Scott managed to bring Kira back.

As the game continued, without a sign of the Beast, Hayden approached Liam and told him she was leaving Theo and his pack behind, and sticking with his and Scott's.

Do.....we trust her yet?

We were back with the Argent's and Lydia, as she begged the Hellhound to let Parrish in. She urged the Hound to tell her when Parrish died, and we got flashbacks to when Parrish was in the army, and the explosion. What came to us viewers along with that, was when Scott, Stiles and Allison (WE MISS YOU!!) submerged themselves to save their parents back in season 3.

Did they inadvertently bring the Hellhound to life?!

Parrish finally came out of the chamber, only to reveal to a shaken Lydia that he now knew what he had to do, and that was leave Beacon Hills.

The action really kicked in, due to Malia being distracted by her mother (and then making cryptic comments about Stiles), she missed the news van run an emergency line and bring their power back up.....

Which brought out the Beast, and Liam sprung after it.....BY HIMSELF.

The shot of Liam lunging at the Beast and vice versa, was absolute HORROR and I'm not sure I'll survive this episode if Liam doesn't.

Scott was holed up in the school with Kira and Brett's sister and they witnessed the Beast chasing students through the halls.

When Scott opened the door from the classroom, he discovered to his horror that the Beast was inside the school chasing down students.


We'll have to wait until next week!!

What did you guys think of this episode?

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