Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Teen Wolf 5x16: The Escape Continues....

Would they ALL make it out of Eichen House???

We were about to find out.

Last week, 'Teen Wolf' put on the great escape, as Scott and his pack made a daring effort to finally get Lydia out of Eichen. Problems kept arising as Valack managed to get to her before Stiles could get her out, Scott and Liam faced off with some orderlies, and they were all (including Malia, Kira) were all trapped when the lockdown began. And to make matters worse, Theo and his Chimera pack also arrived with intent on taking Parrish/Hellhound with them.

Get all that?

We kicked right back into the action as Theo used Lydia as a leverage from keeping Parrish from attacking them, and then order Josh, Corey and Tracy to attack. They proved no match for the Hellhound, and Valack took his chance and knocked Theo down and took off with Lydia. Not to mention, Parrish flung Corey into Stiles, who attempted to grab Lydia during the melee.

It was finally Theo who brought Parrish to a halt after harpooning him with a metal pipe, straight to the chest. The fire went out of Parrish's eyes, as he crumbled to the ground. Stiles, meanwhile, made a last ditch effort to grab Lydia but Valack managed to get away and the door locked behind him.


We took a break from the action, as Deucalion continued to mess with Hayden's head, trying to convince her to head to Eichen and help her own pack.

Stiles continued to bang on the door, trying to get through and find Lydia, only to have Theo arrived and kick it in for him. Of course, Stiles was in no mood to thank him and took off with Theo in hot pursuit. We did have one other major problem though:

Kira's fox powers.

The electricity was running through her something fierce, and she was once again losing control of herself. She begged Malia to leave her there, but the were-coyote refused.

And there was still one other person locked down as well:

Lydia's mother!!

She grabbed one of the tasers from the dead security guard and braced herself and she attempted to make her way into Eichen House.

Scott and Liam needed someone to help them move past the mountain ash, so they could finally get deep inside the asylum, and Scott figured out someone could help them:


The young banshee appeared comatose, and Scott was ready to give up asking for help, when, without even saying a word, Meredith insisted Scott use his claws and tap into her psyche. Few moments later, and Scott was observing himself and Liam in an out of body experience.

Stiles and Theo continued their search for Lydia, with Stiles questioning exactly why Theo was there and wanted Lydia and Parrish. (Who's fate was still unknown). Theo asked why it mattered, and he could help Stiles find her because he had her scent. They located a grate in the showers, which led to the underground tunnels.

Malia was on her own now, as Kira had become unconscious from the powers running through her, but she was soon joined by Josh and Corey, with the latter not fully healed from his fight with Parrish. Josh urged Malia to help him.

Scott was meanwhile deep inside the mind of Meredith, while Liam was battling two orderlies who had come to stop them. He took them down with ease, until a very STRONG, TALL orderly showed up, which garnered quite the reaction from our baby wolf.

Scott began learning more about what Valack wanted from Lydia from Meredith's psyche:

He was going to let her internal screams consume her (and eventually kill her) in order for him to find out who The Beast was. Scott asked how Lydia knows, with Meredith responding that she will once the screams overtake her.

Due to the mountain ash blocking him and Liam, Meredith informed Scott tha he wouldn't be able to find Lydia....but someone would:

The Hellhound.

She told Scott that Parrish and Lydia were connected and that he was the only one who could find her.

Deucalion continued to mess with Hayden's head, and she finally caved, neutralizing him with a sedative, and taking off for Eichen.

Scott and Liam finally made their way to find Parrish, while Stiles and Theo, while arguing, continued their search for Lydia.

The latter?

Was in serious trouble, as Valack had her strapped to a raised gurney, and was going to continue to probe into her banshee psyche.

Our beloved wolves finally found the injured Parrish, who was still healing from his fight with Theo's pack, and they informed him they needed the Hellhound back in order to find Lydia. Malia was also asking for help, this time from Josh.

She told Josh if he absorbed the electricity surrounding Kira, she would take the pain from Corey, who was quickly succumbing to his injuries.

Stiles kept pushing for the truth from Theo, and he told Stiles that he might look at him as the bad guy, but if he found Parrish, he could find the Beast.....and kill it. Stiles informed Theo, that his plan could get Lydia and Parrish killed, but Theo reminded him they needed the Beast dead, or they would ALL be.

Malia and Kira informed Josh and Corey that Mason was on the outside, and would attempt to bring Eichen back from the lockdown, but he was at a loss of what he needed to do as he couldn't find the electrical shed to do so.

In the craziest moment of the episode, just as Valack was going to put the mask onto Lydia in ordr to discover the identity of the Beast (and ultimately kill her), Lydia let out a deadly banshee scream.....

Killing Valack in the process, which led Stiles and Theo to find her.

Stiles retrieved his friend (THAT EXCHANGE BETWEEN THEM WAS EVERYTHING) but suspiciously, Theo's gaze landed on the Dread mask.

Just as Mason was running out of options to get into Eichen (using his car as a battering ram), Hayden arrived and used her skills to jump over the wall. He told her she needed to pull the two red levers, but she told him?

There were 10.

Scott, Liam and Parrish (in Hellhound mode) arrived to the entrance blocked by the mountain ash, and Parrish's fire burned it from the walls allowing Scott and Liam to get through.

And just in time:

The group discovered Stiles and Lydia, and just as she was about to scream, Parrish engulfed her in his flames, The actions worked, and they finally made their exit from Eichen House as Hayden & Mason ended the lockdown. Just as they were leaving, and trying to get Lydia to the clinic to see Deaton, Tracy arrived and grabbed onto Lydia.

Thankfully, while maybe not understanding everything still, Lydia's mother used the taser and knocked Tracy out. She told Scott and his pack to:

"Please, get my daughter OUT of this Hell hole"!!

It was a race against her banshee screams, as Scott drove Stiles' jeep and her internal screams began to leak out. One of those screams shattered the rearview mirror, and resulted in blood coming out of Stiles' ear.

They finally got her back to Deaton, and he injected her with what he thought would help. Unfortunately, she let out one LOUD scream, which shattered all of the windows in the clinic.

It was a tense few minutes, as Lydia's fate remained unknown, Thankfully, she awoke to Stiles, Scott and Deaton as well as her mother.

Can we TALK about the looks she gave Stiles?


In the closing moments, Theo revealed to Hayden and Deucalion that he had collected the Dread mask, and was very close to finding out who the Beast really was.

Any guesses?

Because I'm STUMPED!!

What did you guys think of this episode?

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