Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Teen Wolf 5x15: Rescuing Lydia

It was time to get our girl OUT OF THERE!!

'Teen Wolf' moved closer towards its conclusion of its 5th season, and we were thrown right into the thick of the action.

Scott and Stiles were following officials as they raced after the Beast that was barreling down the highway and taking out anything (and anyone) in its way.

While following the Beast, Scott and Stiles made the horrifying discovery that it was headed straight for the hospital!!

Melissa was then seen issuing a Code White, evacuating the entire hospital, when Sheriff Stilinski got word of a 'man on fire' entering the hospital as well....

Which only meant one thing:

Hellhound Parrish!!

The boys arrived along with Papa Stilinski, just in time to see Parrish (in Hellhound mode) get thrown into a wall. He quickly snapped out of his alter state, as Scott began to search the destroyed hall for the Beast.

He followed its blood soaked paw prints....only to shockingly discover they changed into human prints.


Anyone else not breathe once during that?

Just me?

Things picked back up with Scott and Stiles with Deaton, who was bringing them up to speed on what was happening within the walls of Eichen House. Valack was using the patients' powers and abilities against them....ultimately killing them. The boys then brought the rest of the pack into the plan, which would require Kira to tap into her Fox skills.

But with Lydia things were different:

When she would come to her own death, she would scream, unleashing a power so immense that it would kill everyone around her.

Dr. Valack meanwhile, was shown to possess a mask, identical to the ones the Dread Doctors wear, and tricked an orderly into putting it on. She struggled against the mask, but it was no use.

What was he using her for?

Malia and Kira were prepping for their assault on Eichen House, with Kira attempting to hone in her skills. She needd to lower the system at Eichen House, but not kill it completely because it was cause a complete shutdown, thus letting Valack know what was happening. Kira finally began to get it right, but unfortunately for them, Corey had shape shifted into the wall and was eavesdropping the entire time.

While having a pep talk regarding Eichen and the Beast, Scott and Stiles ran into Theo, who warned them not to go after Lydia. He told them they would get everyone killed.

They all met back up, with Kira telling Scot she can't do what he needed her to, but the rest of the group convinced her otherwise.

Sort of.

I absolutely love the joking matter in this scene, as it brought a light level to the crazy episode.

Meanwhile, Sheriff Stilinski tried desperately to convince Natalie (Lydia's mom) to remove her from Eichen House, but to no avail. Even the photos of past inmates, while rattling her, may not have done the trick.


Malia and Kira took part in visiting hours at Eichen to get in, while making their way to the fuse box, while Parrish helped out getting Scott, Stiles, and Liam into the asylum. Unfortunately, they got in via some body bags.

But it worked!!

While Kira agonized over whether or not she would be able to do it, the boys came to a fork in the road, as there were two orderlies blocking the way into Lydia's room.

After a pep talk from Malia, Kira FINALLY was able to reboot the system using her powers, and the boys were working on getting in....but we had a problem.

Theo and his own pack had arrived at Eichen House.

We took a detour from the action to Hayden, who was keeping an eye on Deucalion.

With Scott and Liam unable to break the wall down, Liam resorted to another plan:

Get angry enough in order to make himself stronger.....so Scott threw some punches and one broken door later, they were in!!

Due to the mountain ash, this was all Stiles, as he raced to Lydia's room and discovered her her restrained to her bed, and unfortunately, they had begun to already drill into her head. She pleaded with Stiles to leave because Valack would find him. Stiles simply hid when the deranged doctor showed up, but yet another problem had officially entered:

Theo and his pack.

 And another visitor:

Lydia's mother, who discovered the dead guards outside the hospital.

Valack informed Lydia he was only heightening her abilities, and she informed him Scott wasn't coming for her, but Theo was.

When Valack questioned why Theo wanted a banshee, he told him he wanted a Hellhound instead, to which Parrish arrived in his fiery glory!!

Things went from bad to worse, as the hospital went into lockdown and 4 guards attacked Liam and Scott.

The beatdown continued.....and just as we thought things were looking completely bleak for our beloved back, Scott let out one EPIC howl....

And his pack ignited in full force as he and Liam rolled through the guards, as Kira and Malia tuned into their powers and went on their way to finding Lydia.....


Seriously? A cliffhanger?!


What did you guys think?

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