Friday, 5 February 2016

Sofia Vergara Doesn't Get Why Objectification Is Offensive

She's confident in herself....but does that make what she said okay?

In the newest issue of 'Edit' magazine, 'Modern Family' star Sofia Vergara is opening up about women being objectified, and her response may surprise.

"I’ve never understood why women get so offended [by being objectified]. I just don’t believe in all that drama, which is why I’ve made a whole joke out of it," 

"I am secure enough not to take it all that seriously, and I like to laugh at myself. My husband played a male stripper in 'Magic Mike' -- do you think he was offended by [the objectification]? I thought it was hilarious."

I'm not really sure she gets what she just said. The male vs female aspect is VERY different......

What do you guys think of what Sofia said? 

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