Friday, 19 February 2016

Is Joy Behar Gunning For Whoopi Goldberg's Moderator Position On 'The View'??

According to multiple outlets? 


It appears not is all that it seems at ABC's 'The View', and there could be some very big changes coming (again).

Word coming in is that moderator Whoopi Goldberg is at odds with this seasons returning Joy Behar, with the latter reportedly gunning for the moderator position.

Since joining the program back in 2007 as moderator, Whoopi now earns a whopping $5 million a year. Sources are now saying that execs want to Whoopi to re-sign for 2 more years, but need to slash her pay in more then half, giving her $2 million. Rumors are running that Whoopi snapped back that they would have to cut her days back too then.

Now, here comes the catch.

According to insiders, Joy has already signed a new deal, making $2.5 million. Whoopi isn't happy with the amount she's making, and the two have been at odds. Some think Whoopi will agree to the contract just to spite Joy and keep her from the moderators chair.

The animosity between the two has reached a fever high, with them going into production meeting separately and not wanting to work together unless they have to.

Right now, Joy moderates the program on Friday's, which Whoopi has off.

Let's see how all of this plays out.

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