Tuesday, 23 February 2016

AWKWARD Alert: Stephen Colbert's Interview With Casey Affleck Is Hard To Watch

Truly can't tell if Casey is playing along.....or legit super rude.

Last night, Casey Affleck stopped by to chat with Stephen Colbert, and the interview turned awkward really quick.

Right off the bat, Stephen chimed in with a joke about Casey's appearance (looking disheveled, shirt untucked, unbuttoned) saying:

"Thanks for dressing up".

Casey didn't even seem to get the joke, and looked perplexed by Stephen's comment.

Things went south from there, but take a look for yourself:

Now, to give Casey some credit, Stephen admitting that he had 'only seen an hour' of Casey's film 'Triple 9'?


And the ending?


What do you guys think? All a joke, or was there animosity between the two?

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