Monday, 15 February 2016

Adele Powers Through GRAMMYs Performance Marred With Technical Difficulties


Adele has taken to her Twitter: 


CBS spokesperson CONFIRMS there were sound issues during Adele's performance: 

A CBS spokesperson confirmed there was a five-to-eight second technical issue with the broadcast, adding without elaboration that it was outside the network's control.

I'm still FURIOUS....

Let's see....where to start.

Adele took the stage tonight at the GRAMMYs and delivered the Bruno Mars co-written track 'All I Ask', and right from the start something was off.

Clearly affected by technical difficulties, Adele struggled with the performances and seemed very frustrated by the time she finished.

Check it out for yourselves:

People can place blame on her, but it would be unwarranted. She was struggling because OF THE SOUND BEING OFF.

You wanna place bets that whomever mixed this was fired on the spot?

I would like to mention, albeit the problems, Adele carried on like the professional that she is.

What did you guys think?

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