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'Teen Wolf' Is BACK!! Season 5B Premiere Recap

I would normally start this off by saying how much I've missed Beacon Hills, but at the rate that this show messes with my head and heart?

I'm not sure anymore.

'Teen Wolf' returned for the back half of its 5th season tonight, and yours truly has a lot to talk about concerning the premiere.

Dive right in?


We were brought up to speed on the Dread Doctors, as well as Theo's master plan to bring his own pack into fruition.

Things kicked off with the focus back on Lydia, as she remained in a helpless state, as the doctor attempted to jog her memory on Theo and what he was planning to do.

Lydia came face to face with Theo's sister underneath the bridge where she died and discovered he had given her heart to the Doctors, and used that to create a PERFECT killer.

Lydia's time was unfortunately running out though, as Theo and his newly formed pack attacked Eichen House and were on a mission to take her from it.

Time then jumped back to the night of the super moon, where Stiles had rushed his dying father to the hospital while Scott recuperated from his attack from Theo. Unfortunately, Scott still wasn't healing properly, and was suffering from side effects.

No words will do justice what it felt like watching Stiles in the waiting room, not knowing the fate of Sheriff Stilinski. Dylan O'Brien said everything he needed to with just his eyes and the tears welling up.

The action then turned to Parrish who was on the hunt for Lydia. He wound up at Scott's place and found him unconscious. He managed to bring him around, and then the shock:

He found Lydia in a mute stage, and needed Scott's help. He informed him where he found Lydia, there was a Sheriff's badge number etched onto a rock. Scott knew it was a warning for Sheriff Stilinski who was thankfully recuperating from his injuries. But how long would he be safe?

We finally caught up with Liam, who was feeling extreme guilt over Hayden's "death". Mason tried to console him, but it wasn't long until the werewolf picked up his girlfriends scent.

Parrish managed to get Lydia to the hospital, while Scott took off to check on Sheriff Stilinski. Unfortunately, he was met by an irate Stiles who tackled his former friend. Stiles screamed at Scott wondering where he was and why this happened. Scott shrugged it off, knowing his reasons, but informed Stiles Lydia was also in the hospital. Stiles was shut out trying to visit her from Lydia's emotional mother, but Stiles insisted she check the back of Lydia's neck.

And sure enough, there was the proof of what Theo had done to her.

Stiles regrouped with Scott, Parrish and Melissa as they tried to figure out Theo's endgame, but Stiles needed answers as to why his father was attacked.

He began to get those answers as Theo arrived at Stiles' place, with a hidden Scott. He informed the desperate Stilinski that if he wanted his father dead, he would be. Stiles was shocked when Theo admitted to knowing much more, including what Parrish is and what Beacon Hills had coming to it. He then shoved Stiles down and made a break.

When Scott got Stiles to come to, he informed him that there was a jump in Theo's heartbeat when Stiles mentioned his father being poisoned, therefore he didn't know about it. The guys concluded that the Sheriff was attacked by ANOTHER Kimera.

Meanwhile, Parrish tried to stop Lydia's mother to no avail, but she managed to have her daughter transferred to Eichen House.

Stiles, Scott and a returning Malia were on the hunt for who the Dread Doctors were after next, which they realized would lead them to who really attacked Sheriff Stilinski.

Liam and Mason were determined to find out if Hayden was really alive, and set out to find the Nemeton. The guilt of his attack on Scott during the super moon was setting in for Liam, as Mason tried to assure him it was Theo playing with his mind.

Upon finding the Nemeton, Liam and Mason discovered other bodies, but Hayden wasn't one of them. Unfortunately, Hayden was very much alive, and using the guise of being alive. She brought along the cops who discovered Liam and Mason with the dead bodies.

Things turned from bad to worse for Scott/Stiles/Malia as they literally ran into the running teen, who sent Stiles flying into a wall.

And now for the heartbreaking part of the episode:

Stiles had a flashback to his mother's funeral, and had a heart to heart with his father.

Scott brought him to, just in time for the teen to tell them the Dread Doctors were very close.

Stiles dragged the kid away, realizing he was the Kimera they were searching for, and Stiles demanded answers about his father.

Scott ordered Stiles back to the hospital with the teen/Kimera as Malia wondered how they were supposed to square off against the Doctors....

But they weren't alone:

Papa Argent was BACK!!

He fired off shots against the Dread Doctors, and they were able to retreat. Stiles came to a conclusion about what had happened to his father, after seeing the Kimera's bone claws, and took the information to Melissa. We got one small happy ending, with Stiles being reunited with his father, who took a good turn.

The episode concluded with Theo and his crew (minus Hayden) finding Lydia in the basement of Eichen House, but that wasn't the concluding shocker:

He wasn't there for the Banshee......

He was there for Parrish......THE HELL HOUND!!!

Parrish emerged to protect Lydia in full, brimstone glory and that's when the episode faded to black.


This episode reinforces that 'Teen Wolf' is back and BETTER than ever!!

What did you guys think?

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