Friday, 11 December 2015

WHAT?! Critic Camille Paglia Calls Taylor Swift A 'Nazi Barbie'

I'm not even quite sure how to properly react to this.

Critic Camille Paglia has found some choice words to describe Taylor Swift and her group of celebrity friends, and it's not politically correct AT ALL.

In an essay printed to the Hollywood Reporter, Paglia writes:

“Swift herself should retire that obnoxious Nazi Barbie routine of wheeling out friends and celebrities as performance props, an exhibitionistic overkill,”

“Girl squads ought to be about mentoring, exchanging advice and experience and launching exciting and innovative joint projects,”

“Women need to study the immensely productive dynamic of male bonding in history. With their results-oriented teamwork, men largely have escaped the sexual jealousy, emotionalism and spiteful turf wars that sometimes dog women.”

“If women in Hollywood seek a broad audience, they must aim higher and transcend a narrow gender factionalism that thrives on grievance,” 

“Girl squads are only an early learning stage of female development. For women to leave a lasting mark on culture, they need to cut down on the socializing and focus like a laser on their own creative gifts.”

Yes, Taylor has come under fire in the past for her "squad", but to word it the way Camilla does? 


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