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PopGoesTheArts Presents: Top 10 Albums Of 2015

Will your favorite land on our list?

Find out below!!

2015 has been a spectacular year for pop music, from newcomers making their voice heard, to legendary artists cementing why they're among the best.

Not everything has come easy however, and unfortunately, we're still waiting for Rihanna to figure out what the FUCK she is doing and release 'ANTI'.

Sorry, but there was no other way around addressing this.

Keep in mind, this list is compiled of albums YOURS TRULY considers the best of the year, and I'd love to hear from all of you what some of your favorites are.


We'll be listing 10 - 6 and then going into more explanation for 5 - 1.

10. Marina & the Diamonds - Froot

Must listen tracks: "Blue", "Forget", "I'm A Ruin"

9. Hilary Duff - Breathe In. Breathe Out

Must listen tracks: "Confetti", "Lies", "Breathe In, Breathe Out"

8. Selena Gomez - Revival

Must listen tracks: "Hands To Myself", "Nobody", "Sober"

7. Years & Years - Communion

Must listen tracks: "Shine", "Take Shelter", "Worship"

6. Troye Sivan - Blue Neighborhood

Must listen tracks: "Heaven" (featuring Betty Who), "Talk Me Down", "Youth"

And here are your top 5!!

5. Justin Bieber - Purpose

Call it a comeback, because MANY thought the only thing Justin Bieber was going to be remembered for was his antics....

And then he proved us all wrong with one of the best pop albums of the year.

The singer redefined himself with a stellar album that saw him change up his usual beats with a more electronic sound. With the massive success of lead single 'What Do You Mean' and the follow up 'Sorry', Justin isn't playing around. Yours truly can be one to add to the list of those who had written him off, but this album definitely changed my mind.

The album is full of Justin experimenting with different sounds ("Children") and even going for a subtle acoustic sound ("Love Yourself").

Bravo Justin. Let's see what else you've got in store for us in 2016.

Please stay out of trouble.

Must listen tracks: "Love Yourself", "Company", "The Feeling" featuring Halsey

4. Adele - 25

Maybe you're a tad shocked this isn't #1?

Well, while yours truly is currently obsessed with this album, there are 3 other albums that have surpassed it.

With Adele returning to our lives, one had to wonder if she would be able to capture what she gave to us all with the flaw free '21'. She came pretty damn close with '25', but alas....yours truly is picking '21' as the better effort.

Still, this record breaking album is fantastic and she definitely knows how to deliver her art.

From standout tracks 'Water Under The Bridge', and the absolutely haunting 'All I Ask', Adele is giving us everything she has, even if it's now coming from a different place.

Her albums are proving to stand the test of time, and Adele will be looked upon years from now as one of the greatest of this generation.

Must listen tracks: "All I Ask", "Water Under The Bridge", "Can't Let Go" (bonus track)

3. Janet Jackson - Unbreakable

She made us wait awhile.

But the wait was DAMN WORTH IT.

The legendary Miss Jackson finally returned to us this year and brought forth one of her best efforts of all time.

"Unbreakable" is vintage Janet at her very best, all the while giving us a new sense of where she is in her life. While lead single 'Can't Sleep' was the moody, start up we all didn't know we needed, the album absolutely delivered.

Speaking as one very lucky fan who got to witness her tour in support of the album, Janet is at the top of her game. The album gives us the beats, the burns, and the unmistakable voice we've all come to adore.

Don't ever leave us that long again Janet.

Must listen tracks: "Shoulda Known Better", "The Great Forever", "Night"

2. Madonna - Rebel Heart

Much like Janet, when the reigning Queen of Pop made her return this year, it wasn't just another album.....

It was THE album we had been waiting for!!

Amid a whole mess of a campaign (with leak after leak), Madonna came out on top of it all when her massive lead single 'Living For Love' was released.

And in the end, that was only a taste for what 'Rebel Heart', arguably her best effort since 'Confessions' (some may even say 'Ray of Light'), had in store.

Madonna has always been the QUEEN of reinvention, and this album was no different. She came through with some of her best material in year, including yours truly's favorite "Hold Tight".

To those who say (I don't actually know if there are any who actually say this and believe it) Madonna is past her prime?

Sit the fuck down.

Must listen tracks: "Hold Tight", "Ghosttown", "Holy Water"

1. Carly Rae Jepsen - EMOTION

To the Grammy voters, I have this to say to start:

The best pop album of the year.....the best ALBUM of the year....

Goes to, without any doubt in my mind, Carly Rae Jepsen for her pop masterpiece 'EMOTION'.

From the moment my beloved Canadian diva released 'Run Away With Me', I knew this album was going to be special. Carly and her team didn't just capture an amazing pop song, but they got this era off to one HELL of a start.

And it only got better.

I'm going to omit the "Must listen to tracks" portion of this because there's no need. The album is full of 80's synth, electro-pop gems, and massive choruses meant to be sung at the top of your lungs.

From the immediately catchy tunes "Gimmie Love", "Making the Most of the Night", "I Didn't Just Come Here To Dance", to the flaw free and unique "Warm Blood", this album grabs you and never lets up.

All of you pop music lovers are probably screaming "YASS" in agreement with me.

I hope.

There you have it all!!!

What did you think of my list? What are some of yours?

You can also check out some of my Honorable Mentions below!

Honorable mentions go to:

Tori Kelly "Unbreakable Smile", The Weeknd "Beauty Behind Madness", Tamar Braxton "Calling All Lovers", One Direction "Made in the AM", Melanie Martinez "Cry Baby", Little Mix "Get Weird", Lana Del Rey "Honeymoon", Kelly Clarkson "Piece by Piece", Chris Stapleton "Traveler", Carrie Underwood "Storyteller", Grimes "Art Angel"


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