Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Celebrity Feud Alert? Did Rihanna Influence Roc Nation Not To Make Rita Ora's Career Priority??

The shade of it all. 

According to a new report, it appears our beloved Rihanna could be to blame for all of Rita Ora's problems at their joint label Roc Nation.

It appears that Rihanna's major success with Jay Z's label influenced Rita Ora to file suit in order to be let out of her contract. There are claims that she was frustrated always being looked over when it came to new tracks, because Rihanna got first dibs. This would be especially frustrating for Ora, who hasn't seen a major release since her 2012 debut album.

Rumors are beginning to flare up that Rihanna will claim a song, and hold on to it for months, before deciding she doesn't want it. This is all done, allegedly to keep Rita from grabbing onto it.

We'll see how her lawsuit plays out, bu do you guys believe any of this?

Meanwhile, all I can think about when it comes to Rihanna hearing about Rita's lawsuit is this:

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