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Teen Wolf 05x08: Ouroboros Recap


Only 3 episodes left...

'Teen Wolf' is nearing the end of its incredibly dark, and twisted first half of its 5th season, and we're not exactly sure to to expect.

At the conclusion of last weeks terrifying episode, Liam and Hayden were captured by the Dread Doctors, while Scott and the gang were tormented with visions that led to their 'deaths'. Now that we know (for certain) that it is indeed Parrish carrying off the dead bodies, will the gang turn on him if they find out?

I'm too scared to find out.

The episode kicked off with Deaton (and a companion) arriving to an abandoned nuclear plant. Deaton had promised Scott and co. that he would return to Beacon Hills upon finishing his mission on the Dread Doctors. They located some sort of crypt inside the plant that housed bones, and failed experiments (which included unborn fetuses). 
In merely the first minutes of the episode, we were delivered a SHOCKER when the friend was taken out, and suddenly Deaton was face to face with none other than Malia's mother....
The Desert Wolf!
Following our usual, amazing intro, we found Scott howling in order to find Liam and Hayden, with Malia hot on his heels.  We quickly changed pace back to the McCall household with Melissa calling upon Sheriff Stilinski to help over the dead body in her kitchen. It didn't help matters that Kira's sword was the one she was impaled with. Going against Melissa's wishes, he called it in, which garnered him a pretty stiff slap. 
Things only got worse when an officer spotted Kira wandering aimlessly on the road, and when she informed her she would help, she cuffed her and placed her in the back seat. 

The episode kept us busy with our emotions, as we were then taken right back with Stiles and Theo, with the latter informing our beloved that he should probably head to the hospital to get checked out. Stiles declined, but quickly became worried when he heard the arrest for homicide on his radio. Him and Theo were dumbstruck as to what was going on.

The punch in the feels kept coming, as we then were back with Liam and Hayden, with the baby wolf screaming out against the Dread Doctors for hurting Hayden, which quickly got himself a mouthful of one of the Doctor's boots.

Kira's parents quickly arrived at the jail, with her father quickly placing the blame on himself for the murder, When Sheriff Stilinski questioned his motives, Kira's mother quickly added that they didn't want to go public with what REALLY happened. Scott then arrived to console his girlfriend and tried to convince her he didn't think she was responsible.

The gang (minus Kira and Liam obvs) had gathered at Scott's place while they attempted to get Corey up to speed on the Dread Doctors, but Scott barged in knowing they were out of time. He quickly (and maybe in a fit of emotion) dug his claws into the back of Corey's neck in an attempt to see what he knew.

Just as it seemed Liam and Hayden were close to escaping from the Doctors, they returned and subdued Hayden with a shot, and appeared to inject something into Liam as well.

Scott's attempt to tap into Corey's memories continued, with flashes of his capture by the Dread Doctors. Scott managed to see some of the place where they took him, and upon describing them, Lydia and Stiles realized where Liam and Hayden were.

Meanwhile, our newest 'IT' couple awoke in a different place, still not fully healed, They quickly discovered they were with someone else, a young man named Zac. He quickly asked for their help in identifying.....what....was....growing out of his back.

I really wish I made that up. Be right back. Grossed out.

Okay, guess I have to continue this.

The cracks were beginning to appear in Scott's plan, as Stiles, Malia and Lydia began to question him. The blasted their leader by acting recklessly, and that he could have hurt Corey, but he needed to find Liam.

And in an unfortunate twist, the cops brought in the young girls body (from the McCall residence) and we discovered who was watching over it:


Trip to the Nemeton coming up ?

While Lydia and Theo kept a watch on Corey, Malia and Mason joined Scott in his search and they managed to find the plant from the memories. Stiles headed to the hospital where he engaged in a heated exchange with his father regarding Kira's arrest. Going off of the knowledge that Scott was in the school the night of Donovan's murder, Sheriff questioned his son about whether or not he had late access, to which Stiles confirmed.

With Kira now at home, and her father in jail pending charges, she began to try and read the book once again, but grew frustrated. Her mother arrived and reminded her, it was the fault of the fox inside of her. She suggested if she didn't understand the story, read it backwards.

Consider yours truly CONFUSED.

Things continued to get worse for Liam and Hayden, when the Doctors showed up once again, and dragged Zac out of their holding cell, and could only sit by and listen to his screams for help.

Scott, Malia and Mason's attempt to find them continued to bring up nothing, but Scott quickly began to catch a scent.

In a HUGE move for the show, and what creator Jeff Davis has teased for years, Stiles was seen sitting in a waiting room in the hospital staring at his school key card....with M. Stilinski under hit photo!!!

Mark? Marcus? Michael? Mitch? GIVE ME MORE.

Corey started to remember his being captured by the Doctors, and remembered a giant hole in a wall. This triggered Lydia's memory of what Parrish claimed he found in that abandoned house the night he was attacked.

We finally discovered what happened to Kira, and it all goes back to the night of the night on the highway. Kira was attacked by the Dread Doctors which explains what has been happening with her.

While Stilinski and other deputies stood guard in the hospital, they were quickly attacked by an unknown assailant, while Scott's mission to find Liam continued to come up empty, even with the scent. In a twist however, when Liam and Hayden believed the Doctors were returning, it turned out to be Theo. Unfortunately, Theo attempted to break through the electric fence and was knocked for a loop. In a fit of strength though, Theo recovered and quickly broke through it.

Stiles joined his father in the hospital following the attack, and quickly discovered the body was already gone, and Parrish acting strangely.

The 'what is he up to' continued with Theo, as everyone converged back at the McCall house and Scott was reunited with Liam and Hayden. His motives behind helping them?

Who knows.

The episode concluded with a BANG, including Kira informing Scott she didn't trust herself, and with her father out of jail now that the authorities didn't have a body, they decided to leave town; Scott questioning if everything was his fault, Stiles informing Lydia it's Parrish taking the bodies, and Deaton once again facing off with the Desert Wolf:

When she told him, that she was simply going to have to kill her daughter.


This episode was absolutely BANANAS and I'm not sure I mean that in the best way possible, or the worst. So much emotion, and I'm not sure what to make of any of it.

What did you guys think?


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