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Legendary Singer/Songwriter Joni Mitchell Rushed To Hospital


According to reports today, legendary singer/songwriter Joni Mitchell was rushed to a hospital in LA after being discovered unresponsive in her home.

No more word concerning her condition has been released at this time, but the 71 year old's official Twitter account released the following statement:✔@JoniMitchellcom Joni has been hospitalized. We are awaiting official word on her condition and will post it here as soon as we know. 10:51 PM - 31 Mar 2015
Joni is said to have regained consciousness 
while she was being transported to hospital.
Keeping Joni in our prayers tonight!!

20 Years Later: Remembering Selena

She'll NEVER be forgotten.

20 years ago, the music world was dealt a devastating blow when Latin singer Selena Quintanilla was taken from us way too soon.

The Queen of Tejano music was only 23 years old when her former manager Yolanda Saldivar shot and killed her.

In 1997, Warner Bros released a film of Selena's life and music, and was played by the one and only Jennifer Lopez.

RIP Selena

David Beckham Reveals He Accompanied Son Brookyln On His First Date


Time to hear from all of my lovely readers!!

While sitting down for an interview on 'The Late Late Show with James Corden', David Beckham revealed he once accompanied his oldest son Brooklyn on his first date.

David revealed:

“On his first date, which he was about 14 and a half, Victoria was actually in London. It was Valentine’s Day and he said, ‘I’d love to take this girl to dinner.’ I said, ‘OK, great.’ I spoke to Victoriaand she was like, ‘Really?’ I said, ‘Yeah, he’s going to do it.’ She said, ‘OK. Make sure you take him and make sure you sit in the restaurant,’”

“I was like, ‘Really? You’re gonna make me do that?’ She said, ‘Yep. That’s the only way I’m going to let him go.’ So we took him to a small sushi restaurant and he sat at the sushi bar and I sat about five tables back.”
Anyone else get a kick out of David placing blame on Vicky for this? 
What do you guys think? Did Victoria/David do the right thing, or should they have let Brooklyn go on his own?

Goodbye Danity Kane: Hello Dumblonde!

New music is coming!!
Following the short lived reunion of Danity Kane, former members Aubrey O'Day and Shannon Bex are moving forward. 
The ladies have formed a new duo and have named themselves Dumblonde!!
Over the weekend at the iHeartRadio Awards, the two made their first appearance together and an official statement was released on their website:
“Dumblonde is an independent alternative Dance/Pop duo created by singer/songwriters Aubrey O’Day and Shannon Bex formerly of the multi-platinum, international, chart topping female group Danity Kane,”
“The girls were discovered on the hit MTV show Making the Band, and grew to be noted in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the only girl group to have two number one consecutive albums on Billboard. In their ten years sharing the stage these two formed an unbreakable bond while touring the world with many artists, including opening for the Black Eyed Peas, Backstreet Boys, and Christina Aguilera. Their indie pop debut has stro…

MAJOR: Listen To Zayn Malik's FIRST Solo Song: Demo Titled "I Won't Mind"

This is HAPPENING Directioners!!


Just mere days after producer Naughty Boy confirmed he was working with now former One Direction member Zayn Malik, a demo has dropped.

Unlike many of Naughty Boy's bangers, the guitar tinged folk ballad finds Zayn singing sweetly over a minor arrangement titled "I Won't Mind".

Guess this solo effort was legit.

Check it out below:

Zayn Malik - I Won't Mind

His voice is seriously like butter....


A note to the production team, Naughty and Zayn?

Keep the final rendition this simple.


"Dancing With The Stars" Latin Night Recap: Another Couple BURNED With Elimination

Would Rumer and Val continue their hot streak??

The remaining contestants on this season of "Dancing with The Stars" turned up the heat tonight for Latin Night, but someone was going to get burned with an elimination.

Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews (looking HOT in a gorgeous red gown) kicked things off and then quickly got the night started with the first routine of the night.

1. Rumer Willis & Val  - Salsa

Disco salsa?

Sure why not!!

Explosive right out the gate, Rumer and Val attacked the salsa and yours truly loved EVERY SECOND of it!! Rumer has really shown in just 3 weeks that she's the front runner and everyone else needs to keep a serious eye on her. The judges all loved the routine, with Len even calling it the best dance of the season yet. 

And can we talk about Rumer's outfit/body ?! 

The couple scored three 8's and a shocking 9 from Len!!

2. Charlotte & Keo - Rumba

Okay, so last week was an improvement, but this week felt like a giant step back. 

The go…

The Comedy Queens Emerge On 'RuPaul's Drag Race'


Anyone else think Trixie Mattel would have NAILED this challenge!?

Following last weeks shocking elimination, our beloved remaining queens were given a high task....

To show off their best comedic sides!!

RuPaul challenged the queens to a comedy act in which they had to act as presenters (and throw their best shade) while also accepting a 'Despy' Award.

This show and the names it comes up with....


Things kicked off to a harsh, uncomfortable start, while visiting the workroom, RuPaul locked horns once again with Pearl. The intense face off was cringeworthy, albeit memorable TV. Max's reaction to the incident was just as amazing, calling it "uncomfortable".

It was on with the show though!!!

RuPaul, Michelle Visage and Ross Matthews were joined by acclaimed fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi and ere you wondering how our beloved teams did?

Kennedy/Jaidynn - Actually really funny. The quick wit by Kennedy to the 'Root's comment was GOLD.

NOT HAPPENING: Jenny McCarthy Turns Down Offer To Return To "The View"

She's keeping it real as always!!

While sitting down for an interview with Howard Stern, Jenny McCarthy opened up about her former stomping grounds,  "The View".

Husband Donnie Wahlberg got the ball rolling when he said:

“She’s very gracious about ‘The View’ and I told her the day that she left, I said they’re going to ask you back within six months,” 

 “She won’t say it, but they did. Not officially, but they did.”

Jenny herself then opened up:

“One of the producers called and said, would I ever consider it? And I said, ‘No, thank you,’” 

“Because I couldn’t be me.”

The show has seen many changes within the last year, as McCarthy was ousted along with Sherri Shepherd. They were later replaced with Nicolle Wallace, Rosie Perez, and a returning Rosie O'Donnell. Rumors of Perez's firing came and went, while O'Donnell exited a few months back due to family issues. 

McCarthy wasn't finished though, throwing her two cents in on how much more gas "The View" …

WHAT?! Studio Wouldn't Allow Jon Hamm To Star In 'Gone Girl'???

This......would have been MAJOR.

By now, you all know that Ben Affleck scored the hot role of Nick Dunne in the book to screen adaptation of Gillian Flynn's 'Gone Girl'.

But did you know that Jon Hamm was interested in the movie first?

It is being reported that Jon made a play for the role, but was stopped in his tracks by 'Mad Men' creator Matt Weiner, who wouldn't let Hamm out of his contractual obligations to film the movie.

With 'Mad Men' winding down, Jon wanted to score the gritty role as a way of setting the stage for his career after the series wrapped, but Weiner wasn't having any of it.

Hamm and Weiner have both declined to comment on the story, but Page Six is sticking to their guns.

What do you guys think? Would Jon have been a better Nick Dunne than Ben Affleck?

Madonna Is Joined By Taylor Swift At iHeartRadio Music Awards


Last night at the 2015 iHeartRadio Music Awards, Madonna took the stage and performed her new single "Ghosttown" for the excited crowd.

Except she wasn't alone.

The Queen of Pop was joined by none other than Taylor Swift!!!

In an unexpected move, Taylor didn't sing a single note, and only played the guitar as back up while Madonna performed her 2nd single from her new album "Rebel Heart".

The biggest pop star in the world.....playing backup to the Queen of Pop.

That speaks volumes folks.

Check it out:

"Revenge" 4x18 Recap: GAME CHANGER

It happened.

While all of the major players were very aware of Emily Thorne's true identity as Amanda Clarke, it was time for the WHOLE WORD to discover the truth.

Everything kicked off when the board of directors shut down Victoria's proposed plan on the hospital in honor of Daniel, when the rescinded her offer. Emily attempted to sway them elsewhere, but Victoria wasn't buying her help and flat out accused Ems of killing her unborn grandchild.

Things began to turn in Emily's head, as she truly started to realize that she needed to clear Daniel's name in order to give Margaux (and Victoria) peace. What did that mean exactly?

She then confronted Jack about changing their stories the night Daniel died, and needed to to recant his story regarding everything that happened. She would claim Malcolm himself came after her, and Daniel interfered.

Only problem?


Mama stepped in for her son, ordering Emily to back off and told Jack he would NOT be perjuring himself …

Jamie Foxx Makes DISGUSTING Transphobic Jokes Towards Bruce Jenner At iHeartRadio Music Awards

Who the HELL cleared these!?

Tonight during the iHeartRadio Music Awards, Jamie Foxx opened with a monologue and quickly drew the ire of fans over Twitter.

Bruce Jenner has yet to publicly state the rumored gender reassignment surgery that he been in the media for months, but that didn't stop Foxx (and the producers) of throwing in some jokes.

In the monologue, Foxx said:

"We have some groundbreaking performances here too tonight. We got Bruce Jenner, will be here doing some musical performances. He’s doing a his and her duet all by himself," Foxx cracked.

"Look, I’m just busting your balls while I still can," Twitter quickly erupted with many calling the jokes transphobic, but one has to remember that during Foxx's jokes, an image of Jenner was shown on the big screen. This would imply that producers knew of the joke and allowed it into the telecast. What do you guys think of what Jamie said?

Shiloh & Zahara Reacting To Angelina Jolie's Kids Choice Award Win Is ADORABLE!!



Angelina Jolie took two very special people along with her to the 2015 Kids Choice Awards, and they happened to be her daughter Shiloh and Zahara!!

Angelina was up for two awards, and she wound up winning Choice Movie Villain for her turn as Maleficent in the Disney flick.

Upon hearing their mothers name read as the winner, Shiloh and Zahara reacted in adorable fashion:

So cute!!

Mariah Carey & Brett Ratner Walk Arm In Arm Amid Dating Rumors

Well, her rep has denied the claims....



Mariah Carey celebrated her birthday alongside longtime friend, director Brett Ratner  on a yacht and now rumors have begun circulating they could be more than friends.

The two were spotted out again today (with an unknown friend), walking arm in arm in St. Barts doing some shopping. Rep for the legendary Carey said in a brief statement:

“They have been best friends for a very long time.”

Still, THIS picture is telling a different story:

Ratner has also previously directed Mariah's video for "Obsessed". 

What do you guys think? 

Suri Cruise Is GROWING UP! Makes Rare Appearance At Kids Choice Awards With Katie Holmes!

She's looking more like Mama Katie!!

Katie Holmes arrived to the 2015 Kids Choice Awards last night (as did a HUGE slew of other stars) and she brought along adorable daughter, now 8 year old Suri!!

The young girl looked to be having a blast at the show, and it should be noted that Katie doesn't normally take Suri to public events.

Anybody else see a mini Katie when looking at Suri though?

No Tom right?

Check out another photo of the pair below (joined by an audience member):

Destiny's Child REUNITES At 'Stellar Gospel Music Awards'!!!


Last night at the taping for the 2015 'Stellar Gospel Music Awards' (scheduled to air April 5th), multiple nominated singer Michelle Williams was joined by some very special ladies:

Beyonce and Kelly Rowland!!

Destiny's Child reunited for one night to perform Michelle's nominated song "Say Yes!", and this was their first performance as a trio since Beyonce's Super Bowl act 2 years ago.

There are rumors flying right now that the ladies could in fact be gearing up for a full blown reunion tour, but a rep for Beyonce shot it down quickly, saying "it is absolutely not true".

NEW "Revenge" Promo: Will The Real Amanda Clarke Please Stand Up??


After 4 years of plotting, scheming, and ninja skills, it appears one Emily Thorne could be ready to reveal to the world exactly who she is:

Amanda Clarke

Last week's episode of "Revenge" featured Emily on the brink of exposing her true identity in exchange for peace with Margaux, but a twist in the tale landed Margaux in the hospital after being hit by a car.

We all know Margaux would go on to place blame on Emily to Victoria, saying Miss Thorne pushed her (which we all know is a LIE), so what happens next?

Emily can be seen in the promo for Sunday's episode in front of a large crowd of people and a LOT of cameras.....

Is the world ready for the return of Amanda Clarke?

Check out the promo below:

The episode will also usher in the beginning of a story line arc for Courtney Love, who plays an associate of Margaux's by the name of White Gold.

What do you guys think is going to happen? Is Emily set to reveal ALL?

Chad Michael Murray Is A BABE On Cover Of Glamoholic

That's all.


Dermot O'Leary AXED As UK 'X Factor' Host After 7 Years!!



In just announced news, longtime host of UK 'X Factor' Dermot O'Leary has been axed from the show and will be replaced by "Big Brother" hostess Emma Willis.

The story is still coming in, while Emma's name is pretty much all but confirmed at this point.

The 41 year old O'Leary joined the program in the second year, and has been with the show since.

What do we think?

Katy Perry Goes GOTH......And We LOVE IT!!

Our beloved Katy look FABULOUS!!
Katy Perry prevailed in an all black ensemble at the LA screening of the "Prismatic World Tour" Epix special. 
The singer looked incredible in her all black number, paired with a dark lip and killer lace up heels. 
Seriously, those heels? 

NEW COUPLE: Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris!!

New upcoming song couple alert!!!

Hey, you know, I'm DIGGING THIS!!

Taylor Swift and DJ Calvin Harris got everyone talking when they were photographed together on Wednesday doing a bit of shopping. Rumors began flying that the two had hooked up, but nothing was confirmed.

Until now. 

Last night, Taylor and Calvin were spotted at the Kenny Chesney concert in Nashville, and there's no denying it now. The pair were seen holding hands, Calvin at one point had his arms around Taylor's waist, and there was even a smooch thrown in there for good measure.

Calvin was most recently attached to Rita Ora while Taylor was with.....

Well, the list is too long.

What do you guys think of this couple?

Zayn Malik Breaks Silence & CONFIRMS Solo Career: "It's Not Real To Me Anymore"

What happened to wanting to be a "normal 22 year old"??

Just days after his exit from One Direction was confirmed, Zayn Malik has opened up to UK publication 'The Sun', and it may infuriate some 1D fans.

Zayn explained he had the full support of fiance Perrie Edwards (of Little Mix) and that he's also been working on solo material for quite some time.

Zayn also said:

“It is crazy and wild and a bit mad. But at the same time I’ve never felt more in control in my life. And I feel like I’m doing what’s right – right by myself and right by the boys, so I feel good…My band has been really supportive. They’ve been cool about it. And they understand that, you know, it’s not real to me anymore.”
On wanting to leave: “I did try to do something that I wasn’t happy doing for a while, for the sake of other people’s happiness.”
On the Directioners: “I feel like I’ve let the fans down but I can’t do this anymore. It’s not that I’ve turned my back on them or anything, it’s just t…

Amal Clooney: Fashionably FLAWLESS

Amal Clooney ladies and gentlemen.

She happens to be a lawyer, activist, author.....

She specializes in international law, human rights, extradition.....

Oh, and not like it matters, but happens to be married to George Clooney.

She's ALSO drop dead gorgeous, as evidenced in that STUNNING outfit she wore while out to dinner last night in New York City.


Those pants are giving me LIFE!!!!!

NO NO NO: Amanda Seyfried Wants To Be Glinda In The Big Screen Version Of "Wicked"


Have we forgotten how Amanda Seyfried's vocals almost ruined "Les Miserables"!?

In a new interview, Amanda Seyfried has admitted that she has her sights set on tackling the role of Glinda, made famous by Kristin Chenoweth, when the big screen adaptation of "Wicked" begins casting.

Sure, she was fine in "Mamma Mia"......

But no.

Just NO. 

Sorry Amanda.


DON'T PLAY WITH US EMMA: Baby Spice Teases Spice Girls Reunion

This........I can't deal with this. 

If you were not all aware, 2016 will be the year that the iconic Spice Girls celebrate the 20th anniversary of their debut single "Wannabe".

Now, in a new interview, Baby Spice herself Emma Bunton has revealed that ALL 5 LADIES may be up for a reunion to celebrate the momentous occasion.

Speaking to 'Now!' magazine, Emma said, after revealing she had recently met up with Geri Halliwell and Melanie Brown.

“We love each other and we love performing together,” of course after that comment, talk turned to whether or not they would in fact reunite one more time. 

“It’s just when the timing is right because we have our own careers now and we have families, it’s just about getting five schedules together and that’s all it is,”

It's pretty safe to say we know which of the ladies would be 100% on board and which one they may have an issue with convincing....


The 5 ladies exploded to fame with their infe…

Liam Payne Releases Heartfelt Statement About Zayn Leaving One Direction

FINALLY, something heartfelt!!

Anybody think Liam told PR he wanted to do this himself?

On the heels of brief, crafted statements from Louis and Niall (and public tears from Harry), Liam Payne is the first One Direction member to directly speak out about Zayn's departure from the band.

In a beautifully written statement on his Twitter account, Liam said:

“In light of recent events, I think this is important to say. For the past five years now I’ve been part of something so special I don’t think any of us really understand, something that can mean the world to people and put a smile on the face of our fans even in the darkest times. To a lot of people it’s just a bunch of silly kids in a band but to the people involved it means so much more. this last week has been some of the worst times, possibly the worst it’s something we are all deeply saddened by.”
“It’s sad to think for the time being we won’t grace the stage as five bros, or have the same fun on a tour bus or laughs in a hot…

Proof In The Photo: Jennifer Lopez & Casper Smart BACK ON!

You know, they did a really shitty job of hiding it, but now it's CONFIRMED.

Jennifer Lopez and on again boyfriend Casper Smart were photographed locking in a kiss while on the set of the "American Idol" taping last night, putting to rest the rumors they were back together.

The couple split last April after 2 and a half years of dating, but have been spotted out & about multiple times since then.

And there you have it.

NEW: Rihanna "Bitch Better Have My Money"


"Four Five Seconds" is DEAD.

Rihanna surprised everyone by announcing late last night that she would be dropping a new single today, and she's kept to her word. While there were rumblings for a while that it could have been the full length studio album from our Barbadian princess, we're still waiting for that.

Produced by Kanye West, "Bitch Better Have My Money" sees our girl return to her cocky roots and the song is very reminiscent of "Pour It Up" off of her last effort "Unapologetic".

Check it out at the link below:

Bitch Better Have My Money

Zayn Malik Makes First Appearance Since Leaving One Direction

And that face?

Is probably the face of every single Directioner around the world......

Just one day after he announced he had left One Direction, Zayn Malik was spotted out & about in London. Zayn announced previously that he had to exit the tour due to stress, only to confirm his departure permanently days later.

The guys have said they will remain as a four piece and release their 5th studio album later this year.

Think Zayn saw Geri's tweet?

Did Geri Halliwell Just Reach Out To Zayn Malik?

Well, this is TOO sweet of her.....

If that's in fact what she did!!

It's old news already that Zayn Malik has left One Direction, and we've gotten fine tuned statements from each of the remaining guys, but now it appears someone else has reached out to Zayn.

Spice Girl Geri Halliwell!!

For all you young ones out there, back in 1998, Geri left the chart topping girl group out of the blue, when they were set to embark on their world tour. The reaction from fans was devastating, but remember:

There was no Facebook or Twitter back then.

Well, just last night, it appeared Geri may have reached out to Zayn, in light of his exit as well. She tweeted:

Geri Halliwell✔@GeriHalliwell Hello , thinking of you. Hope whatever is going on in your life it's going well. X 4:53 PM - 25 Mar 2015
Obviously, nothing confirming it was directed 
at Zayn, but many fans made the assumption.

'American Idol' 80's Week Recap: Double Elimination

Well, yours truly may not have agreed with last weeks save, which meant tonight was going to be even harder with a double elimination!!

Last weeks "American Idol" shocker saw the judges use their one and only save pretty damn early, choosing to keep Qaasim around, but what would that mean for tonight's 80's themed show?

What it did mean for starters, is that guest mentor Boy George was in the house!!

Ryan Seacrest welcomed us to the show, and there was going to be a lot of ground to cover tonight, so let's get right to it.

After a guest appearance from David Hasselhoff (?!) who gave Ryan the dreaded results, we were treated to a performance from the Top 11, alongside Boy George!!

It was time to get right down to business though.

1. Daniel Seavey - "You Make My Dreams" by Hall & Oates

I see you Mr. Seavey......I see you trying to bring some more personality to your performance.....

And it kind of worked?

While Daniel's vocals are still not on the…

Niall Horan & Louis Tomlinson Break Silence Following Zayn Malik's One Direction Departure

We saw Harry show some emotion....

That just leaves you Liam!!

While the boys of One Direction aren't exactly speaking out about now former member Zayn Malik, two of the guys have now taken to their social media to address their fans.

First up was Louis Tomlinson who said:

Louis Tomlinson✔@Louis_Tomlinson Been a crazy couple of days but know that we are going to work harder than ever to deliver the best album we've ever made for you guys ! 6:47 AM - 26 Mar 2015
Louis's tweet was quickly followed by Niall Horan, who said:
Niall Horan✔@NiallOfficial Been a mad few days and your support has been incredible as per usual ! This in turn Spurs us on to make the best music we possibly can 8:27 AM - 26 Mar 2015