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"Revenge" 4x09 Recap: Daniel's World Gets ROCKED!!

Keep the layers coming......

"Revenge" returned from its week off with another step towards finding out who was after David, but we got more questions then we did answers.

Last we saw, Emily had taken one of the men captive and was poised to torture him to get information while the other was arrested. Emily was determined to find out the truth, but discovered she needed to get to the man behind bars instead. Unfortunately, that didn't pan out either as he hung himself while in the interrogation room......

Or did he?

Emily planted seeds of doubt in Jack's head that someone could have gotten to him, but Jack didn't seem taken with the thought. When Emily returned to her captive, she discovered him GONE.

Enter Nolan.

Emily seethed when Nolan informed her he discovered her secret and released the man. The besties exchanged raised warnings about their doings, but Nolan stuck to his guns and told Ems he wasn't happy with what she was doing. It's the exact reas…

BREAKING: Angelina Jolie Involved In Near Devastating Car Crash

THANKFULLY, she's okay!!!

In a breaking news story, Angelina Jolie is home safe & sound after a very scary accident in Los Angeles tonight.

Coming home from a screening of her new film "Unbroken", Jolie's chauffeured SUV slipped on some of the wet road and slide extremely hard into the curb, which caused TWO of the tires to pop, which resulted in the driver almost losing control.

Sources are saying nobody was seriously injured, and a second vehicle arrived on the scene just a short while ago to escort Angie home.

One source was quoted saying "I wouldn't be surprised if she has whiplash."

All that matters is that everyone is okay!!!

WHAT!? Scott Disick Says He & Kourtney Kardashian Haven't Slept Together In 5 Years......But SHE'S PREGNANT

So, either immaculate conception....

Or Kourt's screwing around!!

In the newest episode of "Kourtney & Khloe Take Take The Hamptons", Scott Disick and longtime partner Kourtney discuss some problems they've been having, and he manages to drop a WHOPPER of a revelation.

Scott says:

“I don’t think I’ve ever given myself time to really grieve over both of my parents dying, because I just self medicated by taking pills and drinking,”

Kourtney replies that she needs space from him, to which Scott fires back:

“How much more space do you need? We haven’t slept together in five years. What’s the difference?”

Seriously though, Kourtney had Mason back in 2009, and then Penelope in 2012.

And is currently preggers with child #3.....

So, I need someone to explain this to me.

PEOPLE.Com Makes HUGE Mistake: Posts Story That Kirk Douglas Is Dead.....When He Isn't

Someone just got fired!! is coming under fire right now, after an article that was obviously not meant to be published hit the Internet.

The story, with the actual title "DO NOT PUB Kirk Douglas Dies" sent Twitter ablaze with everyone retweeting the article.

Just to be clear:


Collaborators Of Shia LaBeouf's #IAMSORRY Address Rape Allegations

And it's all thanks to Piers Morgan.

Former CNN host Piers Morgan questioned Shia LaBeouf's #IAMSORRY collaborators Luke Turner and Nastja Säde Rönkkö regarding the actor's reveal that he was raped during one of the meet ups. 

Piers tweeted at Luke directly:

“Why did you let Shia LaBeouf’s ‘rapist’ just walk away, @Luke_Turner ?”

Luke was quick to respond to Morgan:

“@piersmorgan It wasn’t clear at the time precisely what had happened, & the 1st priority was to ensure everybody’s safety in the gallery…She ran out, rather than simply walking away. Beyond that, it’s not my place to comment.”

Well, you kinda just did comment.

Thoughts on this??

"Fast & The Furious" Co-Stars Remember Paul Walker On The Anniversary Of His Death

One year.....


It's been one year exactly today that the world was rocked with the sudden, tragic death of actor Paul Walker. Today, his "Fast & the Furious" co-stars took to their social media to remember him.

Vin Diesel posted a photo of Paul with his daughter and captioned it:

“He was a part of so much in my life… long personal talks with my mother or babysitting the Alpha Angel… he took a certain pride in being uncle Pablo… after all, we were filming a scene in FF4 the day she was born, and he being the only one I told, encouraged me to go in and cut the umbilical cord.”

“He was an important part of my transition into fatherhood… that healthy family member, with the most positive outlook on life…A year ago today… a year of mourning… and his absence still leaves me speechless. We miss you Pablo…”

Paul's other co-star Tyrese wrote:

“A celebration of Paul William Walker will be echoed around the world…. In this life one would hope to be this “effective” 1 year …

Michael Fassbender Shirtless Is The Perfect Way To End Your Weekend

What a sight!!

"X-Men Days Of Future Past" star Michael Fassbender got tongues wagging when he was spotted showing off his buff physique while surfing in Australia.

Thank you Michael.

THEY'RE BACK: Tina Fey & Amy Poehler Deliver First Promo For 2015 Golden Globes!!

The fabulous funny ladies are BACK!!

Going for their 3rd outing, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are officially back for the 2015 Golden Globe Awards.

NBC has just released a promo video featuring the ladies explaining what they'll be wearing for the big night, and of course it's hilarious!

Check it out:

The show will air on NBC January 11th!

Who's excited???

Counting It Down: Top 10 Lip Sync Battles On "RuPaul's Drag Race"

SEASON 7 is coming!!!

With the news that season 7 is set to debut in January, and we get the queens announcement December 7th, yours truly really got to thinking about all of the incredible lip syncs that we've seen over the course of the series.

From high energy to emotional ballads......

Ready for yours truly's personal top 10 list?


PS: Apologies for some quality of a few. And a lack of video on a few as well!!

10. Two of Hearts - Morgan McMichaels vs Sonique (Season 2)

Oh how I LOVED these two during season 2!!!

Sonique Vs Morgan McMichaels

9. Black Velvet - Jujubee Vs Sahara Davenport (Season 2)

Once again, a stellar performance from each queen, and it just makes me miss Sahara even more.

RIP Sahara.

Jujubee Vs Sahara Davenport

8. I'm Every Woman - Trinity K. Bonet Vs April Carrion (Season 6)

Anyone else just KNEW that Trinity had this in the bag when it started?


Trinity Vs April Carrion

7. MacArthur Park - Manila Luzon Vs Delta Work (Season 3)

Manlia was N…

PopGoesTheArts Year End Countdowns ARE COMING......

They're coming......

Is Bruce Jenner Preparing To Write Tell All Book About Marriage To Kris Jenner!?!?

Kris can seemingly breathe easy....

Because this report isn't true.

Despite rumblings in the media, it appears Bruce Jenner is NOT writing a $15 million tell all about his marriage to ex-wife Kris.

The story initially broke that Bruce was gearing up to sit down with a publisher and discuss his "miserable 23 year marriage". The rumors circulating also included details of what Bruce would include in the tell all:

Kris' cheating, her talking Kim & Khloe into having plastic surgery, how she lets Kendally & Kylie run wild.....

And the "truth" about Khloe's "real" father.

As of right now, the former report of the tell all is nothing but a rumor, but will Bruce change his tune someday?


MUST LISTEN: Check Out The New MNEK "The Rhythm"!!!!!!

This is AMAZEBALLS!!!!!

Sorry, that's the best reaction I could come up with!

MNEK scored major success with lead single "Every Little Word", and is now moving forward with another soon to be chart topping single.

"The Rhythm" is a scorching club/house stomper with absolute amazing production wrapped with his killer vocals, and yours truly has had it on constant repeat!

Check it out:

MNEK - The Rhythm

You HAVE To See The First Image Of Jake Gyllenhaal In "Southpaw"!!!!!


Jake Gyllenhaal is gearing up for yet another transforming role, this time in the boxing flick "Southpaw", in which he plays Middleweight champion Billy "The Great" Hope!!

No details on yet when the film will open.


TWO Brand New Madonna Songs Leak: Check Out "Rebel Heart" And "Wash All Over Me"!!!


Madonna has been teasing all of us for months with hype of her new album, and more notably, single "Rebel Heart".

Yesterday, a snippet of the song leaked but it was quickly pulled from the net.

Well, now we have the track in FULL along with another called "Wash All Over Me".

Both tracks were produced by Avicii

Check out "Rebel Heart" at the link below:

UPDATE: Will be updated again when "Wash All Over Me" becomes available again.

NEW Madonna

What do you guys think?

Will "Cake" Secure Jennifer Aniston Her FIRST Oscar Nomination.....And Win?

Time will tell.

Jennifer Aniston has receiving a TON of buzz for her role in the upcoming "Cake", and after its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival back in September, many think it could nab an Oscar nomination.

The films first full trailer has arrived, and will be released for a limited run this December (for Oscar consideration) before its wide release in 2015.

Check out the trailer below:

The Teaser Trailer For "Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens" Has ARRIVED!!!!!

Holy chills.


Emma Stone Flips Off The Paparazzi While Out For A Stroll With Boyfriend Andrew Garfield

'Atta girl!!

Emma Stone was clearly not in the mood for the prying eyes of the paparazzi while she was out in New York City alongside boyfriend Andrew Garfield.

She looks really pissed off doesn't she?

One last thing?


That's all.

Bill Cosby Gave National Enquirer Interview To Keep Them From Publishing OTHER Sexual Assault Story!!

This just keeps spinning.....

Back in 2005, Bill Cosby testified under oath that he only gave an exclusive interview to the National Enquirer in order to keep them from publishing another story about a sexual assault allegation.

The previously undisclosed allegation came from a Beth Ferrier, who would try and go public with an allegation against Cosby. This was all transpiring while the TV icon was in the midst of a civil suit with another accuser by the name of Andrea Constand.

In his testimony, Cosby said:

"I would give them an exclusive story, my words,"

"[And in return, The Enquirer] would not print the story of -- print Beth's story."

The full testimony was retrieved by the New York Times and the Associated Press, as the documents are no unsealed. 

The reasoning behind Cosby's deal with the Enquirer was because he felt Beth's story would give validity to Constand's. NE also said that they felt the pressure to kill the story after getting pressure f…

He's At It AGAIN: Shia LaBeouf Gives Hour Long Interview.....Completely SILENT

What in the world!?

In the December issue of 'DAZED', actor Shia LaBeouf sat down for an "interview" with writer Aimee Cliff and it was pretty strange to say the least.

Aimee revealed that she had been in constant email contact with Shia, discussing his recent work, his "I Am Sorry" exhibit in LA, and other things. When Shia suggested a sit-down interview, Aimee jumped at the chance.

However, prior to meeting, Shia suggested they not speak during the "interview".

So they didn't.

They went on to finally meet in a London hotel, and with Go-Pros strapped on top of their heads, the "interview" commenced. Aimee also revealed in her article, that during their email conversations, Shia revealed he had been raped during his exhibit. The incident occurred during a meet with woman. The exhibit saw Shia meet with fans for 5 days, but there was also no talking.

Aimee's excerpt from the email:

One woman who came with her boyfriend, who was ou…

Fans Attack Rita Ora After First Cast Photo From "Fifty Shades Of Grey" Emerges

This is ridiculous!!!

Let us just wait and see how she is....

THEN react.

Pop singer Rita Ora is already dealing with backlash of her being cast in the role of Mia Grey, Christian's adopted sister in "Fifty Shades of Grey", and the movie hasn't even opened yet!

Fans are taking notice to Rita's look for the film, and in the first image that has been released, one has to wonder why. Say what you want about the casting, but they've styled Rita almost perfectly to play Mia.

Fans took to Twitter to vent their frustrations:

Who the heck did the casting? Could they not find the actual hot people? The ones actually described in the book? Omg.. She looks scary,"

"Now I don't want to see the movie. She DOES not depict Mia AT ALL." 

"Rita Ora is a no talent hag!"

"So not what I pictured from the book. I cant believe [book writer] EL James allowed this."

What do you guys think of Rita's casting and look for the movie?

"Fifty S…

HAPPY THANKSGIVING To PopGoesTheArts' American Readers!!!

Did Chris Brown & Karrueche Tran Break Up AGAIN!?

Well, the merry go round relationship didn't just happen with our beloved RiRi....

It appears all is not well with Chris Brown and girlfriend Karrueche Tran, as the latter has JUST tweeted moments ago:

10m10 minutes ago Looks like I'm a single lady again RETWEETS1,063FAVORITES955

Former Creed Front Man Scott Stapp Reveals He Is Broke & Homeless In Heartbreaking Video

This is so alarming.

Creed may have been one of the worlds biggest bands back in the 90's, but it appears hard times have befallen lead singer Scott Stapp.

In a video posted to his Facebook account, Stapp reveals he is broke, homeless and hungry.

You can see the video below:

Scott Stapp - Facebook Video

In the video, Scott also reveals he's currently living in a Holiday Inn, and that he is the victim of "financial theft".

What do you guys make of Scott's words and video? 

Happy Birthday Tina Turner!! Legendary Singer Turns 75



Happy Birthday to the QUEEN of Rock 'n Roll!!!!

WHOA! Roseanne Takes Jab At Bill Cosby When Posting Chemically Peeled Face

This is not what I needed to see.

Roseanne shocked Twitter followers when she posted an awful photo of herself,  but then added and insult to her own injury when she captioned it:

"tussle w bill cosby"

Her followers didn't respond kindly, so she deleted the comment and responded with what really happened:

"Got a chemical peel to look more sexier. Joked about tussling cosby." 

Maybe next time stay away from this sort of peel.

Jian Ghomeshi OFFICIALLY Charged: Appears In Court & Then Released On $100,000 Bail

Big day in Toronto.

Jian Ghomeshi was officially arrested this afternoon, and then appeared in front of a judge. He will plead not guilty to 4 counts of sexual assault and one count of overcome resistance, choking.

He surrendered to police today on his own.

Appearing with his lawyer by his side, Jian did not speak in court, except when answering "I do" to the terms of his bail.

His attorney Marie Henein said in a statement following the court appearance:

“We will defend and respond to these allegations fully and directly in a court of law,” 

“It is not our practice to litigate matters in the media... What we have to say we will say in court.”

No word yet on when he is expected back in court. 

This all comes days after Jian dropped his case against the CBC.

One Direction SPLITS From Longtime Manager

There could be some night changes coming for our beloved boy band.

According to a new report, UK superstars One Direction have split from longtime manager Paul Higgins.

Sources have said:

“There have been issues behind the scenes for a while, and they’ve finally come to a head leading to Paul‘s relationship with the band coming to an end,” 

“In many ways he has completely run the show while they’ve been on tour – they even call him Daddy. He became a friend as well as a key part of their management set-up.”

This news comes mere days after the band took home multiple awards at the American Music Awards, as well as the incident between the band and Matt Lauer regarding member Zayn Malik on the 'Today' show.

What do you guys make of this?

Your "Dancing With The Stars" Winners Are.....

ALFONSO & WITNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After one HELL of a competitive season, the "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" alum and his partner Witney Carson overcame the injuries, the tears, and the battles to come out on top of season 19 as the CHAMPS!

They went on to beat Sadie Robertson and Mark Ballas in the final 2.


No Words.......

Lady Gaga.

Inflatable dress.

In Paris.

I'm done.

BREAKING: Jian Ghomeshi WITHDRAWS Lawsuit Against The CBC


Anyone else see this coming?

Former CBC radio host Jian Ghomeshi has officially withdrawn his $55 million dollar lawuit against the company. It's been revealed that a settlement was reached this past Friday.

Due to the withdrawal however, and as per deal with the CBC, Ghomeshi will pay ALL of their costs as well as his own.

Ghomeshi is not out of the woods yet though, as the Toronto Police have revealed they are in fact investigating him.

You can read more at the Huffington Post article.

What do you guys think?

Celebrity Feud Alert: Bette Midler Vs Ariana Grande!!

Okay, maybe "feud" is a stretch, but it's still something!!

In case you missed it, while sitting down with the 'Telegraph', legendary singer/actress Bette Midler shared her thoughts on pop singers these days, more specifically, Ariana Grande.

Bette said:

“It’s terrible! It’s always surprising to see someone like Ariana Grande with that silly high voice, a very wholesome voice, slithering around on a couch looking so ridiculous,”

“I mean, it’s silly beyond belief and I don’t know who’s telling her to do it. I wish they’d stop. But it’s not my business, I’m not her mother. Or her manager. Maybe they tell them that’s what you’ve got to do. Sex sells. Sex has always sold.”

"You don't have to make a whore out of yourself to get ahead."

It took a few days, but Ariana finally responded!!

Taking to her Twitter account, the pint sized diva said:

“Bette was always a feminist who stood for women being able to do whatever the F they wanted without judgment! not sure …

FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!! Rihanna Teases Her Fans With New Music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Can you tell yours truly is a tad excited?

The music industry may be booming right now with Taylor Swift's "1989", but there has been a huge gap for the past 2 years:

Pop princess Rihanna

There have been teases over the past few months, with radio stations promising us details over her 8th studio album, but nothing ever came to light.....

Until today.

Ri posted the news straight to her Instagram:

“ANY news about #R8 will be delivered directly from me!!!!

Then included the video with the caption:

“phuckin roun in da studio.” 

Check it out at the link below:

Rihanna 8th studio album tease

Bring it on!!!!!!

What do you guys think?

Your FIRST LOOK At Hugh Jackman As Blackbeard For "Pan"!!


Talk about a transformation!!

Golden Globe winner and Oscar nominated actor Hugh Jackman looks nearly unrecognizable in the first image as Blackbeard for the upcoming "Pan".

The Peter Pan origin story finds Jackman as the villainous Blackbeard, whose men kidnap young wartime orphan boys including one named Peter.

And don't expect your typical Captain Hook.

Garrett Hedlund will be portraying the classic character but with an Indiana Jones type twist. Director Joe Wright says of the film:

“This isn’t exactly the Neverland story you know.”

"Pan" hits theaters July 17th 2015.

CANCEL THE SHOW: George Eads Leaving "CSI" After 15 Seasons

First Grissom.....then Warrick.......and then Catherine.....

Now my beloved Nick Stokes!?!?

"CSI" may only be airing 18 episodes for it's 15th season, but now they have another problem:

Original castmember George Eads, who plays the always amazing Nick Stokes, will be exiting the series at the conclusion of its current season.

Eads did not release an official statement regarding his departure, but sources are saying his exit will involve the conclusion of the Gig Harbour killer story line.

The ONLY original castmembers  remaining are Jorja Fox and Eric Szmanda. William Peterson and Gary Dourdan both exited in season 9, Marg Helgenberger said goodbye in season 12, and Paul Guilfoyle left last season.

Sources are saying Eads' exit will not affect the shows chances for renewal.

Well, we'll see about that.

YES!!!!! Jessie J & Ariana Grande ARE NOT Remaking Brandy & Monica's "The Boy Is Mine"


Nobody wanted this.


Rumors began swirling (and multiple sources even confirmed) that "Bang Bang" collaborators Ariana Grande and Jessie J would be teaming up once again to cover the iconic song "The Boy Is Mine" famously done by Brandy and Monica.

Well, Jessie herself put an end to the rumors at last nights American Music Awards. When speaking with 'The Mirror', Jessie said:

“It’s not true — neither of us have agreed,”

“Sadly, people are believing it. I spoke to Brandy and I was like, ‘no it’s not happening’. Monica and Brandy are the best.”

And all is right in the world again.

Are you guys happy that this isn't happening?

NEW: Gwen Stefani Releases "Spark The Fire"!!!!

Now THIS is the Gwen I was waiting for!!!!

Following the release of lead comeback single "Baby Don't Lie", Gwen Stefani is pushing forward closer to her 3rd solo studio album.

She has just released "Spark The Fire", which was produced by "The Voice" coach and "Hollaback Girl" creator Pharrell Williams!! The upbeat, bubbly track is classic solo Gwen material, and yours truly is loving it!!

Anyone else get a "Yummy" vibe from this??

Check it out:

Spark the Fire - Official Audio

Selena Gomez Makes Us (And Taylor Swift) Cry With Heartbreaking American Music Awards Performance

Absolutely heartbreaking.

We've all watched Selena Gomez grow up in front of our very eyes over the years, and last was a huge moment for the former Disney star.

Selena performed the television debut of her new single "The Heart Wants What It Wants", and many began wondering beforehand if she would sing live or use a backing track.

Selena has never been known for her live vocals, but yours truly felt a song as emotional as "THWWIW" deserved to be sung live.

And thankfully she did.

Selena could barely keep her composure near the end, as I'm guessing everyone else barely could as well. Everyone else also included Selena's BFF Taylor Swift who was crying in the front row.

Check out the emotional performance below: