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Nick Jonas Bares His Abs For The World To See On The Cover Of 'FLAUNT' Magazine



Sentences are a tad difficult right now.....

*setting new laptop background*


Anne Hathaway Opens Up About Infamous Behavior During Awards Run: "Fame F*cked Me Up"!!

At least she's being honest.

For those of you not familiar with the situation, following her 2013 Oscar win for "Les Miserables", Anne Hathaway pretty much disappeared from the Hollywood spotlight.

The actress had become the focus of some negative press during the awards season, when her acceptance speeches became more and more egotistical, and she began to turn many off with her attitude.

Well, she's now opening up.

Speaking to 'Elle UK' magazine, Anne said:

“The fame thing? F–ked me up for a really long time,” 

“I didn’t know how to do it; I didn’t know how to engage with it; it stressed me out,”

“And people would say, ‘You just have to be yourself,’ and I was like, ‘But I don’t know who that is yet!’”

“I’ve realized that [I] don’t need validation from anyone. At all,” 

 “I’m not sitting here now worrying, ‘What do you think of me?’ With all due respect, you seem like a lovely lady, but I don’t need you, or anyone else, to like me. And that’s so liberating. It’s…

Rosie O'Donnell & Whoopi Goldberg Get Into MASSIVE Fight During Commercial Break On "The View"!!

I'm sure Barbara Walters is thrilled by this.

In news that is probably not surprising to anyone, a new report of a fight on "The View" has gone viral but it doesn't feature newcomers Rosie Perez or Nicolle Wallace.

Moderator Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie O'Donnell!!

During a segment recently on whether or not it's okay to spank your children, Rosie warned Whoopi in advance not to cut her off on the subject, as it was something she spoke passionately about.

Well, due to Whoopi being the moderator, and having producers in her earpiece telling her to go to commercial, she never had a choice.

That's when shit hit the fan.

The source claims instead of talking to Whoopi privately, Rosie grabbed the microphone (that's used to engage with the audience) and told the crowd why she was so upset.

When Whoopi tried to calm the situation, Rosie was relentless in her attempt to stir the pot, and the "Ghost" Oscar winning actress couldn't take anymore.


Amanda Bynes Under The Influence Of Adderall During DUI Arrest

This story is getting worse.

In case you missed the news, Amanda Bynes is back in the headlines after being arrested this past Sunday on suspicion of DUI.

It has now been confirmed that Amanda was under the influence of a stimulant, that being Adderall.

The prescription drug was given to her by a doctor, and sources are claiming Amanda had taken the drug before being stopped on Sunday. She failed multiple field sobriety tests.

Things are worse though.

Amanda's conservatorship, run by her parents ended earlier this month, and she has gotten her own apartment in Orange County. Friends are claiming the ending may have hurt Amanda, because she is no longer taking her meds for schizophrenia and bipolarity.

No word yet on how this arrest will affect Amanda's probation.

YOUR FIRST LOOK: Amal Alamuddin's GORGEOUS Oscar De La Renta Wedding Gown!!

Absolutely stunning.

George Clooney and new wife Amal Alamuddin are featured on this weeks cover of 'People' magazine, and her Oscar De La Renta dress in on full display.

She looks incredible and George is looking pretty stylish himself in his Armani tuxedo.

What do you guys think??

Amanda Bynes ARRESTED!!

Damn it.

I thought she had gotten herself back on track....

Amanda Bynes was arrested Sunday in LA after cops determined she was driving under the influence of a stimulant.

She was taken into custody where it was determined she was in fact under the influence of a certain stimulant, and toxicology reports are currently being performed to determine exactly which drug/drugs.

Amanda was said to appear disheveled.

This is BAD for the actress because she's still on probation for a reckless driving conviction from last February.

Amanda had previously been living under the care of her parents, but recently moved into her own apartment in Orange County. Word is that the marijuana problem has become severe.

Stay tuned.

MUST LISTEN: Aretha Franklin Covers Adele's "Rolling In The Deep"


Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin is gearing up to release her brand new studio album, titled "Aretha Franklin: Sings The Great Diva Classics" due out October 21st.

The album is full of classics such as "People" by Barbra Streisand, "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor, and "At Last" by Etta James.

But it's her rendition of Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" that has yours truly in Heaven!!

Aretha bares it all on her rendition and takes us to church in the process. Take a listen below:

Now, I am going to lay this out for you all:

NOBODY touches the Queen and this rendition is flawless.....

I need a duet. NOW. Get Aretha on stage with Adele.


Check out the track listing for the album below:

1. At Last
2. Rolling in the Deep
3. Midnight Train to Georgia
4. I Will Survive
5. People
6. No One
7. I'm Every Woman/Respect
8. Teach Me Tonight
9. You Keep Me Hangin' On
10. Nothing Compares 2 U

NEW Carrie Underwood: "Something In The Water"


With the release of her first greatest hits album "Greatest Hits: Decade #1" hitting stores December 9th, it was time to debut lead single "Something In The Water".

The slow building song gives Carrie the chance to really show off her stellar vocals and I'm already a fan of it. The gospel/inspirational feel to it, is a perfect choice for her and really moves you when you listen to the lyrics.

Another future hit for our country queen!

Check it out:

Carrie Underwood - Something in the Water

"Revenge" Season 4 Premiere Recap: Tables Turned

That was quite the premiere right!?

Last night, "Revenge" returned for its 4th season, and yours truly is quite happy with how things turned out. By this point, everyone is aware of the awful taste the 3rd season finale left behind, so would the premiere be able to fix anything?

Oh it did.....

But also left some strange feelings and questions!!

You guys wanna recap this?

Let's do it.

The action picked up 6 months later, and there were quite a few changes in the Hamptons:

Emily was officially the owner of Grayson Manor with Nolan by her side, Victoria was still falsely locked up in the asylum, Daniel's cash was dwindling, Charlotte was dating Margaux's brother Gideon (as well as doing coke) and Jack was a cop in training.

You read that right.


That was probably my biggest beef with the episode, but let's move past it.

Emily Thorne was the new Queen Bee. It didn't take long for Emily to tackle yet another takedown, b…

Check Out The New Fergie Single "L.A. Love (La La)" HERE!!

Oh my beloved Fergie Ferg.....

It's been WAY too long!!!

Black Eyed Peas lead singer Fergie is officially back with her first solo single since her 2006 album "The Dutchess" and it's a BANGER!!

The track is expected to hit iTunes tomorrow.

Not sure about all of you guys, but I am feeling this HARD. The track was produced by DJ Mustard.

Check it out at the link below:

Fergie - "L.A. Love (La La)"

Introducing: Mr & Mrs. George Clooney!

There they are!!

In their first public appearance together since exchanging vows, George Clooney and Amal steppe out looking like the picture perfect couple that they are.

Not a lot of information about the service and reception has been released (and we're still waiting for photos of Amal's sure to be stunner of a gown), but seriously:



PS: That dress is Giambattista Valli.......


Lionel Richie Doesn't Think Justin Bieber & Miley Cyrus's Songs Have Staying Power! Read His Words HERE!!

You know something, he makes a REALLY good point!!

While sitting down for an interview with London Evening Standard, iconic singer Lionel Richie opened up about the state of music today, and took aim at Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus in the process.

He said:

"The beautiful part of where we were - we had shock value. But what came with shock value was hit after hit after hit. Madonna was outrageous - but she had a catalogue of music that was unbelievable.

"At the end of all the theatrics with Michael (Jackson), he had nothing but the most fabulous catalogue. Now, we've got a lot of theatrics... but where's the song that is going to stick around forever?... Twenty years from now, let's take anybody - where's the body of work? I'm going to judge you not by your popularity but by your longevity, your staying records. I'm thinking about Miley, Justin Bieber.

"We've made amateur music mainstream. There's a difference between a stylist and a singer.…

Did Mary-Kate Olsen & Olivier Sarkozy Secretly Marry??

Sneaky, sneaky!!

It appears "Full House" alum and fashion designer Mary-Kate Olsen may have already married Olivier Sarkozy, at least according to 'Lucky' magazine.

The mag tweeted on September 25th:

Lucky Magazine✔@LuckyMagazine CONFIRMED: Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy are DEFINITELY married: 4:10 PM - 25 Sep 2014
It wouldn't be the biggest shock if they already  exchanged vows,  as the couple have always been secretive when it comes to their relationship.
The pair stepped out for the first time together  back in 2012,  and reportedly got engaged in  February of this year.
This will be the 2nd marriage for Sarkozy, 44,  who has two children 14 and 11. It would be the first marriage for the 28 year old twin.

Lady Gaga SHUTS IT DOWN With Performance Of "Bang Bang"!!

Still not a fan of that damn wig, but YASSSSSS Mother Monster!!!

Lady Gaga revealed a very special look at her upcoming televised performance alongside Tony Bennett for their new album "Cheek To Cheek".

The singer can be seen in the video performing the track "Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)" in the upcoming PBS special, and while it doesn't air in entirety until October 24th, this video will suffice for now.


Check it out:

Once again, that wig needs to go.

But this was CRAZY good!!

What do you guys think?

Friends & Family Turn Out For Celebration Of Robin Williams' Life

Saying goodbye, once again.

Yesterday in San Francisco, family and industry friends of the late Robin Williams came out to celebrate the life of the comic genius and actor.

 A few of Robin's closest friends delivered tearful speeches including Billy Crystal, Whoopi Goldberg, Bonnie Hunt as well as Robin's wife Susan and his 3 children Zelda, Cody and Zak.

Among those in attendance:

Bette Midler, Ben Stiller, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Danny De Vito & Rhea Perlman, Seth Green, Gus Van Sant, Pam Dawber and George Lucas.

According to a report, Robin's closest friend Billy Crystal started the celebration off, but wasn't able to get through his speech as he broke down in tears.

Robin took his own life back on August 11th, at the age of 63.

RIP Robin.

George Clooney Is A MARRIED MAN!!

And there you have it!

Today in Venice, Italy, longtime bachelor George Clooney said "I Do" to fiance (now wife) Amal Alamuddin!!

The star studded ceremony included Bill Murray, Matt Damon, Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, U2 front man Bono and model Cindy Crawford.

The pair began dating roughly one year ago.

Congrats to the newlyweds!!!

Jordin Sparks Has Perfect Message In Wake Of Split With Jason Derulo

Love this girl.

After Jason Derulo confirmed the split from Jordin Sparks to a Minneapolis radio station, the former "American Idol" winner posted her first message as well.

Sparks took to Twitter and simply said:

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened,"

Now THAT is how you address a breakup!!

Still finding it strange that they split, because they always seemed so happy while in public.

ANOTHER Nude Photo Leak: Cara Delevingne, Anna Kendrick &......MORE Of Jennifer Lawrence!!

Is this ever going to end!?

Following the huge scandal that erupted back in August, more nude photos of female celebs made their way around the internet today.

Reports are circulating that the new photos are from the same batch, and 4chan user.

Even more photos of Jennifer Lawrence hit the net, while nudes of Cara Delevingne, Mena Suvari, Olympic gold medalist Misty May Treanor, and while photos of Anna Kendrick also leaked, they're said not to be complete nudes.

What's scarier is that an unnamed narrator released a video, speaking out about the photos and saying that "there's plenty of links left" while showing a screen shot of many more rows of computer files.


Someone needs to find this son of a bitch, and shut this stuff down!!

PopGoesTheArts WILL NOT be showing the photos.

Paris Hilton & Pals Manage To Rack Up $230,000 Bill At Marquee Club!!


While during a night out at Marquee club, Paris Hilton and a group of friends managed to rack up a bill of $230,000!!!

The hotel heiress and her friends ordered giant $100,000 bottles of Ace of Spades champagne and 11 bottles each of Patron, Cristal, and Grey Goose.

The tip on the massive bill was $47,000!!!

In hindsight, it's probably not that much due to the fact that Hilton was reportedly paid $2.7 million in just 4 days for a DJ gig.

Living the simple single life!!!

Clooney Wedding Countdown BEGINS: George & Fiance Amal Arrive In Italy!!

This is actually happening isn't it!?

George Clooney and fiance Amal Alamuddin posed for photos as they arrived in Venice, Italy today ahead of their big nuptials, expected to happen this Sunday.

They were photographed on a boat accompanied by pals Cindy Crawford and hubby Rande Gerber. Other celebs expected to attend the wedding are Matt Damon, and Bono (plus many more).

The longtime bachelor is really doing this.....

And I'm kind of sad.


Can't wait to see pictures of her dress!!

Snooki POPS! "Jersey Shore" Star Welcomes Baby Girl!!

Is their little family complete?

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and fiance Jionni LaValle have welcomed a daughter into the world, who they've named Giovanna Marie LaValle!!

The pint sized "Jersey Shore" alum tweeted:

“So happy to let you know we had our beautiful daughter this morning Giovanna Marie LaValle 6.7 lbs, full head of black hair & perfect

This is the second child for the couple, who welcomed a son Lorenzo back in 2012.

Congrats to the happy couple!!

Get Ready To LAUGH: Watch Chris Pratt & Jimmy Fallon Play 'Word Sneak'!!!!


Last night, Chris Pratt sat down with Jimmy Fallon on 'The Tonight Show' to discuss his upcoming hosting gig of Saturday Night Live.

The pair then played a game of "Word Sneak", where they would be given words to casually work into sentences.

For example:

Chris was given "titmouse", "Norm from Cheers", and "soul patch", while Jimmy got "Nordictrack", "Patrick Ewing", and "chicken cordon bleu".

Absolutely HILARIOUS.

Check it out:

Carrie Underwood Announces New Single & FIRST "Greatest Hits" Album!

The country star really is having an amazing year!

On the heels of her #1 single with Miranda Lambert ("Somethin' Good") and the adorable announcement of her first pregnancy, Carrie Underwood has some more exciting news for her fans.

After 4 chart topping albums, Carrie will release her first greatest hits album titled "Greatest Hits: Decade #1" which will hit stores December 9th!!

Not only that, the album will include a brand new single "Something in The Water" and will be released THIS Monday (September 29th).

The cover art for the album above is exquisite!!!

Who's excited for this?

Kim Kardashian Looking FLAWLESS Following Attack From Now Confirmed Vitalii Sediuk


Kim Kardashian has never been shy of showing off her body, and she did just that when she and hubby Kanye West arrived to another fashion show in Paris.

That's some major cleavage happening folks!!!

Their appearance comes on the heels of Kim being almost tackled by celebrity prankster Vitalii Sediuk, who's reps have confirmed it was him.

This may be one of my fave looks from Kim......EVER.

What do you guys think?

Split Be Damned: Danity Kane Announce New Album "DK3" And Release Date!

This is quite the parting gift to the fans!!

As you all may know by now, Danity Kane reunited, recorded new music, hit the road for a 'No Filter Tour', and then got into a messy scrap and broke up.

Seemingly for good.

Light at the end of the tunnel though.

The trio - Dawn Richard, Aubrey O'Day and Shannon Bex - will still be releasing their final album together titled "DK3". The album will be released October 28th.

You can check out the track listing below, and also take a listen to buzz track "Rhythm of Love". The song can be bought off iTunes once you pre-order the album tomorrow.

I'm assuming there will be no public appearances for this though?

1. Rhythm of Love 
2. Lemonade (feat. Tyga) 
3. All In a Day’s Work 
4. Rage 
5. Tell Me 
6. Two Sides 
7. Secret Lover 
8. Roulette 
9. Pieces 
10. Bye Baby


Jordin Sparks & Jason Derulo SPLIT!!


Jason himself has confirmed the news in an interview with KDWB in Minneapolis:

"Everything is cool man. It's not a bad situation, it's not one of those kinds of things," 

Damn, they really seemed like the real deal didn't they?

E! News is confirming, after hearing some several sources, that music power couple Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo have split after over 2 years of dating.

The couple's relationship was confirmed by Jason in January of 2012, but there were rumors they have been together since September of 2011. The split is also said to have been mutual.

They've never been shy to show off their relationship on red carpets or press events over the years and constantly told the world how in love they were.

Sad news.

PopGoesTheArts Presents: Thoughts On "Gotham"

It took yours truly a few days to get caught up, but we've finally watched the premiere of new Fox show "Gotham".

While there was definitely some concern over yet another prequel based series, the premiere definitely delivered, and then some.

Looking at the cast, star Ben McKenzie fully embodies everything that Gary Oldman brought to the "Dark Knight Trilogy" and the role of Jim Gordon. I can't wait to see him grow throughout the run of the show. He has the talent to lead, and a true grit in the performance of the character.

Donal Logue is a chameleon in everything he does. He shocked me with how incredible he was last season of "Sons of Anarchy" and he's just as good if not better as Harvey Bullock. Young star David Mazouz was also very enjoyable, and I'm looking forward to see the progression with his character of Bruce Wayne.

Moving on to our villains.

We have yet to hear any dialogue from Carmen Bicondova as Selina Kyle, but I do like…

Justin Bieber May Need Surgery After Doing WHAT!?


Justin Bieber may need surgery on his eardrum after he jumped from a high cliff into the ocean, this according to Biebs himself.

The singer took to his Twitter and posted:

Justin Bieber✔@justinbieber Busted my ear drum cliff diving. Doc says might need surgery now. Sucks.
Justin Bieber✔@justinbieber My ear drum might back us up a little but I'm still bringing you this new music. Much love. Damn u cliff diving!
No word yet if Biebs will in fact need the surgery, but I guess time will tell.

LOVE IT! Britney Spears Debuts New, Short 'Do!!

Girl is looking FABULOUS!

While attending the launch of her 'Intimates Collection' in Oberhausen, Germany on Tuesday, pop icon Britney Spears showed off a brand new hairstyle.

The new bob, paired with her fierce all white ensemble made for one KILLER look!!

What do you guys think of Brit's look?

Kim Kardashian ATTACKED During Arrival At Balmain Fashion Show!

Thankfully, her security detail was quick!!

Kim Kardashian was joined by husband Kanye West and mama Kris Jenner to watch little sister Kendall Jenner walk in the Balmain fashion show in Paris.

During their exit from their car, the scene was as chaotic as its ever been with paparazzi swarming them, but what was chaotic turned dangerous as an unknown man grabbed her legs and tried to take her to the ground.

Security was quick to intervene and Kim appeared uninjured.

There are reports the attacker MAY have been Vitalii Sediuk who has become infamous in Hollywood for attacking other celebs such as Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio and Will Smith.

The man was not arrested on scene, but what was interesting was that once it happened, the paparazzi turned their attention from just snapping photos and held the man down as Kim was whisked inside.

Check it out at the TMZ link HERE

TONIGHT: "Scandal" RETURNS!!!!

'Tis the night Shonda Rhimes OWNS television!!

Tonight marks the season premieres of "Grey's Anatomy" and "Scandal" as well as the debut of "How To Get Away With Murder".

While yours truly is excited for "Grey's" and "Murder".....


What will season 4 bring?

Tune in tonight to find out!

Lindsay Lohan's Stage Debut BOMBS!! Find Out What Happened Here!!

Poor Lilo.....

Just the other night, Lindsay Lohan made her first attempt at yet another comeback when she debuted on-stage for the play "Speed the Plow" in London.

Lindsay has been all over her social media building up the role for herself and telling everyone she's been working really hard in rehearsals.......

Unfortunately, that didn't show.

During the first performance, many audience members were laughing during parts (it's not a comedy) and that Lindsay was not even slightly prepared. Sources said she was constantly flubbing her lines, and even carried a prop book so she could consult with her lines.

The theater was said to only be about half full.

Let us begin the countdown until she bails on the production.

FIRST IMAGE Of Christopher Walken As Captain Hook In Upcoming "Peter Pan" Musical!!

There he is!!

When Christopher Walken was announced as Captain Hook for the upcoming "Peter Pan Live!" for NBC, many wondered exactly what to expect.

Well, we still have a ways to wait until the December 4th air date, but the look?


Walken and Pan herself Allison Williams are seen in complete costume for an upcoming article in 'Entertainment Weekly'.

What do you guys think?

Back From The Grave? Could Charlie Sheen RETURN To "Two & A Half Men"???

Well, considering the history with Charlie and Chuck Lorre.....

This is surprising.

Charlie Sheen recently spoke with 'TV Guide Magazine' about his current FX show "Anger Management", and with the series possibly facing the end, Charlie has begun looking back to his former stomping grounds:

"Two & A Half Men"

In the new interview, when discussion turned to the series (which will also be ending next year after 12 seasons) he said:

"I've reached out to them and they've reached back," he says. "We're trying to figure out what makes the most sense. If they figure it out like I've presented it to them and they want to include me in some final send-off, I'm available and I'm showing up early. If not, it's on them."

But what about the beef between Sheen and creator of the series Chuck Lorre?

When asked if they had made peace, Charlie said:

 "Ethereally we have, personally we have not," 

"But I'm eas…

Is Kathy Griffin Going To Be Joan Rivers' Replacement On "Fashion Police"?!

LOVE me some Kathy....

But no. 


Why can't they just have the three and Melissa can sit in every once in awhile?!

There are currently reports circulating that E! is narrowing down the search for a permanent replacement for the late Joan Rivers on "Fashion Police". According to stories hitting the net, Kathy Griffin is the most serious contender to land the job.

The show is set to return January 12, for a Golden Globes special and will feature the new moderator of the program.

What do you guys think of Kathy nabbing the job?

Leonardo DiCaprio's Beard Must Be Stopped......



I'm choosing to remember my beloved Jack Dawson like the photo below and not above.

"Sons Of Anarchy" 7x03 Recap: Daddy Does Bad Things

That REALLY answers Abel's question to Grandma Gemma!!

"Sons of Anarchy" is seemingly slowly building, and after last nights episode, we're all left to wonder exactly who will be left standing.

Allow me to explain.

Not only has Jax burned bridges with another charter (inadvertently) but he's also escalated an upcoming war between EVERY SINGLE FACTION.

Chinese, Mayans, One Niners......

And now he's screwing with August Marks!!

Jax pushed forward his plan to eliminate all threats in the wake of receiving the false information about Tara's death, and the only way yours truly sees this direction panning out?


 Jax turned one faction on another and in the process has officially brought Nero back into the game. Watching Mr. Padilla fire off that machine gun gave yours truly goosebumps and I'm not sure if this is a good thing. Nero's been dancing that line for the past few seasons, but now?

Oh, he's over it.

While Jax continued to do bad t…

Can YOU Guess Who This Is??

Some of you may get this really quickly....

Some of you won't.

Click HERE to find out who.

And don't cheat.

Makeup? Botox? Nose job?

You be the judge.

WHAT!? Vince Vaughn Cast In "True Detective" Season 2!!!!

This is CRAZY.

Hot on the heels of Colin Farrell confirming the news himself that he had joined season 2 of HBO show "True Detective", comes news that actor Vince Vaughn will join him.

The news was confirmed today by The Huffington Post.

No word on if Rachel McAdams or Elisabeth Moss will be added as well. There are reports the story will include 3 officers, so one of those ladies should be confirmed soon.

What do you guys think of this?

The Unholy Trinity Is BACK: Naya Rivera, Dianna Agron& Heather Morris Are Cheerleaders Once More On Set Of "Glee"!!

This picture make me VERY happy!!!

Filming of the final season of "Glee" continues, and today we caught a glimpse of the Unholy Trinity itself:

Quinn, Santana and Brittany!!

The ladies (played by Dianna Agron, Naya Rivera, and Heather Morris respectively) were spotted on set Monday afternoon filming a scene, and were even rocking some cheerleader outfits!!

I'm sure it's just for some special musical number, as neither of the ladies are students of McKinley High anymore.

But how amazing do they look!?

And it's GREAT to see Naya on set!!!!

"Glee" doesn't return until mid-season, meaning January at the earliest.

Kris & Bruce Jenner Finally Divorce After 22 Years

It seemed like a matter of time.

Eleven months after announcing they had separated, Kris and Bruce Jenner have officially divorced after 22 years of marriage.

The divorce listed 'irreconcilable differences" as the reason, which is what many celebrities claim during the process.

Everything surrounding the divorce is already a done deal, including a joint custody arrangement with 17 year old daughter Kylie. Kendall's name was left out as she is already 18.

Counting down the days now until Kris is spotted with a younger man right?

MUST WATCH: Beyonce & Jay Z Share Home Videos During HBO "Young Forever/Halo" Performance

Yours truly may have been caught up in all of the rumors surrounding musics power couple, but this video right here?

Absolutely magical.

During the final performance of their HBO "On The Run" tour special, Bey/Jay performed an incredible mash-up of their songs "Young Forever" and "Halo". The performance included home videos of the couple which featured their little girl Blue Ivy.

That push-up moment?


Check it out:


And how incredible did she sound!?

New Mary J. Blige Will Give You ALL The Feelings: Check Out "Whole Damn Year"!

I've missed my beloved Mary.

Mary J. Blige has just released the first official single off of her upcoming 13th studio album titled "The London Sessions", due out December 2nd.

The track, titled "Whole Damn Year", is a powerhouse vocal from the reigning Queen of Hip Hop, and shows that she hasn't missed a beat. While many expected Mary to go with a dance heavy track, this is also a welcomed direction.

This song is giving me EVERYTHING I love in Mary:

Emotion, vocals and power.

Bring on the "London Sessions" era!!

Check it out:

They'll Always Be There: "FRIENDS" Premiered 20 Years Ago Today!!


Exactly 20 years ago today, Rachel Green, Chandler Bing, Joey Tribbiani, Phoebe Buffay and Ross & Monica Gellar all stormed out television screens.

That's right:

It's been 20 years since the premiere of NBC smash hit "Friends"!!

While it would be nearly impossible to name favorite episodes (way too many to count), why don't you all come along with PopGoesTheArts as we revisit just a few classic moments.

I'll be honest:

This could go on for awhile.....

So you guys need to tell me:

What are some of YOUR favorite "FRIENDS" moments???

Sound off!!

Bow Down Bitches: Disney Announces "Lion King" Has Grossed $6.2 Billion


Broadway juggernaut 'The Lion King' has officially passed 'The Phantom of the Opera' as the highest grossing show of all time, the company announced today.

Taking everything into account - Broadway, touring and international productions - the smash hit musical has passed the $6.2 billion mark since opening November 13th 1997.

What show could POSSIBLY dethrone it!?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt To Tackle Edward Snowden Role??

Hey, this could work!

According to Deadline, actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt is said to be in talks to portray NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden in Oliver Stone's upcoming film.

With filming expected to begin this December, it's said that confirmation will come soon.

Stone has the exclusive rights over the novel "Time of the Octopus", which was written by Snowden's lawyer Anatoly Kucharena.

The novel depicts the story of an American who tries to gain asylum in Russia after he leaked classified intelligence details.

What do you guys think of JGL securing this role?

Lauryn Hill Comes Under Fire AGAIN At Recent London Show

You know, this is starting to become the norm for her....

Which is truly upsetting.

Fugees singer Lauryn Hill too to the stage Saturday night in London at the O2 Academy Brixton, and it appears fans were not happy with the show.

Reports are circulating that Hill was heavily booed during moments, and that she was also an hour and a half late. The biggest complaint though?

The arrangements.

Fans took to Twitter following the show (some during) and noted that while Hill sounded great, her reworked versions of her hits were almost unrecognizable.

Some of the tweets said:

Tahirah Sharif@TahirahSharif Why on earth she chose to remix her beautiful classic songs to the point of being unrecognisable (in a BAD way), I'll never know 7:28 PM - 20 Sep 2014
Sean Donnelly@SeanDDonnelly at was such a frustrating experience. Her voice is still beautiful but she killed any momentum again and again. Avoid.
Leo Fedorcio@LeoFedorcio