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AMAZING: Adam Lambert Covers Lady Gaga's "Marry The Night" For First "Glee" Episode!

Can he do an album covering her songs???

I'd buy that!!

With "Glee" returning in exactly one week, it was time to get everyone (even more) excited, and they've done just that by releasing a song!

And not just any song:

"Marry the Night" covered by new guest star this season Adam Lambert!

Adam completely makes the Gaga tune his own, and I'm DAMN impressed!

Check it out:

Adam Lambert - Marry the Night


WHOA! Renee Zellweger's Eyes Appear COMPLETELY Different!! Plastic Surgery??


Oscar winner Renee Zellweger appeared at the Armani One Night Event in NYC this past week, and her appearance set off some rumors....


The actress' eyes appeared much (?) during her red carpet arrival, sparking rumors that she may have had some  A LOT of work done.

What do you guys think???

Does it appear the usually squinty eyed actress had some work done??

Lady Gaga Shows Off Artwork For Track "Dope"

Not much to say here......

The track will be released November 4th.


Remembering River Phoenix On The 20th Anniversary Of His Death

I can't believe it's been 20 years....

October 31st, 1993.....

Incredibly talented actor River Phoenix died outside a nightclub in LA. His death was the result of a lethal speed ball.

Following incredible roles in "Stand By Me", "Mosquito Coast" and his Oscar nominated turn in "Running On Empty", River was in the midst of filming "Interview with a Vampire" when he passed. Christian Slater was then brought on to finish the film.

RIP River.

This Will Be GOOD: Lady Gaga Set To Host AND Perform On "Saturday Night Live"!!!

Can we all remember the magic Mother Monster brought to the show in the past?

Three Way!?


Just announced, Lady Gaga will return to "Saturday Night Live" on November 16th as HOST and PERFORMER!

This comes a mere 5 days after her brand new album "ARTPOP" hits stores!

Who else is excited??

And The Winner Of BEST Celebrity Halloween Costume Is....

Jenny McCarthy as Miley Cyrus' TONGUE!


"The View" co-host didn't want to go out dressed the the infamous Miley Cyrus VMA outfit, as so many other stars are doing.....

She wanted to be ORIGINAL.

And yours truly thinks she succeeded!!

Jenny rocked the Miley tongue on the show today, and I think it's absolutely hilarious!!


Please NO: Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott Offered SEX TAPE Deal

Who wants to see Donna Martin getting NASTY??



No one!!

Tori Spelling dropped a bombshell in her new book, about her and hubby Dean recording a sex tape back in 2009, that a "friend" later admitted to copying from Dean's computer.

Now, Vivid porn company honcho Steve Hirsch has sent out a letter to Tori offering big money to acquire the footage.

Tori has recently stated her and Dean have been struggling financially....

So would this be a solution?


Miley Cyrus Becomes Lil' Kim Circa 1999 For Halloween Costume!!

This is all kinds of brilliant actually....

And I'm sure it was the best idea she could come up with, in order to show off her body.


Miley Cyrus decided to dress up as Lil' Kim (before her face was tragic) for Halloween, and went with the rappers infamous MTV Music Awards ensemble from 1999.

Take a look at the original below:

YES!!!! Alyssa Milano Wants To Do A "Charmed" Movie! But Would The Other Girls Agree??

Now THIS I would watch!!

After news broke that CBS is gunning for a "Charmed" reboot, original stars of the television series Alyssa Milano and Rose McGowan took to their Twitters to address their disdain for it.

Both ladies were adamant that a reboot is a bad idea, but Milano seems to think a movie would be the better way to go!

Alyssa tweeted to the 3 other actresses (Shannen Doherty, Rose, and Holly Marie Combs):

"I would definitely do a #Charmed movie,"

"Would you, @H_Combs, @rosemcgowan and @DohertyShannen?"

And guess what?

Shannen responded to the tweet!!!

"Yep I would," she wrote back to Milano. "Enough was left undone to address and make a good movie."

Shannen then even took it a step further by retweeting a fan suggesting a Kickstarter campaign a la "Veronica Mars".


Let's hear from Holly and Rose!!

Happy Halloween Bitches!!

"Glee" Shakeup? Ryan Murphy Discusses Moving Show PERMANENTLY To NYC

This could be a huge deal for the final season.

While "Glee" returned huge this year in the ratings, and as well in the Cory Monteith tribute episode, it appears Ryan Murphy and co. are considering a big move.

There are rumors that the creator and producers want to move production of the show to New York City, where they currently split their time. The rest is filmed on a soundstage in Hollywood.

Considering the biggest cast members (Lea Michele, Chris Colfer & Naya Rivera) are already 100% in New York, it seems like a logical choice.

But would that mean no McKinley? What about Will & Sue?

And who would join Rachel, Kurt and Santana?

What do you guys think of this?

These Rumors Won't Die: Anne Hathaway Accused Of Acting Like A "Diva" At Cancer Charity Event


During her bulldozing of the awards race last year for her performance in "Les Miserables", Anne Hathaway was said to have developed quite the "diva" persona.

And here we are now, and the same rumors have persisted.

Before appearing at at cancer charity event in Santa Monica, the Oscar winning actress reportedly submitted a long list of demands, and was said to have informed everyone "not to speak with her".

The people she did interact with however, have said that she was "extremely rude" and came "across like a bitch".


Damage control Anne?

Pamela Anderson Debuts New Pixie Cut!!

You know, having those long golden locks for so many years....

I can't really get into this.

Former "Baywatch" babe Pamela Anderson took to the streets of LA and showed off her brand new 'do in the process.

What do you guys think of this? There is a chance it could be a wig, but it looks legit to me.....

WHOA! "Pet Sematary" Child Actor Miko Hughes Got HOT!!!!


Remember child actor Miko Hughes?

He appeared in films such as "Pet Sematary", "Kindergarten Cop", and "Mercury Rising", and just recently shared a brand new selfie of himself on Instagram.



"Sons Of Anarchy" 6x08 Recap: The Ghosts Of Charming

And there were plenty of them.

This weeks "Sons of Anarchy" dialed it back on the craziness (as best it could) and really focused on the internal struggle our major players are going through.

Jax. Tara. Gemma. Nero.

This episode really brought into perspective the sins of the past, and the ghosts that haunt them. It's not just John Teller's ghost anymore.

You know how this goes:

SPOILERS BELOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tara was front & center this week as her facade began to show hints of remorse in the wake of her fake baby/miscarriage and her plan to oust Gemma from her life.

The confrontations between Tara and Unser/Lowen were brilliant, because it really showed how Tara didn't want to hear what she had "done". Wayne's lines especially were a direct hit to the OLD Tara, and for a minute there, I thought she might fall apart. She composed herself in the bathroom, and once again, the mask was on. Tara is no longer afraid of turning into …

"X Factor" FIRST Live Show Recap: The Final 12 Revealed

That sure was a jam packed 2 hours last night!!

"X Factor" returned from its 2 week hiatus, and it came back in a big way:

All 16 acts would perform LIVE for the first time, and then each mentor would decide which 3 of their 4 acts would make it to viewer voting (starting next week).

First up, was Demi Lovato and the GIRLS.

I must admit, I do believe Demi has a pretty weak category, although there was one memorable performance.

After all 4 girls poured their hearts into the performances, Demi decided on her 3:

1. Rion Paige

2. Ellona Santiago

3. Khaya Cohen

This meant we had to say goodbye to Dani Geimer.

I believe, vocally, Khaya is the strongest while Rion is right on her heels. Ellona could be a bona fide pop star if Demi mentors her properly.


Paulina Rubio and the BOYS!

Paulina seemingly had a very tough job to do as well, and while I don't think any of the guys could win the entire competition, there were some stellar performances.

Her final 3 are:

1. Tim …

WHOA! Chris Brown Enters Rehab!!

This is a far cry from my last post!

Following his arrest for assault, Chris Brown was released (after the charges were lessened) and then subsequently entered a rehab facility for anger management.

Brown was reportedly dropped off at the facility by lawyer Mark Geragos while prosecutors look over the punching case and determine whether or not he violated his probation....

Which he CLEARLY did....


I must admit, I'm proud of Chris.....

Let's see if the court feels the same!!

NO! Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith Living Separately!?


While their marriage holds up as a lifetime in Hollywood years, it appears the end could be near for Will Smith and wife Jada Pinkett.

A new report has come in saying that the pair are actually living apart at the moment, while they reportedly try to work out their problems.

They've been married for 15 years.

This is not the first time they've battle these rumors.....

And I hope it's wrong.

Please be wrong.

MUST WATCH: First Trailer For "X-Men: Days Of Future Past"

May 23rd 2014 can't come fast enough!!!

Check out the HUGE ensemble cast in the just released trailer for the upcoming "X-Men: Days Of Future Past".

The film stars Hugh Jackman, James McAvoy, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellan, Jennifer Lawrence, Halle Berry, Anna Paquin, Nicholad Hoult, Peter Dinklage, Ellen Page and Michael Fassbender.


Kelly Osbourne APOLOGIZES To Lady Gaga!!

AMAZING to hear!!

Following a Twitter outburst, Kelly Osbourne has apologized to Lady Gaga concerning Mother Monster giving a peace offering.

During Gaga's performance on "X Factor" this past weekend, she publicly noted that she and judge Sharon Osbourne had made peace, and then took a pic and sent it to Kelly of a cake for her birthday.

This apparently enraged the "Fashion Police" co-host, who WENT OFF on Twitter.

Today, Kelly issued the following:

“@ladygaga I acted like a child last night. Just not into publicity stunts call me & we will end this like adults I don’t want 2 fight anymore,”

So great to see this.

The END.....


And It's OFFICIAL: The Jonas Brothers BREAK UP

But there is a glimmer of hope for all you fans out there.

After weeks of speculation (and one cancelled tour) the Jonas Brothers have confirmed what many have been thinking:

They're over........for now.

Speaking with People magazine, oldest brother Kevin said:

“It’s over for now,”

With middle brother Joe adding:

 “It was a unanimous decision.”

Finally, younger brother of the group Nick, who seemed to be the catalyst for the split:

“It’s really hard to say forever, We’re closing a chapter, for sure,” Nick told the mag. “I was feeling kind of trapped, I needed to share my heart with my brothers.

What do you guys think? Are you surprised??

Christian Grey Gets A Big Brother: Luke Grimes Cast In "Fifty Shades Of Grey"


Following a role on "Brothers & Sisters", and currently "True Blood", actor Luke Grimes has been cast to play Elliot Grey in the upcoming "Fifty Shades of Grey".

That's one more role locked down for the super sexy flick, with Grimes now joining Dakota Johnson as Anastasia and Jamie Dornan as Christian.

Production starts in December.

WHAT!? Emile Hirsch Cast As John Belushi In Upcoming Biopic

This just seems WRONG.

Announced today (via  The Hollywood Reporter), Emile Hirsch will take on the role of John Belushi in a new biopic film.

The film will focus on the "Saturday Night Live" alum's personal life.

This just seems really strange.....

The film will begin shooting in the spring of 2014.

Anyone else really confused by this?

MUST LISTEN: Eminem & Rihanna Join Forces AGAIN!! Check Out "Monster" HERE

This is amazing!

Eminem is one week away from releasing his highly anticipated new album "Marshall Mathers LP 2" and after the success of "Rap God" it was time for another.

And he's joined forces once again with Princess Rihanna!

Check out their MASSIVE track "Monster" below:

These two need to make a whole album together.


"Dancing With The Stars" RECAP: Who Went Home??

I must admit, that I am VERY surprised at this....

After last weeks non-elimination, it was guaranteed that someone would be exiting the ballroom, but I'll confess that I am pretty shocked as to who that was.

Of all of the contestants, Snooki, Bill Engvall and Leah Remini all wound up in the bottom 3......

And Bill and Leah were safe.

My beloved "Jersey Shore" alum was eliminated alongside her partner Sasha Farber.

Want some good news now?

It was also revealed tonight that, next week, the show will see a VERY special guest judge and performer....


The legendary singer/actress will sub in for head judge Len Goodman, while he returns to "Strictly Come Dancing" in the UK.

Farewell Snooki....


AMAZING......But Where's Nancy?! Stars Of "The Craft" REUNITE!!

Damn you Fairuza Balk.....

How the HELL are they supposed to call the Four Corners now!?

Three of the ladies of the cult hit "The Craft" reunited at a special screening Saturday night, but there was one noticeable omission:

Film standout, and villain Fairuza Balk, who played Nancy.

Neve Campbell, Rachel True and Robin Tunney were all there though, looking fabulous!!

Mariah Carey Is GORGEOUS In "Art Of Letting Go" Artwork!!


Mariah Carey is readying her brand new single "The Art Of Letting Go" (Nov. 11th) and has just released the artwork for it.

Mimi is looking stunning on the cover, but my only tiny complaint?

Where's the trademark butterfly!?

Anyways, she looks incredible!!

We're only 2 WEEKS away from the single debut!!!

What do you guys think?

IT'S BRITNEY, WITCH: Britney Reads Vincent Price Dialogue From Michael Jackson's "Thriller"!!!

This just made my morning so much better.

Pop Queen Britney Spears decided to have some fun while she was over in London, and did so with BBC Radio One host Nick Grimshaw.

The pair created a hilarious video with Brit Brit voicing the infamous dialogue from Vincent Price in Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video.

From "riding" a broom, to ordering pizza, THIS is the Britney I've come to love:

Hilarious, and not afraid to have some fun!!

Check it out:

I have watched this MULTIPLE times already, and the pizza bit gets me still.


Britney's new Sia penned single "Perfume" will be released November 5th.

"Revenge" Recap: Who Tried To Kill Conrad? KILLER REVEALED!!

This episode was AMAAAAZING.

Following Emily's really bad day in last weeks episode, her luck didn't really change, and instead had to deal with a jealous Aiden, a conniving Victoria, and a distant fiance.


SPOILERS BELOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week saw Emily going full press court to get back in Daniel's good graces, which it almost backfired when he CALLED OFF the wedding!!

Emily was floored by Daniel's announcement, and revealed to Nolan she really had no idea what to do. She was really panicking.

Nolan informed his bestie, that while she admittedly hates Daniel, for her plan to work, she needed to open up to him.

And she did.......and it worked.

Her troubles weren't over though, as she had to worry about the idea that Aiden had gone rogue on her.

Aiden approached Conrad in last weeks cliffhanger and informed the patriarch that Jack Porter had tampered with the brakes and he was the one responsible for the accident. Conrad …

Conrad Murray RELEASED From Jail

And he's OUT.

After serving 2 years for manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson, Conrad Murray was released from prison at 12:01 AM this morning.

Murray was sentenced to 4 years behind bars back in November of 2011, and served 2 years.

According to sources, Murray is determined to get his medical license back, as well as hire a new publicist for an image change.

There are rumors he'll try to get a book published, which he wrote a huge chunk of while locked up.

Fascinating read?

No thanks.

NEW: Celine Dion & Ne-Yo!! Check Out "Incredible" HERE!!!

I need this album NOW.

Like right now.

Celine Dion is just 1 week away from releasing her highly anticipated new album "Loved Me Back To Life", and has just delivered another track for her fans.

Titled "Incredible", the track features R&B superstar Ne-Yo sharing verses with my Canadian Queen.

Check it out:


What do you guys think?

"Sons Of Anarchy" Star Maggie Siff PREGNANT!!!

Well, thankfully she won't be doing what her character did.


Huge congratulations are in order for "Sons of Anarchy" star Maggie Siff (who plays the brilliant Tara) as her and her husband are expecting their first child!

Maggie spoke with US Weekly about the news:

“I haven’t really announced [it] yet,” the 39-year-old Sons of Anarchy actress told the mag. “I’m past the nausea so I’m feeling a lot better, a lot more energetic. We just finished shooting the season, which is good.


Lady Gaga "X Factor" UK Performance: Plus, See What Set Off ANOTHER Feud With Kelly Osbourne!!

Holy moly.

Lady Gaga performed on the UK "X Factor" tonight, and while I must admit to not being a huge fan of the performance, it's not just what I'll be talking about.

Following her performance of new track "Venus" as well as "Do What You Want (With My Body)", Mother Monster approached judge Sharon Osbourne and took her in a hug.

This was nice to see following a very public feud between the 2 from months back, which also included Sharon's daughter Kelly.

Gaga presented the Osbourne matriarch with a cake for Kelly's birthday, but in the process drew the ire of the "Fashion Police" co-host.

Kelly wound up tweeting after the peace offering:

Not to be ungrateful but why would you send me a birthday cake via my MOTHER in a country half the would away? #JustSendItToME #LoveNotWar,”

#Eat my sh-it” “#Hypocrisy.”


You are so far behind you think you are first! I live for a #Cause not for the #Applause!!!!!!!”

Gaga would tw…

Chris Brown ARRESTED For Felony Assault!!!

This story is a doozy.....

So prepare yourselves.

Chris Brown was arrested early this morning after a fight with an unnamed man.

Reports are currently saying that (according to the cops and the victim) Chris was approached by two women for a photo op infront of his hotel in Washington D.C., and the victim and a friend jumped into the background to photo-bomb it.

This reportedly set Chris off, and he flew into a rage and punched the victim right in the nose, allegedly breaking it.

Law enforcement was called to the scene, and Chris and his bodyguard were arrested.

Now for the catch:

Chris' team is calling BS on this story, saying the two women were attempting to get on Chris' tour bus, and when they were stopped, the victim and his friend tried to get on themselves.

No word on what is the truth.

Chris and his bodyguard are NOT able to out of jail right now. Under D.C. law, they will stay behind bars until the morning, where they will face a magistrate Monday morning.

Chris coul…

RIP Lou Reed: Velvet Underground Front Man Dies At Age 71

So sad.

Legendary rocker, and Velvet Underground front man Lou Reed passed away today at the age of 71.

While details of his death are unknown, Lou did undergo a liver transplant back in May, and complications from that surgery landed him back in the hospital in June.

RIP Lou.

NEW Lady Gaga! Listen To "VENUS" Here!!!!!!!!!

Forget the crazy wardrobe.......

Forget the crazy wardrobe........I have to keep repeating that.

Because it's about the music, and Mother Monster has delivered AGAIN!!!!

After teasing us with snippets, and scrapping the song as the official second single, the full HQ version of "Venus" has arrived.

While I don't enjoy it as much as "Do What U Want", this is still pretty killer.

What do you guys think?


Tori Spelling Says WHAT About Katie Holmes In New Book??

Uh, this is quite weird.

In new new book "Spelling It Like It Is", Tori Spelling revealed quite an interesting perception of old friend Katie Holmes.

The two have reportedly known each other for years, and when they ran into each other back in 2012 (after not seeing for quite some time) Tori said Katie had changed.

The meeting between the former friends happened just before Holmes announced her split from Tom Cruise.

For starters, she claims Katie gave off a "don't even come close" vibe, and when describing the conversation that followed, Tori said:

She was just plastic. In a perfectly polite way,"

What does "plastic" even mean?

Dull? Non-receptive? 


Anyone else have any thoughts on this?

Did Julianne Hough Cross The Line? Dresses In Blackface Makeup For Halloween Costume! Issues Apology Afterwards!

This was a pretty bold decision, but thankfully she seemed to understand that she was wrong.

"Dancing with the Stars" alum and actress Julianne Hough made sure all eyes were on her when she attended a Halloween party in California this weekend.

Just not in an appropriate way.

Hough dressed up as the character Crazy Eyes from "Orange is The New Black"......

Complete with paint on her face to change her complexion.

The actress was criticized for her appearance, and shortly after the pictures went viral, she issued an apology:

“It certainly was never my intention to be disrespectful or demeaning to anyone in any way. I realize my costume hurt and offended people and I truly apologize.”

What do you guys think? Was her costume offensive? Or not as bad as everyone is making it out to be?

And She Does It AGAIN: Lady Gaga Continues Her "ARTPOP" Promo.....

By looking absolutely RIDICULOUS.
You know, this really shouldn't surprise me anymore, but does anyone else not agree that this era is even more outrageous then ever?!
The sheer outfit (in other photos you can see her nipples) .......the white powder makeup on her hands and feet.....the CRAZY ASS eyes....
I don't even know what to say.

Ugh, WHY?! "Charmed" To Get Reboot

Can't they just leave these shows alone!?

"Charmed" was a successful show that ran 8 seasons, starring Shannen Doherty (for 3 of them), Alyssa Milano, Rose McGowan and Holly Marie Combs. The show also introduced "Big Bang Theory" star Kaley Cuoco in the final season.

CBS has announced plans to reboot the series, which is being called a re-imagining.


Let's hope they can secure some of the original ladies for cameos or maybe supporting roles.

What do you "Charmed" fans think of this news??

RIP Marcia Wallace: Voice Of "Simpsons" Character Edna Krabappel Dies At 70

So sad.

Actress Marcia Wallace, who starred on the "Bob Newhart Show" as well as voicing "The Simpsons" character Edna Krabappel, has passed away at the age of 70.

Marcia's caregiver released the news this morning, saying Marcia was surrounded by her family at the time. No other specifics were given.


Rihanna's GQ Cover Is AMAZING!!! Singer Poses As Medusa!!


GQ pulled out all the stops for the cover photo of their 25th anniversary edition, and they did so by having Rihanna pose as the legendary Medusa!!

Seriously, how AMAZING is that photo!?

One Direction Grow Up With AMAZING New Single: Check Out "Story Of My Life" HERE!!

Color me VERY impressed!!

One Direction has been known for their lead singles being fun, poppy and killer catchy (What Makes You Beautiful; Live While We're Young) but with the lead track off of their upcoming 3rd studio album "Midnight Memories", they've grown.

And yours truly is LOVING what he is hearing.

"Story of My Life" is a lesser, sugary pop jam and more of a Mumford & Sons meets Ed Sheeran vibe and I believe that is a HUGE compliment.

Check out "Story of My Life" below!

Is Donna Martin BROKE!? Tori Spelling Reveals Money Woes To People Magazine

Um, how exactly can you be broke when your father is the late Aaron Spelling!?

Tori Spelling shot to super stardom thanks to her role as Donna Martin in her father's creation "Beverly Hills 90210", but it seems today is quite different.

Tori spoke with People magazine about her and husband Dean's recent financial struggles and painted quite the picture of how things have changed:

"We're all about repurposing. It's a really good value to have," 

"[We're] in the entertainment business, and things change year to year. We don't have a series on the air right now, so we have to be more restrictive of what we can spend, just like anyone who currently doesn't have a steady job."

Tori also revealed that her children wear hand me down clothes, and husband Dean couldn't afford the planned vasectomy they wanted.

It was also stated, that while they're not BROKE, they're certainly not the same as they used to be, which may not be a…

Britney Spears Releases Album Cover, New Single Date AND Letter To Her Fans!!


Britney Spears is getting set to release her highly anticipated 8th studio album "Britney Jean" (Dec. 3rd) and today unveiled the cover.

The artwork is very simple, but totally works for the theme of the record. Britney has stated numerous times that it "is her most personal album yet".

She also gave us the release date for the 2nd single "Perfume" (Nov. 5th), which is the track written by the incomparable Sia.

AND to top all of that off, she released this letter to her fans on her official website:

Here is the letter in full:

Dear Fans,
I haven't sat down to write you guys in SUCH a long time.  Long overdue!  We're all so used to getting our thoughts out in 140 characters, but sometimes its nice to take time to sit down and write something a little longer and more personal.  I am putting the finishing touches on my new album, "Britney Jean" over the next few days and I am so excited for you to hear it.  I poured …

Little Mix Make Me "MOVE" In Brand New Video!!!

This song is amazing, and now the video?


The ladies of Little Mix are prepping for the release of their sophomore album "Salute", due out November 11th.

With the release of lead single "Move", the girls have proven they mean business and the dancing in the accompanying video is KILLER.

Love this.

This Is Interesting: Lady Gaga Debuts "VENUS" Snippet

I'm not as intrigued with this as I was with "Do What U Want", but maybe the full version will surprise me.

When not showing up in public in RIDICULOUS outfits, Lady Gaga is getting set to release her brand new album "ARTPOP" (November 11th).

This time, Gaga has revealed a snippet of what was supposed to be the 2nd single "Venus", and I'm not loving it yet.

It's different, and typical Gaga, but there's just something I can't put my finger on....

What do you guys think?

"Venus" is still expected to drop in full this Monday.

"VENUS" Snippet

This Disney Medley Is AMAZING!!!!!!

Oh this just started my day off with a BANG!!

Peter Hollens and Alex G. are going to be hitting the big time VERY SOON now that this video is going viral.

The duo put together an incredible acapella video of themselves singing some classic Disney songs, including "Circle of Life" (Lion King), "Whole New World" (Aladdin), "Under the Sea" (Little Mermaid), "Beauty & the Beast" (Beauty & the Beast) and "Colors of the Wind" (Pocahontas).

Check out the AMAZING video below!


Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr SPLIT!!


Such a hot couple.

Following 3 years of marriage, and one ADORABLE son named Flynn, "Lord of the Rings" star Orlando Bloom and his supermodel wife Miranda Kerr have split.

What's shocking however, is that they've reportedly been separated for months.

This comes as a bit of a shock, as the couple were spotted just two weeks ago with 2 year old Flynn.

The couple married in 2010 and welcomed Flynn the next year.

Hopefully this split is amicable and painless for the sake of their young child.