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Uh Oh: Death Is Coming To Springfield!! Simpsons Producers Reveal Plan To Kill Off "Iconic" Character!


None of this "Who shot Mr. Burns"....

But somebody is going to DIE.

"The Simpsons" producer Al Jean revealed recently that with the 25th season, the show is going to kill off a major character.

The only information Jean revealed is:

"I'll give you a clue that the actor playing the character won an Emmy for playing that character, but I won't say who it is," 

Okay, the show has more then 25 Emmys, so that isn't helpful.

Who do you guys think it will be???

Christina Aguilera'a "Hunger Games: Catching Fire" Song Has ARRIVED: Listen To "We Remain" HERE!!!

This was well worth the wait!!

Christina Aguilera is back with a brand new track, from the upcoming "Hunger Games: Catching Fire" soundtrack, and it's AMAZING.

Check out "We Remain" below!

"We Remain" will hit iTunes tomorrow (October 1st)

Thank You Oprah: Michael & Dina Lohan BANNED From Lindsay's Reality Show!!

The power of Mama O!!

The executive producers (and probably Oprah herself) made a critical decision in regards to the upcoming reality program following Lindsay Lohan:

Her parents, Dina and Michael, have been BANNED from appearing on it!!

The OWN network decided against the "Lohan family circus", however there was one piece of footage shot with Michael, which MAY end up in the show. No word on if it's been cut or not.

Sources are saying the show will focus on what Oprah wants it to focus on:

Lindsay's road to recovery.

"Revenge" 3x01 Recap: Welcome Back To The Hamptons

"Let us never say the words 'Carrion' and 'Intiative' EVER AGAIN."

PREACH Emily Thorne!!!!

Last night, in the midst of all of the "Breaking Bad" hype, "Revenge" returned for its 3rd season, and after a bumpy road in season 2, they needed to clean things up.

And they did.

In a BIG way!

The episode kicked into gear 6 months following the explosive finale, in which Emily confessed her true identity to Jack, as he was poised to take out Conrad for his role in Declan's death.

But we also can't forget what I showed you a while back, and that was the INTENSE flash forward of Emily being shot by an unknown assailant on her wedding day and falling overboard off the boat.

Well, who was the shooter?

By the end of the episode, it could be a number of people!!

"Revenge" definitely drew me in, in just the first episode, as we were introduced to Victoria's long lost son Patrick, played by the ever sexy Justin Hartley, Charlotte retu…

Katy Perry Brings Back The Dance Sound Of The 90's: Check Out New Track "Walking On Air"

Okay, now THIS I am feeling!!!!

Katy Perry is just a few weeks shy of releasing her 3rd studio album "Prism" (Oct.22), and after the success of "Roar", it seems she's unstoppable.

Well, a lot of you may expect me to find something to bitch about, as I have continued to do with the pop star, but not this time.

Katy's newest track to debut, "Walking on Air" is giving me some SERIOUS 90's vibes and taking me back to the glory days of CeCe Peniston!!!

Check out the stellar "Walking On Air" below!


"Breaking Bad" Series Finale Recap: The End

You hear that?

That is the sound of television being different this morning, in the wake of the greatest drama ever to grace our screens coming to a close last night.

Walter White and co. are gone and I'm not sure any piece of television can really fill the void. Sure, some shows can try and create what Vince Gilligan created, but will they actually be able to?


You will read A LOT of reviews about the series finale of "Breaking Bad", some praising it, and I'm sure others will have a problem with the way everything came to a close.

However, here at PopGoesTheArts, this recap of the finale is nothing short of PRAISE.

In the iconic words of my beloved Cher, I say this to all of the producers.....directors.....television moguls:


Now, this is one hot topic and you know the drill:


This is a pretty easy way to sum up everything that happened last night:

Are You Ready To Say Goodbye To "Breaking Bad"???

PopGoesTheArts is!

Uh, That Ain't Happening: Katy Perry Wants To Be More Of A "Joni Mitchell" As She Gets Older


Oh wait....

She was serious?

Katy Perry revealed quite the little gem when she sat down with Billboard magazine, and I'm having a hard time trying to grasp it.

"I'll probably turn into more of a Joni Mitchell," Perry said when asked what she wants to do in the future. "As I inch towards my 30s, I think my fourth record will be more of an acoustic guitar album. That's where I started when I was first discovered by Glen Ballard and got my first record deal."

 "I can't get ahead of myself. I'm still doing the work: I'm a good balance of left and right brain, and to be an artist with a long career, you've got to have both," 

Look, I love me some Katy, and "Roar" and "Dark Horse" are both enjoyable POP songs....and "One Of The Boys" was a complete different vibe then "Teenage Dream".


She'll never be a Joni Mitchell type. 

What do you guys think??

PS: Katy's new album "Prism&quo…

Cher Responds In DIVA Fashion To Lady Gaga Fan Over Twitter!!

Want more reason to love this woman?

Oh, get ready for it!!

A few days ago, the icon that is Cher took part in a Q&A on Reddit and answered a slew of questions, from her new album and tour, to the one and only Madonna.

But it was what happened BEFORE the Q&A that caught my attention.....

And made me laugh!

Cher tweeted just as the Q&A was beginning:

"Am on Reddit right now!"

To which a "fan" responded with:

"Go pre-order ARTPOP Grandma"

And as you all know, ARTPOP is the name of Lady Gaga's upcoming album.....

Most stars would ignore digs and ridiculous comments like that, but the DIVA responded:

"Kiss my ANCIENT ASS!"



Wonder what Lady Gaga thinks of that?

TONIGHT: "Breaking Bad" Finale

So, it's all over after tonight.....

One more recap post......

One more nail biter......


Oh This Would Be AMAZING: Adele Rumored To Star In Dusty Springfield Biopic


I truly do hope the bigwigs are really trying to make this happen, because it would be genius.

Oscar and Grammy winner Adele is rumored to be in talks to play iconic singer Dusty Springfield in an upcoming biopic on the late singers life.

There was early speculation that Emmy and Tony winner Kristin Chenoweth would secure the lead, but that rumor has since fizzled.

What do you guys think of this??

Counting It Down: Top 10 Series Finales

All good things must come to an end.

And unfortunately, it's that time for "Breaking Bad".

After 5 seasons, televisions GREATEST show comes to an end tonight, and it got me thinking about some of the other great finales.

Keep in mind, this will be a list of shows that I have watched personally, so I want to hear from all of you as to what are YOUR favorites as well!!

I was pretty surprised after compiling my list, as to how many comedies I had included....

Guess that's how it played out though!!


10. Beverly Hills 90210 (10 SEASONS)

Let us NEVER discuss the reboot.

The original zip code series may have sputtered the last few seasons, but that doesn't mean it didn't end the way it should have.

By the time the finale had rolled around, the only original stars still on hand were Tori Spelling, Brian Austin Green, Jennie Garth, Ian Ziering and Luke Perry.

THANKFULLY some made the return for the finale (Tiffan Thiessen, Gabrielle Carteris), and it went…

Aaron Paul Brings Jesse Pinkman To The Saturday Night Live Season Premiere!!

I freaking LOVE this guy....

And after tonight, his brilliant portrayal will be GONE.


Okay, back to business.

SNL kicked off its brand new season last night with host Tina Fey, but before we could get to Tina, we had to get through the opening.

The cold open saw an Obamacare pitch, and we were all treated to a surprise appearance from our dearest "Breaking Bad" star Aaron Paul!!

Check out the (crappy quality) clip below!

Oh man....

I'm not ready to say goodbye to Aaron as Jesse Pinkman!!!!!

Heather Morris POPS!! "Glee" Stars Gives Birth To Baby Boy!!!


"Glee" star (okay, well I guess it's FORMER now) Heather Morris and hubby Taylor Hubbell have welcomed their first child, a boy they've named Elijah.

They welcomed Elijah into the world Saturday.


What!? Drake And Chris Brown Bury The Hatchet!?

Well, if this is in fact true, color me IMPRESSED!

The two giant egos took a back seat!!!

Following a bar brawl last year, there are reports that Chris Brown and Drake have called a truce, and were seen drinking it up at the iHeart Radio Festival this past week.

Now, NOTHING has been 100% confirmed, but if the 2 ex-lovers of Rihanna have really put the past behind them, it's good news.

Maybe a duet?


"Glee" Premieres It's Season In A BIG Way: Kurt & Blaine Get ENGAGED!!

Okay, so are ALL of my problems with this show gone?
Not even close.
But did I enjoy the season 5 premiere?
A lot actually!
While I'm not going to recap the entire episode, the biggest highlight was definitely the proposal between show favorite Kurt and Blaine.
Ryan Murphy really went all out for this, and I have to applaud him for it!!
Check out the AMAZING proposal below:

Rihanna SLAYS First Live Performance Of "What Now"

Damn girl, you been working on your live vocals?

Cuz this was KILLER.

Rihanna (and her questionable mullet) took to the stage on the Alan Carr "Chatty Man" show in the UK and belted out her new hit "What Now" and served up some amazing vocals and a great performance!

Check it out:

Seriously, her vocals were ON POINT!

What did you guys think??

The Act Before The Storm? Khloe Kardashian Drops "Odom" From Twitter Handle!!

You know, I've kept relatively quiet about the whole Khloe/Lamar drama....

But this is a pretty telling sign as to where things are heading!!

According to reports, Khloe Kardashian is still holding out hope her husband Lamar Odom will enter some sort of rehab facility for his coke addiction, and while they may be estranged at the moment, she's been sticking with the marriage.

That all seems to have changed.

On the eve of their 4th wedding anniversary, Khloe has DROPPED "Odom" off her Twitter handle and is now simply going by Khloe Kardashian.

Divorce papers next?

Miley Cyrus Reveals Her Drug Use To Rolling Stone

You know, there are times I actually rot for this girl in the chaos that is her life recently, but this?


Miley Cyrus opened up to Rolling Stone magazine, revealing what drugs she uses and what drug in specific she "doesn't like".

"I think weed is the best drug on earth. One time I smoked a joint with peyote in it, and I saw a wolf howling at the moon. Hollywood is a coke town, but weed is so much better. And molly, too. Those are happy drugs— social drugs. They make you want to be with friends. You're out in the open. You're not in a bathroom. I really don't like coke. It's so gross and so dark. It's like what are you, from the '90s? Ew."

That is an ACTUAL quote everyone.

Now, hear me out here:

The pot reveal is fine. I don't care if she smokes pot. But condoning molly to her fans?  

This is the active ingredient in Ecstasy. 

I don't even know why Rolling Stone felt the need to publish that part, but hey, whatever sells you…

Lindsay Lohan Makes HILARIOUS Appearance On Jimmy Fallon

This girl is doing EVERYTHING right lately!!

Everybody knows that Jimmy Fallon is king of sketches on late night, and LAST NIGHT was no different.

Alongside guest Lindsay Lohan, Jimmy delivered a ridiculous but hysterical sketch of a show that could be seen on Teen Nickolodeon.


Check it out:

God, I love me some Fallon and Lindsay?

She NAILED this!!

Now excuse me while I go and scrump!

FIRST LOOK: Meryl Streep As The Witch For "Into The Woods"

The woman could appear in a film talking about NOTHING and still win an Oscar...

THAT is how amazing she is!!

Yours truly was super excited to learn that Meryl Streep had been cast to play the evil witch in the live action adaptation of "Into the Woods". Tony winner Bernadette Peters played the witch in the original Broadway production.

As you can see, it's another transformation for the 64 year old Oscar winner.

The film is set to hit theatres December 25th 2014.


"X Factor" Auditions Come To A Close: Reveals Which Categories The Judges Got!!!

This could be VERRRRRRY interesting!

The last round of auditions took place last night on "X Factor", and between Kelly Rowland beaming over a "baby Destiny's Child", and a mother of 8 with a killer voice, it was quite the entertaining show!

But let's be was ALL about the judges narrowing down the 218 acts they had put through......

To just 40.

That's right. 10 acts from each category would make the next round of competition, and then it would be time for our panel to find out which category they would be mentoring.

And where did it sway?

Demi Lovato scored the GIRLS category which has some pretty strong contenders, while Paulina Rubio was hand delivered the BOYS.

Simon Cowell once again was given the GROUPS, and the biggest treat of all?

Kelly Rowland got the stellar OVER 25's !!!

This season could be very interesting, but after next week only 4 acts from each category will make the live shows...

Do you have a favorite??

Britney Spears Releases Teaser For "Work Bitch" Video

Are you ready to see Britney "Work Bitch"?


Britney is getting ready to release her brand new video, for latest single "Work Bitch", and the teaser my beloved Louisiana native just gave us is SCORCHING.

Check out the teaser below:


Get ready bitches.....

Kanye West EXPLODES On Jimmy Kimmel On Twitter!!!!

Douche bag level?


Kanye West had an epic temper tantrum tonight on Twitter, as he unleashed his anger towards Jimmy Kimmel regarding a spoof on his show.

The spoof focused on a recent interview Kanye did for BBC One, in which he called himself the "biggest rock star in the world".

You can watch the spoof here:

And you can read the tweets here:



MUST LISTEN!! Rising Band CHVRCHES Covers Whitney Houston's "It's Not Right, But It's Okay"

EVERYBODY download their debut album...

You'll be thanking me later!!

Brand new band CHVRCHES released their debut album this week, and while it's an amazing piece of work, what I'm ORDERING you all to listen to isn't actually included on it.

The band performed on BBC Radio One and delivered a ridONKULOUS cover of the Whitney classic "It's Not Right, But It's Okay", and it's magic.

Just, brilliant!!!

Check it out:

CHRVCHES - It's Not Right, But It's Okay 

HILARIOUS!! Robin Williams Reveals He Visited Sex Shop Dressed As "Mrs.Doubtfire"!!!!

I love this man.

To hype the premiere of his new CBS show "Crazy Ones", Robin Williams stopped by David Letterman and dropped one HELL of a hilarious story!

With the 20th anniversary of "Mrs. Doubtfire" this year (for which he was nominated and WON a Golden Globe) Robin opened up about how he was dressed in character one day, and visited a sex shop.


Check it out:

God, this man is a GENIUS.

Who doesn't still love "Mrs. Doubtfire"!?

Ryan Murphy Tweets Photo For Cory Monteith Tribute

October 10th.....

Amanda Bynes News: Psychiatric Hold Could Last Until 2015

All I want, is for her to get the help she needs.

Amanda Bynes' lawyer Gerald Shargel was in court this morning to deal with the current case of Amanda tossing a bong out of her NYC apartment months back.

Shargel asked for an 18 month extension, stating Amanda was still getting the help she needed.

The case is looking more likely to be tossed out.

I just hope Amanda is doing better.

That Was FAST: Kaley Cuoco ENGAGED To Ryan Sweeting After 3 MONTHS Of Dating!!

I'm guessing they're really happy!!

According to US Weekly, "Big Bang Theory" star Kaley Cuoco is engaged to boyfriend of 3 months Ryan Sweeting.

Ryan reportedly proposed just yesterday.

The news comes on the heels of Kaley being spotted out in LA yesterday rocking some serious bling.


Drag Queen Re-Enacts Lady Gaga VMA Performance....And Get's Gaga's Stamp Of Approval!!


It was brought to my attention via Facebook/Twitter, that Lady Gaga had discovered quite the performance piece, and she decided to share it with her fans.

A drag queen from Brazil, under the name Alexia Twister, performed Lady Gaga's "Applause", but went the even bigger mile and performed it completely in sync with Mother Monster's VMA performance.

The wigs....the dancing....the SEASHELLS.

Gaga herself tweeted about seeing the performance:

A MUST WATCH: this queen in RIO re-did my VMA Applause performance TO A T! 

That routine is not easy! Alexia Twister was so impressive, when she made it out for the seashell girls cue I nearly fell over screaming.



Check out Alexia performing below!

Say It Ain't So "Sabrina": Melissa Joan Hart Opens Up About Past Drug Use.....And Secret Flings!!

It seems every child star dealt with drugs at one point, so it shouldn't really be a surprise that our beloved "Teenage Witch" did also!

Former "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" star Melissa Joan Hart is opening up about her past in her new memoir, titled "Melissa Explains It All" (a clever reference to her "Clarissa Explains It All" days).

The now 37 year old mother of 3, reveals in her book that she experimented with weed, ecstasy, mushrooms, and mescaline for roughly a year and a half. She also divulged that she was high on ecstasy when she shot her now infamous cover for MAXIM magazine, back in 1999.

She also revealed she had secret flings:

Including Jerry O'Connell, who she refers to as a "man whore", and Backstreet Boy Nick Carter!

Melissa's memoir hits shelves October 29th.

"Modern Family" Characters Cam & Mitch Get ENGAGED During Season Premiere

People can say what they want about the show, but this was BEAUTIFULLY done!!

Last night, "Modern Family" aired their 1 hour 5th season premiere, and something very special happened at the end of the first half:

Longtime couple Cam & Mitch got engaged in the wake of Prop 8 being overturned!!

The show handled the impending proposal in hilarious fashion, as each of them wanted to propose to the other, but when the end of the episode came...

It was just PERFECT:

This should bring another dimension of hysterics to the show this season, and I can't WAIT to see how it plays out!

The BEST Audition From "X Factor": James Kenney!!

I see big things for this guy!!

Let's hope he can stick around this year.

Last night, during a rather crazy night on "X Factor", one audition stood out to yours truly. It was hard to consider one after all of the shenanigans.

Those included a rather creepy contestant pledging their love to Kelly Rowland, a surprise proposal, and a new viral hit......that was pretty awful!!

James Kenney auditioned in season 1, but unfortunately never made it to the live shows, but with his performance this year?

It HAS to happen!

Belting out the classic hit "Summertime", he made it all his own, and BLEW away the judges AND me!!


Please let this guy go far!!!!

Fergie Gave Birth 4 WEEKS AGO: Look At Her Body!!!!

4 weeks people.

Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie and hubby Josh Duhamel were snapped by camera on out and about last night, and all eyes were on Fergie and her INCREDIBLE post baby body.

Seriously, she gave birth to son Axl 4 WEEKS AGO.

She looks amazing!!