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Wait....Isn't She Hospitalized Still!? Amanda Bynes RETURNS To Twitter & Expresses Love For Drake

My head hurts.

This is just so confusing.

One day after reports surfaced that Amanda Bynes had been placed on an extended year long psych hold, the actress (or somebody if it was hacked) tweeted from her Twitter account:

"I love Drake"

This marks the first tweet in over a month when Amanda was first hospitalized back in July for allegedly setting a fire on some strangers driveway.


Is Drake flattered by this?

It's Minnie Mouse.....No, That's Just Lady Gaga.

Another day, another crazy Gaga outfit.

Welcome back Mother Monster!


PS: Don't forget, Gaga's iTunes Festival performance will stream LIVE on iTunes TOMORROW (September 1st).

And The Name Of Britney Spears' New Single Is Rumored To Be.....


Yup, you read that right.

The legendary Miss Britney Spears is getting closer and closer to revealing her brand new album, and today we found out something very interesting about album # 8:

The name of the lead single!!

"Werk Bitch" is the title making the rounds on Twitter as I speak type and I must admit I'm torn.

Any new Britney material gets me excited. Period. It's Britney FREAKING Spears.

But the title?

I'm not sure if I'm completely on board with "Werk Bitch".

If it was just titled "Werk" I think I'd be okay with it......

NO MATTER. Gaga......Katy......

They're all basking in success right now, but just wait until this drops (September 17th??):

Britney will be BACK....


LOOK OUT NEW YORK CITY: Lindsay Lohan Is Behind The Wheel Again!!!!

This makes me angry....

Girl must have SOME money left to afford a damn driver!!!

Justin Bieber ATTACKED In Canadian Nightclub

Okay, say what you want about the kid, but this isn't good.

Justin Bieber has kept a very low profile the past few weeks, but last night he managed to get himself involved in some drama.

Even if it wasn't his fault.

Around 3am this morning, Biebs was inside a Toronto nightclub, and when he ventured away from the prestigious VIP section, a patron rushed him.

The club-goer managed to grab Biebs by the shirt, and Justin attempted to defend himself by kicking his attacker, but security rushed in and took the man down.

He was kicked out of the club, and Bieber and his crew left a short time later. Cops were not called.

You can see pictures of the incident over at TMZ.

Good News For Hugh Jackman & Jake Gyllenhaal: Roles In New Film "Prisoners" Being Hailed As CAREER HIGHS

Considering these two delivered "Les Miserables" and "Brokeback Mountain", respectively, this is a HUGE critique!!!

Oscar nominees Hugh Jackman & Jake Gyllenhaal could once again hear their names called next year, now that their new film "Prisoners" has gotten some early buzz. The film issued an early screener, and some critics are already raving.

"Prisoners" is the story about 2 couples (Jackman, Maria Bello & Terrence Howard, Viola Davis) who's two young daughters are kidnapped. The lead detective in the film is played by Gyllenhaal.

The film is already garnering early Oscar buzz, and especially for Hugh and Jake.

My guess is that Jackman could score with a Lead Actor nod, while Jake secures a Best Supporting.

"Prisoners" also stars Paul Dano as the suspect, and Oscar winner Melissa Leo as his mother.

The film is scheduled to debut at the Toronto International Film Festival, and it will wide released September 20th.


Just Waiting For Fox: Hollywood Reporter Claiming Harry Connick Jr. Has SIGNED "Idol" Deal!!!!!

YES. YES. YES. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yours truly is officially on board for season 13 of "American Idol" because The Hollywood Reporter is claiming that Harry Connick Jr. has signed on as a judge!!

Connick will reportedly join Keith Urban, and Jennifer Lopez on the judging panel when "Idol" returns this coming January.

According to the same report, Randy Jackson will return this season as well, replacing Jimmy Iovine as mentor.

What do you guys think of how the next season is shaping up?

Jennifer, Keith, Harry, Randy and of course dear old Ryan Seacrest!!

No Shirt, No Pants.....NO PROBLEM: Adam Levine Takes It ALL OFF


Adam Levine's fiance Behati Prinsloo posted a photo of Adam on her Instagram showing the Maroon 5 lead singer/"Voice" judge in nothing but his underwear.

She captioned:

"70's porn called. It wants it's vibe back. Immediately."


How About NO THANKS: Kris Jenner Announces Her & Bruce Jenner Have A Sex Tape

And the world responds collectively with:


Seriously?! It was bad enough when Kim had one, but now you're telling me that KRIS and BRUCE have one!?

I'm not even discussing this further.....



BREAKING: Judge Greenlights Long Term Psych Hold For Amanda Bynes

This is pretty big news.

A judge has just issued a long term psych hold on actress Amanda Bynes, and now it is appearing the hold could last up to a year.

Now, it's not that simple however.

Word coming in is that Amanda's doctors believed a long term hold was necessary, but it is looking likely Amanda will stay in the hospital for another 60 days, and then be transferred to her parents home.

Amanda's mother is the temporary conservator.

This sounds like what is best for Amanda, and I do hope she is getting the treatment she needs.

Lady Gaga Teases Fans With Yet ANOTHER iTunes Rehearsal Video!!!!!

And this time, it's for a different song!!

Lady Gaga is set to open this Sundays iTunes Festival, and after teasing fans with new song "Swine" from "ARTPOP", she's just given us another.

This time the track is called "Manicure" and it sure does sound interesting!!

Gaga tweeted the video along with the message:


Check it out:


AMAZING: Christina Aguilera Unveils Special Music Video For Her Fans!!!!

You know, I've made fun of this woman in the past and made a point of talking about how much I disliked her album "Bionic" (which I did, sorry) but I've ALWAYS been an Xtina fan...

And will remain one!!!

Christina Aguilera delivered a special treat to her fans today, in the form of a music video for a track off her recent album "Lotus".

Titled "Let There Be Love", the video is just Christina and family & friends (including Nicole Ritchie, and Christina Milian) celebrating LOVE and EQUALITY.

Bravo Christina! The video is fun, AND has a message!!

I love it!

Check it out guys!

The Gang's All Back Together: First Promo Poster For "The Voice" Season 5!!


Is Christina looking good or what!?

Christina was joined by Adam Levine, Blake Shelton as well as the returning Cee Lo Green for the first promotional poster for season 5 of "The Voice", in which Christina also makes her return.

Season 4 saw Usher and Shakira replace Green and Aguilera.

Season 5 kicks off Monday September 23rd.

Celine Dion Is (ALMOST) Back!!! Singer Announces Single AND Album Release Date!!!!

My Canadian Queen!!!!

It's been a LONG TIME since our beloved Celine Dion released an English language album (2007's "Taking Chances"), but the time has almost come for her to fix that.

Celine will be releasing her brand new single "Loved Me Back to Life" September 3rd, with the album of the same name due out November 5th.

The lead single was written by the fabulously talented Sia, so you just know this track is going to be AMAZING.

C'mon September 3rd.....

Fergie POPS!!! Black Eyed Peas Singer Gives Birth To Baby Boy.....And You Won't BELIEVE His Name!!!

It's actually kinda cool....

Singer/actress Fergie and hubby Josh Duhamel welcomed their first child into the world today, a little boy who they have named.....

Drum roll please....

Axl Jack Duhamel!!!


Congrats to the brand new parents!!!

And just for kicks (like TMZ did) check out Fergie and Slash belting out "Sweet Child O' Mine", from another Axl, (Axl Rose of Guns N' Roses) from the 2011 Super Bowl Halftime show!

I never said it was good.


GORGEOUS!!! Cher Reveals Album Cover For "Closer To The Truth"!!!

What is there to really say about this?


That's all.

"Closer To The Truth" will be Cher's 26th studio album, and will be released September 30th.

Warner Bros. Announces Batman Vs Superman Release Date: Does That Give Us Enough Time To Get Over Ben Affleck Casting??

July 17th 2015 everyone.

That's 2 LONG years until we see if Ben Affleck can handle the role of the caped crusader, and more importantly....

If he can manage the role of BRUCE WAYNE.

Are you still PISSED that Ben Affleck is going to be Batman??

Remembering Michael Jackson On His 55th Birthday




Happy birthday Michael. You'll NEVER be forgotten.

Lady Gaga Releases Rehearsal Footage Of New Song "Swine": Is It About Perez Hilton??

Maybe I'm just throwing that out there....

You can all decide!

Lady Gaga is set to open the iTunes Music Festival this Sunday, and as a treat to her fans, she released a rehearsal video featuring a brand new song off of "ARTPOP".

The song is titled "Swine", and if you catch the lyrics, it appears Gaga could be singing about somebody....

A celebrity blogger perhaps?

The lyrics go:

"I know you want me. You're just a pig in a human's body," while another part of the song goes, "Squealer, squealer, squeal out! You're so disgusting. You're just a pig inside. Swine."

Check out the footage below:


Billy Ray Cyrus Said WHAT About Miley's VMA Performance!?

This is a joke right?

He never ACTUALLY said these words to her.....

Miley Cyrus has once again gotten the Internet buzzing, after she tweeted something very interesting yesterday.

She tweeted a quote from her Dad, country music superstar Billy Ray Cyrus....

And his thoughts on her much talked about VMA performance:

Miley Ray Cyrus✔@MileyCyrus
"Mile, if twerkin woulda been invented.... And I had a foam finger.... I woulda done the same thang you did." - DAD 4:52 PM - 28 Aug 2013
I'm sorry.....
Imagine if "Achy Breaky Heart" included twerking? 
What kind of father SAYS that????? And seriously Miley:

Are Tim McGraw & Faith Hill Headed Towards DIVORCE?? Their Rep Says NO!!!

What the hell is going on!?

First Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones reportedly separate, and now their are rumors of country mega star couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill splitting??

Well, thankfully it appears that's all they are:


After nearly 17 years of marriage, the rumor mill began to churn a little quicker when it comes to Tim & Faith, but a rep for the couple stated simply, that the rumors are:

"totally false and ridiculous"

Let's hope so.

The couple has 3 daughters.

John Stamos Turns 50!! Celebrates With Some "Full House" Co-Stars!!!!


That man looks GOOD!!!

"Full House" alum and straight up sex symbol John Stamos just turned 50 years old, and Monday night, he celebrated with some family, friends, and some of his "Full House" co-stars!!

Those in attendance included Ashley Olsen (one half of Michelle; sister Mary Kate wasn't there), on-screen wife Lori Loughlin, Bob Saget, and DJ Tanner herself Candace Cameron Bure!

John also posed for an adorable photo with his Mom.


How AMAZING does John look???


10 Years Ago Today: THE KISS!!!

You all know DAMN WELL  what I'm talking about!!!

Madonna + Britney Spears

Oh and Christina Aguilera.


MTV Video Music Awards......


HOLY CRAP!! "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers" Turns 20 YEARS OLD!!!!!


This is NUTS.

The INCREDIBLE Fox series (yes I said incredible) "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers" turns 20 years old today, and I'm going to geek out for just a second.....


Okay, I'm done.

The show has seen many reboots and switches in the casts over the years, but I'm only looking at the original line up people!!

Ready to take a stroll down memory lane?

Austin St. John - Jason the Red Ranger

I'm starting off with Austin because there isn't much to say about him. The actor made his last public appearance at a 2007 convention and is now, reportedly an EMS officer.

Amy Jo Johnson - Kimberly the Pink Ranger

Amy went on to star in "Felicity", and most recently "Flashpoint".

Jason David Frank - Tommy the Green/White Ranger

Jason continues to make public appearances for the show, and is currently working in teaching martial arts.

David Yost - Billy the Blue Ranger

Now working for the production side of…

YES!!!!! Harry Connick Jr. Being Considered For "American Idol"!!!!!!!

Please let this happen.


Following mega producer Dr. Luke bowing out of the last seat on "American Idol" due to a conflict, it appears the shows producers are racing to find a replacement.

And they just might have!

Singer/songwriter/actor Harry Connick Jr. is reportedly at the top of the candidate list, and producers are hoping to lock him in. The show was originally set to begin filming next week, but it could be delayed.

Harry appeared as a mentor last season, and openly sparred with the judges when it came to their critiques. I firmly believe Harry would be an AMAZING judge, and I truly hope this happens.

One possible glitch in the plan?

According to reports, the show wanted an industry professional, rather than another celebrity. If Harry were to sign on, he would join Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez.


What do you guys think?

Are You Ready To "WERK"?? Britney Spears Says She Is!!!!!!

What is this.....

Could it be the album name......the single name......

Or is she just messing with everyone??


Britney Spears released a little teaser for her fans this afternoon, when the legend took to her Twitter and dropped this little gem:

Britney Spears✔@britneyspears Taking a quick break to say hi to all my tweeps :) Rehearsing for something top secret happening next week...
You little tease!!!!!
The countdown on isn't over until September 17th, so I'm not sure what this could be.
All I know, is I'm not sure I would like it as the name of a single, but an album name?
What could Brit Brit possibly have up her sleeve for us next week????

Rumored "Dancing With The Stars" Contestants Begin To Leak!!!

Okay, if this lineup is true, I'm definitely watching this season!!!!

With the brand new season of "Dancing with the Stars" coming September 16th, it's ALMOST time for the show to confirm which "stars" (HA!) will be hitting the ballroom.

The official announcement is set to be made September 4th on Good Morning America, but we maye have some spoilers for you!!

According to sources, one BIG name is legendary TV actress Valerie Harper!!!

Valerie went public with news she had been diagnosed with terminal cancer back in March, and revealed doctors had only given her 3 months to live.

Well, it's August, and Val is reportedly ready to hit the dance floor!! Reports are saying she is doing exceptionally well.

Other names include:

"Jersey Shore" star Snooki (YES!!!!) "Voice" correspondant and R&B singer Christina Milian, Jack Osbourne, "Glee" star Amber Riley, actress Leah Remini, and none other than "Saved by The Bell"…

OH NO! Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones SEPARATE!!

This is sad to hear, but thankfully divorce isn't playing a factor yet.

After 13 years of marriage, Oscar winners Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones have separated, and according to a rep for the Jones:

"taking some time apart to evaluate and work on their marriage." 

The couple has endured a pretty tough past 3 years, including Michael's bout with cancer, and Catherine's struggle with her bi-polar disorder.

I really do hope the couple can make things work.

They have 2 children together, aged 10 and 13.

"CSI" Shake Up: Star George Eads Will Miss "Undisclosed" Number Of Episodes Due To FIGHT With Writer

You know, why is this show still on the air??

So many characters have come and gone (and come back) over the years, but it's not the same without Grissom.

I just don't get it.

With season 14 fast approaching, it has just been announced that longtime star (since day 1) George Eads, who plays Nick Stokes, will miss a number of episodes.

Reportedly, Eads got into a heated argument with a writer over the direction his character was going, and came very close to quitting.

The first 3 episodes of the season have already been filmed, so Eads will appear in all of them, but following those, there is no word on how many he will miss.

According to CBS, the character will be written out during the 4th episode, in which Catherine (Marg Helgenberger) chooses Nick to go away for special training.


Michael Buble Is A DADDY!!!!!

Great news!!!

Today, singer Michael Buble and wife Luisana Lopilato welcomed their first child together, a little boy who've they've named Noah!!

Michael posted the joyous news, along with the above photo:

"Overjoyed and filled with gratitude at the arrival of our son Noah Bublè," 

"Born this morning, August 27th at 2:26 am in Vancouver, Canada."


"American Horror Story: Coven" Gets Premiere Date!!!!!


The highly anticipated 3rd season of the smash hit show "American Horror Story", this year titled "Coven" has finally gotten a premiere date!

The show will return October 9th at 10pm!!

Who's excited????

Check out the most recent teaser for the show!

Justin Timberlake Compares Miley Cyrus VMA Performance To Madonna & Britney Spears


Really Justin?

Despite all of the flack Miley Cyrus has been receiving for her VMA performance, she has one supporter in Justin Timberlake.

JT spoke with a CBS affiliate, and compared Miley's performance to the Queen of Pop Madonna as well as ex-girlfriend, the Princess of Pop Britney Spears.

“Madonna: Wedding suit, humping the stage. Britney: Strip tease,”

This is not an uncommon thing. I actually thought all the bears were really cool!” “Listen, man, you know, it’s the VMAs. What did you guys expect?,”
“I like Miley. I like her a lot. I think, you know, she’s young. She’s letting everyone know that she’s growing up. I just think it’s the VMAs. It’s not like she did it at the GRAMMYs. Let her do her thing. You know?”
What do you guys think? Does Justin have a point? 

Ugh, WHY!? Producer Sean Garrett CONFIRMS Britney Spears/Miley Cyrus Collaboration

You know, after the VMA's.....

I'm not exactly excited for this.

Producer Sean Garrett spoke with VIBEat the 2013 BMI R&B/ Hip-Hop Awards Thursday night and confirmed what has been rumored for WEEKS:

Miley Cyrus' new album will include a duet with Britney Spears.

"It's fun, exciting [music]. We got one with Britney,"

Not much else to say on the matter.....

What do you guys think of this news?

WOW!!! Kate Middleton Shows Off AMAZING Figure After Giving Birth Just Over 1 Month Ago!!!!

This woman is simply perfection.


Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton made a public appearance today as she was spotted in her hometown of Anglesey, Wales doing some grocery shopping.

This marked her FIRST public outing since giving birth to son George July 22nd....



It's barely been a month and LOOK AT HER BODY.

She looks incredible.

Kate and William (and little George) are currently living in Anglesey while their apartment (20 rooms to be exact) in Kensington Palace is renovated. It's expected to be finished next month.

Happy Birthday Aaron Paul!!!!

Jesse Pinkman is celebrating his 34rd birthday today!!

Okay, AARON PAUL is, but you all know who I meant!

"Breaking Bad" star and Emmy winning genius Aaron Paul turns 34 today, and you all know what comes with birthdays:


Happy birthday Aaron!!!

Ugh....only 5 episodes of "Breaking Bad" left.....

BOO!!! Lance Bass Speaks Out Following VMA N Sync Reunion: No Album OR Tour Planned

Well, thanks for ripping our hearts out Mister Bass.

After just a whopping 90 seconds on stage this past Sunday, there are currently no plans made for N Sync to embark on a full out reunion tour.

Member Lance Bass spoke out during his Sirius XM radio show:

"It would be lovely to do it, but we've got nothing planned,"

One of the major reasons why nothing has even been discussed, is that Justin is embarking on a MASSIVE solo tour this fall. 

"Who knows what will happen when he's off tour. It's simply not part of the conversation right now. We just focused on that one performance," Bass said. "If we did anything like that, I think we would come up with something real special where we could actually call it `The Reunion.'"

What do you guys think? Considering how SHORT the VMA performance was, would you like to see a reunion tour? Even a new album??

Demi Lovato Set To Play....Naya Rivera's LOVE INTEREST On "Glee"!!!!


While walking the red carpet during Sunday VMA's, "Glee" star Naya Rivera opened up about getting to work with Demi Lovato, who will be guest starring next season.

And she revealed a WHOPPER!!

"She’s playing my love interest, so I’m very very excited about it,”

“We get to sing a song together. I’m excited to work with her,

This just DEFINITELY got a whole lot more interesting!!

"Glee" returns September 26th for its 5th season.

It was also just revealed that some of the original cast members (not known who yet) will return for the Cory Monteith tribute episode, which will be the 3rd episode of the season.

Cyndi Lauper Addresses Miley Cyrus VMA Performance: "Beneath Her And Raunchy, Really Raunchy"

Chalk another one on the list of people who didn't enjoy Miley's performance Sunday night!!

During a radio interview with an Australian DJ, legend Cyndi Lauper weighed in on the flack Miley Cyrus is receiving for her over the top VMA performance.

"That was girl gone wild. So sad, so sad," 

Cyndi didn't just take issue with Miley though, as she addressed Robin Thicke's song "Blurred Lines", which Miley performed alongside of:

"She's in a song that literally says that the blurred lines allowed you to—when a woman says no, she means yes—and that's frightful because that's date rape," 

Cyndi wasn't done with Miley though:

"And there she is a young twentysomething trying to prove she can hang with the big boys and girls, you know, basically simulating a Girl Gone Wild video onstage and I just felt like that was so beneath her and raunchy, really raunchy," added Lauper. "It wasn't even art."

Lauper then made it…

My Problem With Katy Perry Grows: Singer Debuts Teaser For "Roar" Video

Okay everyone, it's time for a rant.

Pull up a chair, grab some popcorn, and enjoy.

Following her underwhelming performance at the MTV Video Music Awards this past Sunday, Katy Perry has just released the teaser video for "Roar".

Check it out:

Cute right?

Yes, it is. And that's my problem.

Like MANY people out there (which is true, the song is still #1 on iTunes) I like "Roar" a lot. It's catchy, pop fun.

It's like "Teenage Dream".


Before the single debuted, Katy was on this AMAZING promo kick that included putting "Teenage Dream" to rest, burning her famous blue wig, and teasing fans that the album was going to be a departure and dark.

Katy also announced the name of the album would be "Prism".

Now according to reports, Katy has said that she named the album "Prism" because, it was always intended to be a darker album, but she "let the light in" and it just became less dark as the process …

YES!!!!! Tina Fey & Amy Poehler Asked To RETURN To Golden Globes!!!!!!

Please say yes......please say yes.......PLEASE SAY YES!!!!!

If you don't all remember the fun and joy from last years Golden Globes, I feel sorry for you.

Funny ladies Tina Fey and Amy Poehler brought the show to life last year with their hosting duties, and with the ratings way up, it should come as no surprise that NBC is interested in bringing them back.

Well, while no actual conversation has taken place, NBC has sent out a formal invitation for them to return next year.


Check out the best bits from their hosting stint last year: