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Is Simon Cowell Going To Be A Father!?

Well, nothing has been confirmed, but if this is true....


New reports have been circulating that are saying Simon Cowell's girlfriend Lauren Silverman is expecting their first child.

No confirmation has come in from either side yet.

Simon and Lauren have been dating for quite some time now, and it's a tad bit complicated as well.

Lauren is in the midst of a divorce with ex Andrew Silverman......who happens to be a friend of Simon's.


One Direction Boys Each Get Cover Of "GQ UK"!! Who Looks The Hottest???

C'mon everyone....

If you're not fans of the music, you can all agree that the boys of One Direction are pretty darn nice to look at!!

Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn all posed for covers of their own for "GQ UK" and each guy is looking mighty dapper.

But who's cover is the best???

Sound off!!

AND SHE'S OUT!! Lindsay Lohan Out Of Rehab....And Heading To Live With Sober Living Coach!!

Day early, but at least she's not jetting off to Europe yet!!

Lindsay Lohan exited Cliffside rehab center Tuesday afternoon, and reportedly will be living with a sober living coach in LA for the next few days.

Minus a random pic here and there of Lohan on a balcony in Cliffside, the above photo is the FIRST taken of the actress since she arrived, 89 days ago.

And I must say....


Let's hope she can stay out of trouble....

Nick Jonas Shows Off RIDICULOUS Body In New Instagram Picture


Nick Jonas took to his Instagram account this afternoon to share with all of his followers his RIPPED new physique.

The singer posted the above photo with the caption:

"I never do this but… Healthy living and fitness update. Post workout picture." -@nickjonas

I repeat:


Looking that good should be ILLEGAL.

What do you guys think?

PS: He's 20.

RIP Eileen Brennan


Veteran actress Eileen Brennan passed away early Sunday at the age of 80.

The actress, most known for her role in "The Last Picture Show" and "The Sting" died of bladder cancer according to her publicist.

Rest in peace Eileen.

PopGoesTheArts sends it deepest condolences to Eileen's family and friends.

Justin Timerlake Brings Back His Moves For "Take Back The Night" Video!!


Okay, so I enjoyed "The 20/20 Experience" like everyone else (right?), but with the singles Justin Timberlake released, I felt a little let down.

I wanted to see my boy JT bust some moves.....

And I've GOT IT!!

Justin has JUST released the brand new video for current single "Take Back the Night", which is the lead song off of "The 20/20 Experience Part 2", due out this September.

Check it out!

Justin Timberlake - Take Back The Night

Justin Bieber Vs TMZ: Pop Star Claiming Website PHOTOSHOPPED Spitting Pics!!!


Oh this is rich.

Justin Bieber's camp has officially responded to the spitting debacle from last week and TMZ is on the receiving end of an accusation.

The statement from Bieber's rep said:

"Justin didn't spit on anyone. No fans were below the balcony. TMZ superimposed photos of the fans next to Justin on a completely different balcony to make it appear like he was spitting on fans when he wasn't. In fact, earlier in the day, Justin bought his fans hot chocolate and played them some of his new music. Justin loves his fans."


TMZ is obviously standing by their story, and denies any photoshopping.

And let's be honest:

This accusation is RIDICULOUS. 

Justin HIMSELF posted a photo of the fans underneath his balcony, so that wasn't TMZ's photo.

Secondly, TMZ didn't even TAKE the damn photo. It was from another agency, and then posted onto TMZ's website.

This is all just too much. Just admit you hawked a loogie off your balcony Biebs....

Tomorrow Is The Day: Lindsay Lohan Will Finish Treatment!! But Wait, Does She Want To STAY!?

If this is true, I need to give this girl more credit then I do!!

As of tomorrow (July 31), Lindsay Lohan will OFFICIALLY be done her 90 day rehab stint, and rumors have circulated that she'll make her way to Europe for some partying R&R.

Well, today, rumors have begun swirling that, while yes she is finished as of tomorrow, she wants to stay an extra 3-4 days!!


You read that right. On her OWN, Lindsay has reportedly decided she wants a few extra days to prepare for her return to the outside world.

Baby steps people.....

This could be a BRAND NEW Lindsay Lohan!!!

Jayma Mays CONFIRMS She Is Leaving "Glee"!!

Don't worry though Gleeks:

It won't be until the end of next season!!

While it was pretty much already confirmed that Jayma Mays, who plays Emma on "Glee" would see a diminished role in the upcoming 5th season, the actress has taken it a step further.

Mays has landed a role on the new CBS show "The Millers" alongside Will Arnett, and has just confirmed that she will be exiting the show following season 5. She is remaining open to being a guest star.

No word on how her departure will be explained, but this comes on the heels of half the cast being cut including Heather Morris, Amber Riley, Harry Shum Jr, and Dianna Agron.

This also follows the tragic passing of star Cory Monteith.

"Glee" sure is shaping up to be QUITE the different show!!

And it's already been renewed for seasons 5 AND 6!!

HE LISTENED!! Adam Levine Shows Off Freshly Shaved Face!!

You think he reads PopGoesTheArts??


Okay, probably not, but I'm happy.

Maroon 5 lead singer and "The Voice" coach Adam Levine was photographed today in NYC alongside fiance Behati Prinsloo.

What made it so special however, is that Adam is FRESHLY SHAVED!!

The beard is GONE.


Uh, Katy Perry.....WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!

Girl, have you been planning a new single and/or album and been keeping it from all of us?!


A random member on Twitter today, sent the Katy Perry fan base into a frenzy after the above photo was posted on the website.

The picture was taken in Los Angeles today which as you can see, is a giant gold truck emblazoned with the words:


New song title?

New album title?

All I know is I LOVE the way she did this!!!!

To fellow pop stars:

THIS is how you kick off an album campaign!!!!

Lea Michele SPEAKS: Actress Thanks Fans For Support Following Cory Monteith Death

You know, I knew whatever she had to say....whenever she decided to say it....

Was going to be extremely hard.

And I was right.

In her first public statement since the passing of her co-star and boyfriend Cory Monteith, Lea Michele took to her Twitter today to thank her fans:

Lea Michele✔@msleamichele
Thank you all for helping me through this time with your enormous love & support. Cory will forever be in my heart.
She also left a very special photo attached with the message:

Our thoughts and prayers CONTINUE to go out to Lea, as well as Cory's family and friends.

Katy Perry Tweets ADORABLE Reaction To Seeing Britney Spears At "Smurfs 2" Premiere

Even big stars get humbled when they meet BIGGER stars!!

Britney Spears and Katy Perry both walked the blue carpet at yesterdays premiere of "The Smurfs 2", and it was a pop moment when the two met up.

The two posed for photos, but also got caught mid-embrace.

Katy seemingly had a fan girl moment after the meeting, as she later tweeted with the above photo:



Maybe a collaboration is in the works for their upcoming new records???

Lady Gaga Debuts "Applause" Single Artwork



I'm going to leave this be and let all of you sound off on the cover art for Gaga's first single "Applause" off of her highly anticipated new album "ARTPOP".

The single is expected to debut August 19th.

Justin Bieber Spotted At Selena Gomez's Birthday Party

Everyone lost count by this point?

Me 2.

Justin Bieber was spotted entering the birthday bash for ex(?)girlfriend Selena Gomez, which was held at the Revolve Beach House in Malibu.

And reportedly left with the "Stars Dance" singer as well!!


Toni Braxton Loses Rights To Own Songs!!!

THANKFULLY, one of them wasn't "Un-Break My Heart"!!!

After Toni Braxton filed for bankruptcy, she faced the possibility of losing her certain songs from her back catalogue.

To her relief, a deal was struck that would give Toni a chance to buy back 27 songs for $20,000.....with a MAJOR catch:

She could be outbid!! happened.

Some guy named Ross M. Klein DOUBLED Toni's $20,000.....and snatched up a collection of songs in the process!!

Songs include "You're Making Me High", "Always", and "How Many Ways".

It appears her biggest hit "Un-Break My Heart" went untouched.....

In total, Toni has lost the rights to 27 songs, which means she can't perform them live, and if anyone else performs them, OR if they're played on the radio, Klein will now get royalties.

The Announcement Has Been Made: Lady Gaga's First Single To Be Titled "Applause"

She may have announced it during Britney's arrival to the "Smurfs 2" premiere, but I'll forgive her....

Lady Gaga took to her seemingly reactivated Twitter account this afternoon and announced the following:

1h Due to public anticipation ITUNES will now offer preorder for ARTPOP album/app AUG 19 the same day you can purchase my new single 'Applause'
And there you have it.
Who's excited???

Britney Is Looking SEXY At "Smurfs 2" Premiere!!

There she is!!

Britney Spears followed through on her word to walk the red blue carpet at the "Smurfs 2" premiere today, and girl was looking GOOD!!

She even posed for a photo alongside the voice behind Smurfette Katy Perry!!

Looking GOOD Brit Brit!!

When Beards Attack: Adam Levine Edition

I understand some ladies (and gays) may find it attractive....

And some may not care either way....

But as a huge fan, I must say this:



Venting is over.

Adam Levine showed up to the NBC panel of "The Voice" alongside a very hot looking Christina Aguilera rocking a very thick beard....

And I don't like it. At all.

I'm all for some scruff on the Maroon 5 lead singer, but this is too much.


WHOA! Christina Aguilera Is Looking HOT!!!! Singer Shows Off Amazing Figure At NBC Panel


Christina Aguilera is making her return to "The Voice" this season, but all I'm focused on right now is how smoking hot my beloved "Fighter" singer is looking!!!

The singer/coach showed up to the NBC summer Television Tour looking like a million bucks!

The pink Alaia dress, paired with the Christian Louboutin shoes.....

And holy smokes.

Girl is looking INCREDIBLE.

What do you guys think of Xtina??

Lady Gaga's Demo For TLC Leaks!!!!

This is GOOD!!

Lady Gaga's new album "ARTPOP" isn't slated to drop until November, and the single August 19th, but it seems we're getting a treat!

A track titled "Posh Life" leaked this afternoon, and it's not your typical club banger from Mother Monster.

That's because the track is actually the demo that Gaga wrote for TLC's upcoming new record which will see T-Boz and Chilli return for the first time without Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes.

Check it out below!

And The Douchebag Level Rises: Justin Bieber SPITS Over Hotel Balcony....With Crowd Of Beliebers Below

Is he really trying to campaign for the worlds BIGGEST brat???

Justin Bieber decided to gross out the city of Toronto when he was captured on film SPITTING off of his hotel balcony.

Now, I'm not saying it's wrong for him to want to spit.....but off a balcony?

To add to this, a crowd of fans had arrived UNDERNEATH to wait for the pop star to possibly leave.


When you've been accused of spitting in people's faces....

This ISN'T the best way to prove everyone wrong!!!!!

PS: The fact that his friends are laughing in the photo, proves he knew exactly what he was doing and WHY he was doing it.


WHAT?! Lindsay Lohan Set To Take Off To Europe Following Rehab??

Because you know, the first thing one must do upon leaving rehab is go party.


Lindsay Lohan is scheduled to complete her 90 days in rehab next month, and reports are coming in that the actress is setting her sights on Europe following her release.

She is said to have planned the trip, and will be back in time to begin filming the docu-series for the OWN network (Mama Oprah).

Lindsay apparently wants to stay away from the prying eyes of the press following her release.

And you know, Europe is the perfect place to party relax.


Who's taking bets that she'll relapse in Europe???

Denis O'Hare Is BACK On "American Horror Story"!!!!

Oh I missed him in season 2!!!

After delivering an incredible outing in season 1 of "American Horror Story", Emmy nominee Denis O'Hare is RETURNING for the shows 3rd season!

Creator of the show Ryan Murphy confirmed the news himself:

Ryan Murphy✔@MrRPMurphy
Very pleased to announce that the Emmy nominated Denis O'Hare is joining AHS: Coven. 12:52 PM - 27 Jul 2013
No word yet on the role.

Madonna's Debut Album Turns 30!!!!!

Long live the QUEEN!!!

Today marks a very special day in music:

It was on this day.....30 years ago....

That the Queen of Pop Madonna released her debut album, the self-titled masterpiece named simply "Madonna".

The album spawned 5 singles, including "Holiday", "Lucky Star" and "Borderline".

The album is a POP GEM and should be owned by every single pop music lover!!

HAPPY 30TH!!!!!

Emma Roberts & Evan Peters: Putting The Fight Behind Them

Now THAT looks like happiness.

Just weeks after Emma was arrested for domestic assault against boyfriend Evan Peters, the two were caught sharing a laugh (and lunch) while taking a break from filming "American Horror Story: Coven".

If you'll all recall, the last time they were photographed together, Emma appeared VERY upset.

This is how I like to see them!

Lady Gaga Shares Brand New "ARTPOP" Photo!!


I'm not really sure what to make of this....

Lady Gaga is riling up her little monsters even more, as she has just released a brand new promotional pic from her upcoming 3rd studio album "ARTPOP".

The album isn't due out until November, but the first single (rumored to be titled "Applause") is out August 19th.

Thoughts on the photo??

DAMN!! Ian Somerhalder ALSO Drops Out Of The Running For "50 Shades Of Grey"

I wasn't too torn up about Garrett Hedlund....

THIS bothers me!!

"Vampire Diaries" star Ian Somerhalder is officially OUT of the running for "50 Shades of Grey", this according to a new report.

The actor was at one point, the front runner to play Christian Grey.

Matt Bomer, Robert Pattinson and Alex Pettyfer are all still rumored.


The Whirlwind Day Of Amanda Bynes - July 26th 2013

Holy crap.

Okay, let's see if I can ACTUALLY recap all of this drama.

As you all already knew, Amanda Bynes' parents were set to file a conservatorship this morning to keep control of their famous daughter.

For starters, that didn't work.

The judge DENIED the conservatorship due to the fact Amanda was already being held for an additional 2 weeks under the 5150 psych hold.

Secondly, that almost came to an end when Amanda's court appointed lawyer filed a motion to have his client exit the hospital IMMEDIATELY.

So while that was moving forward.....

Amanda HERSELF cancelled the motion when she reportedly decided she wanted to wait until her new meds kicked in to properly talk to the judge.

This is actually a huge step for Bynes:

She is pretty much admitting that she has a problem, and wants to take what she is prescribed.

Did you catch all that???

Amanda's parents can re-file the conservatorship once the extra 2 weeks are up. The judge has also said he wants to meet w…

Miley Cyrus BARES ALL!! Singer Poses Naked For New T Shirt Line

And no, it's not Playboy....

Miley Cyrus is flaunting her naked body for designer Marc Jacobs.

The 20 year old is showing (almost) everything for Marc Jacobs's line of "Protect The Skin You're In" t-shirts. The cause is to raise awareness for melanoma research.

Miley THANKFULLY covers lady bits and the writing conveniently covers her breasts.


Garrett Hedlund TURNS DOWN Role In "50 Shades Of Grey"


I don't really see him in the role, so maybe this is a good thing?

US Weekly is reporting that actor Garrett Hedlund was approached to play Christian Grey in the upcoming big screen adaptation of "50 Shades of Grey".

A rep for the actor says it is NOT happening, and that he has turned it down.


Garrett didn't want to get attached to the probable sequels that will follow (50 Shades Darker and 50 Shades Freed)

What do you guys think? Would Garrett have made a good Christian?

Who do you want to see as Ana??

Rock Icon Mick Jagger Turns 70!!!

It's all about the birthdays today everyone!!!

While Helen Mirren turns 68 , Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger turn 70!!

The "Gimme Shelter" singer is STILL touring with the band and he's showing no signs of slowing down. Speaking as someone who has seen Mick perform live, the man is RIDICULOUS when he's on stage. He has this energy that is out of this world.

Happy birthday Mick!!!

Happy Birthday Helen Mirren!!!!

The grand DAME turns 68 today!!

From stellar movies "Teaching Mrs. Tingle", to "The Last Station", to her Oscar winning turn in "The Queen", Helen Mirren has shown us she can do ANYTHING.

I ADORE this woman!!!


Check out this HILARIOUS moment when Helen  appeared on Jimmy Fallon last year:

Chris Colfer Breaks Silence Regarding Cory Monteith's Death


Reading this actually got me choked up. You tend to forget the characters you see on screen are ACTUALLY friends off-screen.

"Glee" Golden Globe winner Chris Colfer has finally broken his silence regarding the tragic passing of his dear friend and co-star Cory Monteith.

Chris took to his Instagram account with the screen grab below, as well as this caption:

"I'll never forget all the laughs we shared or the faces we made after awkward interview questions," 

"Love and miss you, buddy."

Just Call Her McCarrthy, Melissa McCarthy: Funny Lady In Talks To Star In Female Bond Inspired Movie!!!

Let's be real:

You attach Melissa McCarthy to a comedy and she'll ROCK IT.

Recent casting news has Melissa McCarthy in talks to star in a film called "Susan Cooper", a spy comedy about a female James Bond character.

The director of the flick would be none other then her "Bridesmaids" and "The Heat" leader Paul Feig.

No word if McCarthy will sign on.

Taylor Swift Leaves MASSIVE Tip Following Dinner!!!!

Let's be real:

It's pocket change to her, but it's still a great thing to do!!

Taylor Swift and tour mates Ed Sheeran & Austin Mahone needed some grub following their concert last Friday night, so they decided to hit up Italian eatery Ralphs in Philadelphia.

While the dinner was pretty pricey, it didn't stop Taylor from leaving a DAMN generous tip for the starstruck servers and staff:

$500 BUCKS!!

Taylor knows how to keep her fans happy with stories like this....

Bieber just pisses into mops.

Amanda Bynes Parents Set To File Conservatorship!!!!!!


TMZ is reporting that the judge is EXTENDING the hold!!

So, if the conservatorship doesn't take hold tomorrow (by her parents) Amanda will be hospitalized for another 2 WEEKS.

Bout damn time!!

While Amanda Bynes is still under the 5150 hold, her parents are planning to meet with a judge early Friday morning to get control of their daughter.

Amanda's parents have filed the actual paperwork, and are set to meet with a judge tomorrow.

The catch??

Amanda is in court RIGHT NOW, with doctors fighting to extend the hospitalization by 2 weeks.....

And if they're not successful, Amanda would be free to go!!

Clock is ticking....

Robocop Is Coming To "Sons Of Anarchy"!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, it's not ACTUALLY Robocop....
Just the actor who played him!
It has just been announced that "Robocop" himself Peter Weller will appear on the upcoming 6th season of the hit FX show "Sons of Anarchy".
Weller will be playing a former cop, now a port worker. He has previously directed episodes of the series in seasons 4 and 5.
Can't wait to see what kind of trouble he gets into!!

Lady Gaga To Perform BRAND NEW SINGLE At 2013 MTV Video Music Awards!!!!


Lady Gaga has JUST been announced as a performer for this years MTV VMA's!! The show is scheduled for August 25th.

The performance will be her first televised appearance since Dick Clark's New Years Eve special back in 2011.

Gaga will be performing the lead single off of her upcoming album "ARTPOP", which is rumored to be called "Applause".

This comes less then one week after her single debuts (August 19).

Here it comes!!!!

Jason Derulo Talks Dirty In New Single!!!


Consider me addicted.

Jason Derulo is prepping the release of his 3rd studio album "Tattoos", out September 24th. He has just released 2nd single "Talk Dirty" and it's a banger!

Featuring some addictive horns, and a killer verse from 2 Chainz, this could potentially be a HUGE single for Jordin Sparks' main man!!

Check it out!

Yeezus WALKS: Kanye West Will NOT Be Charged In Paparazzi Fight

And it will happen AGAIN.

Sources very close to the situation are telling various media outlets that Kanye West will almost CERTAINLY NOT be charged in relation to the scuffle with a paparazzi.

There is actual video of West attacking the camera man, but because of the actual charge (felony theft of the camera) not being confirmed, nothing can be done.

There is no physical proof Kanye tried to take the camera.

Reports are also saying that Kanye is willing to pay up, making the case go away.

There you have it.

Hmm.....This Could WORK!! "Teen Wolf" Star Tyler Hoechlin Being Eyed To Play Batman??

Grains of salt people....

That's what I expect you to take this at.

After it was confirmed that the "Man of Steel" sequel will feature none other then Batman himself, many began wondering who would join Henry Cavill on the big screen.

Christian Bale is reportedly a no, seeing as sources are claiming he is finished with the Dark Knight character (still hope that Christopher Nolan could bring him on board). A new name has been thrown in the pot however, and that is "Teen Wolf" hottie Tyler Hoechlin!

Nothing has been confirmed at this point but some sources are saying producers have reached out to Tyler.

The rumored titles for the upcoming film are "Batman Vs Superman" OR "Superman Vs Batman".

What do you guys think of Tyler Hoechlin snagging the role??

This May Anger A LOT Of Fans: Ryan Gosling AND Zac Efron Rumored For New Stars War Flick


Gosling's reps have come forward calling the casting rumor "NOT TRUE".

No word from Efron's reps

Could Zac Efron's days in "High School Musical" actually HELP him secure a role in the upcoming "Star Wars" movie???

Disney may have a hand in it!!

Rumors have begun swirling that hottie actors Ryan Gosling and Zac Efron are being eyed to join the cast of the upcoming "Star Wars: Episode VII". No word on a character that Efron auditioned for, but sources are saying Gosling may may have auditioned to play Luke's son.

Yup....Luke Skywalker's SON.

What do you guys think of these rumors???

Mary Poppins & Mickey Mouse UNITE!! Check Out The Official Poster For "Saving Mr. Banks"!!!!!

I WANT this poster!!!

Opening this Christmas, "Saving Mr. Banks" is the story of how Walt Disney (played by Oscar winner Tom Hanks) made the big screen film of "Mary Poppins" from author P.L. Travers' (played by Oscar winner Emma Thompson) book!!

Seriously, the shadows of Mickey and Poppins make me want to see this movie EVEN MORE then I already did!!


HEARTBREAKING: Lea Michele Opened Up To Marie Claire Magazine......WEEKS Before Cory's Death



I can't even handle what this young woman is going through.

"Glee" star Lea Michele is still mourning the loss of her co-star and boyfriend Cory Monteith, who tragically passed away July 13 after an overdose.

Well, the actress sat down with Marie Claire magazine, only weeks before his passing and had this to say about him:

"It's more interesting having a relationship with someone you work with because we get more attention because we play boyfriend and girlfriend on the show and we are also in real life. But he is the best person I know, he has made my life so incredible and I am so thankful for him and not only to have him as a partner but also as a coworker. It is important to have someone that supports you and encourages you, someone that makes you feel that you are unstoppable, that you can do anything in the world because you have him."

*more tears*

Hang in there Lea. 

"Sons Of Anarchy" Season 6 Gets Premiere Date.....With Special 90 MINUTE EPISODE!!!

Still too far.

I want me some SAMCRO right now!!!!!

FX has just announced that the 6th season of "Sons of Anarchy" will debut  Tuesday September 10th at 10pm!!

But that's not all:

It will be a special 90 minute episode!!

The tagline for the season says:

 "Having framed Clay for the murder of Damon Pope, Season Six begins with Jax's leadership uncontested, but his family life suffering from his single-minded pursuit of John Teller's vision. Jax must find a way to keep Tara from going to prison for conspiracy to commit murder while rebuilding his club and breaking from the cycle of violence and greed that ultimately led to his best friend's death."

All I care about seeing is Tara get out of jail....


What are you guys hoping to see in season 6??

One Direction Show Off Their Acting Skills In Video For "Best Song Over"!!

Okay, I have to plead guilty to something....

The song is good.

The video?


One Direction has JUST released their brand new video for current single "Best Song Ever", and the boys went to great lengths for the laughs!!

I really do enjoy this!!

Oh well.

Check it out below!

PS: Zayn  makes a pretty girl.


Okay one more:

Liam KILLED me!!!