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DWTS Results Recap: One More Couple Says Goodbye

It happens EVERY season.....

One elimination that, while it may be right.....


The show got off to its usual routine, with a recap of the previous night as well as the judges selecting a routine they wanted to see again.

This time, it was Aly and Mark with their EXPLOSIVE salsa!!

And of course it was just as good the second time around!

We were then treated to a great performance from superstar Michael Buble. I absolutely ADORE this guy and he sounded great!

But the first bit of results I didn't like one bit!!

Kellie & Derek are safe, so Tom & Brooke started off with 2 other couples:

Zendaya & Val and Jacoby & Karina

And .......

Jacoby and Karina were in jeopardy.


Onto some more results....

Tom and Brooke then brought out Aly & Mark and Ingo & Kym.

Only one couple was safe, and it was pretty obvious who that was going to be.

Yeah, OBVIOUSLY Aly and Mark weren't in jeopardy, and Ingo once again returned to the bottom 3.

We were then treated…

Wyclef Jean Is An IDIOT: Shows Up In Public With A Guitar......Shaped Like ASSAULT RIFLE

Who told him this was a good idea?!

Fugees founder Wyclef Jean made a pretty ballsy move today in NYC when he was photographed carrying around a guitar.

Oh, how is that ballsy you ask?

The guitar was shaped like an AK-47 assault rifle.

Uh, pretty neat concept you got there Wyclef.....

But did you ACTUALLY think this was a good idea, coming on the heels of the all of the tragedy in Boston???

AND the fact that security in NYC is pretty high right now considering they discovered an initial plan was another attack on New York??

I'll say it again:


Mini-Me Alert!!!!! Lourdes Is The SPITTING IMAGE of Mama Madonna!!

Madonna's 16 year old daughter Lourdes was spotted out and about in New York City this past weekend, and while she was showing off some green streaks, that's not what I'm here to discuss.
I understand they are mother & daughter, but THE RESEMBLANCE IS RIDICULOUS!!!!
What do you guys think??
Do you see it???

GOTCHA!! Britney Spears Spotted Entering RECORDING STUDIO!!!!!!!!


Pop Queen Britney Spears has been keeping a relatively low profile since she left "X Factor" and after the success of Will.I.Am collaboration "Scream & Shout".

All of that could be changing.

Britney was spotted sneaking into the back entrance of Record Plant recording studio today in Hollywood.

And girl looked FIERCE!!

Album number 8 is OFFICIALLY in the works!!!!

Emeli Sande Covers......BEYONCE!!! Sings "Crazy In Love" For Great Gatsby Soundtrack!!

This is soooooooo different!!!

While I'm still waiting for a proper version of Beyonce's "Back to Black" to give you all, another lovely gem has fallen into my lap.

UK superstar Emeli Sande has delivered a very different sounding version of Beyonce's single "Crazy in Love" for the "Great Gatsby" soundtrack!

It's SO different, which is why I think I love it!

Check it out!

What do you guys think of the jazzy feel to it???

Brad Pitt Covers Vanity Fair

Hello gorgeous.


Were you expecting a lengthy blog posting? Nah.

Sure it would have been nice to see some body, but those eyes and that smile are good enough!!

Denise Richards SPEAKS OUT About "Too Skinny" Comments: What Do YOU think???

Girl has always been thin, so I'm not really sure what to make of this.

42 year old actress Denise Richards was spotted picking up her 2 daughters from a gymnastics class this past Tuesday and E! News are now saying she looks WAY too skinny.

It didn't take long for Denise to fire back though, as she spoke with Extra:

"I don't know why lately I've been getting so much flack for it," 

"I have a very healthy lifestyle and I'm busy," she explained. "I have a daughter who's almost 2 that I carry all the time. She's just under 30 pounds."

What do you guys think? Was E! News out of line? Or is Denise looking too skinny??

PS: PopGoesTheArts thinks she looks DAMN GOOD!!

It's A Mini "3rd Rock From The Sun" Reunion: Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Kristen Johnston Catch Up!!

Think we could see a made for TV movie in the future??

Okay, probably not....

But that would be AMAZING!!

Hottie actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt reunited yesterday with his old "3rd Rock From The Sun" co-star Kristen Johnston.

The duo were spotted chatting it up as they walked through the streets of LA.

Joseph would later retweet a message from Kristen, along with this pic:

Everyone check out Kristen's book: GUTS! RT ‏@kjothesmartass Me & my brother @HitRecordJoe Still the best man I know

What do you guys think???

Would you like to see a "3rd Rock From The Sun" reunion???

Jane Fonda Delivers Heartfelt....And HILARIOUS....Speech In Memory Of Her Father!!

This woman....


Oscar winning actress Jane Fonda left her mark (literally) at the TCM Classic Film Festival, where she left imprints of her hand and a peace sign.

The actress appeared to be choked up when informing the crowd her placement was right near her fathers, legendary Oscar winner Henry Fonda.

Listen to Jane salute her Dad....and then crack a joke!

And btw:

Jane is 76 years old.

Let's hope we ALL look like that!!!

The Wanted Release FULL Single "Walks Like Rihanna"

And uh....


I'm really not feeling this.

While the buzz for the track "Walks Like Rihanna" by The Wanted made me curious as to how it would turn out, the lyrics are really pulling me down. I will just say if nothing else, it's a fun pop song.

Nothing more.

The track is the lead single off of their upcoming album, which is set for release later this year.

What do you guys think??

Dancing With The Stars Week 7 Performance - Taste The Latin Flavor


Could it get any hotter?

This weeks performance would also feature a FIRST for the show. With 2 performances from each couple, they would be dancing for IMMUNITY!! The second dance will be the dreaded dance off between the couples, except for the duo who scores immunity from the first performance.

After some uncertainty over whether or not Mark Ballas would be dancing tonight, he walked down the stairs hand in hand with Aly, so it's appearing he WILL be dancing despite injury.

1. Jacoby & Karina - Salsa

Well, minus ONE move, I thought this was a lot of fun!! The one spot I'm talking about was the jump Jacoby attempted over Karina. It looked a little botched as Karina's head looked to bounce back uncomfortably, but the rest?


Jacoby is just such a burst of energy on the show, its almost impossible not to like him.

Their scores came in at three 9's!!

2. Ingo & Kym - Rumba

Time to turn on his Soap charm!!

And he didn't turn it …

Catherine Zeta-Jones Enters Treatment Center For Bipolar Disorder

I'm glad she is seeking help.

Oscar winning actress Catherine Zeta-Jones entered into a treatment center today for bipolar disorder, and is expected to stay for the full 30 day program.

Sources close to the actress are calling the move a "proactive measure".

This isn't the first time the actress has done this:

She entered a program back in 2011 as well.

PopGoesTheArts sends well wishes to Catherine and her entire family.

Amanda Bynes Shows Off New Hairstyle.....And The World Collectively LAUGHS


There is my contribution.

Amanda Bynes decided to tweet yet ANOTHER picture recently, this time at the gym and showed off her new hairstyle.


And I have a question:

What is wrong with her face????

HUGE PROGRESS!!! NBA Star Jason Collins Becomes First Active Athlete To COME OUT!!!!

What courage!!!
NBA star Jason Collins made history today, when he announced he was gay.
The free agent comes out in this weeks edition of Sports Illustrated, and by doing so has made WAVES in the sports world.
This makes Jason the first active professional athlete from a major North American sport to come out as gay, and he has already started to receive praise by Hollywood.
Rosie O'Donnell: Thank you Jason Collins—for being the first one—knocking down doors!!! Neil Patrick Harris: Bravo, @JasonCollins34! Thanks for stepping up. For standing tall. And at 7 feet, that's saying a lot. Ellen DeGeneres: @NBA center @JasonCollins34 is the 1st player on a US major team. I'm overwhelmed by your bravery, Jason, & sending so much love This is INCREDIBLE!! Congrats Jason! You're an INSPIRATION!!!

Add Another To The "Coven": Oscar Nominee Gabourey Sidibe Joins 3rd Season Of "American Horror Story"!!!

This is AMAZING!!

We all remember how incredible Gabourey Sidibe was in the incredible movie "Precious", but unfortunately girl hasn't really found a role since to really show off her skills.

That is about to change.

Ryan Murphy announced today that the Oscar nominee will be joining the 3rd season in the anthology of "American Horror Story: Coven".

She joins previously announced Jessica Lange, Evan Peters, Lily Rabe, Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, Taissa Farmiga, and Frances Conroy.


Your Revenge Recap: The Power Of The Red Sharpie

This show....


With some exceptions.

Last night, "Revenge" returned after a small hiatus and really got to work in amping up the storylines that have been front & center all season, as well as some new ones.

Emily and Nolan FINALLY clipped the Falcon's wings, and Nolan was able to avenge Padma's death. The mini Falcon, a tiny girl named Edith Lee, met her match in cyber wiz Nolan Ross, and he and Emily used Edith to their advantage.

This gave the Falcon up. Edith was no match for Nolan's skills, and after using her for the information, Edith was promptly arrested. More closure came when Emily was observing the old picture of David Clarke and the those who had turned on him. Emily sent the photo via the magic of the web to Nolan....

Who busted out his own red sharpie skills and X'd out Edith!!

After discovering the Falcon had doctored Victoria's medical records relating to her firstborn son (whom they learned she named Patrick) Em…

UH OH!! Injury May Prevent Mark Ballas From Performing On "Dancing With The Stars"!!!

Oh crap.

The dreaded INJURY bug has once again struck "Dancing with the Stars"!!!

Pro dancer Mark Ballas has been on a roll this season with Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman as the 2 have received glowing scores from the judges.

It appears this coming Monday though....

Mark may have to sit out.

The dancer revealed in a recent blog post:

“While trying a lift, I compressed two discs in my lower back and could hardly move for two days,” 

”The timing couldn’t be worse, being that we have to know four dances this week even though we will only be performing two.”

“I’m really hoping to be out there shaking it with Aly on Monday night so send me your good vibes y’all,”

Dancer Henry Byalikov is slated to step in if Mark has to sit out.

Henry has been rehearsing with Aly.

Time will tell! We'll find out tomorrow night!!

IT'S BACK!! "Revenge" Is ALL NEW TONIGHT!!!!

Bring on the red sharpie!!!!!!!

I miss it.

After a small hiatus (that felt like FOREVER) "Revenge" returns tonight with a BRAND NEW episode, and with only 3 episodes remaining....

You can bet your ass that SHIT IS GOING DOWN!!!!!!!

Check out a promo for tonight below!

Oh Jack....what the hell are you getting yourself into!?

And excuse me....


Wow!! "Iron Man 3" To Debut ABOVE "The Avengers"?!?!

This is CRAZY.

After last years "Marvels: The Avengers" racked up a MASSIVE $207.4 million in its opening weekend, it was declared the biggest box office opening ever.

That title could change hands come next weekend....

The newest installment in the Robert Downey Jr. series, "Iron Man 3" just grossed $195.3 million OVERSEAS alone, which is well over the international bank for"Iron Man 2".

There were reports that IM3 was scheduled to bank around $125 million for its opening weekend (May 3rd) but now after the success overseas, that number could change drastically.

So can "Iron Man 3" do it? Can it possibly take the crown from "The Avengers"??

Tune in next Monday to find out!!

Breakup Does A Body Good: Katy Perry SHUTS IT DOWN At White House Correspondents Dinner

How ya feeling right about now John Mayer??

Katy Perry put her best dress forward at the 2013 White House Correspondents dinner and girl was looking FABULOUS.

The singer looked incredible in her Giambattista Valli gown and the color is TO DIE FOR!!

Looking fab Katy!!!

"Smash" Delivers SHOCKING Ending!!


Okay, so my recaps of "Smash" came to a halt awhile back, but that doesn't mean I've stopped watching, and last nights episode was a DOOZY.

With "Hit List" finally going public, Karen and Derek were at their wits end with Jimmy and his constant reliance on drugs. It was clearly starting to effect his reliability and Derek brought in Sam as his understudy.

Kyle meanwhile, was torn between his best friend and his loyalty to the project he worked so hard on. He wasn't ready to dismiss Jimmy, but he couldn't watch "Hit List" suffer.

Which it did.

In front of a packed house, and eyeing producers, Karen, Jimmy & Ana gave it their all....

But something was off.

Actually someONE was.

Jimmy had once again gotten high before the performance, and in a missed spot, wasn't able to catch Karen who scratched up her arm.

The show would go on and receive positive reviews, but the producers found it too edgy and decided to pass on it.

And t…

Counting It Down: Top 10 RuPaul's Drag Race Contestants

The countdown is open children!!!

When it comes to TV guilty pleasures, there is no other like "RuPaul's Drag Race"!! The SMASH hit show has given us 4 crazy seasons, a 5th currently airing, and a fabulous All Stars season!

Some of the queens that have come and gone didn't exactly give us anything memorable, but for the ones that made this list?

They know how to WERK!!

Keep in mind, these are MY personal favorites, and I would LOVE to hear yours!!

Here we go!!

10. Alexis Mateo

This season 3 contestant, who would go on to place 3rd that year, wowed me from the second she walked through the door. The Puerto Rico native stunned week after week with her outfits and personality, but for yours truly, there is one moment that stands out.

When Alexis wound up in the bottom alongside Shangela, she proved that she was one HELL of a fierce performer who could really dig deep.

9. Manila Luzon

Another season 3 queen!!

There was something so quirky, but lovable about Manila that I …

Seth Rogen Busts A Move With The Backstreet Boys!!

This. Is. AMAZING.

Funny man Seth Rogen recently joined forces with the Backstreet Boys at a charity event, and Rogen actually got up onstage with the group to perform "Backstreet's Back"!

The charity went on to raise over $400,000 for Alzheimer's research!

Check out the HILARIOUS video below!

PS: Seth is in the middle....if you couldn't tell.


Lauryn Hill Announces New Record Deal.....But Can It Possibly Match "Miseducation"???

I'm going to start off with a no......

But that could change once I hear the finished product.

Embattled singer Lauryn Hill has had her share of problems lately.

The former Fugees front woman took to her Tumblr account the other day to address her recent tax problems, as well as a new album.

The full message to her fans is HERE, but for the most part Lauryn declares she does in fact have a new album in the works after signing a deal with Sony.

Let's just hope the album is as EPIC as "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill" was!!!

Kristen Wiig Isn't Alone: SNL Gets Ben Affleck To Host With Musical Guest Kanye West For Season Finale!!

Getting Kristen Wiig back isn't the only big news for SNL!!!

With "Saturday Night Live| getting closer to the end of the current season, it was time to announce who would be hosting the big finale.

And they're going out with a BANG.

This years Best Picture director winner Ben Affleck will be hosting the May 18th show alongside musical guest and future baby daddy Kanye West!!

Think Kim Kardashian will make a cameo?

Let's hope not.

Cory Monteith COMPLETES Rehab!! Reunites With Lea Michele!!!!

Let's just hope it was long enough!!

"Glee" star Cory Monteith, who plays Finn on the hit Fox show, shocked many when he entered a rehab facility just over a month ago.

Well, he's all done.

Monteith tweeted today to his fans:

"sending out big love to everyone. thank you for the continued support! It means the world to me! :)" 

Cory's real life girlfriend (and on-screen girlfriend) Lea Michele also tweeted:

"Today is a great day:) Love you all! Xo." 

The couple were spotted reunited today at LAX.

All the best Cory.....I hope your time in rehab helped you.

Want Any Moore Proof That Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Are Back Together??

The only proof necessary.

Justin tweeted the above photo with the caption:

“‘You’ve been makin music for too long babe come cuddle’ -her.”

Those crazy kids.....

Karma's A Bitch: "Two & A Half Men" RENEWED For 11th Season....But There's A Catch!!!


While PopGoesTheArts previously announced shows that had been renewed for the 2013/2014 fall schedule, another has just come to light.

"Two & a Half Men" has officially been picked up for an 11th season, and will see Ahston Kutcher and Jon Cryer return as series regulars, but little shit head Angus T. Jones' status is quite different.

The studio is currently working out a deal to have Angus return in a recurring capacity, and no longer regular to the rest of the cast.

Well, guess he should be grateful they didn't can his ass.

Renewals Start POURING IN!!! But We're Waiting For Our Favorites!!!!

The time has come.....

For you to lip sync for your life!!

For television renewals to start coming in!!

It's that time of the year, when network TV finds out if they'll be returning for another season, and some of the results are proving pretty surprising. While some shows have been previously announced (see below) the following have JUST come in!

NBC has announced the following:

"Grimm", "Parenthood", "Revolution", "Law & Order: SVU" and "Chicago Fire" have all been picked up for another year.

Meanwhile the CW network announced:

"Beauty & the Beast" and "Hart of Dixie" will continue as well. No word on "The Carrie Diaries" or "Nikita".

Clearly, NBC has omitted "Deception" which isn't looking good, as well as my beloved "Smash". The move to Saturdays has really hurt the musical show. It's chances are VERY slim.

The comedy renewals are expected within th…

Why Is This Still An Issue!? Natalie Maines Continues To DEFEND George Bush Slam!!

This needs to just STOP.

With a new solo album coming out May 7th, former Dixie Chicks singer Natalie Maines recently sat down with Us Magazine and the topic of George Bush once again came up.

If you'll all recall, Natalie came under huge scrutiny back in 2003 (10 YEARS AGO) when she infamously said during a concert, that she was:

"ashamed the president of the United States is from Texas."

That's HISTORY now.....or maybe not.

Natalie continued to defend herself when the topic came up yet again:

To me, I was right from the beginning, because it's my right as an American to speak up and question our President, have my point of view, have my opinion, question what I want to question, and say what I want to say about our government," 

My point I try to make about that is it's not a thing I wanted to be right about," she said. "It's not a good 'I told ya so' with all these people losing their lives. War is horrible."

Natalie will never f…

Welcome Home! Kristen Wiig To RETURN To "Saturday Night Live"!!!!

They better bring out the BEST sketches for her!!

SNL was left with a void after funny lady Kristen Wiig left the show to pursue other projects last year, but on May 11th, the actress is BACK!!

Kristen will act as host for the episode, with musical guests Vampire Weekend slated to perform.

So, we'll see Gilly right???


NOT COOL: Country Music Star Billy Currington Slapped With Elder Abuse Charges

NOT COOL at all!!!

This past Thursday, Grammy nominated country artist Billy Currington was arrested on charges of threats, and elder abuse.

The arrest is stemming from an April 15th altercation between Billy and a 70 year old tour boat captain. According to the report, the captain approached Billy's residency on board, and Currington didn't take too kindly too it.

Reportedly, Billy then went OFF on the 70 year old , screaming in his face, and verbally abusing the man. He allegedly also threatened his life.

I get that Billy may not have wanted someone on his property, but he could have handled this A LOT differently!!!

And for those of you who want to argue the "was this really abuse" angle:

Verbal abuse is STILL abuse.


BURN ALERT!!! The Wanted Return With New Single.....Titled "Walks Like Rihanna"!!!!

And when you hear the lyrics.....

It's no tribute!!


The Wanted are gearing up for the release of their sophomore album, and have just given us a preview of their first single, titled "Walks Like Rihanna".

But it's not what you think!

Some of the lyrics ACTUALLY include:

"She can't sing
She can't dance
But who cares
She walks like Rihanna"


Check out the preview below!

Any comments from RiRi????

Random Dinner Duo: Harry Styles And.....Rod Stewart!?

Crazy random!!

One Direction hottie Harry Styles hit up Hollywood restaurant Dan Tanas Thursday night and was joined by music superstar Rod Stewart!

No word on why the duo were dining together but could a 1D and Rod duet be in the works?


RIP George Jones - Country Icon Dies At Age 81


George Jones' rep has released a statement:

"Today is a sad day for music. George said to me once, 'One day Ill Join the Angel band.' Well, today he did."

The statement continues, "George passed with his family by his side and the official cause of death is being listed as  'Hypoxic Respiratory Failure.'" 

Hypoxic Respiratory Failure means the lungs aren't giving enough oxygen to the rest of the body


It is with sad news that PopGoesTheArts must announce that country music icon George Jones has passed away at the age of 81.

While the cause of death has not yet been officially declared, Jones was hospitalized back in April 18th due to a fever and irregular blood pressure.

Jones is survived by his 4 children and wife of 30 years Nancy.

Our thoughts go out to his family and friends.

Happy Birthday To A LEGEND: Carol Burnett Turns 80!!!!

This woman EPITOMIZES comedy.

Plain and simple.

First there was Lucille Ball.....and then there was Carol Burnett!!

TV pioneer Carol Burnett turns 80 years old today, and the woman is credited for making comedy what it is today.

Her show "The Carol Burnett Show" was groundbreaking when it came to sketch comedy, and some of those sketches still hold true today.

Happy birthday Carol!! Here are my FAVORITE sketches that you have given us over the years!!

Kate Middleton FINALLY Shows Off Bigger Baby Bump!!

Okay, so this isn't the first photo to really show it, but for yours truly, it's the best picture!!

Kate Middleton arrived to Warner Bros. Studio in London, England the other day alongside hubby Prince William, and gave the world a better look at her growing baby bump.

The soon to be mother is roughly 6 months pregnant, so it was obvious that she would start showing more. But one thing is for certain:

Our future Queen looks GOOD!!!

HELL YES!!!! MTV Greenlights "Scream" TV Pilot!!!!!!!!!!!!

This. Is. AMAZING.

The Hollywood Reporter released the news today that 1996 SMASH hit film "Scream" is being adapted into a television pilot for MTV.

Currently, no writers/directors have been announced for the pilot, but sources are saying that "Scream" 1-4 director Wes Craven has been approached to direct the pilot.

Should the series be picked up following the pilot, it would begin airing summer of 2014.

This is truly amazing, as I am a HUGE fan of the movies, but I'd REALLY like a "Scream 5" as well.....

What do you guys think??

Idol Results Recap: SHOCKER (Not Really)

Seriously, who didn't see this coming a mile away???

Ryan Seacrest announced last night that tonight's results would be SHOCKING and would "turn the competition on its head".

Not exactly.

For those of us following the season, everyone knew what was coming.

To those NOT in the know, and that were genuinely surprised.....


The show went on as usual tonight, with performances from season 9 winner Lee Dewyze and season 10 contestant Stefano Langone.

In the final minutes, Ryan announced Kree and Amber (HA!! Backfire for the judges) wound up in the bottom 2.

It didn't matter though......



Ryan explained that when the show added in the save all those years ago, they added it to the timeline of the program. So when the save wasn't used this year, it put them ahead of schedule by one week.


Ryan then announced that tonight's votes would be combined with next weeks and the contestant with the lowest would go home.