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Cory Monteith Checks Into Rehab!?


People magazine was the first to release the story, and now have updated with an official statement from Cory's co-star and real life girlfriend Lea Michele:

“I love and support Cory and will stand by him through this,” 

the 26-year-old Glee actress said of her boyfriend to People. “I am 

grateful and proud he made this decision.”

I'm not sure if this is legit, or an April Fools Day joke...

But if its real, WOW.

According to People magazine, "Glee" actor Cory Monteith has reportedly checked into a rehab facility to deal with substance addiction.

The check in is being listed as completely voluntary, and his rep has said:

"He graciously asks for your respect and privacy as he takes the necessary steps towards recovery." 

No word yet on the affect this will have on "Glee".

Monteith has opened up before, during a 2011 interview, that he had gone to rehab when he was 19.

He is now 30.

I sincerely HOPE People magazine isn't pulling one over on …

The Walking Dead Season 3 Finale: THAT'S IT!??!

Okay everyone....

I've kept quiet about this season, and rightfully so. It was up and down for yours truly, but I want to hear from ALL OF YOU.

Season 3 finale was built to be a battle of epic proportions.....

So was it?


After RUINING the character of Andrea (she had officially become the most hated character since Lori) was I thrilled with her death scene?


But should it have closed the episode?


What battle? The Governor is still alive!!!!!



Kim Kardashian Performance In "Temptation" PANNED By Critics!!!!

Hey, at least this is something she can tell her future child.


While the reviews for Tyler Perry's newest film "Temptation" aren't great to begin with, it seems critics are more focused on how BAD reality star/actress Kim Kardashian is.

Yes, the film overperformed (to the shock of many) but that didn't stop the bad reviews:

TheWrap: “nasal and awful,”

The Hollywood Reporter: “monotonous line readings demonstrate that she saved her real acting talents for her sex tape.”

The New York Times: “grating and tone deaf”“entertaining for all the wrong reasons.”

Roger Ebert:"someone so famous for her curves could deliver her lines so flatly."

Yikes. Stick to your day job Kimmy.

Uh, whatever that is.

Legally Blonde NO MORE: Reese Witherspoon Goes BRUNETTE!!

And she looks AMAZING!!

Reese Witherspoon may have rocked some brunette hair when she played June Carter Cash in "Walk the Line", but it appears the actress may have done it this time for a completely different reason:

She simply wanted to!

Reese was spotted out and about with hubby Jim Toth (not pictured) and their bundle of joy Tennessee (adorbs!!) in Nashville the other day where the press caught the first glimpse of her newly brown locks.

She currently has no film on the go, so that refutes any claims it is for a role.

Whatever the reason, I'm in LOVE with it!!

Looking FAB Reese!!!

Demi Lovato Releases Official Album Cover!!


While it took some time for Demi Lovato's new single "Heart Attack" to grow on me (which it has!), the official cover for her new album doesn't need to at all:


Demi is scheduled to release her 4th studio album this coming May!

Can't wait!!

Britney Spears Celebrates Easter With Her Family, Looking Fabulous......Minus The Shoes

Girl looks GOOD.....

But she didn't have ANY other footwear to throw on instead?!

Britney Spears traveled home to Louisiana to celebrate Easter with her family, and today they all attended church.

In the photo above, Britney can be seen with her mother Lynne (who looked FABULOUS) and her son Jayden.

Brit really is looking great, but those rolled down boots don't exactly go with her dress!!

Paul Anka Reveals MUCH About Frank Sinatra In New Book!!!

Taking it OLD SCHOOL today folks!!

Music legend Paul Anka is prepping the release of his new book, "My Way", and is getting pretty juicy with details:

Most notably about Frank Sinatra.....and Sammy Davis Jr.

In the book, Anka describes his nights out with the Rat Pack in the 60's, where they would spend their nights in a club that would remain open only to them.

Anka states in the book:

"The food was great, the girls were hot, tiptoeing into the steam room giggling. These beautiful women, standing there stark naked.” 

If that wasn't enough for you....

He THEN describes how there were rooms set aside in case the guys wanted "alone" time with the ladies:

But, just to clear this up.....Sinatra wasn't into gangbangs.


Anka also details how Sinatra and Dean Martin both agreed they found Angie Dickinson AMAZING in bed, and that Davis Jr. confided in him about his bisexuality.

Boring autobiography?


What Is This: Could Harry Styles Be Planning A Solo Career??

Does the One Direction member think he has what it takes to be Justin Timberlake??

According to new reports, One Direction member Harry Styles has been working on some solo material in the studio. An unnamed source (which means it could be false) told UK paper The Mirror:

“He loves messing around with some of the new songs he’s been working on,”

“He’s bounced some ideas off his friend Ed Sheeran and has ­already laid down some vocals.”

Now, the same source did still add that Harry is dedicated to the group at this time....but many shouldn't be surprised if he does in fact embark on a solo the near future.

Looking Healthy: Macaulay Culkin Smiles For The Cameras

But seriously:

Lose the ponytail

After spending much of the last few years battling drug and health rumors, "Home Alone" star Macaulay Culkin made a rare appearance for the cameras at the50th Foire du Trone at Pelouse De Reuilly in Paris this past Friday.

Mac looks pretty good, and I'm happy to see in smiling.

Looking good!

Kim Kardashian FORGETS She's Pregnant...And Squeezes Herself Into Dress

This looks ridiculously uncomfortable....

Kim Kardashian spent an afternoon shopping recently, and decided to pour her pregnant self into a rather tight, leather dress.

I just can't imagine WHY she would wear this.....

I guess fashion before comfort even applies to pregnancy...

When you're a Kardashian!

YOUR FIRST LOOK: "True Blood" Season 6 Promo!!!!



After giving you all the return date for the HBO smash "True Blood" yesterday, the beautiful people of TV have given ALL of us our first look at season 6!

Check out the bloody, incredible promo below!

Little tease of Rutger Hauer there.....

C'mon June 16th!!!!!!

Please Let This Be True: Jimmy Smits To Return For ALL 13 Episodes Of "Sons Of Anarchy" Season 6!?

Oh Kurt Sutter, you effing genius you:


While season 5 of FX smash hit "Sons of Anarchy" was one HELL of a wild ride, it appears 6 could be JUST as good if not better!!

The addition of Jimmy Smits' character Nero Padilla in the last season proved to be a triumph for the show, seeing as Smits and star Katey Sagal had AMAZING chemistry.

Well, when Sutter revealed that while he wanted Smits back for the 6th run, he wasn't sure he was available, so they left his return open in the finale. It's now appearing that he WILL return....for the entire season!!

Smits was a guest star for season 5, but it is now being reported by TVLine that he will be back for all 13 episodes of season 6!!!

Oh PLEASE Kurt Sutter can you confirm yourself that this is true!!!!!!!

FLAWLESS: Lana Del Rey Covers Leonard Cohen's "Chelsea Hotel No. 2"




Does that pretty much sum up my feelings towards this??

For most of 2013, Lana Del Rey has remained pretty quiet. She is currently prepping her material for the "Great Gatsby" soundtrack, as well as working on her sophomore album (woohoo!!!).

Well, Lana has just released a haunting rendition of the Leonard Cohen classic "Chelsea Hotel No. 2" for no apparent reason (Who is really complaining!?) and it's AMAZING.

Check it out:

I freaking love this woman.


Bieber's Problems GROW: Sheriff Set To Recommend PROSECUTION


If the LA County Sheriff's Dept. gets its way....

Justin Bieber is in for a world of trouble!!

Coming as soon as the investigation over the spitting accusation is over, investigators are set to refer the case to the LA County District Attorney and the recommendation will be to press criminal battery charges against Biebs.

Now, before all of you Beliebers are up in arms over the situation being "fair", seeing as nothing has proven Justin did the accused act, this isn't the ONLY incident.

Members of the Dept. believe this incident (spitting or not) shows that Justin is currently out of control, coming on the heels of his recent outbursts, reckless driving, and threats.

More information will come to light once the investigators are done with their side of the case.

All I'm going to say is this:

If Justin did in fact spit in the neighbors face, he needs to come clean about it and stop hiding behind his PR team.

IF.....he did it.

Hey Khloe Kardashian-Odom: EVERYONE Can See Your Spanx!!!!!!


Poor Khloe.

Current "X Factor" co-host Khloe Kardashian-Odom was the victim of a strong gust of wind Friday afternoon, when her dress flew up revealing her spanx!

Although we should all be thankful she WAS wearing it!!

The famous Kardashian tweeted a short while later:

 "Shorts, spanks, boy shorts under a dress/skirt are a must!"

Shall we call this a "Marilyn Moment"??

Happy Birthday To The Canadian Diva: Celine Dion Turns 45!!

Love me some Celine Dion!!!

The Canadian QUEEN is celebrating her 45th birthday today, and one thing you can say about Miss Dion, is that she always gives it her all when performing.

From her powerful ballads, to her hilarious dancing (you ALL agree!!) Celine has always been a consummate entertainer.

I'm not going to list her best performances, because where would that end?

But instead, here is ONE of my all time faves:

Happy Birthday Celine, from PopGoesTheArts!!

Okay before you all start freaking out, hear me OUT:

Celine wasn't trying to BE Tina....she was simply delivering a performance as a tribute to the Queen of Rock!!


Lady Gaga Sighting: In DIFFERENT Wheelchair

This one may not be as blinged out as the other....

But it's still Louis Vuitton!!!!!

The now 27 year old popstar (Happy belated birthday Gaga) was snapped in Chicago catching a ride in her new Louis Vuitton wheelchair.

Gaga is still recovering from hip surgery that forced her to cancel the remainder of her tour.

Everything has been quiet on the Gaga front for Mother Monster planning her ARTPOP return shortly??? How much longer will she be sidelined??

Get Ready: "True Blood" Season 6 Return Date ANNOUNCED!!

Alright Truebies:

Are you ready?

HBO has FINALLY announced a premiere date for the 6th season of "True Blood", and it's fast approaching, which means lots more Sookie drama Eric nakedness!!!

The return date has been announced as Sunday June 16th at 9pm. The season is set for a 10 episode run, and will also feature some newcomers as well.

Who's excited????

Going to be QUITE the interesting season, now with Bill as the Big Bad!!!

Jennifer Lopez' DIVA Demands Cost Her MAJOR Gig!!!

Life ain't always easy being a diva.....

Just ask Jennifer Lopez, who reportedly just lost a major gig because of her demands!!

According to reports, Lopez was the front runner to perform at the opening ceremony for India's Premier League cricket tournament, which noted by The New York Times, comes with a viewing audience of close to 60 million people.

This opportunity however has vanished after the event organizers discovered what Lopez was requesting upon headlining the show:

A private plane and a SLEW of hotel rooms for her massive entourage, which includes her stylists and handlers.

Also according to reports, JLo usually demands white couches in her dressing room, as well as white candles.

Pitbull has since been named the headliner for the show.

And my guess is he'll be paid a pretty penny for it.

RIP Richard Griffiths

So sad.

Veteran British actor Richard Griffiths, who played Harry Potter's Uncle Vernon in the movie series, has passed away at the age of 65.

Griffiths' agent Simon Beresford announced the untimely passing due to complications following heart surgery.

He followed up the statement, saying Griffiths was “a remarkable man and one of our greatest and best-loved actors.”

Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe released a statement following Richard's passing:

“I was proud to say I knew him,”

He will be missed.

PopGoesTheArts sends out its deepest condolences to his family and friends.

So, This Photo Of Lindsay Lohan Hit The Net This Morning.....

She's MUCH better right?

Okay, so our beloved trainwreck is currently in Brazil getting paid a boat load of cash for hawking a clothing line.

The "actress", fresh off a stint on Charlie Sheen's "Anger Management", got comfy with the floor at some club because, according to a not so great translation from a Brazilian website:

She didn't want to take pictures with the club goers and hid under the table......

I'm not making this up.

He ALMOST Did It: Justin Timberlake Sells 968,000 Units In FIRST WEEK!!!!


While he may not have hit the 1 million mark, Justin Timberlake still has got amazing news to keep him happy.

The singers brand new album "The 20/20 Experience" sold a whopping 968,000 units in its debut week!!!

This makes the album, according to Nielsen SoundScan's 22 year history, only the 19th album to achieve a feat over 900,000 units!!

This is great news for Justin, as his label had only projected the album to move between 500,000 and 600,000 units.

Congrats Justin!!!

The album is AMAZING!!!

Lil Wayne Opens Up About Seizures.....But Is He Telling The Truth??

Hmm, no mention of the sizzurp....


Rapper Lil Wayne had quite the scare recently when he was rushed to Cedars Sinai after suffering a massive seizure that proved life threatening.

Wayne was discharged shortly after, and has finally opened up about the scary incident. He spoke with radio DJ Felli Fel on Power 106:

"This wasn't my first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh...I have had a bunch of seizures, you just never hear about them."

"My heart rate went down to 30 percent," he said. "I have people around me who know how to handle it. This time was real bad because I had three back to back and the third one was so bad".

"plain stress and no rest. That's just typical me."

Rumors began running wild following his hospitalization that the result of the seizures came after he had gone on a sizzurp binge. Sizzurp is also known as "purple drink" to those that take it. Combination of cough syrup containing codeine …

"You're Next" To Witness This CREEPY Trailer!!!!

Horror movies are on a ROLL this year!!!

First we had "Mama", and "Sinister".....

And now "You're Next"?

Check out the brand new trailer for "You're Next", the film that managed to garner serious buzz after debuting at the 2011 Toronto Film Festival.


Has a very big "Strangers" vibe to it doesn't it?

And that movie scared the crap out of yours truly!!!

August 23rd people!!

Idol Results Recap: It's A Girls, Girls, Girls World

What a drawn out results night!!!

We unfortunately didn't get the usual little reveal here and there, and instead Ryan Seacrest waited until the very end to tell us who would be eliminated on tonights "American Idol".

We had performances from Idol alum Colton Dixon, One Republic featuring "Smash" star Katharine McPhee and Idol's very own judge Keith Urban.

There was also quite the cute moment, when Ryan revealed the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin had actually called in and left a message for Kree following her performance last night of "Don't Play That Song".

Kree was floored, and it was a magical Idol moment!

It was FINALLY time for the results though.

And as you can guess from the title to this post, all FIVE ladies were safe!!

The bottom 3 was revealed to be what Jimmy Iovine had predicted:

Burnell, Devin and Lazaro.

My prediction was Lazaro for the elimination....

And sadly I was wrong.

Devin had to face the judges for the save, but would …

Are You Kidding Me?! Did Lindsay Lohan STEAL From "Anger Management" Set!?

I really wish I was making this up....

There are actual reports coming in that our dearest MESS known as Lindsay Lohan may have stolen something while shooting her episode of Charlie Sheen's "Anger Management".

In one scene, Lindsay is rocking a very blinged out bracelet, and then when she arrived in Brazil today for promotional work, it appeared she was still wearing it on top of another bracelet.

Was it a gift from the set?


Could she have ACTUALLY taken it?

Quite possibly.

Girl just managed to avoid jail AGAIN, so lets hope this is a case of mistaken identity jewelry.

PLEASE. I mean, I'm trying to give her benefit of the doubt here...but her track record doesn't allow me to.

Britney Spears Shows Off ROCKIN' Body In Tiny Bikini!!

This is a mother of 2 ladies and gentlemen!!!

Britney Spears showed off her impressive body in a teeny weeny bikini while hanging out poolside at a friends Malibu, CA home.

As you can tell by the photo, she's also once again rocking the belly button piercing!

Looking GOOD Brit Brit!!!

Kristen Bell POPS!! Actress & Dax Sheperd Welcome Baby Girl!!

And her name is ADORABLE!!

"Veronica Mars" herself has just given birth to her and husband Dax Shepherd's first child and they have named the little girl Lincoln Bell Shepherd!

The proud papa tweeted shortly after the birth:

"Lincoln Bell Shepard is here," Dax tweeted today. "She has mom's beauty and dad's obsession with breasts. Hooray!!!"


Kristen followed up a short while later:

 "My new roomate poops her pants and doesn't pay rent...basically @daxshepard1 pre-sobriety :) welcome baby Lincoln xo."

Ugh, I ADORE these two!!

Congrats to the new parents!!!

Time To Step Down: Barbara Walters To Retire In 2014

I think......and see if you all agree with me:

"The View" is done.

While Joy Behar has formally announced her departure, and rumors of Elisabeth Hasselbeck being give the axe still continuing, we have to add another name to the list, but for many different reasons.

Barbara Walters, who is 84,  is reportedly planning to retire at the end of next years television season, which would mark May 2014.

Many have been speculating about her retirement plans for quite some time, and while many news outlets are reporting this now, most are waiting until Babs herself makes the announcement.

The news of her retirement don't come as quite the shock though, as just this year she battled the chicken pox, and fainted while visiting the British Ambassador in January. That resulted in a hospital visit and weeks off of "The View".

PopGoesTheArts wishes Walters nothing but the best for her many years in the business, and think she'll exit the TV world with grace.

It's OFFICIAL: Demi Lovato To RETURN For Season 3 Of "X Factor"!!

But sadly, no announcements of replacements for Britney and LA!!

Deadline is confirming the news today, that Demi Lovato is set to return to the judges/mentor table for another round of "X Factor"!!

Demi released a statement saying:

“I am so excited to return as a judge and mentor on The X Factor,”Demi said in a statement. “Last season was an unbelievable experience and I really enjoyed developing personal relationships with the contestants and the panel. I look forward to taking my previous experience and applying it to make this season even better.”

Still no word yet on where hosts Khloe Kardashian and Mario Lopez will be when season 3 kicks off this fall!

Congrats Demi!! Now, who do YOU want as a judge??

This Ain't Looking Good: Eyewitness Comes Forward Saying Justin DID Spit In Neighbors Face!!

This isn't sounding very good for Bieber!!

As I previously reported, authorities are currently looking into the altercation between Justin Bieber and his Calabasas neighbor, for which the neighbor (a 47 year old father of 3) is claiming after an argument, Bieber SPIT in his face.

NOW, it appears the mans story is getting backed up.

An eyewitness, who happens to be a construction worker, has come forward and said that Justin DID IN FACT spit in the mans face. This all reportedly happened after Justin threatened to "f*cking kill" the neighbor.

The worker was directly across the street from Justin's house, and claims he saw Justin spit in the mans face.

Justin's camp is remaining firm, saying that it never happened. It was all just an argument.

This really isn't looking good Justin......if you ACTUALLY did it, you need to fess up!!!

Taylor Swift Books Gig On "New Girl" Season Finale

I wonder if she'll be playing the role of a maneater.


Country sweetheart vixen Taylor Swift is taking a break from her "Red" tour to film a guest appearance on the season finale of hit NBC show "New Girl".

The only report coming in is that Swifty is set to play an "important guest" at the wedding of Cece and Shivrang.

You can check Taylor out May 14th.

Or you don't have to.

I won't be.

Double HA!

"My Girl" Star Anna Chlumsky PREGNANT!!

Okay, brace yourselves:

Little Vada Sultenfuss is 32 years old!!!!

AND she's pregnant with her first child!

For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, I'll be more clear:

"My Girl" breakout star and now "Veep" co-star Anna Chlumsky is pregnant with her first child with husband ShaUn So.

The former child star is all grown up now, and showed off her growing baby bump at "Watch What Happens Live" and she looks FABULOUS!

And for those of you who don't remember "My Girl":

SHAME ON YOU!!! The 1991 classic flick starred Chlumsky in her film debut, Dan Aykroyd, Jamie Lee Curtis and a young Macauley Culkin.


Culkin's character sadly dies in the film.....which gave Chlumsky to show off her formidable child acting skills. Tissues required:


"True Blood" Scores "Brothers & Sisters" Alum For Season 6!

Only 3 more months before season 6 starts!!

And let us just hope that it's a vast improvement over the messy season 5.

With HBO smash hit "True Blood" set to air this June, new casting has begun to surface.

While acting vet Rutger Hauer has already signed on to play a mysterious new character, "Brothers & Sisters" alum Luke Grimes has recently signed on as well!!!

Luke played William Walker's love child Ryan for 2 seasons on "B&S", and is set to debut on "True Blood" about halfway through the 6th season.

Luke Grimes AND Ryan Kwanten AND Alexander Skarsgard??


Watch Nicki Minaj GO OFF On The Final 3 Guys On "American Idol"!!

Hell hath no fury like Nicki Minaj scorned!!

Last night, "American Idol" paid tribute to the songs and artists of Detroit, which meant we were in for a night of amazing Motown hits.

We also saw our first group performances of the season, and with the exception of one, they mostly fell flat. Unfortunately one of them also resulted in the ire of one Idol judge.

When the 3 remaining guys (Burnell, Lazaro & Devin) took to the stage to perform a Four Tops classic, the end result was something that made yours truly quite uncomfortable.

And PISSED Nicki Minaj off!!

Check out the moment below:

And to Nicki's defense....

It was pretty awful.

What do you guys think? Was Nicki too harsh on the boys??

What's THIS: Justin Bieber Visits Selena Gomez Before Heading Back Out On Tour!?



Justin Bieber made a pit stop last night, before heading back to Europe to finish his "Believe" tour. On his way to the airport, Bieber stopped at ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez's house.

According to major sources, Justin stayed for roughly an hour before heading back home, and THEN to the airport.

Interesting.....and with all of the drama surrounding him lately, let's hope she told him exactly WHERE to go!! Girl has an album coming out soon, and NO distractions is best.

Including Biebs.

American Idol Top 8: The Good, The Bad & The WTF

It's MOTOWN week!!

The final 8 contestants stormed the stage to perform the songs of Detroit.....which would be VERY Motown influenced!!

And it also happens to be judge Mariah Carey's birthday!!

But there would be no time for banter as the competition was ready to GO!

1. Candice Glover - I Heard It Through The Grapevine

You know, you would think that completely changing the arrangement of such a classic song would bother me.

Uh NO.

This was flawlessly, amazingly, GOOD as per usual. I don't even wanna attempt to touch some of the notes that she hit during this performance. Absolutely out of this world. This girl is on FIRE.

Right Alicia Keys?

Raised the bar Keith Urban? She set the bar so damn high that I'm not sure ANYONE can touch her at this point. Wow.

Time for the first group performance, and the country girls were ready to take the stage. Kree Harrison and Janelle Arthur tackled the Queen of Pop's "Like A Prayer". Okay, so not EVERYTHING would be Mot…

Sophia Petrillo Speaks The Truth

This is even more relevant today.....

Leave it to "The Golden Girls" to issue THIS kind of statement!

Uh, Where The Hell Is "Criminal Minds"?! CBS Renews 14 Shows.....With One VERY Large Absence!!

This is.....scary.

I can't imagine television life without my darling Spencer Reid!!!

CBS announced 14 renewals today, with one LARGE omission (okay 2, but only one I care about). The lucky shows are:

2 Broke Girls
48 Hours
60 Minutes
The Amazing Race
Blue Bloods

The Good Wife
Hawaii Five-0The Mentalist
Mike & Molly
NCIS: Los AngelesPerson of Interest

Already announced as renewed are:

The Big Bang Theory
How I Met Your MotherCSINCIS

Notice the missing show?

Well, fan favorite "Criminal Minds" has been left off the list, but was done so likely because they are finishing off contracts with the cast. It is being assumed to return, but ratings were unfortunately down during last years 9th season.  "Two & A Half Men" is also on the awaiting list, but also expected to be back.

What do you guys think? Are you hoping "Criminal Minds" returns? And do you even care about "Two & A Half Men"???

More On Justin Bieber Vs Neighbor: Claims Bieber SPIT In His Face!!


After a report went public of an altercation between Justin Bieber and his neighbor, it appears we learned a little bit more today....

And it's not very nice.

The neighbor reportedly told authorities that Justin became very angry towards him when he blasted the pop star for racing in the streets in his new Ferrari, and then proceeded to be on the receiving end of SPIT from Justin.

Apparently, Justin spit in the mans face, and then threatened to "kill him".

Justin's camp FIRED BACK though to the reports, saying Justin NEVER spit in the mans face. They are adamant that an altercation DID take place, but it never turned aggressive or violent.

So word yet on the battery charges the neighbor has filed, but according to sources, the man isn't backing down.....

And wants Justin held accountable.

NBC Shuts Down Rumors Of Anderson Cooper Replacing Matt Lauer


More Silver Fox is ALWAYS a good thing....but more Silver Fox and less Lauer is an even BETTER thing!!

Unfortunately, it's not meant to be.

After the rumor mill began churning out a little gem that Matt Lauer could possibly be replaced by CNN honcho Anderson Cooper on "The Today Show", NBC executive Alex Wallace shut it down:

"We are not considering replacing Matt Lauer," Wallace said in a statement. "As we’ve said before, Matt is the best in the business. We want him in the 'Today' show anchor chair for many years to come."

Once again, DAMN.

Still, the speculation that Lauer could be on his way out is still circulating the net....

Many hopes!!


Ashanti BLAZES Back In The Music Scene!!!! Check Out "Never Should Have"!!!

The Princess of Murder Inc. IS BACK!!!!

After a slew of lukewarm releases ("That's What We Do", "No One Greater") Ashanti has returned with a brand new single.....and the possibility to really heat up the charts!!

This song could have a huge impact for Ashanti, and I'm really hoping it gets the radio play it deserves!

Check out "Never Should Have" below:

This is HOT!!!!

What do you guys think?

DWTS Results: Injury Strikes

This is awful....

Last night marked the first elimination of the season of "Dancing with the Stars", and the eliminated contestant   wasn't even up for the elimination!!

After stellar performances from Icona Pop and Josh Groban, Tom Bergeron and Brooke Burke-Charvet had to get down to business and announced that the bottom 3 couples were:

Lisa Vanderpump and Gleb Savchenko, Victor Ortiz and Lindsay Arnold, and Andy Dick and Sharna Burgess.

Before they could really announce the outcome, they informed the fans and viewers they were notified of something during the last commercial break.

Enter Dorothy Hamill and Tristan MacManus.

Dorothy broke my heart as she announced she had been advised by her doctors to exit the competition due to a spinal injury.

The legend received a standing ovation as she and Tristan took one final spin around the dance floor.

One couple down.....

You'll be missed Dorothy!!

Check out the moment below:

Hollywood Continues To Run Out Of Ideas: TWO "Independence Day" Sequels In The Works!!


Back in 1996, a little film by the name of "Independence Day" became a MASSIVE blockbuster and turned Will Smith into the megastar he is today.

Well, here we are 17 years later, and director Roland Emmerich has confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that not one....but TWO sequels have been given the green light.

No word yet on a release date, but one star has been confirmed to return:

Bill Pullman as Thomas Whitmore. Obviously, he couldn't possibly still be president, as the first sequel is expected to take place 20 years after the first. The plotline has been revealed as the aliens receiving the distress call, and heading to Earth for major payback.

The first is expected to end in a cliffhnager, leading into the second for the explosive finale.

What do you guys think? Is this a good idea?

Should Will Smith return??

Amanda Bynes Surfaces In NYC....Looking As CRAZY As Ever!!

Just an FYI Amanda:

Drake ain't going to TOUCH your lady parts (let alone "murder them") if you're wearing THAT!!

The recluse known as Amanda Bynes surfaced today in New York City, and I'm really not even sure where to begin with what she's wearing.

You can all form your own opinion.

Uh Oh!! Justin Bieber Accused Of Battery By A Neighbor!?

2013 is NOT looking like it's going to be Justin's year!!

On top of cancelled shows, sickness, and burns by an ex-girlfriend, Justin Bieber has had a rough year thus far.

And today it got worse.

Justin reportedly returned home this morning from his overseas tour, and according to sources, he got into quite the argument with a neighbor after some street racing.

Yup. Street racing.

Justin had a Ferrari delivered to his residence last night, and this morning, apparently began taking joy rides down the streets, back and forth. This was all very loud according to reports, and quite dangerous.

The neighbor then approached Justin, and according to the neighbor, Justin became physical, while also issuing threats.

The Sheriff's Dept. is currently investigating.

Oh Justin....I truly do hope this accuser is blowing smoke out of their ass....because you don't need another incident.

Brand New Eminem Album Slated For THIS YEAR

The rumor is true!!

Dr. Dre, who happens to be Eminem's longtime collaborator confirmed to radio station Power 106 that Slim Shady himself is "finishing up the product".

No release date has been issued for the as yet untitled album, but Dre confirmed it would be out in 2013.

Anyone else REALLY excited?



Look How Big Blue Ivy Has Gotten!!!!

Holy cow, where has the time gone!?
Beyonce stepped out in Brooklyn on Sunday with her now 14 month old daughter Blue Ivy!
Beyonce was all smiles for the cameras while little Blue seemed to be trying to get some sleep while in her mothers arms.
I can't get over the fact she's already 14 months old!!
Time flies!

HOLD UP: Could "American Idol" ACTUALLY Be Thinking About Axing Ryan Seacrest?!

Oh no......this just won't work AT ALL.

With Idol's ratings dropping even more this season, there have been rumblings that the show could be looking to rejuvenate it once again, and they may be ready to make drastic changes.

Bringing in Nicki Minaj, Keith Urban and Mariah Carey may have seemed like a good idea on paper, but the result isn't what producers had hoped for.

Sources have revealed that longtime host Ryan Seacrest could be in serious trouble of being let go. Those same sources have reportedly said:

“Producers and TV executives are very concerned about how much lower the show can actually fall. This is bad news. Very bad news … When you are getting beat by Grey’s Anatomy andScandal in the demo, changes have to be made … One suggestion is going back to square one and finding two industry insider judges, like Simon Cowell and Randy [Jackson] were during season one, plus, a Paula Abdul type – someone in the industry past his or her prime. This way they can turn the j…

Dancing With The Stars: Week 2 Performance Recap

This week, the first elimination will ROCK the ballroom!!

After last weeks premiere of "Dancing with the Stars" introduced us to our couples, it was announced that the first elimination would take place THIS week!!

So, the scores would be combined from both weeks, and we would get our first eviction from the ballroom!!

It was time for the dancers and the stars to hit the floor though!!

1. Ingo Rademacher & his partner Kym Johnson (Quickstep)

The hottie "General Hospital" star had to impress the judges this week after dividing them last.....and did he succeed?

Well, for yours truly, it was a bit shaky.....but the judges disagreed!! Len said that while his footwork was a tad off, the performance proved to him that he had been practicing hard. Bruno agreed with Len....but Carrie Ann gave shot them both down and said it wasn't his footwork. It was his frame. Definitely divided once again! I thought it was shaky, like I said before, but all in all, I enjoyed it …

Want More Reason To Dislike Matt Lauer? READ HERE!!!


After last years SHIT STORM that resulted in my beloved Ann Curry getting the boot from "The Today Show", more info has come to light thanks to The New York Magazine.

While many believed that, yes Matt pushed for Ann's removal and firing, the program led us to believe that Ann was ultimately the problem....


There was internal research done, that showed most viewers found MATT the less appealing of the two, and that he came across as "pompous".


And contrary to what has been "reported", Matt and Ann NEVER had an off-air relationship, as he apparently never warmed up to her.

Now, excerpts from the new article are stating:

"[He] could have easily saved her…To the contrary, in signing a new contract to remain at the show for at least two more years, he tacitly ratified the plan to remove her. Which doesn’t make him a horrible person — it makes him, for better or worse, a pro." still makes him a horrible person.