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Natalie Portman Set To Portray Jackie O??

Now THIS casting I can get behind.

After the horrific work of Katie Holmes as Jackie in the miniseries "The Kennedy's", I must admit to being nervous when I heard about a new film being penned simply called "Jackie".

The film is set to follow the days following JFK's assassination and Jackie's struggles throughout the flurry of media.

And "Black Swan" Oscar winner Natalie Portman is in serious talks to portray the former First Lady.

I believe we could get a more demure, and proper Jackie out of opposed to the way-out-of-her-league Katie Holmes.

This is just a breath of fresh air, when you compare it to the casting of Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor and the possibility of Miley Cyrus playing Bonnie in an updated "Bonnie & Clyde".

Go for it Natalie!!!!

What?! Charges Against Lohan Attacker DROPPED

My head hurts....

After I reported about the alleged NYC hotel room attack Lindsay Lohan suffered at the hands of Christian LaBella, TMZ is reporting that the charges have been DROPPED. The charges were dropped by the police department.

So then what really happened in the hotel room?

Nothing? Or did something Lindsay do cause the whole incident!?

Ugh....this girls antics are frustrating....but I guess its just another day in the life of La Lohan!!

Jack White Manages To Piss Off A Lot Of Fans

Not a very smart move Mr. White....(and no not Walter)

Musician Jack White pissed off a lot of his fans Saturday night when he played a very short set at Radio City Music Hall.

The White Stripes/Raconteurs/solo artist performed for what many say, only an hour, and it didn't even include an encore.

One concert goer said:

"Nobody left because we couldn't believe it was over"

Rumors began running as to exactly WHY Jack cut the set short, with some speculating he was unhappy with the sound.

Jack is scheduled to perform again tonight.....but we'll see.

Pretty insulting Jack....hope you had a good reason!!

Lindsay Lohan Attacked??


The man has been identified as Christina LaBella.

He has been arrested on two misdemeanor counts of assault and two charges of harassment.

Lindsay's rep Steve Honig released a statement:

"Lindsay was assaulted early this morning in a New York hotel. While she did sustain some injuries, she was not hospitalized. The assailant was arrested and is currently in police custody. Lindsay has spoken with police and is fully cooperating with the investigation."

Okay, this isn't good.

Reports are circulating the net that Lindsay Lohan was the victim of an assault in her hotel room in New York City.

According to multiple sources, Lohan invited a guy she met at a club back to her hotel room in the early hours this morning. The conversation turned heated when Lindsay discovered the man had taken photos of her with his phone. She reportedly demanded that he delete the photos, and when he refused, she grabbed the phone from him.

Now, this is where it turned violent.

The suspect…

Justin Bieber Struck With "Bieber Fever"....While ON STAGE

Warning, this video isn't for the squeamish!!

Justin Bieber kicked off his "Believe" world tour last night in Glendale, Arizona, and unfortunately for the appeared he had come down with the flu.

Justin was in the middle of performing, when he THREW UP during the song.

If you can stomach it, take a look below:

Justin was forced to leave the stage twice during the show, but kept going.

He would eventually apologize to the crowd.

Feel better Justin!!

Beyonce PREGNANT With Baby #2?? Not So Fast!!!!!

Poppa Jay Z has officially SQUASHED those rumors!!

While out promoting "NBA 2K13" at his club 40/40 earlier last week, Jay Z was cornered by E! News and asked point blank if he and wife Beyonce were expecting another little bundle of joy. The rumors started swirling when Beyonce was pictured at an event looking like she could be expecting.

Picture below:

Blue Ivy's father responded to the question "are you expecting another baby" with this clever remark:

"Tonight? No".

The reporter pressed further:

"In 9 months?"

"Not in nine months," he said. "Absolutely not." He insisted. "Not in one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight or nine months." And there you have it.

Anne Hathaway Says "I Do"!!!

And what a gorgeous bride she was!!

"Dark Knight Rises" and upcoming "Les Miserables" star Anne Hathaway exchanged vows with Adam Shulman over the weekend, and PopGoesTheArts has photos from their special day!!

Anne walked down the aisle in a STUNNING custom Valentino gown while Adam looked very sexy himself in a traditional tux.

Check out more pictures below!

Congrats to the newlyweds!!

"Sons Of Anarchy" Creator Kurt Sutter Discusses MAJOR Moment In Season 5 Episode 3!!

So to all of you that HAVE NOT watched the episode yet:


For the rest of you:

After the HUGE moment in this weeks past episode, with the untimely death of beloved character Opie Winston, Kurt Sutter took to his weekly internet chat program to reveal exactly WHY he did what he did.

Check it out below.

I couldn't have said it better myself!!

What do you all think of Kurt's decision to kill off Opie???

Mumford & Sons Easily Take #1 While Green Day, No Doubt Fall Behind

All hail the champs!!

Mumford & Sons latest album "Babel" easily beats the competition for new releases this week and also take another title! They are expected to lead the pack on Billboard's 200.

On target to sell over 615,000 copies of their newest effort, this makes it the highest selling album of 2012 knocking Justin Bieber's "Believe" WAY off which had sold 374,000 in its opening week.

Coming in at a close at a distant second, is Green Day and their newest album "Uno!" which is slated to sell nearly 170,000.

Gwen and the boys of No Doubt will place 3rd with their comeback album "Push & Shove" with roughly 125,000.

Huge congrats to Mumford & Sons!!!

Oh This Sounds Great: Miley Cyrus In Talks For "Bonnie & Clyde" TV Miniseries!?

I'm sure you all noted the sarcasm in that!

Like having Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor wasn't worse enough....

Now they want to give Miley Cyrus a role that Faye Dunaway played!?

Coming in from the Hollywood Reporter, Cyrus is said to be negotiating terms to play Bonnie in the miniseries that would air on Lifetime and the History channel.

No word on who they want as Clyde.

Okay so there's "Liz & Dick".....then there is the travesty of Lifetime's "Steel Magnolias" reboot...and now they wanna eff up "Bonnie & Clyde"?!


Arnold Schwarzenegger States The Obvious In New Interview

"I inflicted tremendous pain on Maria and unbelievable pain on the kids"

Said the Terminator.


Arnold Schwarzenegger recently sat down with 60 Minutes to discuss his upcoming book (obviously) and of course discussed the affair that rocked his marriage to Maria Shriver.

Arnold opened up for the first time about the affair, that resulted in him fathering another child. The woman was his housekeeper. He also called the affair "one of the stupidest things I have ever done".

The child, now a teenager, reportedly has no relationship with his father.

Arnold also states in his new book "Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story" that there was another affair during his 25 year marriage. Maria filed for divorce last May, and the proceedings are still ongoing.

Shockingly, reports have surfaced that as recently as last week, Arnold was asking Maria to take him back.


Oh really are a shmuck.

Christina Aguilera Debuts "Your Body" Video!!!!!!!

Xtina is BACK BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!

Forget "Bionic"....its a distant memory!!

Christina Aguilera has JUST released her brand new video for her hot new single "Your Body" and the video is just as hot as the song!

Well, minus the radio friendly lyrics.


Check it out below!

Those dreads are giving me some SERIOUS "Dirrty" flashbacks!!!!!


X Factor Closes Out The Auditions....With One HELL Of A Showstopper!!!

This guy should be a testament to ANYONE who feels they don't have what it takes.

Meet Freddie Combs.

All Freddie has ever wanted to do was sing for a living.....and he just happens to be 540 lbs!

When Freddie almost died in 2009, at a staggering weigh in of almost 920 lbs, he resolved to make a change in his life. And X Factor was another step.

To all the haters, and doubters.....

Take a listen to Freddie deliver an AMAZING rendition of Bette Midler's "Wind Beneath My Wings"!


And to the pact he made with Simon?

I'm going to hold you to that Freddie!!! I'm rooting for you!!!!!

Johnny Lewis Story Gets MUCH Worse

I want to mourn the actor...but when news comes out like this....its really hard to properly.

Yesterday, I informed you all about the death and crazy story surrounding former "Sons of Anarchy" actor Johnny Lewis. The 28 year old actor is believed to have murdered his 81 year old land lady, getting into a fight while reportedly on meth or PCP and then falling to his death off of the roof of a house.

New details are coming in from the tragic day, and they are quite disturbing.

Not only did Johnny allegedly kill 81 year old Catherine Davis (I say allegedly because no one knows for sure yet, but all signs point to him) but he also took the life of cat.

The cat, named Jessie, belonged to Catherine, and there are reports now that the cat was found inside the home completely ripped apart.

The sources are saying that there was no weapon involved in either death, so Johnny did it all himself....bare hands. He reportedly kicked and beat the cat before dismembering it.


This would…

AMAZING: Alanis Honors Green Day....By Performing "Basket Case"!!!!

This. Is. PERFECT.

Green Day was recently supposed to stop by Jimmy Kimmel to promote their recent album "Uno!" but unfortunately with Billie Joe Armstrong entering rehab, there was a vacant spot for a performer.

Enter Canadian goddess Alanis Morissette.

As a tribute to Billie Joe, Alanis performed a stripped down, more melodic version of the bands hit "Basket Case"......


Check it out below!

Her little "I love you Billie Joe" at the end was SO SWEET.

Can I just pray that she covers this when I see her in Toronto in a few weeks?!

"Grey's Anatomy" Kicks Off Season 9 With Some Shockers


The 9th season of "Grey's Anatomy" kicked off last night and hopefully you all had a box of Kleenex nearby, because by episode end, you probably managed to use the entire box.

With many thinking the episode would start from where we left off, we were fooled.

The timeline jumped to 30 days later and MUCH has changed.

Mark is in a coma, Christina is in Minnesota, Meredith is the new Bailey, Mark is suffering from his hand injury still, and Callie is mourning.....something. Was Arizona dead too?

Well, by episode end, truths were revealed.

And one SAD scene put it all over the top.

Derek and Callie sat vigil while Mark's DNR kicked in....and we watched as he slipped away.

We all knew Eric Dane was leaving the show, but that didn't make his death ANY less sad and heartbreaking.

For yours truly though, as wrenching as that scene was the final scene that left me both sad and angry.

We were all duped into thinking Arizona had trag…

Why I'm DONE With "Glee": Recap read that right:

After last weeks TRAINWRECK of an episode, I struggled to hope that this weeks would be an improvement.


My expectations were at a high when my beloved Blaine Anderson (Darren Criss) opened up the episode with an actual fantastic rendition of Tears For Fears' "Everybody Wants To Rule The World". I thought to myself that this could be the start of a great episode.

And then the episode kept rolling on, and I found myself getting more and more frustrated.

Let me go into this in point form:

1. Predictability

Okay who else DIDN'T expect Finn to show up at the end of the episode RIGHT AFTER Rachel kissed Brody?! Really Ryan Murphy? That was your call on when he returns? LAME.

2. Sarah Jessica Parker SHOULD NEVER SING AGAIN

Did anyone else find it really hard to listen to? She seemed like a fish out of water, and it was really difficult to watch. darling're looking .....tired. Yeah let's stick with tired…

Adele Shows Off Her Baby Bump.....But Please:


Okay, got that out of the way.

Grammy winner and just plain ol' bad ass Adele took a stroll in England along with fiance Simon Konecki and looks about ready to pop!

The expectant mother to be is due anytime, and I think she looks fantastic....

Again, minus the hat.



BRAND NEW "Paranormal Activity 4" Trailer!!!!!

The 4th installment of "Paranormal Activity" is slated to hit theaters October 19th, but the brand new trailer is here....and its filled with new footage!
Check it out below!

Katie and Hunter ARE BACK!!!!!
I'm still confused as to who Dianna Agron aka Quinn on "Glee" is supposed to be playing in this, but rumor has it, that its only a cameo.
Are you guys excited for PA4???

Crazy: Former "Sons Of Anarchy" Star Dies In Double Death Story

This is something right out of an episode of "Law & Order"!!

Former "Sons of Anarchy" star Johnny Lewis, who played prospect "Half Sack", died today in Los Angeles after falling from a building. The actor was only 28 years old.

The story gets crazy though.

Reports came in that the OWNER of the house, an elderly woman, was found dead inside, and Lewis is the prime suspect.

Numerous witnesses say there was a fight outside the home, and when Lewis attempted to get away from the men he was fighting with, by climbing onto the roof, is when he fell.

Johnny had been renting a room from the 81 year old victim.

Johnny was reportedly "on something" during the physical fight, with the witnesses telling the officers that he displayed "super human strength"....insinuating he may have been on PCP or meth.

Now this is where it gets sadder.

Johnny had only been out of prison for 6 DAYS after a string of arrests back in February. The arrests consi…

X Factor Gives Us 2 GREAT Performances.....Plus Gene Simmons' DAUGHTER Sophie!!!!

And they both impressed yours truly!

First up is 15 (!!!) year old Dinah Jane Hansen who slayed her performance of Beyonce's "If I Was A Boy".

All of the judges were blown away by her performance and couldn't get over her vocals. LA Reid even went bold enough to say that she added more than Queen B herself!!

Check out her performance below:


Last up, we got Daryl Black.

Belting out Gym Class Heroes "Stereo Heart", Daryl impressed the judges so much, Simon even went on to say that he reminded him of Nat King Cole!!

Check it out:


He reminds me of early John Legend!

And just for kicks, check out the performance below that had Britney up out of her chair and dancing!


We were also treated to the musical stylings of KISS member Gene Simmons' daughter Sophie. Would she make it through? She had both her parents backstage rooting her on!

I must say, I was impressed. I LOVE the tone of her voice, but I don't think she'll get tha…

Pink Scores Her FIRST #1 Album!!!!

After 6 albums, the kick ass pop star landed on top of the Billboard chart!!

Pink is riding high on the success of her 6th studio album "The Truth About Love", and as of today, she has even more reason to, with the album debuting in the #1 slot!!

It's crazy to believe its her first considering the incredible albums she's put out in years past including "I'm Not Dead" and "Funhouse".

The singer tweeted her excitement:

After 13 years and 6 records, I'm beyond floored to have a #1 album in the US. I'm grateful for all the ears and all the hearts. Thank you!! — P!nk (@Pink)
I am SO happy for her......and will help celebrate when I see her March 11th 2013 in Toronto!!!
CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sons Of Anarchy 5x03 Review: Game Changer

I'm starting this off by saying SPOILER ALERT

So let that be a warning to all of you.

This review isn't going to be easy to write....because somewhere between tears and anger.....and more tears....tonight's episode was one of the hardest to watch in the history of the show.

And also ranks among the best.

Kurt Sutter warned the fans that the 3rd episode of the already fantastic 5th season of his baby "Sons of Anarchy" would be a blockbuster of an episode....and he wasn't kidding. By the time the episode was over, one thing was clear:

All bets were off.

It was time to say goodbye to a Son.....and unfortunately, it was our dearest Opie Winston that would leave us.

Writing his name in that sentence was almost unbearable, but allow me to get through this.

With Jax, Chibbs, Tig, and Opie inside County on those bogus manslaughter charges, Damon Pope was ready to play his game. This game consisted of milking SAMCRO for half of their percentage of dealings with the …

Rihanna SLAYS With New Single "Diamonds"!!!!!!!!


While most would have figured Rihanna would return with another club thumper like "We Found Love" or "Where Have You Been", the pop superstar has taken a completely different approach.

Titled "Diamonds", this is Rihanna that I most certainly LOVE. The single is unlike anything she has ever done and I'm VERY impressed.

Check out her STELLAR single "Diamonds" off of her anticipated 7th studio album, due out by the end of the year.

Her vocals are INCREDIBLE in this!!!!

One of the best songs she has ever released.


First Lindsay & Charlie.....Now Miley & Ashton!!!

All for a good role......right?


After Lindsay Lohan got into bed with Charlie sheen for the upcoming "Scary Movie 5", that seemed to be the most unlikely bed buddy story we thought I though I'd have to see.


Miley is scheduled to appear in the October 17th episode of "Two & a Half Men" and seems her character is getting a little friendly with Ashton's Walden!!

No word yet if the appearance will be recurring or just one time.

Well, as weird as it is to see them in bed together.....or even how scantily clad dressed Miley doesn't creep me out as much as Lohan and Sheen.

DWTS Results: And The First To Go Is.....

Pretty much who I expected it to be.

In what seemed like 2 LONG hours of nothing, "Dancing with the Stars" kicked off their all star season with a shocking pretty safe exit.

And no it wasn't Bristol Palin.

The 2 hour event saw the audience get reacquainted with the former stars who rejoined the ballroom, and gave us decent performances from Pitbull and Justin Bieber.

Justin's dancing is off the wall, but the audio during his performance was awkward. It didn't seem right.

Let me know what you think:

See what I mean?

Anyways, the drama came to a head when Tom and Brooke gave us our bottom 3 couples:

1. Pam & Tristan
2. Bristol & Mark
3. Drew & Anna

Who would it be? Drew Lachey....or would former "Baywatch" babe Pamela Anderson say goodbye?


Pamela and Tristan!!

Yeah....I wasn't too shocked either.

So long Pam.....maybe you should brush up if you want a chance on the NEXT all stars season.

12 couples left!!

Yes!!! No Doubt Get Entangled In "Spiderwebs" On Ellen!!!!!

Oh its a classic jam of they day!!!

With the release of their brand new album "Push & Shove" out TODAY, No Doubt stopped by Ellen to talk about their latest effort, and they just happened to perform a CLASSIC.

Check out Gwen & the boys rocking out to "Spiderwebs" from their incredible album "Tragic Kingdom"!

I'm telling you people:

"Tragic Kingdom" is in my Top 10 Albums of ALL TIME!!!!!


Gwen's still got it!!!

And The Backlash Begins: Paris Hilton Documentary DROPPED By Logo Network

Paris' words have gotten her into more trouble!!

You all recall the lovely statement Paris Hilton made about "gay guys being the horniest" and "most of them have AIDS".

Hard to forget right?

Well, in the aftermath of her choice words, network Logo has yanked plans for an airing of a 2007 documentary of the heiress.

What else will happen due to her and her big mouth?

Time will tell!!

Kelly Clarkson Does The Unthinkable Cover.....Of Adele!!!

Ooooooh.....Kelly Clarkson is playing with FIRE here.....NO ONE should touch an Adele song other than the Grammy winner herself.

Oh wait, what's that?

The sound of her NAILING yet another cover?!


The Cover Queen Kelly Clarkson performed in Australia, and wowed the audience with her rendition of "Someone Like You".

I absolutely LOVED it!!!

Check it out below!!

Is it as good as Adele? Of course not.

It's ALMOST there though!!!

What did you guys think? Hit or miss??

Pacey Talks Reconnecting With Joey!!!!

Oh it's the 90's all over again!!!!!

And yes, by Pacey, I mean Joshua Jackson, and by Joey, I mean Katie Holmes....

But you all know what I meant!!

Joshua Jackson, now the star of hit show "Fringe", opened up to George Stroumboulopoulos during a sit down interview and when asked if he had spoken with former "Dawson's Creek" co-star Katie Holmes, Joshua responded:

"Yeah, actually".

“Like any old friend… It was like, ‘Oh, hi how are ya? What’s going on?’ ‘I had a kid’ ‘Yeah, that’s crazy, I heard!’” he said.

Did anyone else just get all happy inside? HA!!

Check out the interview below!

Joshua also opened up about the re-appearance of his father after 20 years.

Damn....Pacey  Joshua still looks good!!!

Jerry Lawler SPEAKS OUT

This is incredible to see.

WWE wrestler Jerry Lawler scared wrestling fans around the world when he collapsed on a live edition of RAW only 2 weeks ago and suffered a massive heart attack.

Luckily, medical staff on hand attended to him and got him to the hospital very quickly.

Jerry had previously released a short video to his fans while he was still in the hospital, but last night, he gave further feedback via satellite on last nights RAW.

Check it out:

Man still has his sense of humor and looks great.

Keep up the amazing recovery Jerry!!

Carrie Underwood Makes A Fan's Wish Come True

Further proof this woman is INCREDIBLE.

Carrie Underwood in the midst of her sold out "Blown Away" tour and stopped in Louisville, Kentucky over the weekend.

During a performance, Carrie noticed a young boy with a very cute sign:

"Will You Be My First Kiss?"

Carrie couldn't resist being the amazing superstar that she is, and invited 12 year old Chase up on stage with her.

And what happened next, will live with Chase for the rest of his life.

This woman is incredible!

And the boy has BALLS!! "Lip to lip".


Good for you Chase, and Carrie?

You're incredible.

Dancing With The Stars IS BACK: Week 1 Recap

The ALL STARS are in the house!!!!!

What an INSANE night in the ballrom it was, with (almost) all of the dancers bringing their A game and stunning the judges and audience!

There was a lot to get through, so here we go!!

1. Joey Fatone & Kym Johnson (Cha Cha)

Talk about an explosive beginning!! The former (sad face) N Sync member rejoined his former partner and they KILLED their Cha Cha. What Carrie Ann said was right on the money: he exudes this confidence that you just can't help but get behind. Stellar intro to the season!

2. Shawn Johnson & Derek Hough (Fox Trot)

Hello Derek. HA! The petite Olympic Gold Medalist was her usual spunky self on the dancefloor, and minus some little constructive criticism from our beloved judges, Shawn is definitely still shining. Her moves and confidence made me feel like she never left the ballroom, and girl is making another run at that MirrorBall trophy!! Her and Derek are definitely ones to watch.

3. Sabrina Ryan & Louis Van Amste…

Ke$ha Falls Flat With "Die Young"

Okay, so like I've said before....

I'm not a huge fan of this girl, but she has some undeniable huge smashes under her belt.

Unfortunately, new single "Die Young" isn't one of them. For me at least. I'm sure radio will eat this up, but I was expecting a club banger.

For those interested, check out Ke$ha's new single "Die Young" off of her upcoming brand new album "Warrior" due out December 4th.

I wouldn't blame you if you stopped it half way through.


"Les Miserables" Reveals STUNNING Poster


Knowing they don't need the photos of the stars, Tom Hooper and Universal made the right call in creating the new one-sheet for Hooper's upcoming adaptation of "Les Miserables".

With a film full of stars (Anne Hathaway, Hugh Jackman & Russell Crowe) the studio went with the simplistic nostalgia of the classic live stage production. They used young actress Isabella Allen who plays a young Cosette. Grown up Cosette is played by Amanda Seyfried.

The film is slated to open Christmas Day, in the midst of Oscar season.


Rihanna Announces BRAND NEW SINGLE: Debuts September 26th!!

She's just announced her tour.....

And now, girl is ready to show the world what she's got up her sleeve next!!

Pop superstar Rihanna announced weeks ago her "Diamonds World Tour", and she's just announced her brand new single:


Sticking with a theme I see!! HA!

"Diamonds" will hit radio stations worldwide Wednesday September 26th at 8AM with it being available for download on iTunes the exactly one hour later.

The single will be 1st off of her 7th studio album, which hasn't been given an official release date yet. My guess is sometime in November.

Let's hope she impresses, because I was damn impressed with her last effort "Talk That Talk".

Anyone else excited? Or are you over Rihanna??

Buffy Pops!!! Sarah Michelle Gellar Welcomes A Baby Boy!!

Aw, Charlotte is a big sister!!

"Buffy" star Sarah Michelle Gellar and husband Freddie Prinze Jr. welcomed a baby boy last week and both mother and child are doing GREAT!

No word on the name, but a rep for the couple said:

"Mother and baby are doing great," the rep adds. "And Charlotte is VERY excited to be a big sister."


Aaron Paul Wins Big.....And The HILARIOUS "Breaking Bad" Sketch!!

This was AMAZING.

While I did think that Giancarlo Esposito was going to win Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series, Aaron Paul took it home for another year as Jesse Pinkman in "Breaking Bad".

I adore this man. LOVE THIS MAN. I did think Esposito would have won, but Mr. Paul is a force and this wasn't too big of a surprise!

We were also treated to a hilarious moment between host Jimmy Kimmel and the 2 leading men, Paul and Bryan Cranston.

Imagine if BB was filmed like "The Andy Griffith Show"?


Modern Family Cast Get Terrorized By Lily: MUST WATCH!!!

Sketch of the night!!!!

While we were treated to some hilarious moments during last nights Emmy Awards, it was award juggernaut "Modern Family" that really brought the laughs.

In a pre-taped segment, we see the cast get terrorized by littlest cast member Aubrey Anderson-Emmons aka Lily!!

Check it out!!

LOVE IT!!!!!

Aubrey is a future STAR: her comedic timing is brilliant!!!

Julia Louis Dreyfus & Amy Poheler Bring The LOL's At Emmys" : JLD Wins Lead Actress!!!


The woman is absolutely hilarious, and this little sketch is proof of that. Guaranteed Amy came up with this!!!

Check out Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy winner Julia Louis Dreyfus winning her all time 3rd Emmy for "Veep".....

And the HILARIOUS moment between her and Amy!!


Your Emmy Recap: Shocking Night!!

Well.....sure as hell didn't see some of THOSE wins coming!!

Yours truly managed to sneak in just a few picks, while I bombed on everything else. To my surprise, some shocking wins took place and we were also treated to some HILARIOUS moments!!

"Modern Family" managed to take home Outstanding Supporting Actor AND Actress once again, with Julie Bowen repeating her win from last year, and Eric Stonestreet capturing a win for his portrayal as Cam. Julie shocked me by beating out "Big Bang" star Mayim Bialik.

In the leading categories, there was also one shock.

Jon Cryer managed to steal a win for his role on "Two & a Half Men", while Julia Louis-Dreyfuss snuck the Actress award away from Amy Poehler.

It was time for Best Comedy though, and none other than Michael J. Fox, who was met with a standing ovation, gave it out.

The big win for Best Comedy series went to......

"Modern Family"!!!

No surprise there!! HA!

It was the Drama category tha…

January Jones CRASHES.....While Sofia Vergara SOARS!!

Night and day people!!!!

"Mad Men" star January Jones hit the red carpet tonight in an AWFUL frock of a dress that looked like it was a Halloween costume.

The slicked back hair and dark makeup didn't help either.


On the complete DIFFERENT side of the fashion?

"Modern Family" nominee (and perennial best dressed) Sofia Vergara looked like a picture perfect mermaid in her turquoise gown. The color on her was STUNNING. And as per usual, it fit her perfectly.

January should hire out Sofia's stylist.



3 Divas Leave Kelly In Their Dust.....And LOOK: Aaron Paul SEXES Up The Red Carpet!

Oh Mr. Jesse Pinkman...I adore you so.

I'll get to him in a minute, but after the trainwreck that was Kelly Osbourne, I needed some fashion HITS and thankfully some delivered.

First up, we got "Veep" star and former "My Girl" Anna Chlumsky who looked stunning in her gown and I'm so happy to see her back mingling amongst Hollywood's elite. If you guys haven't checked out "Veep" yet, do it. The show is hilarious.

Then we got "Nashville" star Hayden Panettiere who rocked the carpet arrival in a gorgeous Marchesa dress. The color is incredible on her, and I'm loving the layers.

Last up, the grand diva of all Glenn Close showed all the young ones how its done! The "Damages" nominee looked flawless as usual and that's all there is to it!

And how can I forget my beloved....and sexy....Aaron Paul!!4

The "Breaking Bad" nominee looked as hot as ever when arrived to the show.

He fills that tux well!!