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Stevie Wonder Thinks Gays Are Confused??

Oh Stevie......

Now, while I try not to be an advocate like Perez Hilton, there are times when I feel it is necessary to speak up against some misguided folks in Hollywood.

Target today is:

Stevie Wonder!!

The music icon was recently asked how he felt about singer Frank Ocean coming out, to which the legend answered:

"I think honestly, some people who think they're gay, they're confused. People can misconstrue closeness for love. People can feel connected, they bond. I'm not saying all [gay people are confused]. Some people have a desire to be with the same sex. But that's them."

Wait.....some gay people are just confused? 

If someone is in love....they're in love.


I don't have a desire to be with ANYBODY.

It's WHO I AM.

Blind to the facts......(no pun intended)

Ah hell....pun intended.

Adele Shoots Down Wedding Rumors

And just like that, our beloved Adele has set the record straight!!

Only one day after the rumor of a wedding hit the public, the Grammy winning singer put the rumors to rest on her Twitter page.

The pregnant star wrote:


Seems as though the rumor was quite the boring one for her!

There you have it folks!

They're Back: Backstreet Boys Reunite On "Good Morning America" WATCH HERE!!!

Welcome back Kevin!!

Backstreet Boys reunited on "Good Morning America" this morning and after a short interview, the boys MEN hit the stage to perform some classic songs!

Belting out "I Want It That Way" and "Larger Than Life" the guys didn't miss a beat.....except for the odd note here & there.

Anyone else think Brian was WAY off pitch?


They looked great, and (for the most part) sounded great!

Check out the interview and performances below!

Meet The Cast Of "American Horror Story: Asylum"!!!

Is it October 17th yet?!

After all of the creepy, confusing promos for the upcoming season of "American Horror Story: Asylum", we FINALLY get a good look at the cast!

Featuring the returning Jessica Lange, Evan Peters, Zachary Quinto, Sarah Paulson and Lily Rabe, as well as newcomers Adam Levine, Chloe Sevigny, James Cromwell, and Joseph Fiennes, this season is going to be BALLS TO THE WALL amazing!!!

Check out the cast below!

How CREEPY does Jessica Lange look!?


"Jersey Shore" Stars Respond To Cancellation

Ah well, will give Snooki time to focus on being a mother!!

After the news of MTV cancelling was released yesterday, the cast took to their Twitter accounts to express their feelings to their fans.


"This upcoming season of Jersey Shore will be our last. But it was fricken INSANE. I will always love my roomies!"

Pauly D

"I Must Say, Sad To See It Go , But Am So Blessed To Have Been Apart Of This !!!!#TeamDJPaulyD Lives On."


 "Thank you all for your love & support throughout the seasons!! These memories will never be forgotten!!"


 "It really just hit me now this summer was the last time I'll be filming with my roomies we all share something incredible thnx to you guys," 


"Aright, so I guess I'll run for president now #Vinny2012,"

And finally:


 "I can always go work for Danny at the Shore Store! LOL."

No goodbyes from Mike or Jenni.

The show begins its 6th and final season October 6th.

Russell Brand Hooks Up With A Spice Girl

What is it about this guy that is attractive to women!?

After his marriage to Katy Perry failed, both of them have moved on. While Katy's relationship with John Mayer didn't exactly work out, its now appearing that Russell has found a new love:

Spice Girl Geri Halliwell!!

According to reports, the pair began dating after they met at the closing ceremonies for the Olympics last month. While the relationship hasn't been confirmed by either of their reps, it is in fact looking like SOMETHING is going on.

Russell was spotted exiting Geri's London home Wednesday night.

Cute couple alert?

Nah. Geri can do much better.


So Long Dawg: Randy Jackson OUT As Idol Judge!!!

FINALLY, some actual news!!

Sources connected with American Idol confirmed to TMZ that long sitting judge Randy Jackson is 100% moving off the judging panel and into a mentor role.

There was almost a feeling amongst the show that Randy needed to be out of the picture entirely for the revamp to be complete, but some pulled for him to stick around in some capacity.

While Randy's status has been locked in, we've still only gotten Mariah as a confirmed judge.

Nicki Minaj is pretty much a done deal, although there are minor details being worked out, and it is appearing they want a country artist for the 3rd seat. Keith Urban is seeming more likely.

And then there's the 4th seat. Yup, producers are bringing back a 4th judge.

Kanye West and Diddy were on tap, and producers desperately wanted one of them....

But they're since completely out of the picture.

*happy dance*

Oh sorry....okay back to the important stuff:

Lastly, the rumors about Mariah being pissed about Nicki are …

WHOA: Matthew McConaughey Drops Serious Pounds For New Role!!

What happened to that glorious "Magic Mike" body!?!?!

Matthew McConaughey is definitely getting ready for his newest role....and I'm not sure I'm feeling the results.

The "Magic Mike" star, who was ripped and in FINE shape for the stripper flick, has taken drastic measures to lose weight to star in the upcoming flick "The Dallas Buyer's Club" for which he plays Ron Woodruff, from the true story of a man who contracted HIV through drug use in the '80s and has to smuggle life-saving medications from Mexico.

The 42 year old actor was almost unrecognizable as he made his way through the New York City on Thursday. I'm glad he's getting that serious for a role.....but is this healthy??

Make sure you're eating SOMETHING Matthew!!!

New Tori Amos!!!!!!! it's KIND OF new.

Hear me out:

Legendary singer Tori Amos is getting ready to release her brand new album called "Gold Dust"...with a twist!!

The album will consist of hits from the singer, but remastered and re-recorded and all of the tracks will be accompanied by the Metropole Orchestra!!

Check out the new rendition of her hit song "Flavor" !!


I was lucky enough to see this woman live last year, and I'll be DAMNED if I don't see her again!!!

"Gold Dust" arrives in stores October 2nd.

Jersey Shore CANCELLED!!!


Our beloved cast & crew Snooki has just welcomed a new baby into her life, but after today, she's ready to say goodbye to another love:

Her show for the past 6 years "Jersey Shore" has been cancelled by MTV!

MTV released the news today that the upcoming 6th season will be the last. The show has been a cash cow for the network, but we're guessing cast issues has led the producers to rethink its lasting effort.

With the Situation sober, and Snooki with child, it appears the show had run out of gas.

Season 6 will premiere October 4th.

It will be SO hard to say goodbye to them.....

Oh who am I kidding......I'll miss Snooki's antics the most!!!

Think they'll ask Angelina back for the finale? HA!

The Veronicas Give Us INTENSE Video For "Lolita"!!

They've done it again!!

The Veronicas exploded back onto the music scene with their brand new single "Lolita" and the accompanying video is a visual treat!

Check out the Australian twins going to war (and dancing) in the video for "Lolita" below!

AMAZING: Are Jennie Garth & Luke Perry Dating!?

Could it be....??

To the delight of "90210" fans everywhere (the original, not crappy reboot), it appears that since Jennie Garth's divorce to actor Peter Facinelli, she's gotten quite close to a former co-star!

Rumors have begun swirling that the former Kelly Taylor hs dating Dylan McKay AKA Luke Perry!!!!

The 2 have been seeing each other more recently, pretty much due to the awesome Old Navy commercial they filmed, and some are speculating if the friendship has turned into more.

It APPEARS we may all be getting our hopes up, as a rep for Perry has stated:

"This story is not true."

Burst our bubble.

Maybe we can still hope for a coupling down the road.......


New Anderson Cooper Promo Is Too Adorable!

And with Beyonce no less!!

Anderson Cooper is ready to bring back his show "Anderson Live" after its summer hiatus and his first guest is global superstar Beyonce!

The pair released the promo today, for the September 10th premiere, and the inside joke came fast.

Beyonce playfully teased Anderson about his adorable giggle which he debuted on LIVE television when reporting a story on Gerard Depardieu.


Who seriously doesn't love this man after watching that?!

Anyways, Beyonce slyly asks Cooper in the promo:

"Are you going to laugh?"

For which Anderson simply replies that he:

"sounds like a 12 year old girl"

Beyonce notes that we love him for it......and she's right.

Check out the full promo below!

Can't wait to see these 2 for the interview!!

Saturday Night Live Announces First Hosts Of Season 38!!

And I am LOVING these choices!!

Long running sketch comedy show "Saturday Night Live" returns September 15th for its 38th season and is going to kick it off in hilarious fashion! These hosts are somewhat making me forget that SNL has lost Kristen Wiig and Andy Samberg. I said somewhat.

"Family Guy" creator Seth MacFarlane is scheduled to host the first episode back, with musical guest Frank Ocean! Can't wait to see what kind of sketches they give Seth!

The following week, the hotness that is Joseph Gordon-Levitt will return for his second hosting stint, with SNL newcomers Mumford & Sons as the musical guest.

And rounding out the first 3, will be James Bond himself Sean Connery Daniel Craig with musical guest Muse!


Anyone else REALLY looking forward to these guys???

Or just Joseph? HA!

Adele FINALLY Shows Off Baby Bump!

And a ring?!

Has girl gone and gotten married without telling anyone? Because if so, CONGRATS!

Grammy winner Adele has kept a pretty low profile since announcing her pregnancy back in June, but Life & Style managed to snag some some pics of the singer and fiance (?) Simon Konecki out and about in London.

Now, that's a pretty big bump for someone who JUST announced they were expecting!!

Rumors are now swirling that the incredible songstress is due next month, while something else drew attention:

A gold band on her wedding finger.

Have the pair already said "I Do"???

No matter, because we're just extremely happy for her!!

But seriously.....time to let the world know missy!!!!

X Factor Snags Justin Bieber!!

LA Reid is sure going to have a good mentor alongside him!!!

Pop superstar Justin Bieber will join judge/mentor LA Reid for the second season of the show when he gives advice to the Top 16 who make LA's group. Last year, Reid was privy enough to snag Rihanna for his guest mentor.

No word yet on who the other judges will be able to get, but LA has set the bar pretty high!!

Justin was spotted filming the scenes for the show on Monday, and had a tag along for the taping:

His manager Scooter Braun. Yes that's his real name. HA!

Who do you want to see sit in with Simon? And Demi?

More importantly......

Who will sit in with Britney!?

WHAT?! Steve Burton Leaving "General Hospital"?!


Okay, while I'm sure most of you are wondering what the hell I'm talking about, yours truly is slighty upset over here.

Well, not slightly. Very.



After the cancellations of "All My Children" and "One Life To Live", I was depending on the comfort of my beloved "General Hospital", and while the show hasn't been axed, the news that hit me today is just as bad.

Steve Burton, who has played Jason Morgan for the past 21 years, has announced his decision to leave the show today and released a statement confirming it:

"I've been through 21 years of ups and downs with 'GH,'" he said. "Regime changes, cast and crew changes, budget cuts, shakeups of one kind or another, and it's been nothing but a huge positive in my life and for my family. I have no complaints, no negative feelings at all. But it's time to go."

This is a HUGE loss for the show, as the characte…

It's The Kids Turn: "Modern Family" Kids Negotiate Raises

It was a matter of time!!

After the nasty battle between the adult cast of the hit show "Modern Family" came to an end with an agreement, it was time for the young ones to strike back.

After a rumored month long negotiation, it appears they're getting their way as well!!

Actors Sarah Hyland, Ariel Winter, Rico Rodriguez and Nolan Gould could each be making $70,000 per episode while the adult cast was bumped to roughly $170,000 per ep.

The recent contract talks were said to be much more amicable and there were never any real problems according to sources.

These kids just made BANK.


Ugh!! Will Rihanna & Chris Brown Reunite For Performance At VMA's?!

Perfect. Exactly what we all need.....

Rumors have begun swirling that we may be in store for a special performance at this Sunday's 2012 Video Music Awards.

And it may come in the form of a duet between Rihanna and Chris Brown!!

Now, while some rumors are saying a duet may happen, others are saying it may just be to present an award together, but either way....this STINKS.

I will reiterate what I've said before:

I find it incredible that Rihanna has been able to forgive Chris for his actions, and maybe we've never looked at it from Chris' perspective (needing help etc) but I don't think this is a good idea. I stand by that Rihanna is a grown woman and will make her own choices, but she still has a young fanbase, who may view this as the singer claiming "It's okay if your boyfriend beats the crap out of you".

It's clearly just a publicity stunt, and I've always wished Rihanna was better than that.

Time will tell.....

Birthday Roundup: August 28th

Another round of birthdays!!

First up, we get country singer Leann Rimes who turns the big 3-0 today!

Born on this day back in 1982, Leann has since sold over $20 million albums worldwide, and more recently married actor Eddie Cirbrian! Happy birthday Leann!

Another country singer is added to the list: Shania Twain! The Canadian born country gal turns 47 today and we are still waiting patiently for a brand new album. Her 3rd studio album "Come On Over" is still heralded today as one of the top selling albums of all time. Fun fact? Shania was born Eileen Regina Edwards!! I prefer Shania!! HA!

Going to add one more singer to the list, and that's Florence Welch!!

The gorgeous singer turns 26 today, and she is riding high off of the critical and commercial success of her recent album "Ceremonials"!

"Home Alone" veteran actor Daniel Stern turns 55 today!! Daniel is well known for his role in the first 2 "Home Alone" movies, as well as being the …

Your (Sorta) First Look: Snooki & Baby Lorenzo!!!

Okay, so you can't see his face....but that's a huge mop of hair for a newborn!!!

Snooki left a New Jersey hospital today after giving birth to lil' Lorenzo and it appears she hasn't missed a beat. Rocking her classic wedge shoes already no less!!

As you can see by the photo, Lorenzo is still gearing up to make his OFFICIAL debut, but the hair was enough for now.

And yes, that is a camera crew filming her. The whole thing is being taped for MTV.


Hey True Blood Fans: Check Out This AWESOME Bonus Scene!!!

Why the hell wasn't this included?!

With the feedback coming in from Sunday nights "True Blood" finale being a mixed bag, the now FORMER showrunner Alan Ball has given us a tasty little treat in the form of a deleted scene.

What happened after Eric and Sookie left the others in the elevator?

Well, here you go!!


Seems Eric's sister may know a thing or 2 about the vampire that "owns" Sookie!!

Til next summer!!! HA!

Foo Fighters Done!?

I'm hoping that's not what lead singer Dave Grohl meant.....

It was a monumental night for the Foo Fighters when they closed out the Reading Festival in Leeds last night, but Dave Grohl made a comment near the start of their set that has fans buzzing.

 "Well, well, well, the f--king Reading Festival" Grohl chatted with the crowd.

"You guys realize we've got a lot of songs to play. It's the last show of the tour and it's the last show for a long time."

 Last show for a long time!?

How long is "a long time" Dave!?!

Fear not, it just just appears the band may be going on hiatus, possibly to write new material or just to take a break.

They do however, have a few select dates in September to get through:

Rock the Vote in Charlotte, N.C., on Sept. 5, during the Democratic National Convention, then Music Midtown Festival in Atlanta Sept. 21 and DeLuna Fest in Pensacola Beach, Fla., on Sept. 22

Oprah Named Highest Paid Celebrity....But Who Came In Second?!


While many are probably not surprised that Mama O has taken Forbes magazine's highest paid celebrity crown for the 4th year running, the runner-up may shock some all of you.

While Ms. Winfrey raked in a staggering $165 million from May 2011 to May 2012, director Michael Bay placed second with $160 mill!!! This would be thanks to the success of "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" which grossed $1.1 BILLION worldwide, for which he also earns back-end points.


What else comes as shocking?

Oprah is only the 2nd woman in the Top 20!! Other entrants include Steven Spielberg (3rd), Jerry Bruckheimer (4th), Dr. Dre (5th).

Who's the other woman, listed at number 20?

That would be Miss Britney Spears!!


Lindsay Lohan Becomes Suspect In Theft Case


Just when we all thought that our dearest Lilo was headed on the path of improvement, THIS happens!

Lindsay was a guest at the Hollywood Hills home of Sam Magid for a party just over a week ago, when Magid called the police and reported jewelery theft. The party reportedly lasted all night, and there were numerous people in attendance.

Both Lindsay and her assistant Gavin Doyle have been named suspects.

Now its gets interesting:

Sam Magid has seemingly changed his tune, and is NOW saying that he believes nothing was stolen. Could it be someone tried to pay him off? Unlikely, because Magid is VERY wealthy. Still no idea as to why he changed his story.

Police aren't closing the case though, because they have witnesses who have actually named Lindsay and Gavin as the number 1 suspects.

This is all a clusterfuck right now....but one thing is for sure:

If there is ANYTHING concrete to this, Linds is in DEEP trouble. She's still on probation for the necklace debacle over a …

True Blood Finale Recap: Now What!?

So THAT happened last night.

For those of you that haven't seen the finale, I apologize because that picture pretty much ruins it, but I couldn't resist!

The season 5 finale of "True Blood" has come and gone and did I love it? No.

Did I thoroughly enjoy it though? Yes.

There were aspects of the episode that worked.....and some that didn't.

The main GOOD is that The Authority is no more. Rosalyn and Salome are dead (as well as that chatty receptionist) and all of the guards. Sure Nora survived, but maybe she can be saved used better in season 6.

Here we go!!


1. Bill WILL be next seasons Big Bad (I think)

As you could see from the headlining photo, Bill succumbed to the manipulations of the blood of Lillith and drank the entire vial....thus BECOMING something else all entirely. Has he become Lillith? Simply embodied her? No clue, but the expressions on Eric and Sookie's faces spoke volumes and they got the HELL out of there just as the credits rolled.…

Happy Birthday Aaron Paul!!!!

I know, I know....

I said the single birthdays would stop, but I'm skipping the birthday roundup to focus on my beloved Jesse Pinkman Aaron Paul!!!

The breakout "Breaking Bad" star turns 33 today, and he's had quite the rollercoaster career ever since joining the smash hit AMC show.

Finally winning an Emmy for season 3, Aaron has once again found himself a nomination for the critically acclaimed 4th season. Aaron has been a television force alongside Bryan Cranston, and its hard to believe that after last night, we only have 1 episode left until it returns next year for its FINAL 8 episodes.

This season has been SO GOOD and last week, we witnessed something that could just garner Mr. Paul his 5th nomination next year:

His sitdown meal with Mr. and Mrs. White!


This may well have been one of the most awkward television moments in history.

And it was so freakin' good because of the powerhouse acting from Aaron, Bryan and the incredible Anna Gunn.

Happy b…

Sofia Vergara Creeps Me Out As Lucille Ball anyone else somewhat disturbed by this photo!?

"Modern Family" star and Emmy nominee this year Sofia Vergara recently took part in a photo shoot and donned a very familiar get up, in her tribute to comic legend Lucille Ball.

I'm not exactly sure what it is.....the dress.....the wig...

No I know what it is:

It's the expression on her face!!

I mean, sure she's hilarious on "Modern Family", but this resemblance is horrifying!!

What do you guys think? Did Sofia nail her look as Lucy......or fail miserably???

Jennifer Lopez STUNS With Selena Cover!!!!

Oh it's like 1997 all over again!!!!

Last night, Jennifer Lopez offered up a special treat to her Dallas, Texas crowd when she pulled out a Selena song!!

The singer, who portrayed the late Latin superstar in the 1997 film "Selena", performed the classic "No Me Queda Mas" and all I've got is:


She really nailed it didn't she??!!

Check out the stellar performance below!

RIP Selena

Tonight's True Blood Season Finale: Who Should Live....And Who Should Die!

I'm thinking a bloodbath is going to be necessary!!

Tonight, HBO's smash "True Blood" ends its 5th season, and its been a bit of an up & down ride for yours truly. While some storylines hit major highs (Jessis/Hoyt/Jason, Pam/Tara) some of them crashed and burned (Authority, too many faeries, smoke monster, lack of Lafayette).

Tonight, I'm under the firm belief that creator Alan Ball needs to go out on a shocking end. As previously announced, this season will see the end of Ball as showrunner, and not everyone will SHOULD make it out alive.

Let's take a look at who's SAFE:

Sookie, Jason, Tara, Pam, Lafayette, Jessica, Sam, Alcide, Bill and Eric aren't going anywhere. Plain and simple. Those 10 characters ARE the show. I'll throw in Arlene and Terry just for the hell of it, but they better get a better storyline next season.

Now, who will bite it?

All of the Authority need to exit. While Nora began to grow on me, she's not needed anymore.…

Birthday Roundup: August 26th

Quite a few celebrity birthdays today!!

As a new feature at PopGoesTheArts, instead of focusing on one special day, we will take a look at  celebrities who share the same!!

While we've already welcomed little Lorenzo Dominic Lavalle, whom Snooki just gave birth to, the little guy shares his special day with a few celebs!

Former child star Macaulay Culkin turns 32 today, and its been quite the past few months for the actor. Between batttling drug rumors and health concerns, he's only been in the spotlight in a negative way. I do hope he is healthy and makes a return to film. Happy birthday Mac!!

Funny lady Melissa McCarthy from "Bridesmaids" has 10 years on the "Home Alone" star and she turns 42 today. I adore this woman and believe she has a long future in films and television. Absolutely HYSTERICAL. Happy birthday Melissa!!

Another bday comes in the form of "Teen Wolf" star Dylan O'Brien who turns 21 today. The actor has exploded onto the sc…