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Oh Mariah: That Outfit.......

Has GOT TO GO!!!

Mariah Carey can be proud of the weight she has lost since giving birth to her twins Moroccan and Monroe, but the outfit she chose to wear for her appearance at the Top of the Mountain concert in Austria was a nightmare!!

The singer chose to wear a skin tight, red spandex jumpsuit that showed off TOO MUCH of the curves she has and left little to the imagination!

Now, on the flip side of that, check out the photo below of Mariah and hubby Nick Cannon in Paris over the weekend, where they renewed their vows. Girl looks fabulous!!

Promise me....and your legions of fans:

That you will NEVER wear that spandex jumpsuit EVER again, and we will forgive you.

Congrats on the anniversary though!!!!

And Happy Birthday to Moroccan & Monroe on their 1st birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Rihanna....And She ACTUALLY Dances!!!

Finally, girl brings some choreography to her videos!!!

Rihanna has just released the brand new video for her summer anthem "Where Have You Been" and its definitely a change from videos of the past!

Check it out below!

While she may not be in the same dance league as Janet Jackson or Jennifer Lopez....or hell even Britney (from back in the day!!) she's definitely improved!!

Truth be told, its my fave track off of "Talk That Talk" and I'm thrilled its gotten the single treatment! The video also may be one of my favorites she's done to date!!

What do you guys think??

PS: She looks effing AMAZING!!!! I think this is the best I have seen Rihanna look in a LONG time!!

The Tour Dates Are In: And J Lo Is Coming To CANADA!!!!!

Yours truly ain't missing this show!!!!!

It was just announced today, that Latina superstar and "American Idol" judge Jennifer Lopez will indeed embark on an almost 2 month tour that kicks off July 14th!!

The diva will hit Toronto July 17th and I'll be damned if I miss this show!!

Not only will Jennifer be in the house, she'll be accompanied by Enrique Iglesias.

The tour will wrap at the end of August in Miami.

Will YOU be going??

Avengers Explodes Overseas!! Sign Of Things To Come??

You can bet on it!!

Joss Whedon's "The Avengers" opened internationally on Wednesday, and the numbers are in:

The extremely hyped film brought in a record breaking $178.4 million overseas!!!!

It also came in at number 1 in 12 different countries:

Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, Central America, Bolivia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, New Zealand, The Philippines.

The film is set to open in Canada and the US this Friday (May 4th)

Will YOU be there??

Your Daily Jam - On The Radio

Leave it to a Canadian girl to get me dancing!!

Canadian singer Kristina Maria has just released her debut album, and is on FIRE right now with her latest single "Our Song Comes On".

Check it out below!

Love it!!!

Fashion Report Card: White House Correspondents Dinner

Well, unlike Perez Hilton, I thought Lindsay Lohan looked fantastic last night at the annual White House event.....but not everyone looked as good as she did!!

Although some looked a hell of a lot better too!!

Let's take a look at the good from last night:

1. Kate Hudson

The new mom looked absolutely STUNNING in her Jenny Packham dress. The color was perfect on her, while the high bun hairdo was a great touch. She looked incredible!! One of the nights best dressed.

2. Viola Davis

The award winning actress for "The Help"  looked radiant in her red Amsale gown. The color was a brilliant choice for her and I'm absolutely loving it. While it may mesh with the red carpet a little too much, its still a gorgeous look.

3. Reese Witherspoon

The expecting actress took her baby bump to Washington and looked fabulous doing so! Wearing a Monique Lhuillier dress, she accentuated it with turquoise jewelery making her stand out. The accessories are a perfect touch to a classy, old …

Color Me Impressed


I didn't even think it was possible for her to look as good as she does.....but DAMN!

Lindsay Lohan made it to the White House after all, and she did so looking damn fine on the red carpet.

Wearing a simple black plunging neckline gown, the "actress" looked like the star we all some want her to be. Her hair and makeup were done to perfection as well.

I REALLY am impressed and this is in no way meant as sarcasm.

Good job Lindsay.

Lindsay Arrives!!!

Girl pulled it together!!!

In a bit of a mistake on my part, the White House Correspondent's Dinner is TONIGHT, and Lindsay Lohan actually made it to DC!!

Lohan caught a very late flight into Washington and will be at the dinner tonight, alongside George Clooney, Kim Kardashian and others.

You've definitely impressed me Linds...

Keep it up!!

New Nicki Minaj

Lack of exclamation marks should be a sign of whats to come in this blog.....

Rap superstar Nicki Minaj has just released the video for her single "Starships".....and its quite awful.

Check it out below.

This is it?

This is what was hyped for weeks?!

The video is Nicki prancing around half naked on a beach in a very revealing bikini, and green hair.

Total miss of a video for me, and a shame because the song is pretty hot.

What do you guys think??

Celebrity Feud Alert: The Wanted Vs Christina Aguilera


Reports are coming in that new boy band The Wanted had a less than enjoyable appearance on "The Voice" last week, and are being quite vocal about their meeting with judge Christina Aguilera.

To make this short & sweet, band member Tom Parker told 92.3 Now radio station that:

"She's a total bitch".

"She just sat there and didn't speak to us. Wouldn't even look at us."

Member Max George echoed the feelings, calling Aguilera:

 "a bit scary" and "quite rude." 

A source backstage told People magazine that the story is untrue, saying:

"There was no opportunity for interaction at any point during the show or prior to the show," the source says. "The first time Christina saw them was when she was already seated in her coach's chair and they were performing."

So who to believe?

Well, Christina may have a hard time fighting these rumors. The singer has reportedly been called very hard to work with …

Lindsay Lohan Has A(nother) Bad Week

I swear, this girl is INFURIATING!!!!

Lindsay Lohan may have scored points with the judge for completing her service hours as well as staying out of trouble.....but she ain't impressing anyone else!!

Lindsay has been reporting to the set of "Glee" the past few days to film her appearance for the Nationals episode, where she will play herself as a judge. alongside yours truly's American counterpart Perez Hilton. HA!

Yet, even scoring a gig like "Glee", Lindsay found a way to eff it up.

Lindsay was reportedly late for a day of filming and a crew member had to drive to her hotel to retrieve her. Her rep later said it was a scheduling conflict on both sides.


If that wasn't enough, Lindsay MAY miss an ever bigger opportunity!!

Ms. Lohan had surprisingly been invited to the White House Correspondent's  Dinner tonight alongside other "famous" face Kim Kardashian as well as Oscar winner and FAMOUS face George Clooney.

Leave it…

Is Buffy Pregnant!?

Oooooooh this would be so exciting.....yet conflicting!!!!!

Rumors are circulating that "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and now "Ringer" star Sarah Michelle Gellar is pregnant with her second child.

Sarah and husband Freddie Prinze Jr. already have a 2 year old girl named Charlotte.

Gellar's reps have stated:

That is absolutely NOT true and there is no validity to this," 

Well, either the rep is waiting to release the news officially, or she's not pregnant.

It could prove quite interesting if she is...."Ringer" STILL hasn't been renewed for a second season, and its not looking good. So maybe she'll have a lot of time on her hands!!

We'll be keeping an eye on this story!!

Your First Look: Snooki & Jwoww's New Show!!!

Will it work without the rest of the Jersey gang??

Time will tell!!

Check out below, the brand new trailer for "Snooki & Jwoww Vs The World" which debuts on MTV June 21st!!

I hate to admit this:

Actually looking forward to it!!!


Are you??

Idol Results Recap: Wrong Again

While tonight's elimination didn't have the effect Colton's did.....

It was still wrong!!

The night kicked off in grand fashion with a Queen tribute band taking the stage. This was actually really good (and creepy). I say creepy because the lead singer looked like Freddie!! They were then joined by Roger Taylor and Brian May to close the set. Great intro!!

After another craptastic Ford commercial (when will these be CUT!?) it was time to get down to business. Ryan brought up Elise and Jessica to start off, and I'm sure Elise was worried.

Ryan then made it clear:

Jessica was safe!! That also meant Elise was in danger which kind of worried me. She did a great job last night and I didn't wanna see her go home yet.

It was time for some talent from last year, and it came in the form of finalist Stefano Langone. He sang his new song "I'll Roll" and while I love his voice, this performance wasn't very enjoyable.

Next up, we got Joshua and Hollie. The 2…

Fashion Showdown: Rihanna Vs Blake Lively


That's really the first word that came to mind when I came across the pictures of pop superstar Rihanna at the Time 100 Gala.

The star of the new film "Battleship" wore a bright fuschia Marchesa dress to the event and while I'm loving her dark hair, the dress does nothing for me. It appeared she wanted to have a Cinderella moment with it, but failed miserably.

The color doesn't really compliment her, and the fit & cut of the dress is way off.

Now....."Gossip Girl" star Blake Lively on the other hand?

Stunning!!! Wearing a Zuhair Murad gown, the new red head looked like every bit the bombshell that she is!! Rihanna could take notes!!

What do you guys think?

Who was better dressed?? Blake or Rihanna??

Happy Birthday To A TV Icon!!!

Television icon Carol Burnett celebrates her birthday today, and the funny lady turns 79!!

The extremely talented actress has won 5 Golden Globes throughout her career along with countless nominations, for her work on her sketch comedy show.

Teaming with Vicki Lawrence, Tim Conway and Harvey Korman, she gave us many memorable moments over the years....not to mention hilarious!!

Check out the clips below of one of my FAVORITE sketches from the long running show!

These "Gone with the Wind" spoofs STILL make me laugh after all this time!!!!

Happy Birthday Carol!!

American Idol Top 6 : The Good, The Bad & The WTF

Luckily for all of us, the first round is to the sounds of Queen!!!

The 6 remaining Idol hopefuls stormed the stage to open the show with a medley of songs by iconic rock band Queen and were joined on the stage by members Roger Taylor and Brian May!! Everyone would also be singing a personal choice after the round of classics!!

1. Jessica Sanchez - Bohemian Rhapsody

We all knew SOMEONE would tackle the legendary track, and it was resident diva Jessica! The little powerhouse scores a GOOD rating because she sounded amazing. It must have been difficult for her though, because remember, they had to squeeze this song into a minute and a half. No easy feat. I will agree with Jennifer though with wanting her to move around more. Still, a solid performance!

 2. Skylar Laine - The Show Must Go On

A personal favorite of mine.....and she scored an amazing GOOD rating!! Skylar has been on a roll the past couple weeks, and I find her the one contestant that has grown throughout the competition. …

Jason Trawick Now Owns Britney Spears

Okay, so maybe "owns" is a little harsh.....

It has just been confirmed that Britney Spears' fiance Jason Trawick is officially a co-conservator, giving him power over Brit's finances!!

This all happened when Britney's father Jamie (and Britney herself) petitioned for Jason to be added to the conseravtorship alongside Jamie.

This of course makes logical sense as the 2 are set to get married later this year.

Jason also helped put together the rumored $15 million contract deal with X Factor to get Britney as a judge for next season.

This is all fine and dandy, but I have one question:

Is this REALLY necessary still!? My girl has shown growth the past few years and I believe she would be fine without the whole thing altogether.....

But if its what Brit wants....

What do you guys think???

PopGoesTheArts Hits ANOTHER Milestone!!!!

That's right everyone:

1,000 posts!!!!!!

Thank you to everyone who visits the site every day and to all of you I say:

TO THE NEXT 1,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Is Katie Holmes Pregnant With 2nd Child???

Not looking like it!!

After a tabloid magazine broke a story that Katie Holmes and husband Tom Cruise were expecting their second child, the famous couples reps were quick to put the rumors to rest!

A spokesperson for Katie said:

She is not pregnant. It’s [a weekly magazine report]. Why would they be a credible source. It’s the same publication she sued last year and won.”

That wasn;t enough though, and a rep for the "Mission Impossible" star released a separate comment as well:

“Its false – the [tabloid] lied as usual.”

And there you have it! know.....they're lying!

*GASP* No one in Hollywood does that.....right!?

Beyonce Scores People Magazine's Most Beautiful!

The new mama is looking pretty amazing on the cover isn't she??

People magazine unveiled their cover for the 2012 World's Most Beautiful Woman, and the title went to the ever fabulous Beyonce Knowles!!

It has been only 4 months since she gave birth to daughter Blue Ivy and she couldn't be happier:

"I feel more beautiful than I've ever felt because I've given birth ... I have never felt so connected, never felt like I had such a purpose on this earth." 

What do you guys think of the cover???

Your Glee Recap: Much Better!!

There we go Ryan managed to not completely turn me off this week!!

Last nights episode of "Glee" saw the New Directions pay tribute to the late Whitney Houston and while a few of the musical performances were underwhelming, a few really stood out....and the episode itself was MUCH better than the last couple of weeks!!

We were treated to some solid storylines, including Blaine's fear of Kurt leaving McKinley, Will moving up his wedding date to Emma, and some romance between Quinn and Joe.

I will get the bad out of the way first though, because there isn't much of it:

1. Where the hell is Sugar?! The funny lady has been MIA the past few weeks and I miss her. Same goes for Rory. The Irish lad hasn't been seen lately either.

2. 2 of the performances left a bad taste in my mouth, first being the "So Emotional" duet between Rachel and Santana. I dunno about the rest of you, but this was a mess for me. It didn't really suit them, and the a…

Dancing With The Stars Results: Midnight Train Leaves The Station

Well, no way of sugar coating who went home with a title like that!!

Soul legend Gladys Knight and her partner Tristan MacManus were eliminated on last nights results show of "Dancing with the Stars", while Disney star Roshon Fegan found himself very close to elimination as well.

After pulling in the lowest scores from the judges, it appeared America's votes just weren't enough to keep Gladys around. Thankfully she made it to Motown Week and got the chance to reunite with some old friends, like The Temptations. After competing one last time in the "Dance Duel", it appeared Carrie Ann wanted to keep her around, but Len and Bruno saw differently, and saved Roshon.

I have thoroughly enjoyed Gladys on the show, as she brought an elegance to the ballroom.

The evening saw some stellar dance performances as well as some great guests including Natasha Bedingfield, and Boyz II Men.

The most fitting though?

Gladys and Tristan dancing their final number to the sounds…

New Carrie Underwood....And It's EPIC!!!!!!!!!

I'm going to go out on a limb here, and say.....

This may be the BEST track she has EVER released!!!!!

Carrie Underwood is a week away from releasing her 4th studio album on May 1st (which if you follow yours truly, you're well aware of that by now. HA!) and she has just released the second official single, and the title track "Blown Away".

Check it out below!

Absolutely PERFECT!!!!

This album is shaping up to be INCREDIBLE and I can't wait to hear all of it!!

American Idol Without Ryan Seacrest? NO WAY!!

The host with the most has officially signed on for 2 more seasons of the hit talent show!!

Ryan Seacrest has just resigned with the show that made him a household name, and the contract holds him for 2 more years.

Ryan released a statement saying:

"For the last 11 seasons, I've had the privilege to be a part of one of television's most iconic shows. It's been a wild ride, and I'm excited for my journey with American Idol to continue,"

Ryan also added:

 "The legions of fans, amazingly talented contestants, judges, and producers, along with the hard working Idol crew, impress me every time we go on air and make hosting the show a dream job. I especially appreciate the support and confidence of Peter Rice, Mike Darnell and the entire Fox team—as well as the support of everyone at FremantleMedia North America—and I look forward to continuing our partnership."

Congrats Ryan!!

Celebrity Feud Alert: Rosie O'Donnell Vs Lindsay Lohan

Here we go!!

After it was confirmed that the new Elizabeth Taylor biopic will indeed star Miss Lohan in the title role, it appears that not everyone (including us) is on board.

Enter unemployed Rosie O'Donnell!!

Rosie appeared on the "Today" show this morning, and when she got wind of the casting, she went OFF.

She said:

 "I feel very sorry for her ... I think she needs a lot of time away ... She's had a lot of trouble doing every single movie, including SNL. She was out and not in rehearsal. I think she's not in a place to work." 

Rosie continued:

"I don't think she's right for the role and I don't think she's capable at this point to portray that character."

 Now, while yours truly hasn't been all that excited about Lindsay portraying the legend that is Liz Taylor, I have to disagree with Rosie.

What position is she in to judge someone's career? What exactly is she doing right now?

Oh right, she just got CANNED from …

Happy Birthday Barbra Streisand!!!!

The legend that is Barbra Streisand turns 70 today, and we can all be thankful for the many great moments she's given us over the years.

Whether it be an Oscar winning performance (Funny Girl) or multiple Emmy's, this woman has done it all in Hollywood, and she's showing no signs of slowing down.

It has just been confirmed that Barbra will in fact star in a big picture remake of the Broadway hit "Gypsy" playing the iconic character Mama Rose.

That movie itself has me all excited, but truth be told, there is ONE musical performance that will always be at the top of my favorites list.

Check it out!

That's right:

Funny Girl and "Don't Rain on My Parade"!!

Happy Birthday Barbra!!!

Your Smash Review - Just A (Bollywood) Dream

This show is seriously SLAYING everything else for yours truly right now!!!!

NBC hit show "Smash" gave us another brilliant episode last night which focused on the life of a movie star.

Rebecca Duvall in particular!

Uma Thurman FINALLY impressed me with her portrayal of the sketchy actress Rebecca, and it appears the other characters aren't loving her either!

She got close to Karen, which seemed to put an even bigger strain on her relationship with Dev and made some more (angrier) enemies in Tom and Derek.

This episode had some CRAZY good performances, including Katherine McPhee singing a BEAUTIFUL rendition of Snow Patrol's "Run" and an amazing Bollywood dream sequence starring the cast (which also gave Dev his first performance!)

Ivy possibly began to see some sexual tension between Derek and Ivy, while Eileen took her new relationship with Mr. Bartender to the next level.

Julia faced every mothers nightmare when Leo went missing. She would later find ou…

Dancing With The Stars Recap: Katherine Owns The Night


The Welsh singer finally showed us some confidence & sex appeal and it garnered her the top of the leaderboard!!

Last night, DWTS took us back to the sounds of Motown, and the standings in the competition changed quite a bit.

We saw Jaleel White and partner Kym Johnson make quite a comeback, placing second behind Katherine and partner Mark Ballas, while favorites Maria and Derek Hough fell to 5th.

Unfortunately, Motown legend Gladys Knight couldn't bring up her scores, and she landed in last place. I would really hate to see her go home, especially THIS week!

But the night BELONGED to Katherine and Mark who FIRED up the dancefloor with their energetic Samba.

Check it out below!

Crazy good performance!!

The standings after last night (including the Motown Cha Cha Marathon at the end):

Katherine and Mark: 29 + 10 = 39
Jaleel and Kym: 29 + 8 = 37
William and Cheryl: 27 + 9 = 36
Donald and Peta: 27 + 7 = 34
Maria and Derek: 26 + 4 = 30
Melissa and Maks: 24 + 6 = 30
Roshon a…

Exactly How Would That Work Michelle??

Inquisitive minds want to know!


During the premiere of  her new film "Take This Waltz" at the Tribeca Film Festival Sunday night, Michelle Williams was asked a very serious question:

Would she be on board with a "Dawson's Creek" reunion?

The actress said, after learning star James Van Der Beek admitted he would be willing:

"He has my e-mail!"
 She also added:

"He has my home phone, and my cell phone, so we talk … "

"He could totally ask! I've always said, I'm totally up for reunion tours, reunion shows, so we can do that.

Has our dearest Michelle forgotten her character Jen DIED in the series finale??

Perhaps Dawson could have a dream about Jen....or MAYBE a grown up Emma (Jen's daughter for those that forget) could look JUST like her Mom!!


What would you guys think of a "Dawson's Creek" reunion???

Carrie Underwood Leads CMT Music Awards Nominations!!

Thatta girl!!!

Country sweetheart Carrie Underwood is getting set to release her 4th studio album "Blown Away" in just over a week, but is already making waves with first single "Good Girl".

The video for the smash hit song has garnered Carrie 5 nominations for the annual awards show, including Video of the Year and Female Video of the Year.

Miranda Lambert is close behind with 4 nominations, while Miranda's hubby Blake Shelton, Rascal Flatts,  Taylor Swift & Lady Antebellum all have 3.

The show will air Wednesday June 6th.

Congrats to all the nominees!!

Will Adele Clean Up At The Billboard Awards???

The answer to that is:


This years Billboard Award nominations have been released, and once again, the "Someone Like You" songstress (and multiple Grammy winner) Adele is on top with the most!

Most importantly, Adele will aim for the highest accolade of the night:

Top Artist

She will compete against Lil Wayne, Katy Perry, Rihanna and Lady Gaga.

She is also up for Top Hot 100 Song for "Rolling in The Deep" and is up against "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO, "Moves Like Jagger" by Maroon 5 & Christina Aguilera, "ET" by Katy Perry, and "Give Me Everything" by Pitbull.

Who are you rooting for??

What To Check Out Tonight

Elaine Benes Julia Louis-Dreyfus returns!!!!!!

That's right, the former "Seinfeld" star returns to television tonight in her new HBO series "Veep".

The show follows Vice President Selina Meyer as she deals with being only a heartbeat away from becoming President of the United States!

The show also see's the return of child actor Anna Chlumsky, who we all remember from the movie "My Girl".

Check out the trailer for "Veep" below!

Definitely checking this out tonight!!!

Are you??

Robin Gibb Out Of Coma

This is truly special.

Bee Gees singer Robin Gibb is reportedly out of the coma he slipped into last week and is showing signs of recovery!

The 62 year old singer went into the coma a little over a week ago and his family, including his famous brother Barry, were told to stay by his side, as his condition took a turn for the worse.

He is now responding to family and also to music they are playing for him.

Our thoughts go to him and his family. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Taylor Swfit To Play Joni Mitchell??

It could happen!

According to Variety, Swift is currently in talks to play the famed songstress for an upcoming biopic titled "Girls Like Us" which would focus on Mitchell, Carly Simon and Carole King.

Now, before any Taylor haters (including myself...HA!) get all up in a frenzy, the movie hasn't even been green lit yet, so nothing has been confirmed.

Actress Allison Pill (Midnight in Paris) is also in talks to play Carole King.

No word on Carly Simon's part.

What do you guys think? Would Taylor make a good Joni Mitchell??

Happy Birthday Tony Micelli

Ooops! Tony DANZA!!

That's right....

The former star of the hit show "Who's The Boss" turns 61 today and you'll all thank me for this post afterwards.....

That's right:

You're welcome. This song is now stuck in ALL your heads like it is mine!


Happy Birthday Tony!!

Okay, The Glee Bitching Is OVER.....For Now

This is AMAZING!!!!

While yours truly has been less than impressed lately with what "Glee" has been doing, something came to my attention that really is incredible!

Next week, the show will pay a proper tribute to the late Whitney Houston and while I complained about all of the tribute and themed episodes, this is fitting. With a catalogue like hers, the episode could have some pretty stellar performances.

Take this for example.

Heather Morris AKA Brittany is set to sing the hit "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" and at first, I was skeptical.

But then I heard the entire song!!

Heather Morris SLAYS this and the production on it is what drew me in. They do the song the only way "Glee" knows how: by adding their own spin to it.

Check it out below


The harmonizing with Naya Rivera (Santana) makes this absolutely BRILLIANT!!!

I am holding back from listening to the rest of the tracks, so I can be somewhat surprised for the episode, and therefore this is the o…

Bloodbath At America's Next Top Model

It seems X Factor isn't the only one cleaning house.

Host of the hit CW show "America's Next Top Model" Tyra Banks took to her Facebook page today to confirm what many had already predicted:

Judge Nigel Barker and mentors Jay Alexander & Jay Manuel  were canned from the long running series and will not be seen in the upcoming 19th cycle, airing this fall.

The trio have been a part of the show since its debut, and its quite the surprise all 3 have been let go.

Nigel Barker released a statement saying in regards to his departure:

"it will allow me to take on new projects and turn my attention to other business prospects in the worlds of fashion, beauty and entertainment. I also have a number of new ventures that have been in the works.”

No comments yet from either of the Jays.

American Horror Story Season 2 Details!!!!

October isn't going to come fast enough!!

PopGoesTheArts already informed all of you that season 2 of the smash hit FX series "American Horror Story" would feature returning stars Jessica Lange, Zachary Quinto, and Evan Peters, as well that "The Voice" mentor Adam Levine would be attached.

Now, we have a little bit more to go on!

The setting for season 2 will take place in a mental institution for the criminally insane.....and be run by a brand new character played by Emmy winner Jessica Lange!!

So, unfortunately we won't see the return of Constance, but any form of Jessica Lange works just fine with me!!

Can't wait for the new season!

Your Daily Jam - An Idol Duet

That is, from back in the day!!

Heading all the way back to season 1 of American Idol (you know, when Ryan Seacrest wasn't the ONLY host....Hi Brian Dunkleman!!) we were treated to some pretty stellar performers, and of course everyone remembers winner Kelly Clarkson.

Well do any of you remember the fabulous Tamyra Gray???

You should! Tamyra was given the premature (and shocking) boot of the season when she placed 4th. Luckily for her fans, Tamyra would go on to release a fantastic album, as well as duet with Kelly on her own debut album.

Titled "You Thought Wrong", check it out below!

Still so good after all these years!!