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Happy Birthday Christopher Walken!!

The Hollywood legend turns 69 today, and what better way to salute the man on his birthday....

By showing the video that EVERYONE will remember!!

This NEVER gets old!!

Justin Timberlake? Is That You??


That would be Justin Bieber!!

Continuing on his new "grown up" path, Bieber is set to debut the video for his hot new single "Boyfriend" and its definitely going to be his most mature to date.

Check out the teaser below!

I wonder what Selena Gomez thinks of the video.


Get Ready For A Sequel To......Twins!?

This will be the most random news you'll read all day!!

While the movie is still in very early stages (no director has been picked yet) there are rumblings that it has already been given a green light by the studio.

That movie?

A sequel to the 1988 comedy "Twins" starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito!!

Yeah....random is the only word that comes to mind!

It gets better though:

The studio reportedly wants to call the picture "Triplets" (clever) and will bring in a 3rd brother that was was conceived experimentally as well:

Eddie Murphy!!

Now, while I can do without some Arnold, it would be quite entertaining to witness the 3 of them in a movie together. The original was actually quite funny!

What do you guys think? Good idea or Hollywood running out of ideas??

Rick Santorum Almost Said WHAT!?

Okay, the purpose for this blog is to entertain all of you lovely people out there with all of the latest news in Hollywood along with personal loves of yours truly.

There was never an urge here to get political.....until now.

Douchebag Republican nominee Rick Santorum was speaking at a rally in Janesville, Wisconsin on Tuesday and during his speech, he may have almost let a certain word slip.

Check it out below.


Did he REALLY almost use the "N" word?!

Not only would it be campaign SUICIDE, it would just be ridiculously STUPID.

Not that I would put anything past this man.....

What do you guys think? Was it the word we're all thinking it was? Or did Rick just get flustered and it wasn't what we all think??

Britney Leaves The Bad Memories Behind

'Atta girl!!!

Pop Princess Britney Spears can finally move on with her life.

She is engaged, has 2 beautiful boys, a world full of fans, and now she just made bank with selling off her Beverly Hills Estate.

The asking price for the mansion was a staggering $2,995,000.....but she got a WHOLE lot more for it!!

Reports are coming in that Brit received a whopping $ 4,253,000 for the place!!!!


I'm sure as great as that is, Britney can finally be free of the place. The Beverly Hills spot is infamous for now being the house she resided in during her 2008 meltdown when she was hospitalized. Pictures were splattered all over the net of our beloved Britney strapped to a stretcher and looking disheveled.

Now, here we are, 4 years later.

Britney will hopefully be celebrating this year with an incredible wedding to fiance Jason Trawick. Britney and Jason are now looking to rent somewhere short term until they find their dream house.

She deserves all the happiness in the world!…

New Jennifer Lopez!!!!

It may not be as killer as "On The Floor", but girl has another hit on her hands!!

Check out below the brand new single from Jennifer Lopez titled "Dance Again" which features, once AGAIN Mr. Worldwide himself, Pitbull!!

And just how HOT is the single cover?!

This woman is on fire!!!!

Idol Results Recap: Bittersweet Goodbye

Idol lost another one last night, and yours truly wasn't really thrilled.

After the stellar performances from Wednesday night, the results could have really gone anywhere. No one was safe and I dreaded who might leave.

Ryan wasted no time getting down to business and brought up the first 3 to figure out which of them would be in danger. Hollie, Phillip and Elise were first up on the chopping block with Ryan sending Phillip back to the couch first.

Coming down to Elise and Hollie, I would have been FURIOUS if Elise wound up in danger....but thankfully it was Hollie. Looking back at Wednesday's show, she truly was the only contestant to get somewhat criticism from the judges, so this wasn't really a surprise.

Next up we were treated to a performance from rap superstar Nicki Minaj who "performed" her latest single "Starships.

I use quotes around performance because this was a bit of a mess. I love me some Nicki, and I don't knock lipsynching...but just do …

Deena?! Is That You??

Wow!! Gotta give credit where credit is due....

Girl looks FANTASTIC!!!!

"Jersey Shore" star Deena Cortese recently took to her Twitter to show off a new look to fans, and while many speculated it could be a new hairstyle, what we got was quite different.

The guidette, who joined the show in season 3 after Angelina left was fired, tweeted some new pics of herself and the result was very different.

She claims to have gotten new veneers and has lost a considerable amount of weight. When the girl isn't plastered with makeup or tanned like an Oompa Loompa, she is quite pretty.

Keep this up Deena!!!!

Get Ready Canada: Lindsay Is Coming!!

Oh hooray.

Problem child Lindsay Lohan is on her way to Canada....whether we like it or not!

The "actress" will be filming the Elizabeth Taylor biopic in Toronto which still seems sacrilegious to yours truly. Elizabeth Taylor bio with LINDSAY LOHAN?!

I digress.

No word yet on when filming is set to start, but Lindsay has signed off on the permits mere hours after she completed her community service hours yesterday.

How much trouble could she get into here that she doesn't get into there?

Oh wait a second.....

Ready For The New Dallas??

Well, if you're not, you best be on board soon, because it's coming!!

The revamped series debuts this summer and with original cast members Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray all returning, it could be the surprise hit that everyone wants it to be!

Or it could tank like the Melrose Place reboot.


The new promotional poster has been revealed and its a clever play on the series. When Patrick Duffy announced he wouldn't return for an 8th season, the producers killed his character of Bobby Ewing off. So when the actor decided to return for the 9th, creators came up with a way to make it work:

The entire 8th season had been a dream, and Bobby showed up at the start of the 9th in the shower.

Pretty clever right?

Well the original cast members are back and they are bringing with them a new generation of stars such as Josh Henderson, Jesse Metcalfe and Jordana Brewster.

The series debuts June 13th.

PS: The rest of you are staring at Josh Henderson too right???? R…

Rihanna Answers Ashton Kutcher Rumors!!!

All the while, being somewhat of a bitch if you ask me....

Rihanna is in full press mode right now, with the upcoming release of her first mainstream movie "Battleship".

While at a press conference in London, she was asked about a certain gentleman and her response? Well check it out below.

Now see, here's the thing:

I understand that she only wants to talk about the move.....I get that.

But hunny, you're a STAR and you have to be ready for anything. There were a million answers you could have given for this, yet the way you responded only did one thing:

Made you look like a complete BITCH.

I'm afraid for any other reporter who decides to ask about Chris Brown!!

Ready For More Roman?? New Nicki Minaj!!

Nicki Minaj is getting set to release her sophomore album "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded" April 3rd, and while first single "Starships" is doing well, these 3 new potential singles could do well too (okay only 2 of them and you'll understand soon)

First up we get the song Nicki performed at this years Grammy's "Roman Holiday" and it's......interesting.

Check it out below.

There's a reason this was changed as the lead single and replaced with "Starships".

While Nicki's rhymes are solid, this wouldn't have done well on radio at all. It's simply too much and not the greatest she's ever come up with.

Luckily the other 2 songs are GREAT!

Next up we get potential second single "Pound the Alarm" and it is EVERYTHING. The beat, the verses, the CHORUS!? This is dancefloor Nicki at her finest. While her raps aren't spectacular, the song makes up for it. Check out "Pound the Alarm" below!

Last up we ge…

American Idol Top 9 : The Good, The Bad & The WTF

Scratch the WTF though.....Oh hell, scratch the BAD too!!!!

This is a BULLSHIT FREE review!!!!

After tonight's performance show on American Idol, I'm more confused than ever as to who will end up in the finals, but I've still got my picks (that is if it doesn't change next week HA!!)

1. Colton Dixon (Everything by Lifehouse)

This was an INCREDIBLE way to start the show and I couldn't be happier for this guy. His emotions absolutely poured through and it was one of his best vocals to date. Hell, it was even better than his cover of "Piano Man" last week. Incredible.

2. Skylar Laine (Gunpowder & Lead by Miranda Lambert)

The country firecracker lit up the stage once again, and while it may not have been her best performance, she still did a solid job. Her energy is infectious and you can't help but want to jump up & down whenever she is on that stage. I give her credit tonight for rocking it, although it still wasn't her best vocally.

3. Hee…

Glee Ruins Surprise With New Promo

Well that's just GREAT.

"Glee" is set to return April 10th (for those of you still watching) and has released the promo for their first episode back titled "Big Brother".

While the video focuses on change coming to the New Directions, we also get a glimpse of Matt Bomer who will play Cooper Anderson (HA!), Blaine's older brother. Brilliant casting by the way!

The "ruining of a surprise" however lies within the video near the end....let's see how many of you can spot it.

Check out the video below.

For those of you who don't want to have the surprise ruined.....stop reading NOW!!!!

For those of you that do....pause the above video at :24 seconds.

Look to the far right of your screen.....and who do you see?

That would be Quinn.

So much for the car accident at the end of the last episode!! Now, maybe she'll be in a wheelchair like Artie? Or has amnesia?

Who knows...but this promo could have been tweaked to NOT show her at all!!

Just sayin…

Random Feud Alert: Clay Aiken vs Rihanna!!!


The former American Idol winner runner-up had some choice words for the pop superstar when he was a guest on the Andy Cohen show.

Clay was asked flat out what singers today wouldn't make it past the 1st round of Idol auditions, and his answer may have struck a chord with Rihanna fans!!

Clay said that while there are many artists out there that he doesn't think would make it, he settled on Rihanna, saying:

"She has pitch problems".


While I SOMEWHAT agree with him, I do believe there are other artists out there that should be mentioned before Rihanna....

*cough* Katy Perry *cough*

In Clay's defense, Mr. Cohen put him on the spot.

What do you think of Clay's words??? True about Rihanna?? Or Clay just creating publicity for himself??

Happy Birthday To Mother Monster!!!

The crazy, wild Mama Monster aka Lady Gaga turns 26 today!!

Lady Gaga has been on a relative quite front for quite awhile after releasing a handful of singles off her latest album "Born This Way", so does this mean we can expect more from her soon?

The pop superstar is getting ready to go back out on tour and you can bet yours truly won't be missing that for the world!

Check out below one of my FAVORITE performance from Gaga below! While every performance is stellar (minus the one she performed as alter ego Joe Calderone ugh) this one stands above all of the rest!

This is the performance that MADE her in my opinion....the set, the choreography, her VOCALS!!


Happy birthday Gaga!! Here's to some more crazy performances!!

Dancing With The Stars Results: First To Go

This wasn't really a surprise.

What might of come as a shocker is one of the couples who wound up in the bottom 3, but not the couple eliminated.

"Dancing with the Stars" first elimination was last night and tennis star Martina Navratilova and her partner Tony Dovolani were the first to go.

The couple had the lowest scores from the first 2 weeks of competition and Monday nights jive wasn't pretty. Martina made obvious mistakes during it and seemed awkward in trying to fix them.

What did come as a bit of a shock however was that Disney star Roshon Fagan and his partner Chelsie Hightower ended up in jeopardy as well. Roshon had scored near the top of the leader board and the crowd met their place in the bottom with a chorus of boos. The other couple that was in jeopardy was singer Gavin Degraw and his partner Karina Smirnoff.

Roshon could go very far in the competition if he can muster up the votes, but Gaving needs to really turn things around.

So long Martina!

Are y…

Oh Sure, Why Bother Showing Up To Support The Film That Made You A STAR!!!!

He'd probably argue he was already one, but truth be told, this film made him BIGGER!!

The stars came out and hit the red carpet in support of the re-release of the Oscar winning mammoth of a film "Titanic", but this time in 3D.

Kate Winslet, Billy Zane and director James Cameron were all on hand....with one VERY noticeable omission:

Leonardo Dicaprio

Leo was said to be very vocal against the re-release which is now apparent with his no showing the red carpet event.

Luckily for us, Oscar winner Kate Winslet returned to pay homage to the film that also made her the star she is today. The thankful star looked stunning in her custom made Jenny Packham dress.

Can you believe its been 15 years since the release?

15 YEARS!?


But really Leo? One night out and you couldn't muster up the gratitude?

Carrie Underwood Reveals Tracklisting For "Blown Away"!!!

This album can't come fast enough!!

Country superstar Carrie Underwood is getting ready to release her 4th studio album "Blown Away" May 1st, and while I may not have been a fan of the photoshopped cover art, the names of the tracks definitely intrigue me.

Take a look below!!

1. 'Good Girl'
2. 'Blown Away'
3. 'Two Black Cadillacs'
4. 'See You Again'
5. 'Do You Think About Me'
6. 'Forever Changed'
7. 'Nobody Ever Told You'
8. 'One Way Ticket'
9. 'Thank God for Hometowns'
10. 'Good in Goodbye'
11. 'Leave Love Alone'
12. 'Cupid's Got a Shotgun'
13. 'Wine After Whiskey'
14. 'Who Are You'

After the success of lead single "Good Girl", I have extremely high hopes for the album and can't WAIT for May 1st!!

Ryan Murphy Scores AND Misses In New Casting For Glee

Hey, after her craptastic SNL hosting gig, why should she get ANYTHING?!

Reports are coming in that fallen actress Lindsay Lohan has been offered a guest starring role on the hit Fox show "Glee" for the upcoming Nationals episode.

Lindsay would guest star as herself (can't be much to that!) and sit in as a judge just like past celebrities Kathy Griffin, Josh Groban and Loretta Devine.

Now, while Lindsay is in final negotiations, another star has inked a REAL deal and will appear in a multi-episode arc:

Oscar winner Whoopi Goldberg!!

"The View" co-host will star as Carmen Tibideaux, a theater veteran who will interact with Rachel and Kurt when they visit NYADA, the school they applied to.

The episode arc will reportedly last for 3 episodes.

Guess I shouldn't complain about Lindsay! They got Whoopi too!!

Your Smash Review - Derek vs Tom

I have to admit, that at certain parts of last nights episode, I was beginning to wonder what the hell was going on. The episode seemed to stray from the norm of what had made it so endearing and entertaining to watch, but by the end of the episode, I remembered exactly why I LOVE this series!

The episode focused on Derek baiting Karen into a surprise audition without Tom and Julia knowing. Well, everyone knows you can't keep a good secret long and the info began trickling out thanks to a scheming Ellis (who else is HATING this guy??) By the time the news was out (Eileen and Derek wanted to create a new scene for the musical WITHOUT Tom and Julia's knowledge) their was fire.

Eileen quickly apologized to the duo while Derek became frustrated and the confrontation with Tom was the icing on the cake. It has been well known throughout the course of the season so far that their is a HATE between the 2 men, but we've never been told why. Until last night.

The 2 nearly came to b…

Dancing With The Stars Recap: Best Season Yet?

After last night, it might be hard to argue that!!

Last night, "Dancing with the Stars" returned for a second week of competition, except this time, someone will be eliminated!

The judges were thrilled last week with the debut episode and it seemed to carry over into this week. While most of the "stars" (HA!) showed off their stellar moves, only a few fell and landed in trouble. Tonight's results should be very interesting.

Let's get back to the dancing though:

At the top of the leader board, tied for first place, is Disney channel star Roshon Fegan and his partner Chelsie Hightower, and opera star Katherine Jenkins and her partner Mark Balls with 26 out of 30. Roshon is already a favorite of mine. The charisma that oozes out of the kid is contagious and I feel he will do very well this season. Tying at the top however, is no easy feat and Katherine NAILED it. She seemed uncomfortable with "sexiness" in rehearsals, but once on the dancefloor, she…

Your First Look: Russell Crowe as Javert!!

2 down, 1 to go!!!!

Okay, so we haven't seen Eddie Redmayne as Marius yet, but the main 3 I need are Hugh, Anne and Russell, and I've gotten 2 of them!!

Just released, we finally get a glimpse of Oscar winner Russell as the dastardly Javert in the upcoming adaptation of "Les Miserables" and he's looking INCREDIBLE!!

Okay, where's Anne??

HELLO?! Where the HELL is Anne Hathaway!!!!!

How Long Has She Been Pregnant!?

Seriously, girl looks like she's going to EXPLODE!!!

Pop star Upcoming mother Jessica Simpson was recently photographed with fiance Eric Johnson Sunday afternoon in LA and unfortunately for them, they got caught in the downpour.

Double unfortunate for Jessica though.

The VERY pregnant Jessica, who is due anytime, looked even bigger than the last time she was pictured and I'm still questioning the validity that she's NOT having twins.

It seems Jessica echoes our "exploding" sentiments as she recently made a comment on her Twitter page:

Sometimes I feel like I'm so full of love I could explode!

The mother to be is due any day.

Yeah, no kidding!

PS: Thankfully, she's wearing flats and given up on the heels!!!

Prepare For The Best Of Fox

The network that is!!

Former stars of the Fox network will come out to celebrate the milestone anniversary on April 22nd.

The network will celebrate 25 years since their first signal transmission (which is actually April 5th) and has sent out invites to some big names!

"Married with Children" stars Ed O'Neil, Katey Sagal, David Faustino and Christina Applegate will make an appearance together as will "X Files" stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.

The exciting part for yours truly however, will be the mini reunion between some of the "Beverly Hills 90210"cast! Shannen Doherty, Ian Ziering, Gabrielle Carteris and Jason Priestly will all join in celebrating their groundbreaking 10 season show.

More stars of shows from the past will be announced shortly as will a host of the event.

Luke Perry better be there too!!! What the hell else is he doing?!

And Your 2012 Emmy Host is.....

Jimmy Kimmel!!!

The late night host has been named the host of this years event and according to yours truly, it's a PERFECT choice!!

It's the first time the funnyman has hosted the show, but he has hosting duties under his belt already. He has already played host to the American Music Awards as well as the ESPY awards.

Kimmel has since released a statement in regards to his duties:

"I hope to be able to do for the Emmys this year what Eddie Murphy did for the Oscars" 


Murphy created buzz last year when he was tapped to play host to the Oscars, only to quit when executive producer (and good friend) Brett Ratner quit amongst scandal. Eddie bailing on the show made headlines around the world.

 I'm confident Jimmy will do a GREAT job!!

The Justin Bieber Debate: Is The New Music Going To Work??

That's's going to be a Justin Bieber post.....

And surprisingly, it's not going to be one that rips the teen heartthrob apart!!

Justin Bieber JUST dropped the brand new single off of his upcoming 3rd studio album "Believe" which is slated for a summer release, and to the shock of yours truly:

I LOVE it!

The Mike Posner produced track is the track that finally allows Justin to grow up, and that was presumably the plan all along. The spoken word in the beginning and the rap sound VERY reminiscent to the days of Justin Timberlake and his "Justified" and "FutureSexLoveSounds" albums.

Check out "Boyfriend" below!!

Will radio eat this up? I'm hoping they do because this is the song that could really change Justin's demographic. The urban feel to it could really propel him further.

What do you guys think?

Smash hit? Or is it too different, fans won't enjoy it??

The Idol Hopefuls To Get Some Help From A Legend

And a REAL legend, not Will.I.Am or P. Diddy!!

This week on American Idol, the remaining hopefuls will sing songs from their own personal idol, and they'll have some help, and not just from Jimmy Iovine:

Fleetwood Mac singer/songwriter Stevie Nicks!!

The legendary songstress will aid in mentoring the idols this coming Wednesday night and fingers crossed that she performs on the results show.

Hunger Games DESTROYS Twilight Series In Opening Weekend Numbers!!

Take that Bella Swan!!!

The highly anticipated "Hunger Games" opened this past Friday, and the numbers are finally in as to how it did:

The book to film adaptation grossed a ridiculous $155 million, and in the process destroyed the previous numbers of all of the "Twilight" films.

These numbers have made the film the 3rd highest opening weekend of all time, trailing behind "The Dark Knight" at number 2 with $158.4 million and "Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 2" which comes in at number 1 with $169.2 million.

When everything is taken into account as well including overseas sales ($59.3 million), the film grossed a complete worldwide total of $214.3 million!!


The film surpassed many others as well on their trek to the 3rd spot including:

- Spider-Man 3 $151.1 million in 2007
- Twilight: New Moon $142.8 million in 2009
- Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 $138.1 million in 2011

I do believe Katniss Everdeen has officially beaten that…

This Is MUCH Better, Christina!!

Could it be......

Did someone hire a new stylist???

Christina Aguilera made an appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno Friday night and girl was looking mighty fine!!

The make up is less extreme, the dress isn't too tight and she actually looks GOOD!

Keep this up!!

And good luck with that show you're on....."The Voice" right?

I don't watch, so I wouldn't know!


Happy Birthday Carrie Bradshaw!!!

Oh sorry, I meant Sarah Jessica Parker!

Today, the "Sex & The City" alum turns 47, and what better way to say Happy Birthday, than to revisit some classic Carrie moments from the hilarious HBO show!

1. The Fart

This makes me laugh EVERYTIME. Poor Carrie......HA!

2. The Ex-Boyfriend

Miranda dates yet another questionable guy, and Carrie tries to warn her!

3. The Proposal

Okay, to all the Carrie/Big lovers I say this: SCREW YOU!!! Aidan was her soul mate and they should have stayed together!!!!! Loved this scene

There you go!

Now, excuse me while I go watch some of my SATC DVD's!!

Shania Twain & Lionel Richie Re-Create Endless Love

And it's not good.

Maybe I'm a sucker for the original duet featuring the legendary Diana Ross and Lionel, but this didn't work for yours truly.

For his latest studio album, Lionel decided to re-create some of his biggest hits with some of country music's biggest stars.

While Shania sounded amazing (as usual) I think its the rendition that has me not liking it.

Not exactly sure what it is, but I can't put my finger on it....

Check it out below.

PS: Shania looks GORGEOUS in the video!!!!

Has Britney ALREADY Joined X Factor!?

Holy crap.........holy crap.......holy crap.......

We've kept you in the loop since the beginning about the possibility of Pop Princess Britney Spears joining the judges table for season 2 of X Factor.

Well, now it's appearing that it could be even closer to happening!!

After the dispute between how much Britney would make became public, no word on that has leaked since. Some are speculating that a deal has already been made and they're being very hush hush about it, until the official announcement is made.

Well, to throw fire to the rumors, there may have been chatter about it at the most recent conservatorship meeting between Britney, her father and a judge which happened Thursday.

If you all don't remember, here's a little refresher:

After Britney suffered a "breakdown" several years ago, her father was granted a conservatorship over her estate and made all business decisions as well as travel etc. Obviously though, in the past few years Britney has r…

Jersey Shore Set To Phase Out Snooki & The Situation?

It's appearing that way....

495 Productions, which is responsible for the smash hit MTV show, reportedly told TMZ that with Snooks pregnant, and Mike in rehab (and possibly not drinking in the new season) they will be looking to "phase the 2 out, in favor of bringing some new cast members on board.

The show is worried about losing their audience if they don't do something drastic because let's be real, would viewers still tune in without our beloved Situation Snooki??

I think its safe to say the show can survive without Mike, but Snooki? Nah.

Time will tell on what will actually happen, but season 6 is set to start filming this summer!

Happy Birthday To ME!!!!!!

I'm imagining Madonna serenading me with this!!!

MDNA drops this Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Houston Family Releases Statement

This must be so hard for all of them.

Following the announcement of the toxicology report that cocaine was indeed found in Whitney's system, her family has released a joint statement which says:

“We are saddened to learn of the toxicology results, although we are glad to now have closure.” 

What makes this even sadder is that closure may not fully be.

The Beverly Hills PD reported to website TMZ that the case is not officially closed, and that they will be looking into whether or not there was tampering with evidence. There is now speculation that someone may have removed the traces of cocaine at the scene before paramedics and officers arrived.

When Will The Blue Craze End!?

Okay Katy.....we get it:

You like the color blue!

Katy Perry performed at the Echo Awards in Berlin last night, and once again, she was working some crazy outfit and even crazier blue hair.

While the performance was alright, her outfit and 'do are quite distracting.

Check out the performance below.

Seriously though:

Her hair looks ridiculous, although I can't decide what looks worse:

Her red carpet arrival (pictured at top) or her performance

What do you guys think?

Idol Results Recap: America Gets It Wrong

And so it begins.....

I have a feeling this is going to happen again this season, but last night, America got it very WRONG with their elimination.

Let's go back to the beginning though shall we?

The Top 10 took to the stage and performed another Billy Joel classic and its so refreshing to hear them all sing live during the opening number, and it not be pre-recorded like past years.

After another craptastic Ford music video, it was time to get down to business and Mr. Seacrest told them to dim the lights!

First up was Hollie, Elise and Skylar.

Now, while Hollie had her first rough week, she was in absolutely ZERO danger as she was the first sent back to the couch. I had predicted Skylar to join Deandre in the dreaeded bottom 2, but alas, Skylar was safe as well. This left Elise. I would have lost my mind had she been in the bottom yet again, but America did the right thing and put her through after her stellar performance this week. I really am hoping the girl finds the votes, be…

YES!!! Smash Gets Renewed For Season 2!!!

This is AMAZING news!!!

The NBC musical drama has officially been picked up for a second season which means there will be lots more:

- Jack Davenport hotness (and Derek Wills attitude)

- Debra Messing greatness

- stellar performances

- And Anjelica Houston!!!!!

The show really has come into its own and could potentially be a huge staple show for the network should it continue to follow the same path.

Congrats to the entire cast!!

Whitney Houston Cause Of Death Revealed

The truth is FINALLY out.

LA County Coroner Chief Craig Harvey revealed the details surround the icon's passing and its not the response her fans wanted to hear.

Harvey made it clear:

Immediately prior to her death, Whitney had used cocaine. He went on to further explain that the level of the drug found in her system was "acute":

Meaning she used not long before she drowned in the bathtub. "Accidental drowning" is listed as the official cause of death.

According to Harvey, the autopsy revealed a 60% narrowing of Whitney's arteries - a direct result of the chronic cocaine use. Harvey claims the artery constriction led to a cardiac event before her death which caused her to slump into the water.

There were other drugs found it Whitney's system (Benadryl and Xanax) which he reported were at or below therapeutic level, and didn't significantly affect her death.

Just to make this clear to everyone reading this:

THIS WAS NOT AN OVERDOSE. This was the da…

Rihanna Cozies Up To......Ashton Kutcher!?

What the hell......

Pop superstar Rihanna was caught arriving to the house of "Two & a Half Men" star Ashton Kutcher in the wee early hours of Thursday morning. The singer reportedly arrived around midnight and didn't leave til almost 4am.

Now, Ashton's pad is on the market, so maybe Ri was just scoping the place out.....but seriously:

At midnight....for 4 hours!?

All we can do now is speculate, but one thing is for sure, if there is in fact something going on:

She ain't with Chris Brown!!!!!

Need. This. Album. NOW!!!!!

They really need to figure out a release date soon!!

Gwen Stefani took to her Twitter today and gave a hint as to how the new No Doubt album is coming by tweeting the following:

doing some rough mixes for the label today hope they don’t leak!!!! better not!!!!! [Interscope-Geffen-A&M chairman Jimmy Iovine] be careful! 

Is anyone else as stoked for a new No Doubt album like me?

How long has it been???

Gwen was also photographed coming from a photo shoot today looking like the glam rocker that she is! The yellow heels are a GREAT touch!!

Bring on the album!!

Kelly Clarkson Covers The Goo Goo Dolls!!!

This woman is ridiculous!!

During the leg of her tour in Salt Lake City Tuesday night, Ms. Clarkson surprised the crowd with yet another cover:

"Iris" by the Goo Goo Dolls!!

Seriously, this woman could sing me the phone book (do people still get that?) and I'd be satisfied!

Check out the STELLAR version below!


New Katy Perry

And once again, notice the lack of exclamation marks....

Katy Perry has JUST released the brand new video for her craptastic new single"Part of Me", and while its not what I expected AT ALL from the songstress, I still don't like it.

Check out the video below.

All this video did for me is realize how much I miss the old Katy.

The beginning of the video, with Katy confronting her lover, was GREAT because Katy looked fantastic! The jet black hair is what I love about her. I'm just tired of all the theatrics with her. Leave that to Gaga and Minaj.

What do you guys think of the war inspired video?

American Idol Top 10 : The Good, The Bad & The (2 x) WTF

That's right:

There will be a double dosage of the WTF in this post!!

The top 10 finalists took the stage tonight on Idol and REALLY showed that it could quite possibly be one of the most stellar top 10 the show has ever seen! With the finalists singing the songs of Billy Joel, it would end up being an amazing show!

1. Deandre Brackensick (Only the Good Die Young)

Poor Deandre. The first contestant out of the box scores a BAD rating. This didn't work. The vocals were completely out of reach for him and it seemed he really struggled with the entire performance. I do believe he is in serious trouble.

2. Erika Van Pelt (New York State of Mind)

Everyone, your first WTF moment of the night mixed in with a GOOD rating! Erika shocked the audience (and the world) tonight with her new 'do and I LOVED it! The rocker belted out a Joel classic and sounded flawless while doing so. I believe this performance secured her a spot in next weeks show, but time will tell.

3. Joshua Ledet (Sh…

To My Dearest Sarah Michelle Gellar

While I was one of the MILLIONS of fans that were thrilled when it was announced that you would be returning to our television screens in "Ringer", I must admit that things have changed....

And not for the better.

Here lies a problem Buffy Sarah....

"Ringer" sucks.

What could have been a nighttime, trashy soap opera, has completely turned around into a mess. The premise of the series started off with a bang (minus the crap CGI boat mess) and you've been rocking the hell out of both roles (Bridget & Siobhan) but the show itself is flawed. The storyline is beginning to get ridiculous and not making much sense anymore. You can only attempt to shock the viewers and then pull it back and say "Gotcha!" so many times. I lost count of how many times this happened in this weeks episode.

While you have a fan in Perez Hilton, and do not forget that I still ADORE you, I've decided that I need a break from your show.

Maybe once the DVD is released, I will…

They Did It!! One Direction Makes HISTORY!!!

Way to go guys! This is definitely something to be proud of!!

The battle of the billboard chart was on this past week when new UK boy band One Direction would go head to head with Adele and Bruce Springsteen for the number 1 spot.

The boys didn't just beat them, they also landed a pretty impressive landmark:

With debuting at number 1, they have become the ONLY UK group to debut at the top of the chart, selling 176,000 units!!

Their arrival on the chart knocks Ms. Adele to the number 2 spot, and one would assume The Boss to number 3.....well that would be wrong.

Thanks to a CRAZY deal on Amazon, Guns N Roses "Greatest Hits" jumped from #83 to #3!!!!

Bruce and co. come in at number 4.

Congrats again to the boys of One Direction!!! Things will only go UP from here!!

Your First Look: Hugh Jackman As Jean Valjean!!

Okay, as exciting as this is, where the hell is Anne Hathaway as Fantine!?!?

Yesterday, pictures finally hit the net of Hugh Jackman dressed in character as Jean Valjean in the upcoming Tom Hooper "Les Miserables" film.

With Jackman, Hathaway, Russell Crowe and Eddie Redmayne all attached, more pictures could be seen very shortly.

My excitement for this film has just revved up!!

Bring on December!!

Jersey Shore To Return WITHOUT Situation?!


Just the other day, it was announced that MTV staple show "Jersey Shore" would indeed return for a 6th season, amidst the speculation it would be finished with the pending arrival of one little Snooki junior.

All is well in Seaside however, as the lovable guidette signed on to return, but now it appears they may be a man down, as Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino has reportedly checked into a rehab facility.

The rehab is reportedly concerning substance abuse, and that shouldn't come as much of a surprise to anyone who watches the show. Ever since the show debuted 2 years ago, (crazy to think they're on their 6th season) the gang are paid quite well for appearances at night clubs and such. While most of them have their drinking under control, people close to the situation (HA!) are saying as of lately, Mike has been showing signs of distress.

 With the show set to return this summer, there is no word on whether Mike will be able to participa…

New Nicki Minaj Featuring Chris Brown

Another track off of her upcoming sophomore album, "Right By My Side" is Nicki at her worst.

This woman is a beast when she spits some rhymes but this song is seriously lacking that special ingredient that made songs like "Did It On 'Em" and "Stupid Hoe" ridiculously fun.

And, well, you know my feelings on Mr. Brown.


Check out the new track below.

Mediocre at best.

What do you guys think?

New Madonna!!!!

Well, if this doesn't satisfy her gay fans......THAN NOTHING WILL!!


The Queen of Pop has just released the video to her scorching 2nd single "Girl Gone Wild" and to say its amazing would be a severe understatement.

Madonna brings out her vintage days of "Human Nature" with her black & white video and.....

Oh hell just watch!!!