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And Madonna's Album Cover Is.....


I won't go too crazy ala Perez Hilton, but the Queen of Pop hit the mark with her upcoming album cover!!

This album can't come soon enough!!

Get ready for the year of MDNA!!

Happy Birthday Justin Timberlake!!

Oh dear, I'm having boy band flashbacks!!!

Nothing wrong with that though.......right?

Today, former N Sync member and musical artist Justin Timberlake celebrates his 31st birthday!

The hottie has spent many years now away from the music business in favor of becoming an actor, which I can't say I'm too happy about.

Look, I won't knock the guy on his birthday! He's a good actor, I just miss me some "SexyBack" and "Cry Me a River"!!

Happy Birthday Justin......

Let's hope 2012 will see you back in the studio making some KILLER pop music!!

Like this!!

X Factor Bloodbath!!!! 2 More Names OUT!!!

Holy crap, they really are making a lot of changes!!

I informed you last night that US X Factor host Steve Jones had gotten a pink slip from the show and now its been revealed he isn't alone!

First, what had been speculated as well, Nicole Scherzinger has also been let go.

Nicole had come under fire for her lacklustre judging skills, and especially when she was ultimately at fault for the early exit of Rachel Crow. I won't miss Nicole. Go back to making albums sweetie.

But what came next is what shocked me!!

Longtime friend of Simon Cowell and American Idol alum, Paula abdul has REPORTEDLY been let go as well.

While Steve and Nicole's outs have been confirmed 100%, Paula's is still being speculated, but its appearing likely.

So that leaves Cowell and LA Reid.

Who the hell are they going to bring aboard?

CHERYL COLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

X Factor Host Steve Jones Is OUT!!!!!


What has been speculated for quite some time, has finally been confirmed:

US host of X Factor Steve Jones will not return for season 2 of the hit show.

This may not come as surprising to many as reviews for his hosting duties were rather lacklustre. Many are also speculating that judge Nicole Scherzinger may also get the boot, but as of now, thats not known.

Is it still possible to hold out hope for a Cheryl Cole return?? HA!

Tough break for Steve.

No word yet on who will replace Steve, but who would YOU like to see host X Factor???

The Screen Actors Guild Awards Surprises!!

I was fearing it would be a complete repeat of the Globes, but thankfully there were some much needed surprises!!

One big surprise came in the form of Best Actress.

At the Golden Globes, Michelle Williams picked up Best Actress in a Comedy/Musical while Meryl Streep earned one for Drama in "The Iron Lady". These 2 ladies were the odds on favorite to pick up the statue at the SAGs.

Enter "The Help" star Viola Davis.

Viola was a revelation in the movie and I couldn't have been more thrilled that she was finally recognized for it. Her speech was beautiful and she looked genuinely shocked while receiving a standing ovation from the crowd. Definitely a highlight!

The other highlight came when Brad Pitt made the announcement of Best Ensemble in a Motion Picture.....and it went to "The Help"!! It was definitely their night as odds on favorite Octavia Spencer also won taking home Oustanding Supporting Actress.

Other notable highlights included:

1. Dick Van…

Your SAG Fashion Report Card!!

Last night, the final stop on the Road to the Oscars hit Hollywood, and it was a FANTASTIC night for fashion!!

Not to mention some much needed surprises going into Hollywood's big night!

That will come later, as right now will be focused on all of the incredible fashion......and also the ones that missed the mark.

The best of the best is up first!

5. Viola Davis

I am SO excited to see what she wears on Oscar night! "The Help" star looked breathtaking in her flowing Marchesa gown and, while the dress is gorgeous, what did it for me was actually her hair. She's kept her hair straight all awards season long, so she finally decided to play with it a bit more and nailed it!

4. Naya Rivera

The "Glee" star rocked the red carpet in a Naeem Khan Spring 2012 dress that made her look absolutely incredible. She's never been afraid to show off her curves (or cleavege for that matter) and this dress did both. The plunging neckline is perfect and the print of the dre…

Always A Bridesmaid Never A Bride

Something recently struck me.

With the Academy Awards fast approaching, I've begun looking back at past nominees and winners and then tracing it back to Golden Globes nominees/winners.

Then it hit me.

Jim Carrey won back to back Golden Globes for Best Performance by an Actor in a Comedy/Musical for "Truman Show" and "Man on the Moon", both fantastic films.

When I went to look at the Oscar winners though, his name was visibly absent.

Wait, no it wasn't that he just didn't win......

He wasn't NOMINATED.

How does that happen!?

Jim Carrey will hopefully one day receive an Oscar for his comedic work in Hollywood but if he doesn't, he can always strike up friendly conversation with "Borat" star Sasha Baron Cohen who won the Golden Globe for his hilarious portrayal.

And yet didn't receive an Oscar nod!

Shady, shady Academy!!

The Walking Dead Returns!!

Oh hell this is gonna be GOOD!!

In what has seemed like an eternity since we last saw Rick put a bullet in zombie Sophia's head, "The Walking Dead" will return from its winter hiatus February 12th!

And by the looks of the new trailer, its going to be one HELL of a second half to the season!

Check out the trailer below!

Ok, 2 questions:

1. Why the HELL does Carl have a gun!?

2. Which character will be the next to bite the big one? Tough call!!

Happy Birthday Oprah!!

The former queen of daytime turns 58 today and I wanted to share with you one of my favorite O moments from over the years!

This is going back sometime, but its always made me smile and laugh at the same time. All you need to know about this clip, is that it involves the "ugly cry",

You ALL know what that is!!

Check it out!

What a moment!!

See? Even a legend like Oprah gets starstruck!!

But who wouldn't! It's Mary Tyler Moore PEOPLE!!!!!


I'm going to try and come up with words for this next video I'm about to post.

Lately, it seems I've been ragging on Christina Aguilera for her wardrobe choices as well as her being on The Voice (which I refuse to watch).

I came across something that reminded me why I fell in love with this woman over 10 years ago when she hit the music scene:

HER voice.

Christina was asked to perform at the funeral for the late, great Etta James and payed tribute to her idol by singing her classic song "At Last".

What came next completely blew me away.

Check it out below.

The emotion.


Christina layed it down and I am completely in awe of what she delivered.

Give me another "Back to Basics" album Christina....forget "Bionic"......forget "Stripped"....

I wanna hear you sing the CLASSICS.

Mad respect for this woman.

Can Taylor Swift Do THIS!?

I'm going to be screaming RECAST the second I see her on the screen.....

Ok, maybe thats not fair to say, but I'm leaning towards it.

With the announcement that country singer Taylor Swift has been cast in the new film adaptation of Les Miserables, out in December of this year, I've made no secret of my disdain.

Now, looking to a past performance of Eponine, I'm scared even more.

Check out Samantha Barks belting out the Les Mis classic "On My Own" at the 25th anniversary concert and then tell me if you think Taylor can do that justice.

Samantha NAILS this. Emotion, vocals and stage presence.

Don't screw this up Taylor.

Glee Preview Overload!!!

It's all about Michael!!!

Next week, Glee returns with an all new episode and it will be a tribute to the late, great Michael Jackson!

As per usual, the clips have been hitting the net fast and yours truly can't help but sneak a peak! I thought I would share these with all of you now!

Clip 1: Sebastian Meets New Directions

Ok, so he's clearly already met our beloved Klaine, but now he has drama with one Ms. Santana! Check out the confrontation below!

I really don't think its smart to throwdown with Santana, Sebastian. But your choice!

Clip 2: Santana vs Sebastian

Here it is! The performance showdown that I'm assuming will come from the above confrontation! Check out their KILLER duet of "Smooth Criminal" in FULL!

EPIC!!!! How amazing does Santana sound during this?

Clip 3: New Directions Start Somethin'!

And your final FULL performance! Don't worry about me spoiling the complete episode. The cast covers almost a DOZEN tracks!! Blaine and the res…

Idol Recap: Uplifting Story

It may have been a mediocre night last night, but one contestant drew tears from yours truly!

Meet Ramiro Garcia.

Ramiro was born without ears and him and his family were told by doctors he would be a mute for the rest of his life.

Following numerous surgeries, the doctors discovered an ear canal and Ramiro taught himself to speak and sing.

Belting out "Amazing Grace" Ramiro was incredible.

Check him out below.

If you're wondering exactly WHEN the tears struck, it would be thanks to Ramiro's father.

Such an inspiring young man.

Honorable mention on the show goes to Kristine Osorio, who sang Adele's "One and Only" and WOWED yours truly....along with the judges.

The auditions are winding down....

Here comes Hollywood!!!

Blake Lively STUNS!!!!!

This girl is a fashion GODDESS!!!!

Ok, maybe thats a stretch, but this outfit?


Blake Lively hit the red carpet for the 100th episode party for her hit show "Gossip Girl" in a gorgeous Marchesa gown that fit her perfectly.

Have I used the word perfect enough?

What do you guys think of her look?

Hit or miss?

Your Daily Jam - Gimme A Beat

Old school jam!!

Nothing to make your day brighter then some vintage Ms. Jackson!

New Carrie Underwood Is Coming!!


The highest selling American Idol to date (sorry Kelly, you've been dethroned) is getting ready to release her 4th studio album this spring and has just announced the lead single!!

"Good Girl" will hit country radio February 23rd and she also revealed that she wrote the track along with Chris DeStefano and Ashley Gorley.

She added that long time collaborator Mark Bright produced the upcoming single.

Its been very long since I've had some Carrie in my life and I can't WAIT to hear what she gives us next.

Bring it on Carrie!!

Happy Birthday To One Hell Of A Funny Lady!!

Today, we celebrate the birthday of the hilarious Ellen Degeneres!!

Ellen has had a GREATc couple of years, riding high on the success of her talk show. After starring in 2 sitcoms, Ellen returned to her roots - stand up - before settling into her syndicated show.

When this woman is on stage infront of an audience, you never know what to expect!

Check out some of my favorite moments of her classic stand-up material!!

THE BANGS!!!!!!!

NO!! Desperate Housewives To Kill Off Major Character Before Finale!


Being in there 8th and final season, it appears Marc Cherry is pulling out all the stops in making sure the show goes out with a bang!

This season has been very solid for yours truly and I've enjoyed it right from the beginning. They've really upped their game from the awful 5th and 6th seasons after rebounding for the 7th.

Now, here we are, mere months away from saying goodbye to our ladies on Wisteria Lane and now with the reveal that a major character will be biting it, its hard to imagine who.

Lets face it: Bree, Susan, Lynette and Gabi CAN'T die.

And newcomer Vanessa Williams has only been on since last season, so she's not a major player yet. That leaves the beloved husbands!

Will Mike, Carlos or Tom meet their end?

Could be!

The episode is slated to air sometime in March and I'm sure it will be a tough one to watch!

Who do you think they will kill off??

Is It Possible Adele Will Perform At The Grammys???

Anything is possible!

With the UK superstar still on the mend from throat surgery, the rumour mill went wildwith speculation that she would miss the Grammy Awards in which she's up for 6 awards herself.

The singer had the best selling album of the year with "21" and the shows producers are trying to lock her in, but she hasn't been able to give them a straight answer due to orders from her doctor.

The producers ALSO are hoping they can lock her in and have her OPEN the show with her Grammy nominated song of the year "Rolling in the Deep".

This would be CRAZY good if she could do this, but I'm worried.

I only want my girl up there performing if she is 100%! Don't want her taking chances on straining that beautiful voice of hers.

Time will tell.

Oscars Announced: With One BIG Surprise!!!!!


I can barely contain my excitement over the nominees for this years Academy Awards....

Ok lets be fair:

My excitement is over ONE nomination and thats in the Best Supporting Actress category.

Ladies & gentlemen, I give you the surprising Oscar nominee for Best Supporting Actress:


This is HUGE news for the Emmy award winner, as she was snubbed by the Golden Globes.

I'm so happy for Melissa!

On another happy note, Meryl Streep has found herself with an amazing 17th nomination for her role in "The Iron Lady" in which she won the Golden Globe.

Check out the full list of nominees below!

Best picture
War Horse
The Artist
Midnight in Paris
The Descendants
Tree of Lfe
The Help
Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

Best actress
Glenn Close, “Albert Nobbs”
Viola Davis, “The Help”
Rooney Mara, “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”
Meryl Streep, “The Iron Lady”
Michelle Williams , “My Week With Marilyn”

Best actor
Demian …

Glee Will Return Next Week......

And its going to be HUGE!!

Glee is taking the night off (once again) but when it returns next week with an all-new episode, there will only be one name on everyone's lips:


That's right! Glee is taking on the King of Pop once again in an episode completely dedicated to the late superstar.

I can't wait to see them rock some of the biggest songs in pop music and its going to be one HELL of a show!

Next week people!!!

Check out the teaser below!

UGH! We still don't know Rachel's answer DAMMIT!!!!

Oh and PS: Grant Gustin RETURNS as the dastardly (but beautiful) Sebastian!!!!

Take A Look At The Cover For Adam Lambert's New Album!!!

Well........thats special.

Adam Lambert has just released the artwork for his upcoming sophomore album "Trespassing" due out this March, and I can't say I'm loving it.

While I'm thrilled the camp is gone (aka For Your Entertainment) I find this one mediocre at best. The photo itself looks WAY photoshopped and I'm not really feeling the color scheme.

What do you guys think?

Hit or miss?

Your Daily Funny - They'll Always Be There....

In repeats.....or on DVD.

I've been feeling very nostalgic the past couple days of some GREAT comedies that have gone off the air over the years. Shows like "Friends", "Frasier", and "Will & Grace" just to name (my favorite) few.

Luckily, the world has Youtube.

And what's even better?

A little something magical called:


These bloopers from "Friends" make me laugh EVERY time and I seriously can't get enough of them. Between absolutely hilarious and very cute, these are gold.

Check them out below!

For me, the best parts?

Skip to 3:34 with guest star Christina Applegate as Rachel's sister....and the absolutely ADORABLE little girl that played Emma!!

Perfect. How I miss this show!!

Ready To Feel REALLY Old???

With this birthday notification, I know I sure do!!

Today's birthday comes in the form of Kelly Kapowski.

Oh sorry, I meant to say Valerie Malone.

No.....Tiffani Amber Thiessen!!

If NONE of those names ring a bell, then shame on you, but just to help:

Kelly Kapowski is from "Saved by the Bell" and Valerie Malone "Beverly Hills 90210"!!

The TV alum turns 38 today and that scares me. Do we not all remember watching her as a teenager on SBTB? And as a scheming bitch on 90210?!

Happy birthday Tiffani!!!

Idol Recap: Favorite San Diego Audition

I have a feeling this year is going to be pretty special!!

Idol returned last night at a special time and they were checking out the talent in San Diego! The night definitely had some questionable talent, but for yours truly, one girl stood out from the rest!

Meet Ashley Robles.

When Ashley announced she would be singing "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston, I cringed. Its relatively known on Idol that you stay away from Mariah and Whitney.

Let me just say I'm glad Ashley took the risk!


This girl can go really far, and I'm hoping to see a lot more from her!!

What did you think of Ashley's audition?

Your Oscar Moment - Sandra's Big Night

How many people were THRILLED when she won?

When Sandra Bullock won Best Actress for her fantastic role in "The Blind Side, I couldn't have been happier. It was a stellar year for leading ladies, so it was really anyones game (Ok, it was definitely between Meryl and Sandra).

Check out her touching (and hilarious) speech below.

Her comment to Carey Mulligan? HILARIOUS!

Meryl Streep? Even MORE hilarious! HA!

I love this woman!

Another Hollywood Couple Bites The Dust

Whomp, whomp!!!

Supermodel Heidi Klum and Grammy award winner Seal have reportedly called it quits. The couple, wo married in 2005, have 3 children together and Klum has one from a previous relationship who Seal adopted.

Citing "irreconcilable differences", Heidi is the one pulling the plug.

Nothing else is known at this time, but it does come as a bit of a shock.

The couple is very well known for their lavish ceremonies ever year in which they renew their wedding vows.

No word yet on if the split was amicable or if things are about to get very dirty.

Stay tuned!

The Music Industry Loses A Legend

It's a sad day in the world of music.

Jazz/Blues legend Etta James, 73, died this morning in a California hospital after complications with leukemia.

The singing icon had been battling numerous health issues including hepatitis C and dementia as well.

PopGoesTheArts would like to send its condolences to Etta's family and friends in this unfortunate time. Etta will be forever remembered for her amazing voice and groundbreaking stature in music.

RIP Etta

Idol Recap: Favorite Pittsburgh Audition

And they keep on comin'!!

Idol hit Pittsburgh last night and while I wasn't BLOWN away like I was with Phillip Phillips (that name still makes me laugh HA!) one contestant gave me, in Jennifer's words, goosies!!

When Erika Van Pelt announced she was a wedding singer, I cringed. That's usually the LAST thing you wanrt to hear before they begin, but I was pleasantly surprised!

Check out her belting out the Carole King classic "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow"!

Amazing voice!!

And now for the honorable mention!

Meet Heejun Han!!

Not only can this guy sing, he's freakin' HILARIOUS!

I'm so happy to have Idol back in my life!!

Are Rihanna & Chris Brown Back Together!?

Oh crap......

Its been 3 years since the fight that shocked Hollywood and now it appears that a reconciliation may have occured.

With each passing day, new information is being speculated about when it comes to former (?) couple Rihanna and Chris Brown. Are they back together? Or just having fun?

In my opinion, both of those outcomes could be dangerous....

Reps for Brown insist him and his former girlfriend have just become friends again and put the past behind them, but thats not the story coming from another side:

"Rihanna loves to live dangerously," another source added. "And talking to and hooking up with Chris is all part of that."

How do I feel about this?

Its simple:

If being together (or whatever it is they're doing) makes Rihanna happy, then all the power to her. I firmly believe that someone with a temper as volatile as Chris' won't change. Chris hit her once and if his temper flares, he'll do it again.

Be careful Ms. Rihanna.....


Kelly Covers Cee Lo!!!

How effing PERFECT is this woman!?

Kelly Clarkson is currently on tour for her album "Stronger" and decided to add a little fun to her setlist. She's enlisted the help of her fans to pick out a cover song to do and at her show at Foxwoods Casino on January 13th, they picked quite the song!!

Covering "The Voice" judge Cee Lo Green's song "Fuck Forget You", Kelly has absolutely BLOWN me away!!

I have a request Ms. Clarkson:

I want an album of covers. Now. Thanks :)

Check out her stellar version of the song below!

PS: Props to whomever filmed this, because the quality is INCREDIBLE!

Happy Birthday To The Baddest Bitch On Television!

No it's not Betty White.....

And its not Jessica Lange from "American Horror Story"....

Its Peg Bundy Gemma Teller Morrow Katey Sagal!!!!!

Today, the former "Married with Children" star and now STAR of the FX series "Sons of Anarchy" turns 58.


This woman looks absolutely INCREDIBLE.

Katey has met some critical acclaim as the manipulative matriarch on SOA and I relish in every scene she's in. She won a Golden Globe for her work in season 3 and unfortunately wasn't nominated for the 4th. I'm still hoping she'll snag an Emmy nomination later this year.

Check out a cool fan made video below of some of Gemma's best moments!

I freakin' LOVE this woman!!!!!

Happy Birthday Katey!!!!

Idol Recap: The BEST Audition From Last Night!!!

And so it begins!

Last night, American Idol returned with avengeance showing off some pretty fantastic contestants......and it's only the first night!!

But no one else came close to one young man who's audition closed the show:

Phillip Phillips.

You read that right!!

Check out Phil's INCREDIBLE audition of "Superstition" by Stevie Wonder, and then his impromptu guitar assisted performance of Michael Jackson's "Thriller"!!


And to put your minds at ease if you didn't watch this.....

Phillip made it to Hollywood!!

Lets what what else this guy can do!

As a bonus check out my 2nd favorite audition last night coming from Amy Brumfeld!!

She reminds me of Season 9's runner up Crystal Bowersox.....but maybe a little better!!

Idol is off and running!!!!

American Idol Returns Tonight!!!!!!

I'm so excited to be able to bring all of you my Idol blogs once again!!

With X Factor out of the way, the original talent competition returns tonight for season 11 and the gangs all back!

Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler and Ryan Seacrest all return tonight as the auditions kick off!!

Will it be another country finale?

Who will they discover this year?

It all starts.....


Glee Takes A HUGE Risk!!!

Wow Ryan Murphy.....

Last night, Glee returned from its winter hiatus in a pretty stellar episode. Between the music and the dialogue, it was the Glee of old again.

But I'm pretty sure what EVERYONE will be talking about this morning, was the ending to the episode. Let me clarify for you:


Last nights episode centered around Will enlisting the help of New Directions in his mission to propose to Emma. Songs were belted out (Without You by Rachel was MY highlight) and a ring was bought and in the closing minutes of the episode, Will went ALL out and finally proposed to his favorite redhead. Emma gave him the answer he wanted and it appears we'll have 2 weddings to plan now.

Oh I'm sorry did I say 2?

Well come the very end of the episode, it seemed the wedding bug had caught someone else and he took it upon himself to propose to his longtime girlfriend:

Yup, Finn proposed to Rachel.

Now, we don't have her answer yet, but with the look on her face, I&#…

Usher Who???

Tonight, Glee returns with an ALL NEW episode and fortunately, the songs have hit the net early (like they always do)

As a special treat, tonight's episode will feature a Rachel solo and its not just good.


Check out Lea Michele belting out the David Guetta/Usher song "Without You"!!

This girl is ridiculous.

I'm going to make a bold statement right now and say this:

This is BY FAR one of her best vocals EVER on the show.

What do you all think?

Happy 90th Birthday To A Very Special Golden Girl

Holy crap!!

Can you believe Betty White is 90!?

That's right. The last Golden Girl standing, Betty White, turns 90 years old today and nothing seems to slow her down. With her award winning role on Hot in Cleveland and now starting her own show called Off Their Rocker, Betty proves age is nothing but a number!

Off Their Rocker is a prank show along the lines of Just for Laughs, or Punk'd. It has SENIORS pull practical jokes on random people.

I'm sure its going to be hilarious!!

In celebration of her milestone birthday, check out a Golden Girls montage of funny clips below!

Happy Birthday Betty!!!

Fashion Report Card - The Golden Globes

The best part of every awards season?


This years Golden Globes featured quite a few amazing choices while some slipped......

And others fell flat on their faces!!

Let's look at the BEST!!!

5. Lea Michele

The "Glee" star looked absolutely stunning last night. Lea stunned in a gorgeous Marchesa dress. The detailing on the dress is what made it special and as usual, her makeup was flawless as well. Great job Lea!!

4. Viola Davis

"The Help" nominee has been on a fashion roll this year and last night was the best so far! The actress showed off a lot of leg in a gorgeous plum colored gown and while it may appear simple to some, Viola knocks it out of the ball park for yours truly!

3. Charlize Theron

Was it any surprise that the Dior spokeswoman wore.....Dior? Not at all, and once again, she freakin' delivered!! The nominee for "Young Adult" looked absolutely incredible in her revealing Dior gown. Her hair could have been a tad more dramatic…