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Uh Britney......Is That What I Think It Is!?

Holy crap!!!!

Now, while I may just be speculating (along with Perez Hilton), recent photos of Ms. Spears has gotten quite a few people wondering if the newly engaged Pop Princess is expecting her 3rd child!!

That or the camera caught her from an unpleasant angle....

Look at the first photo very carefully:

That appears to be a baby bump!!!!

While having a child would damper plans for an 8th studio album, I'd be THRILLED if Sean Preston and Jayden got another sibling!!!

At this point its all speculation, but could it be that Britney and Jason will have 2 things to celebrate in 2012? A wedding AND a baby???

Time will tell!!!

Here's To 2012

2011 will shortly be behind us as we move forward in the game of life.

It has been a STELLAR year for film, music and pop culture and I've been so thankful for to have been able to recall all of it.

I've gotten so much support from friends, family and and all of you out there who have been following my blog. 2012 will see many different changes for PopGoesTheArts and I can't wait to share them with all of you.

There will be more countdowns, more time capsules, and more importantly:

More celebrity news!!

So whether Lindsay Lohan finally gets her life on track, or we see some more Hollywood marriages fall apart (sorry Katy Perry & Russell Brand) you can bet to find all of todays celebrity news RIGHT HERE in 2012!!

An Open Letter To Simon Cowell

Dearest Simon,

I would like to start off by congratulating you on your big win on X Factor with Melanie Amaro, but I feel there are things that need to be fixed for the 2nd season next year. Allow me to elaborate:

1. For starters, get rid of Steve. I love looking at him but the guy is borderline obnoxious and very boring. I'm sure you can find a much better host.

2. Are you pissed about your ratings? I'm sure you'll be even more so once the ratings start to come in for Idol next month. I'm prepared (and you should be too) for Idol to wipe the floor with what X Factor brought in.

3. Nicole has to go. She has proven herself a LACK of a judge and an even worse mentor (who the hell gives a rocker a Rihanna song?!) Her moment of allowing deadlock for Rachel was insane and should be the sole reason you fire her ass.

4. You love Cheryl. I love Cheryl. America WILL love Cheryl if you give them a chance. So bounce Nicole and bring back my beloved Ms. Cole.

5. I know its a …

More New Diana Vickers!!!

I want this album NOW!!!!

A few weeks back, I posted a new single from UK singer Diana Vickers called "Music to Make The Boys Cry" which I had absolutely fallen in love with.

Well Diana has done it again!

Yet another buzz track from her sophomore album has hit the net and its fabulous!

Check out "Kiss of a Bullet" below!!

Keep these songs coming Diana, because if you do, this upcoming album is going to be EPIC!!!

Your Daily Jam - Party Time

This is MY jam!!!!!

UK sensation Alexandra Burke's debut album "Overcome" was a slice of pop heaven for yours truly when it debuted over 2  years ago, and one song specifically still makes me want to shake my ass everytime I hear it.

Check out "All Night Long" featuring Pitbull below!!


More Proof Anne Hathaway Is Incredible

I am officially STOKED that Anne will be in the new film adaptation of "Les Miserables"!!!

Anne Hathaway participated in the Kennedy Center Honors tribute to Meryl Streep and I think its safe to say she stole the show.

Alongside Robert De Niro, Emily Blunt, Kevin Kline and Stanley Tucci, Anne certainly brought the crowd to its feet as she delivered a fantastic performance.

Check it out below! And fast forward to the 11:40 mark when she makes her entrance....and the 12:35 mark when she WOWS the crowd!!

So Long X Factor, Here Comes American Idol!!


While I will admit that I did love certain things about the debut US version of X Factor, it did at times leave a sour taste in my mouth. That's mainly in part due to a dull host, Nicole Scherzinger, and the lack of, whats the word.....FUN.

Enter American Idol.

Season 11 returns this January with Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez all back at the judges table. I'm thrilled because last year, Idol was definitely given the boost it needed and it became almost a completely different show. The funny banter between Jennifer and Randy or the antics of Mr. Tyler will make up for all of the fighting on X Factor. The judges are not as invested as Cowell, Abdul, Reid and Scherzinger were. They're just JUDGES. Not mentors.Of course they want to help, but its not an ego competition (I'm looking at you Simon and LA)

Check out the promo for season 11 of Idol below!

PS: Would it have killed Steven Tyler to at least smile during the filming of the promo?


Well, Thats Boring.....

That's the best they could come up with!?

The Academy has released the new poster for the upcoming Acadaemy awards and I must say, its not the best they've ever come up with.

Ok, it's not even close.

I'm very excited for the awards to kick off with the Golden Globes next month, and even more excited for the fact that Billy Crystal is back as Oscar host, but this poster is doing NOTHING for me.

What about you?

Boring or great?

PopGoesTheArts Year End Countdown: Performances Of The Year

The final one of 2011 is here!!

This one will be interesting folks, as I'll be ranking my Top 10 performances from television and film in one list.

For every number, 10 through 1, I will list the joint winners of that spot.

Keep in mind these will not be what you would normally see in a top 10 list. This is a personal selection from yours truly, and will only include what I've actually watched!


10. TV - Ryan Hurst (Sons of Anarchy)

This season on SOA, creator Kurt Sutter really turned up the heat with all of his characters, but no one sold emotion like Ryan Hurst. Ryan has always seemed like a background character through out the years, but in the final episodes of season 4, Kurt Sutter brought him to the front burner. Having finally discovered his father's lifeless body at the cabin, Opie allowed his emotions to finally reach the surface. His anguish was mixed with anger and Ryan sold it brilliantly. All I wanted to do in every scene was give the guy a hug....bu…

Last Year End List Coming Soon!!!!

Check back later tonight for the final installment in PopGoesTheArts year end countdown where I'll be tackling what I love the most:


Now, you're probably thinking "You already did TV moments"....

And you'd be right. I did.

But tonight, I'm joining them together and revealing my top 10 actors/actresses from television and film in one special year end countdown!

Make sure to check it out tonight!

Your 2011 Jam!! The State Of Pop!!!!

Every year.

Without fail.

I look forward to DJ Earworm's mashup of the biggest songs of the year and once again, he hasn't disappointed. With the likes of Adele, Rihanna, Katy Perry, LMFAO and Ms. Britney Spears, he's crafted one HELL of a remix!

Check it out below!

Merry Christmas Bitches!!!!


And Your X Factor Champion Is......

Melanie Amaro!!!!!

No dragging this out, the right contestant won the damn competiton!!!!

After a stellar first season, the US X Factor came to a close tonight with the crowning of one hell of a diva.

The show had many great moments, including Astro returning to belt out "In Da Club" with guest 50 Cent, Justin Bieber giving Drew a Christmas present she'll never forget, and finally, Melanie winning the show!!

Chris Rene wound up placing 3rd which meant Josh Kracjik place 2nd. They both performed extremely well during the course of the competition and I couldn't have been happier with the top 3 we got.

The night did unfortunately have a little bump in the road.....

The final 3 took to the stage one last time to each perform a holiday classic and it was Chris Rene's that got my attention.

Just not the way he probably wanted to.

He sang "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" and it would have been.....if he hadn't sung it. Chris was flat and maybe…

X Factor Finals: Top 3 Give Their All!!

Wow, what a night it was!

The top 3 took to the stage for one final time and after what was a stellar group of performances, I can't imagine who's going to win. Let's break down all 6 of the performances:

1. Chris Rene - To me, Chris was the weakest of the 3 but that doesn't mean he didn't do a damn good job! (At least on his second performance) For his first, Chris began belting out Avril Lavigne's "Complictaed" when he was joined by the Canadian herself. I didn't love this. Chris definitely looked like he was having fun, but it just didn't work for me. His second number however? Chris brought magic back to the stage with a revamped version of his audition original "Young Homie" and he SLAYED it! Good job Chris. I don't believe Chris will win the competition but I'm glad he's come this far.

2. Josh Krajcik - I love this guy!! Josh opened the show with the Alanis Morissette song "Uninvited" and the song fit hi…

Welcome Back Bilbo & Gandalf!!!!!

Ok, I'm officially excited for this movie!!

I've never really given much thought to "The Hobbit" movie slated for a summer release, because can Peter Jackson actually make it work and have the same magic he did for the Lord of the Rings trilogy?

Well, after viewing the first trailer, I'm convinced he has!!

Take a look below!

Who else got chills at just the sound of Gollum's voice????

Bring it on!!!

Your Daily Funny - Hello I'm Drunk!

I mentioned yesterday in my fashion report of 2011 that Sarah Jessica Parker needs to move on from her Carrie Bradshaw days....

But that doesn't mean I have to!!

In the 3rd season premiere of the smash hit HBO show "Sex & the City", Carrie and the girls head to Staten Island so Carrie can judge a mens calendar competition with hilarious results!!


The way Miranda responds kills me everytime!!

PopGoesTheArts Year End Countdown: Best/Worst Dressed!!

Time for your fashion fix!!

Let's try and forget all of the unfortunate individuals who dressed themselves in the dark.....

Oh screw that! I'll get to them eventually!!

Counting down my top 5 looks of 2011!!

5. Jennifer Aniston (Horrible Bosses Premiere)

This woman NEVER looks bad. I don't care what anyone tells me. She's perfect looking! This ensemble at the premiere of her newest flick was one of my fave I've ever seen her in. It's basic black with a bit of shimmer and makes her arms and legs look fabulous! A+!

4. Lea Michele (Jay Leno)

Wearing an Emilio Pucci mini dress, the Glee star has never looked better! The fit of the dress is what draws me in, and the color!? LOVE it!! The hair and the shoes definitely compliment it well and its reason enough to include her on my list!

3. Emma Watson (Harry Potter Premiere)

This girl is going to be a force in the fashion world for YEARS to come if she keeps this up! The now former Harry Potter star became a fashion q…

Remember This???

You'll thank for for getting this song stuck in your head for the day!!


PS: Today is Alyssa Milano's 39th birthday....

HOLY CRAP!? 39!?

She was soooooooooooo young here!!!

YES!!!!!! Absolutely Fabulous Skewers The Kardashian Klan!!

Oh Edina and I missed you so!!

I've tried to stay away from any teasers and clips concerning the new 2011 Absolutely Fabulous special because I wanted to be surprised, but I couldn't resist!!

Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley both return on December 25th for the 20th anniversary of the show and will air 3 brand new episodes.

This teaser clip happened to hit the net and I absolutely (HA!) couldn't resist!!

Can't wait!!!!!!!

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer Has Arrived!!!!!

Holy. Shit.

That's all I've got after witnessing the trailer for the conclusion in Christopher Nolan's EPIC Batman series. This trailer has gotten me completely excited for next summer and I'm expecting this to be HUGE.

Check out a low quality version of the trailer below!!

Ok 3 things:

1. Bane looks freakin' AMAZING!!!!

2. That little speech from Alfred (Michael Caine) at the start was chilling.

3. Anne Hathaway? GIRL!! She's got the sultry, creepy thing down perfectly!!

Can't wait for this movie!!!!

Happy Birthday Brad!!

Today, the sex symbol that is Brad Pitt turns 48 and just looking at recent pictures of the man, you'd NEVER guess he was pushing 50!

William Bradley Pitt was born in Shawnee, Oklahoma this very day 48 years ago and he's got quite the body of work....not to mention body too HA!

Some stand out films from him include: Legends of the Fall, Thelma & Louise, Se7en, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Interview with a Vampire and MANY more!

This year is also turning out to be one of Brad's best. He was just nominated for his roles in Tree of Life and Moneyball.

I salute you Mr. Pitt.

Check out a photo gallery of him below!

Your Daily Jam - Wrestle Me

This song is soooooooooooooooooo good!!

I've just discovered Krsitina Maria, and her song "Let's Play". The song is very catchy and will have you dancing to the beat!

I have to find more from this girl!!

Check it out below!

PS: Ignore the lyrics HA! Whomever made the video clearly wasn't listening properly because 90% of them are wrong!!

Finally!!!! New Adam Lambert!!!


It's been FAR too long, but the winner runner-up to American Idol 3 seasons ago has just released the new single off his upcoming album "Trespassing" called "Better Than I Know Myself".

Adam is serving up some AMAZING vocals and I can't wait for the new album slated for a March 2012 release.

Check out the single at the link below!


Get Ready For The Wedding Of 2012!!!!

Move over William & Kate....

Here come Britney & Jason! HA!

Reports are flying (thanks to the Pop Princess herself) that Jason Trawick has indeed proposed and is set to take Britney as his wife.

Britney caused an internet storm when she posted the following message on her Facebook and Twitter page:

"OMG. Last night Jason surprised me with the one gift I've been waiting for. Can't wait to show you! SO SO SO excited!!!!Xxo."

According to sources, Jason was set to pop the question tonight, but Britney beat him to the punch, knowing it was coming, which caused him to ask the question early!

The 2 are hitting up Vegas tonight to celebrate Jason's birthday.....

But now they have more than his bday to celebrate!!

Congrats Brit!!!!!

X Factor Results: Top 3 Revealed!!

Here come the finals!!

Next week, the first season of the US X Factor will come to a close, and it has been one HELL of a season! It all came down to last night between Melanie, Josh, Chris and Marcus to see who America put in the big finale.

Steve Jones made the announcement, and the first person through was:

Chris Rene!

I was happy but shocked. I really expected Melanie or Josh to be the first name announced. Chris has come leaps and bounds over the competition and I'm going to echo was LA Reid said about his boy Chris:

This guy is the TRUTH.

Then, before getting to the final 2, Steve announced who the second person was:

Melanie Amaro!


After Melanie got through, it was time for the first special guest of the night, and Florence didn't disappoint! Singing a new song off their latest album "Ceremonials" Florence & the Machine delivered a showstopping performance. We were then treated to judge/mentor Nicole Scherzinger belting out her brand new song &q…

Glee Set To Get A LOT Hotter!!!!

They've lifted the guest star ban.....and this is DEFINITELY the perfect start!!

Reports have surfaced that latin superstar Ricky Martin is set to guest star on "Glee" as.....

What else?

A spanish teacher!!


Anyways! No official word on which episode Ricky will appear in, but its slated for a January timeslot.

This is amazing news and I can't wait to see what musical numbers he ends up getting!!

More Nominations!! The Golden Globes Announced!!

And again, Sons of Anarchy gets SNUBBED!!!

With no nominations in sight for an incredible 4th season (minus the crappy finale), the Globes did actually snub a couple other memorable mentions and I for one am puzzled. For starters, as much as I LOVE Modern Family and am happy with both Sophia and Eric securing nods, where the hell is Ty Burell (Phil)?! And Kristen Wiig gets nominated for Bridesmaids but breakout star Melissa McCarthy DOESN'T?! Hmmmmmm I don't really get it....

But, some of the nominations were STELLAR!

Look closely at the nominees for Best Actor in a Drama......

Clooney + Dicaprio + Gosling + Pitt + Fassbender = HEAVEN!!!

Check out the Golden Globe nominations below!

Motion Picture, Drama
The Descendants
The Help
The Ides of March
War Horse

Best Performance By An Actress In A Motion Picture – Drama
Glenn Close, Albert Nobbs
Viola Davis, The Help
Rooney Mara, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
Meryl Streep, The Iron Lady
Tilda Swinton,

X Factor Semi-Final: I Called It!!!!!

The very first week.....

Two individuals, from the very first time I heard them I was convinced they should be in the finals, and after last night, it HAS to happen!

Last night the final 4 left it all on the stage with the hope of making into into the finals next week. Melanie, Josh, Marcus and Chris gave it their all and it was very obvious which finalist SHOULDN'T be in the finale.

Sorry Marcus.

It just wasn't his night.

While I believe it was also Chris Rene's BEST night of the competition, he still couldn't hold his own against the powerhouses that are Josh and Melanie! Chris definitely deserves to be in the final 3, but I really don't see him winning.

First, Josh Krajcik:

His first performance of the Beatles classic "Come Together" was an amazing song choice for America to choose for him. It was a brilliant performance and really showed why we fell in love with Josh in the first place.

As good as that was, what came next was unbelievable!

Josh took …

Screen Actors Guild Announces Their Nominees!!!

Awards season is in full swing!!

The Screen Actors Guild announced all of its nominees today for the 2010 season and I must say I am very happy with some of the results!! It's going to be a very tough year.

Check out the nominees below:


Actor: Demian Bichir, "A Better Life"; George Clooney, "The Descendants"; Leonardo DiCaprio, "J. Edgar"; Jean Dujardin, "The Artist"; Brad Pitt, "Moneyball."
Actress: Glenn Close, "Albert Nobbs"; Viola Davis, "The Help"; Meryl Streep, "The Iron Lady"; Tilda Swinton, "We Need to Talk About Kevin"; Michelle Williams, "My Week With Marilyn."
Supporting actor: Kenneth Branagh, "My Week With Marilyn"; Armie Hammer, "J. Edgar"; Jonah Hill, "Moneyball": Nick Nolte, "Warrior"; Christopher Plummer, "Beginners."
Supporting actress: Berenice Bejo, "The Artist"; Jessica Chastain, "The Help&…