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Hot New Releases!

Next Tuesday isn't going to be just about's going to be a huge new release day for some of my fave movies!!

First up we FINALLY get the re-release of the Disney classic "The Lion King" on Blu Ray and DVD! You know you wanna fall in love with Simba, Pumba and Timon all over again in the animated classic that boasted great music as well, such as "The Circle of Life" and "Just Can't Wait To Be King".

But if Disney isn't your thing...

Look no further than the 4th installment in the "Scream" franchine!!

That's right. Sidney Prescott, Dewey Riley and Gale Weathers return to battle Ghostface again but this time they're joined by Emma Roberts, Hayden Panetierre and Rory Culkin.

So what are you in the mood for?

Some singing lions.....or knife wielding action?

Your Daily Jam - From The Rooftop

You can thank X Factor for this one!!

Please take a listen below to the incredible "Impossible" by R&B singer Shontelle.

Such emotion!!

I am absolutely IN LOVE with this track!

What do you think?

The Best Part Of The Auditions Finale!!

Let's be honest....they aired a lot of CRAP on X Factor tonight.....

But luckily they saved the best for last!!

Cue Jazzlyn Little!

This 16 year old wonder emerged on stage a complete bag of nerves. I was convinced she would stumble over the lyrics, or simply forget them due to how nervous she was.

I was wrong.

This girl just blew the entire Thursday night competition out of the freakin' water!!!

She made my Mary proud!!!!

Next week comes Boot Camp delivered by the fierce choreographer Brian Friedman and I can't wait to see him in action. We will also find out which judge gets what group: boys, girls, over 30, and groups.

I sense a rivalry starting between Reid and Cowell!!!

Can't wait!!

PS: Seriously though, who's idea was it to air SO MANY crap auditions?! I understand "funny" and "awful" makes for good TV, but it got old REALLY quick.

Best. Red Carpet. Picture. Ever

Damn....wish I could have been in LA to witness this.

The stars came out for the premiere of "The Ides of March", the new political thriller starring heartthrobs George Clooney and Ryan Gosling. The boys were looking mighty fine as they strolled down the red carpet.

Seriously....could they ooze ANY more masculinity and sexiness!?

Other stars took to the red carpet as well (in case you cared) with one making a gorgeous mark, and the other getting it all kinds of wrong.

First up, Clooney's new girlfriend of the month, former pro wrestler Stacy Keibler. The ex WWE star looked absolutely stunning in a David Meister dress.

Funny though, the actual ACTRESS on the red carpet managed to somehow trash it up.  I've never been too kind to Evan Rachel Wood....and this time is no different.

What the hell did she do to her hair!?

And seriously....that suit is doing her NO favors. Who does she think she is? Madonna circa the 80's?!

It's all about the picture a…

The Best Of Wednesday Night's X Factor!!

It was an amazing night!!

Lets get right into the performances that rocked the show, starting with quite a surprise for Simon!

Josh Krajcik

INCREDIBLE!! This guy could go really far if he isn't a one trick pony!! The look on Simon's face was priceless!

Next up:

Drew Ryniewicz

This young girl has MAD talent. The way she interpreted the song is ridiculous. SHE'S 14!?

And now for the audition (which I happened to LOVE) that split the judges....right down the middle.

Why Paula and Nicole said no is beyond me. It clearly rattled Simon who begged them to give Tiah a chance. Thankfully they did and Nicole decided to give her a shot. What did you think of her?

Finally the LOL moment of the night!

Damn Simon.

Sing it Nicole!! Girl has some serious pipes which is why she's where she is today.

All in all there weren't many awful auditions last night (which was a pleasant surprise) so I can't wait for the final audition round TONIGHT!

Check Out Your Newest Gleek!!!

Well done Ryan Murphy.....

Very well done!

After a strong start to season 3 of the smash hit "Glee", it has been announced that Blaine and Kurt could possibly see some trouble in their relationship when a student at Dalton takes a shine to the former Warbler.

Cue Grant Gustin.

Theatre veteran (has starred in West Side Story on Broadway) Grant will play Sebastian who, as reports will be "the villain of the season".

They also had this to add:

"The male version of Santana".

Oh hell yes!!

Now while I don't want anything to happen to my beloved Klaine, this is too juicy!!

What do you think of Grant?

Your Daily Jam - In The Mornin'

Let me introduce you all to FrankMusik.

This British electro-pop musician has been making waves lately with his sound and while he is mainly credited for remixing some of todays biggest acts (Gaga, Pet Shop Boys, Mika) he is finally releasing his own jams.

Like this scorching one: Do It In The AM

Featuring Far East Movement, it is dance/pop/electronica at its best.

Check it out below.

What do you think of Frankmusik???

Who Was Eliminated On DWTS???

A nobody!!!

Oh sorry, that doesn't narrow it down very much does it?


After a stellar performance night with Ricki Lake & Derek Hough shooting to the top of the leader board, it was time for another elimination.

The contestants that landed in the dreaded bottom 3 consisted of David Arquette, for his wacky (and tacky) jive, Chaz Bono for his unimpressive routine, and the why-the-hell-is-she-there contestant (who's dance sucked) Elisabetta Canalis. So who exactly got the axe?

Unfortunately, it was Elisabetta.

The former arm candy of George Clooney got the boot from the ballroom tonight and now I can finally say its back to business on the dancefloor.....

After Nancy Grace goes home as well!!

Were you surprised by this weeks elimination?

Keep This Up Ryan Murphy!!!!!

Brilliant. From start to finish!!

This week's episode of "Glee" knocked it out of the ballpark and I'm loving the direction Ryan Murphy seems to be going.

We saw the triumphant return of Idina Menzel, some huge character growth (or lack thereof) from Quinn, and a FANFUCKINGTASTIC scene that saw Will deliver some cold, hard truths to Ms. Fabray!

Seriously of the most amazing scenes in the history of the show!! You can take that to the bank!

Other highlights from the episode consisted of:

- The banter between Kurt & Brittany
- Blaine's solo performance from "West Side Story"
- the EPIC ballad of "Somewhere" between Shelby & Rachel
- Quinn's reveal as to why she changed her look and rejoined the Glee club....she wants Beth back.

The look on Puck's face at the end when Quinn makes the bold announcement, made for a stellar episode!!

What did you all think?

Hit or miss?

Trifecta Of Shows!!

It seems Tuesdays are one hell of a busy night for television!!!! Thank GOODNESS for my PVR!!

Tonight will see 3 programs (all almost airing simultaneously) run and I have gotten quite hooked on all of them.

First up at 8, we get the second episode of season 3 of "Glee"! Tonight's episode should be very good considering it will mark the return of Idina Menzel as Shelby. You all saw the teaser I posted of them belting out "Somewhere" from West Side Story!!

Then at 9, it's dueling shows!!

Sarah Michelle Gellar will continue to rock in "Ringer" (screw the critics, I'm enjoying it!! Please don't cancel it) and then I will see who falls victim to the elimination on "Dancing with the Stars" (my moneys on Arquette, Kressley or Grace).

What are you watching tonight???

Dancing With The Stars - Week 2 Performance

David Arquette & Carson Kressley stumble....while Ricki Lake and JR Martinez kill it!!

It was quite the interesting (and rollercoaster ride) night on DWTS and there were some definite standouts!

The highlights this week consisted of Derek Hough and Ricki Lake, JR Martinez and Karina Smirnoff (screw Len, this was AWESOME), and once again Chynna Phillips and Tony Dovolani.

The REAL lows were unfortunately David Arquette and Kym Johnson (seriously did David take some some sort of drug before this!? He was crazy!) and Carson Kressley and Ana Trebunkskaya (awful, just awful).

There was one performance though that surprisingly wasn't terrible:

Nancy Grace and her partner Tristan MacManus.

Now, while it was anything short of good, it was passable. Nancy looked much more confident this week and its nice to see her not being a rigid bitch so overwhelmed with emotion over her job well done.

The rest was simply forgetable: Rob Kardashian, Kristin Cavalari (who the judges loved, which I …

New Kelly Clarkson!!!

Damn she looks good!!

Too bad the video is a complete bore.

Kelly Clarkson has just released the video for her new single "Mr. Know It All" and while Kelly looks fabulous, the video (and song rather) are just boring for me.

When I think lead single off an album, I think of "Since U Been Gone", or "My Life Would Suck Without You"....not this.

I do like the song, but the more I hear it lately the more I feel underwhelmed.

Check out the video below!

What do you think?

Beat Him To The Punch......Again!!


As many of you may recall, a couple days ago yours truly posted a new song for the daily jam from mister Will Young. Don't remember?


Well, upon viewing another celebrity blog....the LESSER celebrity blog....

I stumbled upon this:


Try and keep up Perez!


The Duet Is Coming.....

No don't's not the name of another singing competition.


Back in August, icon Cher took to her Twitter to confirm what many had been speculating:

That she had recorded a duet with Lady Gaga called "The Greatest Thing".

Originally set as a solo single for Mother Monster, producer RedOne decided to play some unreleased tracks for Oscar winner Cher and she immediately loved "The Greatest Thing". RedOne said in a new interview:

"[Gaga and I] recorded the song a few years ago, and we were always in the studio enjoying that song. It's weird we never did anything with it. So I remember my management and Cher's management were trying to get us together, and I thought, 'Oh my God, I'd love to meet Cher, just to meet her!' And so I met her, I played her some songs, and I played her 'The Greatest Thing,' and she loved it. She said, 'This is my song,' I said, 'Yes, it's your song.' "

RedOne …

Desperate Housewives Comes Full Circle!!

What a way to kick off the final season!!

Our favorite wives from Wisteria Lane returned last night for the 8th season premiere of "Desperate Housewives". I've been anticipating the premiere for months ever since it was announced that the 8th season will be their last.

So what would our ladies find themselves upto during their final run?

Well, by the looks of the first episode....they're in for some trouble!!

After the cliffhanging finale of season 7 in which the girls covered up the murder up Gaby's stepfather (courtesy of Carlos...who was defending his wife) it seems their guilt is eating away at them (except for Bree and Gaby)

Susan is battling an inner demon as she wrestles with telling Mike, while Lynette succumbs to nightmares which throws her back in the arms of estranged husband Tom.....which unfortunately didn't last long.

Carlos it seemed though was taking it the worst. Responsible for a mans death is eating away at him and I worry for what he mig…

Your Daily Jam: Joining A Nation

I want in!!!!

Quite a while back, I introduced you all to a single off of former Pussycat Doll (and now X Factor judge) Nicole Scherzinger's debut solo album titled "Wet".

Well as hot as that track was....and still is.....I have something better!!

Check out another track off the album entitled "Club Banger Nation"!


Ok.....Better Than The First....Still Not Sold!!

C'mon....this can't be IT!!!!

New pics have leaked onto the Internet of Anne Hathaway in what appears to be full Catwoman gear.

Check out some pics below.

Well, she looks good. I'm just not convinced this is the final product.

Prove me wrong Mr. Nolan.

The Divas Reign Supreme At The IHeartRadio Festival!!!

Oh this is what I'm talking about!

From country, to rock, to dancefloor madness, the top names in music hit Vegas last night to give fans a treat!

Particularly the girls!!

We started it off with a scorching set by American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez who performed all of her hits, from "Let's Get Loud", to "Get Right" to her latest smash hit "Papi". Check it out below!

We then took a stroll to the country side....but mixed with a little rock 'n roll!!

American Idol winner Carrie Underwood stormed the stage and belted out 5 of her biggest hits including the 2 below "Last Name" and "Before He Cheats". This girl seriously does no wrong. She looks fabulous and sounded incredible!

We then get the First Lady of American Idol, Kelly Clarkson! Kelly killed it on stage performing "Walk Away", "Because of You" and the 2 below, her newest single "Mr. Know It All" and "My Life Would Suck Without You&qu…

Your Daily Jam - Cuts Like A Knife isn't Bryan Adams!

I've decided to showcase a new artist that many of you might not know. His name is Will Young and he was the inaugural winner of Pop Idol in England back in 2002. Since then he has released 5 studio albums, with 3 of them hitting number 1.

His most recent "Echoes" dropped August 19th with the lead single "Jealousy" which debuted at #5 on the UK charts.

Take a listen below!

His voice is like butter.

Not to mention he's damn hot......and openly gay!

Hey Gleeks: Want A Sneak Peek At Next Weeks Episode????

Sure you do!!!! Especially when it includes IDINA freakin' MENZEL!!!!

That's right. Rachel's biological mom Shelby returns on next weeks all new episode of "Glee" and I can barely contain my excitement!

Next week will feature Broadway standards (YES!!!)  and the song Ryan Murphy chose for Shelby and Rachel???


As many of you know after watching the season premiere, Rachel suggested the group do their musical to "West Side Story" (Double Yes!!!!) and we are treated to the mother/daughter duo belting out the classic "Somewhere".


Watch for yourselves!


Ugh! Guess I'm gonna have to wait just like all of you!

Seriously though, could these 2 be any better together? I'm going to say it....this blows "I Dreamed a Dream" WAAAAAYY out of the water!!!

By the way, you're not going to see anymore clips from next week. I'm not even watching or listening....

I wanna be surprise…

All My Children Goes Out With A Bang.....Literally!


I'm not sure how I feel about this.

Today marked the final ABC broadcast for "All My Children" after a historic 41 year run. With a highlight reel to start the episode featuring the births of characters, it was a touching beginning. What transpired throughout the rest was up & down.

The ups included: Tad's touching speech near the end of the episode, Stuart being reunited with Marian (seriously get a box of tissues ready), Jack & Erica's "Gone With the Wind" saga, and Adam proposing marriage to Brooke.

Now, as good as all of this was, I'm not happy with the ending.

Take a look for yourself with the final 13 minutes of the show today. is this a proper send-off to a show thats been on the air for 41 years!?!?

I understand that the show is moving online come next year, and the producers decided to end with a cliffhanger, but really? They could have made this a HUGE cliffhanger with JR going off and shooting up the ent…

Your Daily Jam

It's the start of something new at PopGoesTheArts!!!

Everyday I will be giving all of you a new song that should definitely be in your rotation!

Today we kick it off with a Swedish artist you may or may not know. Coming off the massive success of her smash single "Release Me", 23 year old singer Agnes is back with her new future hit "Don't Go Breaking My Heart".

Check it out below!!

The Curtain Will Fall

Today is the day.

The day that many fans will be sad over, but knowing that we will soon be reacquainted with the town Pine Valley.

Long running soap opera "All My Children" will end its 41 year ABC run this afternoon before moving online come January. Very few actors have confirmed if they have accepted a deal from Prospect Park, the company responsible for the move. Actors Cameron Mathison (Ryan) and Lindsay Hartley (Cara) have signed new contracts, but no one else has been confirmed. Matriarch of the show Susan Lucci has reportedly decided not to continue her Emmy winning role of Erica Kane which has upset many fans. Another tidbit of information that has fans in an uproar? Creator Agnes Nixon claimed in an interview that, because the show isn't technically ENDING, the final moments on ABC will be somewhat of a cliffhanger. While some characters will get send-offs and proper goodbyes, others will be left in the unknown.

I'm not sure how I feel about that.

Time …

Best X Factor Auditions From Last Night!

There weren't many of them! Simon was right....Miami and Dallas didn't bring it.

FORTUNATELY though...a few managed to make me smile and give me 18 year old Melanie Amaro. When this girl took to the stage, I was praying she would finally bring something to the table.

Boy did she ever.

Belting out Beyonce's "Listen", she had the attention of every single person in that room!

And now we get to my FAVE audition of last night....

49 year old Dexter Haygood had me very surprised. When we met this rather odd gentleman backstage, I was thinking " Oh dear Lord" and I was somewhat right. While he did have a unique voice, I couldn't get over the fact that he was mimicking James Brown right down to the last growl. But when Simon gave him a second chance.....magic.

And now as an added bonus....we get a major LOL from last night!!!!

Maybe I'm being a tad cruel by posting this as a "major LOL" but.....ALEXANDER (Ha!) blew his ch…

The Alternate Opening To Scream 4 Has Arrived!!!!!!

Although the quality sucks....

For those of you that haven't caught any of my older posts on this FABULOUS movie, Wes Craven and Co. decided to cut quite a bit from Kevin Williamson's original script....including our intro.

After having us get faked out with a Stab 6 and 7, we get our original girls being set up for the kill!

Check out below the opening we were all treated to in theatres!

I still enjoy it!!

The alternate though? MUCH BETTER and sooooooo Kevin Williamson!

Apparently it still includes the fake phone call Jenny places to Marnie, which after its made, Jenny returns to laugh at her friend some more....before Ghostface finally shows up.

Kepp in mind there is no music (which makes it creepier) because it never made the official cut of the film.

I think the reason I like this one more is because of the realism to it.....and the brutality. Marnie was already spooked by the Stab movies and was convinced Jenny was playing with her some more. It took piercing screams …

Pregnant & Looking FIERCE!

THIS is much better!

Beyonce took to NYC last night  to promote her new fragrance "Pulse" in a gorgeous blue mini-dress and looked absolutely fabulous! This is a much better look for the expectant mom after a fashion disaster at her fashion show for House of Dereon last week.

Look at those legs!!!

New Rihanna!!!! AND ITS A SMASH!!!!!!

Oh this isn't just good....this is AMAZING!!

Dominator of the charts Rihanna has dropped her first single off her upcoming 6th studio album out November 21st.

The Calvin Harris produced track (also featuring the hitmaker), called "We Found Love" is a soaring dance number and features some vocals from Ri that I didn't think were possible. She slays the vocals and sounds incredible doing so.

I want this album now!!!!!

Check out "We Found Love" below!

And The Best X Factor Audition Was....

It's a tie!!!

I am already LOVING the US version of X Factor so much I will ignore how they simply transitioned over my beloved Cheryl Cole....(damn Pussycat Doll)

My first fave audition Wednesday night came in the form of 42 year old Stacy Francis. When she walked out onto the stage, you could tell she was a bucket of nerves....but when she began to sing...something special happened.


Following Stacy on my fave list of the night, comes in the form of 20 year old Marcus Canty. LA Reid called him the old school Bobby Brown (so in other words, pre-Whitney days) and Simon said he has an Usher vibe! The kid was a revelation and should definitely be considered a contender. Paula and Nicole dancing was the cherry on top!

Those were definitely my top auditions for the premiere episode, but there were a couple honorable mentions!

13 year old Rachel Crow who WOWED the judges and audience with her cover of Duffy's "Mercy"

And last but certainly not least....

Chris …

Sarah Brings The Funny!!!!!


Sarah Michelle Gellar made her long anticipated cameo appearence today on All My Children as it gets ready for its curtain call Friday. While the majority of the episode was pretty heavy and emotional, Sarah brought some much needed laughter!!

Check out her appearence below!


To anyone not familiar with Sarah's previous role on the ABC show, she played Kendall Hart, daughter to diva Erica Kane. You all better know what she went on to do afterwards!!

So damn funny. Props to Sarah for returning to her roots!!

What To Watch Tonight!

It's going to be a busy night in TV land!!

With returning favorites "The Middle" and "Modern Family", I have something even bigger to be excited about:

"X FACTOR"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The brand new reality competition show with Simon Cowell & Paula Abdul debuts tonight and I can't wait!

The banter between Simon and Paula, how they'll show the replacement between Cheryl Cole and Nicole all comes at you tonight on Fox!

Are you ready for the X Factor?

Your Gleeful Moment Of The Week

What an AMAZING start to the 3rd season!!!!

When Ryan Murphy stated earlier that the focus would be on the original castmembers this year, I was very skeptical. Then we got into the episode and I realized, at least in episode number 1, that he was telling the truth!

I am aboslutely LOVING the camaraderie between Rachel and Kurt. Their friendship has blossomed and Chris Colfer & Lea Michele killed all of their scenes this week. One in particular for yours truly though:

The Barbra Streisand version of "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead"!!!

Check it out below

So cute!!!

Honorable mention this week also goes to:

- Blaine tranferring to McKinley
- Will kicking Santana out of Glee Club
- Sue getting glitterbombed

Bring on next week!!

And The First Casualty On Dancing With The Stars Is.....

Not Nancy Grace!!

Color me SHOCKED.

I really thought the former lawyer would hang up her dancing shoes after a very rough debut...but unfortunately she didn't.

She came damn close....but alas....she stayed.

So who went home?

That's coming.

First up in the danger zone were Ricki Lake, Elisabetta Canalis, and Rob Kardashian....and the ladies were safe! Tough break Rob.

Next up we got Hope Solo, Kristin Cavalarri and Ron Artest.....with Kristin safe! Both Hope and Ron are in trouble.

JR Martinez, Chaz Bono and Chynna Phillips are all safe!! Woohoo!!! Chaz!!! Ok, little fan moment there....

Last up on the chopping block are David Arquette, Nancy Grace and Carson Kressley. Carson and David escape the bottom 3, but fortunately Nancy didn't. So, now that I've made you aware Nancy came VERY close to being eliminated....who was the first couple excused from the bottom 3?

It was Rob and his partner Cheryl leaving Nancy alongside Ron Artest....and Ron was the first to go hom…

Next Week On Glee......


Ok, I got that out of my system....

After a stellar premiere tonight (which I will get to in a later post) the show returns with episode number 2 next week and Shelby is BACK!

Who's excited???

PS: Seriously....I thought tonight's premiere was AMAZING! What did you guys think???

Get Ready Gleeks!!! Tonight's The Night!!!

It's finally arrived!!!

While I'm still bummed that Sam won't be returning...we get Blaine FULL TIME!!!

Idina Menzel returns in EPISODE 2!!!

And so much more to come! It all kicks off TONIGHT!!

Don't miss it bitches!

Charlie & Ashton Score BIG!!!!


People were definitely tuning in last night to the former Sheen stomping well as the roast directed at him!!

The 9th season premiere of "Two & a Half Men" now starring Ashton Kutcher drew a staggering 28million viewers!! That easily made it the most watched episode in the shows entire run.

Seems Ashton has a hit on his hands! Let's see if they can keep the viewers when the show continues next week.

On Comedy Central however, Charlie Sheen was bringing ratings in himself!

With the help of Seth McFarlane, William Shatner, Kate Walsh, Mike Tyson and others, the roast drew an amazing 6.4 million viewers making it the most watched roast in the networks history!

Good job guys!!

Dancing With The Stars - Week 1 Performance

It's a brand new season of has-beens stars!!!

Last night kicked off season 13 of the smash hit show and I must say, I was truly impressed with some of them.....and left laughing hysterically at others!

Lets look at who could have huge potential this season:

1. Ricki Lake - The former talk show host and her partner Derek lit up the floor last night and I expect greatness from these 2. Their dance was smooth and Ricki looked like a pro herself.

2. Chynna Phillips - The most beautiful dance of the night! The Wilson Phillips singer looked elegant and dominated the floor with her partner Tony. My only complaint was actually Tony himself, who couldn't seem to remove that massive smile on his face the entire performance!

3. Chaz Bono - Love him or hate him, the guy can dance!! He had so much fun with Lacey and I totally agree with Carrie Ann: He lights up the room! Through all of the negative press he's been getting (which is total BS in my opinion) he stormed that dancefloor …

Ashton Delivers...But Charlie SOARS!!!!

So yours truly decided to check out both the premiere of "Two & a Half Men" and "The Roast of Charlie Sheen" and while Ashton delivered on his new gig......... the roast?


From Kate Walsh's surprisingly funny set, Mike Tyson's awkwardness/hilarity, and Jeff Ross' incredible
performance, the roast was damn funny.....with some exceptions.

While the 3 aforementioned struck gold with the comedy stylings, a few didn't. Namely Amy Schumer. Following Steve-O's failed attempt at stand up, Amy took the stage. She managed to make a few good jokes, but then fell flat when she made an inappropriate joke focused on the untimely passing of Jackass star Ryan Dunn. Bad move sweetheart.....bad move.

We then got the royal comedy treatment from Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner! Shatner absolutely killed it on stage and (almost) made me forget about Amy. Patrice O'Neal followed Shatner and as always, delivered.

That left The Warlock himself.


Memorable Emmy Moments!!

And there were many of them!

Check out my favorite moments from Sunday nights telecast of the Emmy Awards starting with a contest between some hilarious leading ladies!

I don't know if this was scripted or if Amy Poelher just got the ball rolling, but this was my highlight of the night!! Funny ladies and a truly funny moment. Congrats Melissa! Well deserved! Let's see if she gets a Golden Globe nomination for "Bridesmaids"!!

Next up on my list comes funnyman Ty Burell. The "Modern Family" star was hilarious in his acceptance speech for Oustanding Lead Actor and it truly came across as heartfelt and effing funny!

And now for the runner up to Melissa's win....

All hail Jane Lynch!!

This was just amazing. With all the stars popping up in the intro, it just made it even funnier.

What did you think of these moments?

Fashion Report Card: The Emmys!!

There was plenty to see on the red carpet last night at the Emmy Awards and it some cases....some I wished hadn't shown up at all!!

Lets look at the nights best dressed:

1. Kate Winslet - She will NEVER grace my worst dressed list....EVER. The Emmy winner for her mini-series "Mildred Pierce" looked stunning in her red hot Elie Saab gown. My only complaint is with her hair, which is a tad boring....but the outfit (and body) are smokin'!!

2. Sofia Vergara - Wow. That's really all I've got with this outfit. Sofia looks absolutely killer in her custom made Vera Wang gown and it accentuates everything she's got. A+!!!

3. Christina Hendricks - The "Mad Men" star looked simply gorgeous in her Johanna Johnson Couture gown which gave me a complete old school Hollywood glam feel. That's a very good thing people!

And now for the favorite part!!!

1. Katie Holmes - Is that a bedsheet!? Well, no it's not. But the Calvin Klein dress looke…

Emmy Highs & Lows: Modern Family Rules The Night!!

5 out of 5 is damn good!!

Tonight's annual Primetime Emmy Awards was definitely a night of surprises....and some much needed hilarious antics!!

Let's look at the highs:

1. Melissa McCarthy winning Lead Actress in a Comedy Series - I freaked out during this!!! The incredible "Bridesmaids" breakout star earned her first Emmy tonight for her role on "Mike & Molly" and I'm so happy for her. Get ready to see this woman EVERYWHERE.

2. Jane Lynch Opening - This. Was. Perfect. Everyone wondered exactly how Sue Sylvester Jane Lynch would open as host of the show and she didn't disappoint. With a musical set mixed in with her usual funny lady business, Jane proved she was the right choice for host.

3. Ty Burrell - The "Modern Family" funnyman, who earned his first Emmy for his role as Phil Dunphy, had the crowd in stitches with his straight faced acceptance speech. It was classic Phil mixed in with the fantastic stylings of Mr. Burrell.

4. Char…


Jane Lynch........

The Emmy Awards......

I'll be bringing you a recap of the show with all the winning moments and the fashion do's & don'ts!!


There Is No Excuse For This


The glowing Beyonce made her mark at the London fashion week event for her and her mother's line "House of Dereon".

Just not the mark I would have expected.

The mommy to be showed up in a shiny, yet tacky looking ensemble from the line while her mother wore pants and what appeared to be an oversized top.

Sure maybe B wanted to cover her baby bump, but this was too much.

What do you think of the outfit?

New Scream 4 Deleted Scene Pics!!!!

Ugh......why these scenes were cut, I'll never know!!

To say I'm a fan of the Scream series would be a huge understatement. I love the original 3 (yes even the 3rd) and LOVED the 4th no matter what anyone says.

Shortly after the release, the company revealed that many scenes had been cut or fixed before the final version went to theatres. Now, with the October 4th release of the movie coming up, we got word on exactly what was cut:

1. Alternate Opening (which reverses the roles of Jenny and Marnie)
2. 20 deleted or alternate scenes
3. Extended Ending.

While I won't touch on all of the deleted scenes, the alternate opening is what has me excited!!

One pic specifically leaked quite a while back, but now with the release date looming, many more have hit the net as well.

The first one was Dewey and his crew examining the crime scene following the intro to the film.

I warn you, its not for the weak.

See, in the original cut of the movie, Marnie is killed off-screen while Jenny…