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Just Because

With the 2011 Tony Awards set to air June 12, it got me reminiscing about the show. While last year's show was rather lacklustre (sorry Sean Hayes) this year, we get the pleasure of seeing Neil Patrick Harris return for a second hosting stint.

Hell yes!

I love me some Doogie Howser!!

Anyway.....back to the reminiscing!

Back in 2008, the Tony's were a buzz with the speculation that Broadway legend Patti Lupone would take Best Actress in a Musical. Patti set the stage on fire with her portrayal as Mama Rose in the revival of Gypsy.

While Patti did in fact win that night, I doubt it was her win that had people talking. Patti took to the stage earlier in the night with the cast and delivered one of the most brillianrt performances EVER.

Belting out "Everything's Coming Up Roses" Patti lived up to her iconic status.

Don't believe me? Take a look for yourself.

Can you imagine being on AFTER Patti? Yeah me neither!

Talk About Bad Luck!

Well, if your name is Cheryl Cole, bad luck is beginning to be custom!

In an earlier post, I  informed you all that British songstress Cheryl Cole was handpicked by Simon Cowell for his US version of X Factor. I then informed you that Cheryl was dropped due to producers thinking her accent was "too thick" and American audiences wouldn't understand her.

Well as much as a piss off that probably was for Cheryl, she always had the UK X Factor to fall back on.

Well.....not exactly.

It's been reported that Cheryl has been replaced on the hit UK show. that a new record for most firings on a single person in that short of a time span?

A UK press release informed everyone of the news without Cheryl having to confirm anything herself. They announced Take That frontman Gary Barlow, usual judge Louis Walsh, British singer/songwriter Tulisa Contostavlos and former Destiny's Child member Kelly Rowland would all be helming the critiquing of the show.

Doesn't exac…

Counting It Down: Top 10 Worst Movie Remakes

Here comes part 2!!!

I already ran through my Top 10 Best remakes.....but let's look at the bottom of the garbage can shall we?

10. Hairspray

Ok...I'm was torn here. Technically this is VASTLY different from the original John Waters' cult classic, but it is still a remake...just a different kind of adaptation. Director Adam Shankman went the Broadway route and turned the highly successful stage show into a big screen mess. While the movie is fun and cheesy, no one....and I repeat....NO ONE, should ever be subjected to John Travolta in a fat suit and dancing with Christopher Walken. The original  with Ricki Lake, Debbi Harry, and Divine is great. This didn't need to be done.

9. House of Wax

This was hopefully Paris Hilton's swan song in terms of real acting. To release this movie with the cast it had, should have been a movie on MTV late at night....not released into theatres! Her death scene was the highlight of the movie because....well I think you all know the …

Goodye Pine Valley.....Hello Wisteria Lane??


It's stil a sad fact accepting that long running soap opera All My Children will come to an end this September. But with a juciy bit of info that could prove to be true, the sadness is being washed away and instead replaced with anticipation!

Daytime diva and icon Susan Lucci AKA Erica Kane, has been a star of All My Children since it's debut back in 1970 , so it's very sad to see her go. But being a production of ABC, it's possible that Susan may find herself amongst a new cast.

Rumours have begun swirling that Lucci is in negotiations to appear on the next season of the hit show Desperate Housewives.

This. Is. Genius.

Susan has reportedly met with creator Marc Cherry and has expressed interest once All My Children wraps. So, while it may not be a season start for Ms. Lucci, a mid season placement is very possible!

Hopefully, if it does happen, they can create one hell of a character for her. I can just picture her doing battle with Bree…

Counting It Down: Top 10 Best Movie Remakes

Sometimes they work.....most times they don't!!

It appears that when studios have nothing new on their plate, they pull out the remake card. While some can turn out better than the original....they usually don't come anywhere close. But some have done the impossible and turned out, dare I say it?


10. Cape Fear

Originally directed in 1962 by J. Lee Thompson, and starring screen legends Gregory Peck & Robert Mitchum, nobody thought a remake would work. Well, when you have Martin Scorsese as your director and Robert De Niro taking over for Mitchum, you have a damn good remake. Nick Nolte landed the lead role as attorney Sam Bowden and Jessica Lange his devoted wife Leigh. But De Niro is the one who steals the picture, being cast as the insane Max Cady. De Niro was nominated for a Golden Globe & Academy award for his portrayal while young star at the time, Juliette Lewis was also nominated for  Best Supporting Actress at both shows. The original was superb, but …

An Open Letter To Ryan Murphy

Dear Ryan,

I am a HUGE fan of your hit show "Glee", but I have to bring something to your attention:


While season 2 was a lot of fun, certain things left a bad taste in my mouth. I would like these problems fixed for season 3. After the brilliant prom episode, it seemed like you were ready for Karofsky to finally confront his sexuality....but then we don't see him again for the remainder of the season!!

Then we have closeted lesbian Santana.The sexual tension that you deliver between her and Brittany is something you could cut with a knife, yet you keep them as "friends"?


Then you seemingly created one of the most emotional episodes of Glee EVER with the passing of Sue's sister. Yes, the episode was brilliant but please....make a decision. Do you want this show to be a drama? Or do you want a comedy? I am aware of the ability to mix both, but not at the expense of one or the other.

Another issue? The lack of my dear Chr…

Wes Is Back!! (Soon)

Ok, so maybe not as soon as I'd like, but it's something!!!

Wes Craven was recently interviewed by Entertainment Weekly and confirmed that Dimension Studios has contractually obliged to give him "first dibs" on a Scream 5 script!


Now, before I get too excited, Wes has stated a few other things as well.

First off, he won't be even thinking about a 5th until after the summer. It's been a hectic year for the acclaimed director and he admits he "needs a vacation".

Secondly, he has also stated that it would depend on the script itself. He's made no secret of his desire for Kevin Williamson to write the 5th in the series.

How many emails do you think fans have sent Kevin Williamson begging him to turn out a script? HA!

I anticipate Kevin penning the script for the script.....that is, if Bob Weinstein keeps the hell away from it!!

Back in 2000, Kevin had begun (minor) work on the 3rd but unfortunately couldn't stay attached to the proje…

RIP Jeff Conaway

He'll be missed.

Jeff Conaway died today at the young at of 60. Jeff played Kenickie in the 1978 smash "Grease".

Following an overdose earlier this month, Jeff had unfortunately slipped into a coma.

Jeff's troubles came to light when he appeared on Dr. Drew's "Celebrity Rehab" and revealed he had been battling an addiction to alcohol, painkillers and cocaine.

Grease co-star John Travolta released a statement following the news of his passing:

John stated that Jeff was a "wonderful and decent man and we will miss him."

He continued: "My heartfelt thoughts are with his family and loved ones at this very difficult time.”

In memoriam of Jeff, here he is belting out the famous "Greased Lightning" from the movie that made him a star!

You Call This Punishment?!

Does that look like the face of someone serving house arrest?!

The phrase: "What a lucky bitch" comes to mind.

Lindsay Lohan did it again.

After the whole necklace fiasco, Lohan has found herself avoiding jail but instead receiving house arrest. Now, when one thinks of house arrest, they think solitary.....they think rules.

Lindsay has just begun her 35 day sentence of house arrest...but it's not quite appearing she's really suffering. Fitted with her favourite accessory (an ankle monitor) Linday will be staying at posh beachside townhouse.....where she's allowed visitors.

Ok? We're okay with visitors....but this next part is RIDICULOUS.

Being reported is that Lindsay must stay on the premises or her ankle monitor will go off. But the kicker in all of this is that she WILL NOT be undergoing any drug or alcohol testing while under the arrest.


The girl has proven she's a loose cannon and I feel this is just going to give her ample opportunity to do …

Are You Ready To Dance?

One reality show ends.....another begins!!

Tonight marks the return of the popular summer hit So You Think You Can Dance!

Going into it's 8th season, the hit show will see some changes this year to the judging panel. Resident judge (and producer) Nigel Lythgoe will return alongside director and choreographer Adam Shankman. But unfortunately epic choreographer and Emmy winner Mia Michaels will not be a permanent fixture this year. Instead we get the return of a screaming veteran.

All aboard the hot tamale train!!

Ballroom dancer/choreographer Mary Murphy makes her return as a full time judge after being MIA last season. Let's be honest though....did anyone ACTUALLY miss her?!

Between her high pitched screams and incoherent ramblings, (she's SYTYCD's Idol version of Paula) Mary doesn't usually bring anything to the table. Ok, maybe she brings something....which is more then Ellen Degeneres brought to the last season of Idol!

The judges will also have a rotating judge …

Idol Results Recap: And Your Winner Is.....

Going to be revealed at the END of this blog!!

Two can play that game Mr. Seacrest!!

In one of the most anticipated season finales of Idol in years, yours truly is very excited at the outcome. I can honestly say that I would be happy with BOTH Lauren and Scotty as champs, but only one will take the crown and be the 2011 American Idol!

We get a countdown montage of all the auditions and top 24 leading us to to our final 2 tonight, which leads us to the usual recap of last night....and here we go!

With over 122 millions votes, this has been a groundbreaking season for the hit show! We then check out the crowds from their respective hometowns and they look insane. It's evident that the turn out for Scotty was much bigger.

We kick off the festivites with the top 13 belting out Lady Gaga's anthem "Born This Way" and it was entertaining. I have to admit, I was expecting Mother Monster herself to make an appearence at the end....but no such luck!

We're then treated to …

Cheryl Out, Nicole In?!

The word "enraged" comes to mind right about now!!

Word is coming in that the US version of X Factor is going through a serious shuffle with the judges.

When it was announced that Simon was bringing in Girls Aloud singer, and original X Factor UK judge, Cheryl Cole, I was beyond excited.

The excitement is beginning to fade.

According to reports, Cheryl has been booted from the judging panel and is being replaced by who was supposed to be co-host: Nicole Scherzinger.


Well, apparently the producers were worried that American audiences wouldn't understand Cheryl's thick British accent. The other reason being that Cheryl and fellow judge Paula Abdul had a "lack of chemistry".

This is a joke right?

Well unfortunately, it's not looking that way.

Simon Cowell has yet to respond to these allegations and I'm really hoping this can be fixed.

I love Nicole Scherzinger but I envision her as a co-host with Steve Jones....not as a judge!

Fix this Simon!!…

Farewell Oprah

Is it the end of the world?

It appears so in the world of television.

Today, Oprah Winfrey said goodbye to her show of the past 25 years and it was a perfect send-off for the daytime queen.

After receiving a celebrity filled goodbye at the Chicago United Center Monday and Tuesday, Oprah took her final stand today and stood before an audience and for one hour, she delivered a stirring monologue.

Between reminiscing about past episodes, and giving the audience something to think about, she put me in complete awe. Her words rang true and it was, what she likes to call, an "A-HA" moment.

Oprah will be very missed and I can't believe it's all over.

The talk show queen kept her composure through majority of the program, only once having to collect herself and stifle the tears. She made it very clear that she has not only been a teacher to her millions of viewers, but that we, have been her teacher. She recalled her early start and how she was made for what she does. Fr…

Will It Be Worth Watching??

The hit show Law & Order SVU has taken a direct hit to the heart: series star Christopher Meloni is leaving.

Meloni AKA Elliott Stabler has been on the show since it's debut 13 years ago. Alongside Mariska Hargitay (Olivia Benson) the duo have made the show what it is.

It was announced last week that Hargitay would be reducing her screen time with her character getting a promotion. Fan were left wondering "What about Stabler?" It had then been announced that Meloni had yet to resign and that they were in the process of "working it out".

Unfortunately, it didn't pan out to anything positive.

Being an avid fan of the show, I am very disappointed with this turn of events. The show will never be the same again and I'm certain after this season, they'll be done. I don't see NBC renewing it after this years 13th season because I guarantee viewership will drop.

Maybe they can prove me wrong....but I doubt it.

I mean, not with a replacement like t…

Glee Bows Out Of Season 2!!

And what a season finale it was!!

Between taking in the sights of New York City and meeting a Broadway legend, New Directions had an adventure filled trip to Nationals!

One had to wonder though, at the end of last week's episode, we saw Quinn seemingly unleash her claws. What did the scorned vixen have in store for her fellow Glee club members?

We'll never know, because thanks to Santana and Brittany, they calmed her down and got her a haircut (which apparently ceased the anger). But they had bigger problems to deal with.

Finn finally made his move on Rachel, and took her out for a romantic dinner. This was a cute scene....but it turned fierce within a matter of seconds!

Rachel's jaw dropped (as did mine) when she spotted none other than Broadway icon Patti Lupone at another table!! Rachel could barely contain her excitement (once again as could I) and leapt to her feet to greet her. This was such an awesome moment, although I wish Kurt would have been present for it.


American Idol Top 2 - The Good, The Bad & The WTF?!

It all comes down to this!!

We're informed at the start that there was an emergency surrounding Lauren. She was rehearsing and blew out one of her vocal cords.....but luckily Lauren was under strict doctor's orders not to talk until the live show and got her on some meds for her roughed up throat. TMZ actually broke the story that the producers had ACTUALLY called in Haley Reinhart who almost would have been reinstated as a finalist. Haley then would have gone up against Scotty for the American Idol title!

Knowing that Haley was almost back in the finale is my WTF moment....I can't even imagine what would have transpired had Lauren had to drop out!

Thank God that didn't happen because according to Lauren, she's good to go!!

Ryan announces that they will each be singing 3 songs: their favourite from the competition, a song chosen by their personal idol (Lauren's is Carrie Underwood, Scotty's George Strait) and finally the song they will release as their sin…

Oprah Goes Out In Style!! say the 2 part finale was huge.....would be an understatement!

The producers of the show went all out in giving the daytime queen a proper farewell, and they didn't disappoint!

The first part included such stars as Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Queen Latifah, Madonna, Dakota Fanning, and Rascal Flatts.

There were many memorable moments, but the high honours go to two outstanding women: Beyonce and Patti Labelle.

Beyonce surprised Oprah with a performance of her over played single "Run The World (Girls)" and this was EPIC. Beyonce amazed the audience and yours truly and this woman just puts me in awe. But before that, we got a very welcome surprise. Opera sensation Jackie Evancho took to the stage and began singing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" and then surprised the audience with Josh Groban!

But Oprah's biggest surprise came in the form of Patti Labelle!

The icon belted out the remainder of the song and had the audience on their feet! 

So that was par…

Britney Misses, While Beyonce Amazes!!

The Billboard Music Awards made a triumphant return to television after not being broadcasted since 2006. The show dominated the screen Sunday night and it's safe to say the show will be back next year.

Unfortunately not everything in the show was triumphant.

Example? Britney.

Yes, Ms. Spears made a rare television appearence and maybe shouldn't have. She surprised the crowd by opening up the show with Rihanna and "singing" their remix "S&M".

Now, while Rihanna belted out the lyrics live, Britney didn't. Should this come as much of a shock that she was lip-synching? No. Does that mean it was good? Not at all. This was passable and I did enjoy it for only the reason being seeing the 2 of them on stage together. Britney looked happy and seemed like she was having a good time. Props for that. And I'm not criticizing the dancing in this. It was fun. It wasn't supposed to be hard choreography, so she won't lose marks for that! She did the ex…

Justin & Gaga Deliver An Epic SNL Season Finale!!

I'm going to admit right off, I don't watch this show anymore. The last Saturday Night Live I watched in full was when the hilarious Betty White hosted.

But I was definitely intrigued when they announced, for the season finale, Justin Timberlake would host with musical guest Lady Gaga!

We've seen Justin host before, so that's already a given fact that he'll be funny.....but would Gaga appear in any sketches following her one time with Madonna? (If you haven't seen that sketch, Youtube it! Hilarious!)

She sure did, and she ROCKED her scenes! My 2 favourite sketches were the following:

First up, we got the Liquorville sketch with JT and the always laugh inducing Kristen Wiig! This had me in tears and I have to hand it to Justin most of all. Gaga was awesome but JT killed this. The "teabagging" segment was ridiculous....but in a good way!

Now, if you thought that sketch was ain't seen NOTHING yet!

Justin reunited with Andy Samberg (re…

A 2 for 1 Britney Special?

Oh please let this happen!!!!!

With the 2011 Billboard Music Awards airing Sunday May 22nd, rumours have begun swirling that my the pop princess is slated to make not one, but 2 appearences!!

Scheduled to open the show is Rihanna, with her scorching single "S&M", but now insiders are saying that Britney could join her onstage and the 2 would belt out the new remix that features both of them!

Is that enough though? Nope!

The rumours continue to say that Britney will take the stage later in the evening with tour mate Nicki Minaj and bust our her smash hit/remix "Til The World Ends".

With the tour starting in less than a month, could it be possible that Brit and Nicki wanna bust a move together before they hit the road together?

I want this to happen SO BAD!!!

I'm not expecting the 2000 Britney.....I am expecting the Britney of now. The matured, busted knee, Britney. I adore this girl and want to see her command that stage, bad knee and all!

To those wondering …

Let's Hope They Really Don't Come In 3's

That's how the old expression goes....deaths come in 3.

Looking back at 2009, we lost 3 legends: Tonight Show co-host/sidekick to Johnny Carson, Ed McMahon, pinup beauty Farrah Fawcett and finally, The King Of Pop, Michael Jackson. This all happened in the same month.

There have been other tragedies circled around the same time, but lets hope it's just a coincidence and not accurate.

Yesterday, the world said goodbye to a wrestling legend: "Macho Man" Randy Savage. Savage, who's real name was Randy Poffo, died after suffering an apparent heart attack behind the wheel and crashing his car into a tree. He was rushed to hospital, along with his wife who only suffered minor injuries, and pronounced dead on arrival.

Now, you're probably wondering where the other 2 come in. Well, thankfully, no one last left us but 2 stars are on the brink.

Screen legend Zsa Zsa Gabor, who has been in and out of the hospital for months, has unfortunately slipped into a coma and th…

The Anticipatation (Really) Begins!!

It's safe to say that, no matter what, Christopher Nolan's highly anticipated "Dark Knight Rises" will be a huge success. Following the epic "Dark Knight", Nolan has his own big shoes to fill, if he intends to match what Dark Knight did at the box office.

Since the announcement of casting, nothing else has been revealed about the movie.

Until now!

We already know Anne Hathaway is set to play Catwoman, and "Inception" star Tom Hardy is slated to play Bane....but we never quite knew how Nolan would portray  Bane.

Well there you have it!

The first promotional shot from the movie and all I can say

Tom Hardy did some MAJOR beefing up for the role and I'm even more excited now.
Keep in mind I will be even MORE excited when a picture leaks of Anne Hathaway clad in leather as Catwoman!

Will she do Michelle Pfeiffer justice? Oh who am I kidding?! She is gonna SLAY this role!!

C'mon Nolan.....let's see a picture of our dearest Ann…

Idol Results Recap: Final 2 Revealed!!

Who makes the finale? We're about to find out!

We open with a dramatic intro courtesy of Jimmy Iovine....and I'm already a bag of nerves!!

Ryan informs us they reached over 95 million votes which is the highest non finale voting results in the history of the show.....even 15 million more than last year. Well comparing it to last year isn't a shock since last year SUCKED.

Ok anyways!

We first get the Idol hopefuls (including booted contestant from last week James) meeting up with director JJ Abrams for a special screening of his new movie Super 8. And I will admit, the movie looks pretty sweet!!

We then get footage of Haley travelling home last week....and these visits must be so emotional for the contestants!! Haley arrives in Wheeling, Illinois, to a massive turnout and we finally see the usually calm Haley, give in to her emotions.

Up next.....Ford video.

Ignoring that, we get out first musical performance tonight and it's from Italian group Il Volo. Now, they sound…

Deja Vu Anyone?

I usually ignore similarities...because its bound to happen in the music business.....but then something struck me today....and I couldn't ignore it anymore!!

Beyonce has just released the cover of her highly anticipated 4th studio album, due out June 28th, and immediately.....something else came to mind. Exhibit A everyone!

Anyone else see what I see? I see Beyonce copying my dear Brit's pose for her album cover.....fur and all!!

Now this hasn't been the only time another artist has used a similiar pose/outfit that Britney has.

I give you exhibit B!

Yeah...if you don't see it here, then you're blind!!

I guess its true what they say though.....imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!!

I won't even show you all the similarities between Gaga and Madonna though....thats a whole other blog!!

Who's Making The Big Bucks Now??

It ain't Oprah!!

Ok she still is of course, but she's not number 1!

So the question is, if Oprah isn't number one on Forbes Celebrity 100 list, who could it possibly be?

Lady Gaga!

The reigning pop superstar jumped up 4 spots from last year to oust Ms.Winfrey from her coveted top spot and it's not too shocking that Gaga took the lead after the stellar year she had.

Gaga has reportedly earned almost 90 million from her mega successful Monster Ball tour alone, plus she has about 32 million Facebook followers and was the first artist to reach over 10 million Twitter we know she's got a fanbase!!

She also took in earnings from her line of MAC cosmetics, her Beats headphones, and her million downloads of single Born This Way.....which she can thank her little monsters for. It's being reported as well, that she was paid 1 million dollars from a Russian billionairre just to appear in her Alejandro music video!!

But thats not saying The Big O didn…

American Idol Top 3 - The Good, The Bad & The WTF?!

Wow.....we're really THIS close to finding out who will win the prestige title of American Idol!!

We start off with the reminder that America screwed up last week and sent rocker James Durbin home in traditional Idol shocking fashion.

Ryan informs us that this week will have 3 rounds.....1st is the contestants choice, 2nd is Jimmy Iovine's and finally the 3rd will be the judges choice.

We're then treated to a special guest mentor to help the Idol hopefuls in their personal song selection.....Beyonce!!

1. Scotty McCreery (Amazed - Lonestar)

Scotty came to win!! This was definitely GOOD and I am so happy him. He pushed himself and nailed the big note. His voice was really on point through the number, and I don't really see where he was off....which according to Randy, there were a few off notes. I am really looking forward to the rest of his performances and he's definitely gotten the show off to a great start!!

2. Lauren Alaina (Wild One - Faith Hill)

Lauren got som…

Hasta La Vista Credibility

By now, I'm sure you've all heard the news about Arnold Schwarzenegger fathering a child 10+ years ago.....and not with wife Maria Shriver.

Of course you have...because it's all anyone has been talking about for the past few days.

Arnold has since released a statement to the Los Angeles Times saying:

“After leaving the governor’s office I told my wife about this event, which occurred over a decade ago. I understand and deserve the feelings of anger and disappointment among my friends and family. There are no excuses and I take full responsibility for the hurt I have caused. I have apologized to Maria, my children and my family. I am truly sorry. I ask that the media respect my wife and children through this extremely difficult time. While I deserve your attention and criticism, my family does not.” sure as hell do deserve criticism!

Now, I'm not going to rip Arnold apart for the affair....the seperation from his wife of 25 years has done enough damage to the …

Proof As To Why Jane Lynch Won An Emmy!!

One down, one to go!

Next week, Glee will air its season 2 finale and after tonight's episode, I can't imagine how they will top it.

There was an announcement that there would be a death in the second last episode of the season, which didn't come as much of a shock with the episode entitled "Funeral".

Rumours began swirling as to who would exit the hit show.....would it be Kurt's Dad Burt, who we already know has had health issues? What about Beiste, who has been missing in action for over a month?

Well we had our answer almost immediately after the episode started.....and if you haven't watched the episode yet, stop reading!


When Mr. Schue confronted Sue for kicking Becky off of the Cheerio's, he learned the devastating truth: Sue's sister Jean, who had down syndrome, had passed away.

The following episode was delivered with the always quick wit of our beloved Ms. Sylvester....but we saw something looming....was tha…

Is This Really Necessary?


Some movies need to learn when to stop.

Coming this summer is the fifth installment in the Final Destination know, the ones that has death following a group of teenagers and offing them one by one in grotesque and inventive fashion?

Yeah......I have no interest.

Frankly, I lost interest after the disastrous 3rd one. Being an avid movie fan, I usually don't complain when studios churn out movies, but this is getting ridiculous.

Oh and let's not's in 3D!

Thats just great.......not like the blood would be enough normally, but now it'll be flying directly AT you while you're trying to eat your popcorn.

Poor Devon's a shame he never stayed attached to the series after the 1st, he probably would have made bank.....I mean what is he even doing now?!

Anybody know the answer to that?

Back to the crap movie though.....I see these films being delivered in the same fashion as the Saw franchine and thats not a compliment. Th…