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Dance Floor Diva!!

Well it's official, Jennifer Lopez is BACK!

When Jennifer debuted on American Idol, she quickly gained even more fans than she already had. The new season has quickly rebounded from an almost cancellation after Simon Cowell departed. Jennifer and new judge Steven Tyler brought a whole new life to the show.

But that wasn't enough.

Jennifer was hard at work on her 7th studio album (which I still find CRAZY that she's on her seventh) and seemed to be wanting to make a comeback on stage as well. She definitely had no problem when she released the first single "On The Floor" featuing Pitbull. The single exploded onto iTunes, and has remained in the top 3 since the debut back in February.

Speculation on what else the album would produce was at an all time high.

She had other things on her mind though.

It was then announced what many people have thought for a very long time: Jennifer was named People magazine's Most Beautiful Woman In The World.

Would you say she…

Long Live Alexander McQueen!!

Ok so maybe this isn't a celebrity post.....but it has to be said!!

Royal wedding fever came to an end this morning and to call the ceremony beautiful would be an  understatement.

Kate looked every part the Princess she now is, during her wedding to Prince William. All eyes were going to be on Kate, especially to see which famed designer had the pleasure of dressing her for her big day.

She married into why not wear fashion royalty?

Kate chose to wear a dress by the late fashion icon Alexander McQueen and looked absolutely breathtaking.

McQueen left us back in February of 2010 after committing suicide and left a huge hole in the fashion world. Seeing Kate wear his work was simply beautiful. Joined by her sister Pippa, Kate walked down to aisle with her father and took everyone's breath away in the process.

Her and William seemed very much in love stating their vows and then taking to a horse drawn carriage which took them back to Buckingham Palace. The smiles …

Idol Results Recap: Which Of These 3 Will Leave Us??

Hey! No over the top montage!!!!! Woohoo!!

Ok so Ryan opens the show announcing that fans will be "disappointed with tonight's result".......that makes me nervous.

We kick off with a recap of the Idol's visiting the UK in hype of the Royal Wedding, and I have to say that Monty Python alum Eric Idle is looking rather.....large.....

But whatever....we go right into a medley of Carole King's songbook courtesy of our Top 6!

This was enjoyable, but not great. The only part for me that was a standout was Lauren and Haley's duet together. The pair sounded amazing!

Ford video time.....*mutes*

Thankfully that's over. They really need to do away with these....they're not necessary!

We then get a visit from last season runner-up Crystal Bowersox who sang her new single....and I'll be honest, I missed the name of it. I adored Crystal last season, but this was boring as hell. She sounded okay, but who cares? I'm really disappointed because I was anticipat…

American Idol Top 6 - The Good, The Bad & The WTF?!

Down to the final 6......and just under a month before the finale!!!

Tonight the Idol hopeful's tackle arguably, one of the world's most prolific songwriters: Carole King.

Ryan then announced that Grammy winner Kenneth "Babyface" Williams would be sitting in with Jimmy Iovine mentoring the judges, which I think is a fabulous idea!

1. Jacob Lusk (Oh No Not My Baby - Carole King)

Could Jacob manage to stay out of the bottom 3 again this week? Well I thought he would of SAILED through last week and he didn't....and this week is no damn different!! Jacob is going to get 2 reviews from me this: GOOD for the performance because I loved it (ok it started out a bit boring, and me missed a few notes...but just a few) and secondly WTF?! for that crazy outfit....seriously who dressed him????

2. Lauren Alaina (Where You Lead - Carole King)

While Lauren was rehearsing with Jimmy and Babyface, she got a big surprise: Miley Cyrus. Now this was cute seeing Lauren's reaction…

Ryan Murphy, You've Got Some 'Splainin' To Do!!

Hopefully you're not all Gleeked out because upon second viewing of last night's still stellar episode....I have a bone to pick with creator Ryan Murphy!

I was very much enjoying re-watching the fabulous episode from last night until something struck me at the end when our fave New Directions were belting out the Gaga anthem "Born This Way".

Now, while I understand songs are always altered to fit into the time frame, this one had me bothered.

The last chorus of the song, in which the ORIGINAL lyrics go:

"No matter gay, straight or bi, lesbian, transgendered life, I'm on the right track baby, I was born to survive", was omitted from the episode.

Ok  see now I'm confused.

With a show created by an OPENLY gay man, with an OPENLY gay character (and actor Chris Colfer), why on Earth would this line be taken out of the song?!

I'm sure some will come to the defense of the show, saying it was removed for time constraints, but you're telling me the…

They Were Born This Way, Baby!!

Ugh....can you believe we're nearing the end of season 2?

Well, luckily that wasn't tonight, and we got a special 90 minute episode of Glee and it sure as hell didn't disappoint!!

Mr. Schuester decided the gang needed help with self-acceptance and looked to one musical artist that was all about just that:

Lady Gaga.

This episode was amazing from start to finish.

From the hilarious antics of Santana, the nose saga of Rachel, the throwdown for prom queen between Lauren and Quinn, and of course the triumphant return of one Kurt Hummell!!

To name a favourite moment from the episode would be next to impossible but let's look at a few of the many stellar moments:

1. Kurt's solo to As If We Never Said Goodbye - Oh how I've missed his voice....and his outfits!! Chris Colfer never ceases to amaze me and he was on fire again this week. Between his teary eyed goodbye to the Warblers, to his perfectly sung Sunset Boulevard number, I am very excited to see Kurt back at McK…

Titanic Starring........Johnny Depp?!

When people think of the box office cash cow Titanic, people immediately think 2 things:

1. A ship sinks
2. Heartthrob Leonardo Dicaprio

Well, can you imagine if Leo hadn't portrayed the lead character Jack Dawson?

What about picturing Johnny Depp in that role?

Weird eh?

Well that's just the beginning in the long list of actors who had either auditioned for a role in the hit film...or simply turned it down.

Many A listers were considered, mainly for the role of Rose, but ultimately lost out to the amazing Kate Winslet.

Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Winona Ryder, Tori Spelling, Reese Witherspoon and Angelina Jolie were all either considered, or read the part, of Rose.

Think how crazy some of that is....we could have had The Tourist back in 1997 as opposed to 2011!!

Other notable mentions for Titanic were: Reba McEntire and Barbra Streisand for the role of Molly Brown, ultimately going to the impeccable Kathy Bates,  Rob Lowe actually lost the part of Cal to Billy Zane, and fina…

First Britney & Rihanna....Now Britney & Nicki......& Kesha?!

Remix overload!!!

Britney Spears has been one busy girl the past few weeks. With the release of her number 1 album Femme Fatale, she's also produced 2 number 1 singles, Hold It Against Me and Till The World Ends.

But that wasn't enough.

Britney shot back into the singles chart with another hit....just not her own.

Rihanna teased she was working on a remix to her hit S&M and coyly mentioned a certain someone would be joining her on the track......that someone being Ms. Spears.

Britney added a whole new flavour to the song and, with her own verse, her and Rihanna made the song seem fresh. The single rose to the number 1 slot on iTunes and gave Britney another #1 hit.

Was that enough? I don't think so!

With her videos for Till The World Ends both faring well, Britney and her label decided to release another remix....but this time, a song of hers!

The Till The World Ends remix is dancefloor heaven and features 2 very special guests: tour partner Nicki Minaj, and the artis…

Counting It Down: Top 10 American Idol Performances

I've decided to go with a recurring theme, and thought why not start off with what I blog about the most??

Idol has had many memorable moments over the past  10 seasons and I'm sure I won't touch on everyone of them....but this list is specifically for the performances themselves....not the crying, bitching, or shocking eliminations....that'll be for later!

But let's kick off with the countdown with number 10!

10 . Carrie Underwood (Season 4) - Alone

It may seem weird to have Carrie in the number 10 slot, but it's still amazing nonetheless. Carrie was on her way to a fantastic season,  but still needed a performance to catapult her. Feast your ears and eyes on this. Carrie did Heart proud with her rendition of the classic song and I still think the performance stands among the best the show has produced.

9. Katharine McPhee (Season 5) - Somewhere Over The Rainbow

I must say this season was not a personal favourite, but it did have a few standouts. Katharine w…

Oh Lindsay.....

At some point I need to feel sorry for this girl......but she somehow keeps making that harder & harder!

This evening, after a long day in court, Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 120 days in county jail!

To start at the beginning though.....

Lindsay and her lawyer arrived to court for the preliminary hearing regarding her felony theft case. She has been accused of allegedly stealing a necklace in a downtown LA shop.

Lindsay thought she had dodged a bullet when, after key witnesses had testified, the judge ruled the case a misdemeanor and lowered it from the felony theft.

Good news for the star....for once......but that didn't last.

Judge Stephanie Sautner then delivered a huge blow to Lohan: she had still violated her probation, which resulted in a 120 day jail sentence along with 480 hours of community service.

Damn.....girl can't catch a break.

Now, on the plus side, (I'm straining to find one), Lindsay's lawyer will definitely appeal  the sentence which entitl…

Really Beyonce? This Is The Best You Got?!

Ok....I'm a fan....but let's be honest:


When Beyonce broke free from Destiny's Child, some say her glory days were all to come. Her first album "Dangerously In Love" was immediately a favourite of mine. It was old school R&B mixed in with B's powerful flavour, and I loved all of it. She had a lot to live up to with her second effort.

Girl didn't disappoint. Her sophomore release "B'Day" was another instant favourite and penned numerous singles including the smash hit "Deja Vu" with then boyfriend Jay Z. Beyonce was doing everything right so far and could only get better with the release of her 3rd album.....right?


Now, the album was a critical success....but for me? Not even close.

"I Am.....Sasha Fierce" was B's third solo album and to say I didn't enjoy it, is an understatement. Looking at the album as a whole, it fell flat for me. It boggled my mind why the studio would release songs l…

Idol Results Recap: The Final 2 Girls Stand Tall

Another week, another over the top montage!!

We kick things off with Haley, Lauren, Jacob and Stefano belting out Train's Hey Soul Sister....and I actually enjoyed this!! I must add that Lauren & Haley sounded very good together.

Another Ford video promo....and know how I feel!

Thankfully the video is over and we get back to the remaining guys, Scotty, James and Casey singing Coldplay's Viva La Vida. I thought this was weird. I preferred the first number. The guys didn't seem to be singing the same notes.

Ryan gets right to business and asks both Casey and Jacob to stand up......and asks Casey to sit back down, he's safe! He's the only one so far though as Ryan announces Jacob is the first person in the bottom 3.

I am shocked.....pissed off....and disgusted. Jacob was amazing last night and should not be in the bottom 3. I'm having flashbacks to Pia's elmination.....let's hope it doesn't  end with the same result.

Idol then welcome…

American Idol Top 7 - The Good, The Bad & The WTF?!

Idol kicked off with the opening montage set to Katy Perry's Firework.....and I must admit: I love that song!!

With the theme being from the 21st century, it's a pretty open catalogue. We then get a very interesting first number courtesy of the rejects contestants that have already left us. Poor Paul is paired with all of the girls that have been eliminated and I must say this was bad. They sang Pink's So What, and what? This was horrible but fortunately it gave me one more glance at Paul.....and UNfortunately one more glance at Naima's dancing.

1. Scotty McCreery (Swingin' - Leann Rimes)

Our country crooner kicked it off this week.....and it was mediocre at best. I found this performance really quite boring this week and it kills me to say that. I'm gonna give Scotty my BAD rating this week because yeah, he sounded good, but it was boring. I really agree with Jennifer when she said he had a whole slew of songs to sing, and this is what he chose? I r…

Time Capsule: The Chosen One

Into every generation, a Slayer is born......

Our fave vampire slayin' girl Buffy Summers gifted us with her television debut back in 1997.

Wow....I can't believe it was that long ago!

Anyways! Buffy the Vampire Slayer debuted on the WB (now the CW) network and instantly became a fan  favourite....and a critical fave too. Between the sharp humour and dark storylines, the show never missed a beat with a strong showing of 5 seasons.

Sarah Michelle Gellar became more of a household name when she became Buffy. Some may have known her from her soap opera days on All My Children, for which she won an Emmy, but she reached a whole new crowd with her portrayal of California girl Buffy Summers. The show, created by the mastermind Joss Whedon, also introduced us to Buffy's Scooby Gang . The group included her Watcher Giles (played by the amazing Anthony Stewart Head), and main friends Xander and Willow.

Now, I can't do a tribute to Buffy the Vampire Slayer without talking abou…

Maybe 5 and 6 Will Fare Better Wes! Scream 4 rocked my world.

Apparently though it didn't drive people to the theatre this past weekend!!

The numbers are slowly coming in and it appears Wes Craven and the studio may not like what they get.

Scream 4 opened to decent numbers over the weekend, pulling in roughly 19.3 million. Now, thats no number to scoff at. But when childrens flick Rio rakes in 40 mill over the need to be worried. The studio had hoped for a 30 million dollar pay off over the weekend alone, and banked on this success. This was hopefully going to convince them to greenlight the rest of the planned trilogy. According to reports, Kevin Williamson is contracted to helm the script for the 5th, but not the 6th.....yet. Wes Craven however, has reportedly inked a deal to helm the new trilogy whether it's Williamson writing or not (Please not Ehren Krueger though!! He butchered Scream 3 and parts of 4!!!)

But all of that could be scrapped if the studio isn't impressed with ho…

A "Glee"-ful Return!

I'm sure the title got you all excited....just think how you'll all feel once it rolls around to Tuesday night!

That's right. Glee returns for the start of the rest of their second season Tuesday and it's been too damn long a wait!!

Numerous promo's for the episode have hit the net and it's causing fans to become very excited for Fox's number 1 show. Sorry Idol....Glee has taken the crown.

We have a whole slew of guest stars returning this week, including singer Charice who makes her triumphant return as Sunshine, after only being in one episode this season. She was then whisked away to Vocal Adrenaline. It's exciting to have Charice back because DAMN! girl can sing. Watch out Rachel!

Other returns this week include Gwyneth Paltrow as Holly Holiday and Jessalyn Gilsig as the AMAZING ex wife of Will, Terri!! I'm so excited for Terri's return because she always brings the funny. Not to mention she'll be sharing scenes with Sue Sylvester.


Scream 4 Life


That's really my first official reaction after watching Scream 4 last night. Being a huge fan of the series (not that you didn't know that HA!), I had very high expectations for the movie. Now to be very honest though, the movie could have sucked and I still probably would have enjoyed it.

But luckily, this movie was nowhere near bad. It was absolutely incredible and I applaud Wes Craven and writer Kevin Williamson.

Without giving away any spoilers, this movie, in my eyes, is the second best in the series after number 1. Wes & Kevin spin a very believable tale in this run of the series and I found myself very invested in most of the new characters, unlike the 3rd installment. The supporting stars in the 4th are believeable and you actually root for them.

Ghostface is also back with a vengeance in this flick. He is much more brutal and sadistic and it really shows in the kills. The phone calls are much more creepy and haunting as opposed to the third and even the seco…

Judas Has Arrived!!

After the success of Born This Way (forgetting the comparison to Madonna's Express Yourself), Gaga had a mountain to climb in delivering her second single off her 2nd studio album, due out May 23rd. She could have easily began to slide into a sophmore slump after the wild success of both The Fame/Fame Monster.

But that's not gonna happen.

Mother Monster is back with a scorching second single that is sure to fire up the clubs.

Judas is a throbbing beat of a number and will instantly have her fans flocking to the dancefloor. Gaga is no stranger with the producer of the song either. She once again teams up with hitmaker RedOne, who supported her on her debut smash hit Just Dance.

I am an instant fan of the song and am anticipating the album more then ever. In my eyes, Gaga has been doing no wrong, and is on her way to having yet another number one album.

Congrats Gaga. You're on the right path with this album so far and I truly hope the rest turns out as amazing as your fir…

Idol Results Recap: Another One Bites The Dust!

Another elimination night....another night to say goodbye....

I tried my hand at a dramatic sentence there.....hey! It works for Idol every week!

Here we are....another Thursday night and I can say I am not looking forward to this week's elimination. I can only hope America gets it right this week and at least sticks to one of the contestants I predicted in the bottom 3.

We kick off with group performances again this week with Lauren and Scotty once again teaming up to deliver Lady Antebellum's American Honey....and I for one LOVED it! They both sounded amazing and totally sounded in sync together.

We then of course get another Ford commercial...and it sucked. As usual.

Second duet of the night! And we get Casey and Haley belting out the song "Moaning" and WOW! I think Haley just found her style. She slayed this and and Casey of course sounded great as well. The judges were on their feet and rightfully so. This was magic.
Ryan then of course had to be bearer of bad…

American Idol Top 8 - The Good, The Bad & The WTF?!

Well, after a crazy elimination last week, Ryan introduced us to the judges including newly named World's Most Beautiful Woman Jennifer Lopez for People magazine. This is a title she greatly deserves!!

So the hopefuls are attacking songs from the movies this week, which should lead to a very interesting night.....(please no one do My Heart Will Go On....please noooooooo)

Here we go!

1. Paul McDonald (Old Time Rock & Roll - Bob Seger *Risky Business*)

So Paul kicks off the an interesting outfit. Not feeling the outfit at all but I'm also not feeling the performance. I'm gonna give this a BAD rating this week because to me, it felt like a drunken version of Rod Stewart trying to cover Bob was just kind of awkward. And his dancing isn't cute anymore. It's distracting.

2. Lauren Alaina (The Climb - Miley Cyrus *Hannah Montana: The Movie*)

Nice play on words Mr. Seacrest. He asked "Will Lauren make the climb to the finale?" Nice. O…

Breaking Down Scream

Here we are, 2 days away from the opening of one of this years highly anticipated movies.

I've made no secret of my love for the Scream trilogy, and as you probably have gathered, I'm pumped for the 4th installment. It's been 10 years since we've seen Ghostface and co. and I have a feeling we're in for a wild ride!

But I don't wanna talk about Scream 4 yet. I will of course have a full review of the movie after I see it Friday night....who else didn't think I'd be there opening night?

I thought to hype the movie, why not list, in my opinion, the top 10 scenes of the franchise so far? I think it's safe to say that some of my picks will be some of yours, but lets take a look with my Top 10 Countdown: Best Scream Moments!

Warning: this will obviously spoil certain scenes etc........but if you haven't seen all 3 of these? Then get your ass to a video store and rent them!!!

10. Rina Reynolds - Ok so was the 3rd as good as the first 2? Hell no. I sti…