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Idol Results Recap: Two Down!!

Idol kicked off with their usual montage of the previous night with the ending saying:     

"And you won't believe who's going home."

Well my guess is that  I'm gonna wind up pissed off....but let's wait and see shall we?

Tonight we say goodbye to 2 contestants and it's bound to be another crazy night. After last week's almost tragic ending to Casey, I'm on pins & needles for tonight's results.

Ryan introduced the Top 11 and immediately sent them over to the couch......what? No big performance to start? Nope. We got something a little different. Ryan informed us that everyone was being placed into groups starting with Lauren and Scotty singing a duet of Carrie Underwood's "I Told You So". Now my personal opinion on that was Lauren completely sung over him and knocked it out of the ballpark.

Results coming in! Lauren and Scotty are on the chopping block.....and they're both safe!

Next up we get Naima and Jacob belting o…

American Idol Top 11 - The Good, The Bad & The WTF?! PART 2

That's right. Part 2 of the Top 11 kicked off tonight.

After the judges used the save on Casey last week, it was deja vu with the Top 11 taking the stage once again. But unlike Motown, this week the Idol hopeful's took on another classic....but this time not a artist.

That artist was Elton John!

1. Scotty McCreery (Country Comfort - Elton John)

Country crooner Scotty could have been in an awkward position this week, yet he still stayed true to himself and delivered a song that he could EASILY record tomorrow. Playing it as a tribute to his grandmother, and throwing in a shout-out to her as well, Scotty definitely gets a GOOD rating from me this week. He sounded cool, confident and has shown the judges and his fans he will always stay true to his country roots.

2.  Naima Adedapo (I'm Still Standing - Elton John)

Well, Naima is no stranger to my WTF rating, but she does it again this week. I was definitely intrigued when Naima said she was going to throw in a …

A Karate Kid & Some Nobodys

I tried to ignore it.....I tried to forget it.....but I just couldn't.

I had ignored the 12th season premiere of Dancing with the Stars when it aired 2 weeks ago. Yet somehow I couldn't resist when it followed up with a 1 hour recap followed by the first elimination last night.

I do have one question though: Where are the STARS?!

I'm sorry.....Ralph Macchio and Kirstie Alley are stars.....but in my eyes.....thats all we got this year!

Looking at the rest of the cast is like looking into a who's who in Hollywood....with emphasis on WHO: Disney Channel star Chelsea Kane, rapper turned actor Lil Romeo, talk show diva Wendy Williams, radio personality Mike Cantherwood, boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard, pro wrestler Chris Jericho, reality TV star and former Playboy bunny Kendra Wilkinson, and Super Bowl winner Hines Ward.

Yeah.....who is right.

But I remain openminded. The recap proved entertaining and pretty much summed up what I thought would happen.

Wendy Williams sucked…

All Eyes On Nolan

Next summer will feature the return of someone Hollywood has grown to love.....and also someone expectecd to skyrocket our expectations.

But the question is, can he?

Or is it better to ask: Who the hell am I talking about?

Well that man is Christopher Nolan.

Christopher has given us some doozies over the years, with last two, The Dark Knight and Inception, pulling in some major dough at the box office and receiving rave reviews. So can he pull off a hat trick with next year's The Dark Knight Rises?

I firmly believe he will.  And not just because people will be flocking to the theatre for this release. But because he is a filmaker. A damn good filmmaker.

It bothers me when people say Heath Ledger's performance sold The Dark Knight. Yes Heath will always be recognized for that role and he damn well should be, but we cannot forget the man who created that role. Heath brought life to Nolan's vision. Nolan created the masterpiece and showed us why he's a force to be recko…

The Juno Awards aka The Lesser Grammy's!

Now that title may get my Canadian ass in a bit of trouble, but I call 'em like I see 'em!

The Juno's kicked off with Down With Webster and boy did they set the mood of the night.


Ok so let's REALLY get this show started. Host Drake sauntered onto the stage and welcomed us to the show with a comedic number with some creepy guy on the piano. Drake sang to Hall of Fame entree Shania Twain who seemed to enjoy his playful singing......but the rest of us were just umcomfortable.

The show dragged on for another hour and a half with very little highlights (in my opinion). Sure the musical tribute to classic Canadian artists was nice. Sarah Harmer was a standout for me belting out Joni Mitchell's "Carey". Next up we unfortunately got Blue Rodeo frontman Jim Cuddy and Sarah Slean singing the Gordon Lightfoot classic "If You Could Read My Mind". Now Sarah Harmer was amazing. This though? Not so much.

The only other standout for me was Dallas Green…

Our Girl Returns With Vengeance!

Britney returned to the stage Friday night to screaming fans and showed the world she's still got it!

She stormed the stage with lead single Hold It Against Me in a silver, glittery bodysuit and of course her signature "I can't dance in these" high heels. Britney seemed confident for her first number, but unfortunately the dancing didn't reflect that. She seemed to miss a few beats and seemed a little tired.

You can imagine my horror. I was thinking "No.....not this again."

She must have heard me....because girl kicked it into high gear!!

She dove right into her next track, rumoured 3rd single Big Fat Bass featuring Will.I.Am. She was playful with the beat and moved stronger to the beat. Her back up dancers supported her....and didn't take anything away from our girl.
At this point, I'm calling HIAM the warm up she should have had offstage.....and Big Fat Bass as the REAL intro! What  made BFB even more amazing was the remixing of past singles…

The Comeback Begins (Again)

Here we go!

Britney spears makes her triumphant return to the stage tonight.


It seems Britney is making yet another comeback but this time, things appear different. The publicity for "Femme Fatale", Spears' 7th studio album which drops March 29th, has begun to pick up steam. The start of it begins tonight in Las Vegas, with Britney headlining at The Palms Casino with house DJ Pauly D of Jersey shore fame.

Despite the success of her last studio album Circus, Brit only really publically endorsed the album once, performing on Good Morning America the day the album dropped. She performed Womanizer and Circus which received lukewarm reviews for her lacklustre dancing.

Now here we are 2 years later and 2 singles later.

Femme Fatale has definitely reinvented Britney and has her diehard fans anticipating something HUGE tonight in Vegas. Will it be the "Toxic" Britney we've missed....or will it be the VMA Gimme More Britney that we wish to forget?

All eye…

Idol Results: Shocking Night!

Idol kicked off with their typical dramatic recap of last night and then welcomed us to the show!

We got a very good performance from the Top 11 singing Ain't No Mountain High Enough which ended in a very welcome surprise: last night's most played superstar, Stevie Wonder! Stevie took the stage and was welcomed by a very shocked Steven Tyler. Stevie ran  into Superstition, and then surprised  Tyler with a rendition of Happy Birthday and the contestants gave the wild judge a portrait and cake. This capped off a truly amazing intro for the show.

We then get another Ford Music Video with the Idol hopefuls....yeah it sucked as they usually do.

Dim the lights!! Ryan brings Lauren, Scotty and Pia up onto the chopping block, only to send them all back to the couch, because they're all safe.

We then get a rather funny video from the Idol mansion with the gang spilling on James' secret love for professional wrestling. We see the group wrasslin' around and joking around w…

American Idol Top 11 - The Good, The Bad & The WTF?!

Idol continued its race to the finale tonight with a showstopper. I must say I was very impressed tonight, and this MAY be the best Top 10 the show has ever had. They had their work cut out for them when they tackled Motown.....or maybe one in a few had difficulty.

1. Casey Abrams (Heard It Through The Grapevine - Marvin Gaye)

Casey came flying out of the box tonight with this rendition. He captured Motown PERFECTLY and rightfully deserves a GOOD rating. His growls suited this classic hit and he completely made it his own. He commanded the stage and looked completely at  home as he sauntered around the judges desk and interacted with the crowd. A+ Mr. Abrams! Job well done!

2. Thia Megia (Heatwave - Martha & The Vandellas)

Thia gets the honour this week of securing the GOOD/BAD from me. When she took the stage, I was very happy. She seemed confident and felt very comfortable with something upbeat, which was the first time we witnessed it. Now you're probably wondering where th…


This morning the world mourns a legend. An icon. A star once in the spotlight for her every move. That star is Elizabeth Taylor.

Elizabeth Taylor passed away at 1:28am with her children by her side at the young age of 79. Liz had been battling health issues on and off for years and finally succumbed to congestive heart failure.

She will forever be remembered for roles in such blockbusters: National  Velvet, Giant, Cleopatra, and her 2 Oscar winning roles in Butterfield 8 and Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf.

Liz will also be fondly remembered for her active role in her charitys. She was a strong supporter of gay rights and launched the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

Knowing that the iconic actress has been reunited with the love of her life, Richard Burton, and no longer in pain, should ease some of the pain felt by her passing.

The world truly has lost one of the greats. I for one will always remember her as an amazing actress and will continue to watch those films she made her…

Game Over

I personally thought it was game over when he decided to use Rihanna as a punching bag, but now? Yeah....I think even less of him....if that's possible.

Right now, Chris should be feeling how he felt the day this picture was snapped. I doubt he does, but he should.

News broke this morning that Chris managed to show off that lovely anger issue he has when he appeared on Good Morning America. Anchor Robin Roberts, who interviewed Chris at his home shortly after the Rihanna incident, interviewed him once again. She talked to Chris before his performance and immediately brought up what has happened since they last spoke, more importantly, the fact the restraining order was just lifted. Chris was asked if he has seen Rihanna and, unfortunately for him, facial expressions said it all. He did not seem impressed with these questions and actually said " I've forgotten this stuff".  Chris attempted to sway conversation to focus on his new album, but Robin proceeded.

Good to kno…

The Voice vs American Idol

So with a title like the one above, you're all probably wondering the same thing.

What the hell is The Voice?!

What is it you ask? Well let yours truly break this down for you:
The Voice is a new singing competition show (ugh) with a bit of a twist. The show consists of Carson Daly as host and Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine of Maroon 5, country singer Blake Shelton, and F*ck You hitmaker Cee Lo Green as judges. Sounds pretty simple right? Well, it would be a complete knock off of Idol except for the twist. That twist being that the judges sit with their backs to the contestants when they sing. That way, it's all guessed it.....the voice!

The judges will base their opinions strictly on that and not on appearence.


Look, I have said before that reality TV is being overdone, which it is, but really?
This is the best they have? I really don't see this achieving anything spectacular especially against a huge hit like Idol. Luckily for The Voice, Id…

Album Review: Britney Spears - Femme Fatale Part 2

So here we go with the second part of the review for Britney Spears' amazing new album, Femme Fatale.

6. (Drop Dead) Beautiful featuring Sabi - I must admit this became an  instant fave of mine with first listen. The beat on the track is what's interesting the most. It would not be an  instant Britney classic without the easy sing-along lines such as "So fasten up your seatbelt, it's gon' be a bumpy ride". Britney sounds cool and has her swagger back with this song. Definitely a pleasing track. Newcomer Sabi definitely brings an  urban feel to the song as well with her playful rap.

***** out of 5

7. Seal It With A Kiss - Another track I must admit is good. Is it the killer track on the album? No. But it is still Britney at her new and reformed self. The track is very heavy on the synthesizers, yet Britney sounds very raw. Her voice shines through which has been a very strong factor for this album. This song plays on that as well as brings in different sounds …

Album Review: Britney Spears - Femme Fatale Part 1.

This album had to be huge. Massive. This album had to show the world that our favourite reformed trainwreck was back to basics.

She did it.

Femme Fatale is Ms. Spears' 7th studio album and the growth is very obvious. Gone are the bubblegum pop songs and sappy ballads, and instead in their place stand thumping club bangers and addictive beats.

Britney's in the club bitch.

1. Till The World Ends - When I saw that this track was penned by Ke$ha, I was afraid.....very afraid. Not being a big fan of hers had me worried what kind of track she had given Britney. Well once I heard the song, my worries disappeared. This is vintage Britney mixed in with the new and improved club Britney. The beat is killer and just wants to make you dance....which is exactly what Britney wants you to do.
"Keep on dancing till the world ends".

**** out of 5

2. Hold It Against Me - The lead single off the album did what it needed to. Made a statement. The single shot to the number one spot on I…

Idol Results Recap: Another Diva Signs Off!

Here we are with another elimination week of Idol. Tonight we saw yet another recap of last night, and yes it was still way over dramatic. It's really not necessary.....but someone thinks so!

I must say that the opening performance of the Idol hopefuls was really good. I still think it was pre-recorded but I couldn't tell. They performed a mash up of Lady Gaga and Steppenwolf, "Born to be Wild/Born This Way". I enjoyed this a lot. I usually don't enjoy these.

We then get one of the horrendous Ford commercials starring the Idol hopefuls and it was as cringeworthy as they usually are. I don't get doing these stupid makes them look cheap and tacky. HA!

Time for drama though.

Ryan first calls Jacob, Casey and Lauren up. Lauren looked like a big ball of nerves while Casey looked subdued and Jacob stood in the middle clasping both of their hands. Ryan told a relieved Jacob he was safe first, then Lauren and finally Casey. Well so far I'm good, be…

American Idol Top 12 - The Good, The Bad & The WTF?!

Here we are! Another week of Idol and this week the remaining contestants deliver songs made popular the year of their birthdays. So here we go!

1. Naima Adedapo (What's Love Got To Do With It - Tina Turner)

Naima landed my coveted WTF spot last week with her distracting dance and rendition of Umbrella, and this week is a bit better. She gets a BAD rating. Actually, she gets a VERY BAD rating. She was completely out of tune during this and I'm sure if Tina heard this she'd be cringing. Like I'm sure the rest of America was. Naima is definitely in trouble.

2. Paul McDonald (I Guess Thats Why They Call It The Blues - Elton John)

Paul was GOOD last week, and he remains just that this week. He placed his folk charm on this Elton classic and delivered it very smoothly. He got a bit of negative feedback from the judges but also some positive. But lets be honest, all the boy has to do is least for me!

3. Thia Megia (Colors Of The Wind - Vanessa Williams)

Thia n…

Hell to the Yes!!!

It happened. FINALLY.

The much anticipated coming together of Kurt & Blaine finally materialized last night on Glee's spring finale. And boy did they come together!

With Pavarotti the bird singing his swan song, it brought out an emotional Kurt which in turn led to an amazing performance of "Blackbird" by Chris Colfer. Chris sung this BRILLIANTLY and also reminded us last night why he won the Golden Globe for his portrayal as Kurt Hummel. Kurt was on fire last night through the episode.

But what was to come truly was worth waiting for. Through Kurt's expression of song, it made Blaine realize what he pretty much had already known: he had fallen for Kurt.
Blaine finally told Kurt how he felt which resulted in the pair's first onscreen kiss.

What else happened in the episode though? I'm kidding...but lets be honest: that moment made the entire episode!!

New Directions finally decided to go with original songs for Regionals and they did not disappoint! The…

Only 1 Month Away!!!!!

Now you're all probably wondering exactly WHAT is a month away....well....without keeping you in suspense any longer:

Yup! Scream 4 opens nationwide April 15th and I couldn't be anymore excited. It's been a long time since we've seen Ghostface and he's back to make hell for a new batch of stars.

Emma Roberts takes the pivotal role as the new "Sidney" and Hayden Panettiere tackles what many consider to be the new "Gail".

But who cares? Really.....All the fans really want are the REAL Sidney and Gail. And they're back alongside Dewey.

Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox and David Arquette all return for the 4th installment and rumours have been flying that one of the 3 musketeers will be killed off. Would it be smart to kill off one of the trio? Sure. It would come as a surprise and could keep with focusing on the new cast if it's true they want to create a new trilogy. It may be too repetitive to keep the originals alive until the 6th....if it get…

What's REALLY Good on TV.....And You're Probably Not Watching It!!

Sitcoms are dead. It's ALMOST the truth. With the exception of The Big Bang Theory, not much else is now raking it viewers. Sure Two & a Half Men still does okay,  but that will  change next season....if there is a next season.

But don't worry. There are still plenty of shows for you to check out and become quickly addicted to.

1. Shameless - As a spin-off from a UK show, this Showtime series has it all: William H.  Macy in the lead role as a deabeat father who would rather drink himself silly then have anything to do with his 5 kids, Joan Cusack as an agoraphobic housewife who is drawn to helping Macy, and Emmy Rossum as the eldest sister forced to take care of herself and her siblings. Shameless lives upto it's name very quickly, with it's brutal telling of a day in the life of this family. By brutal I mean honest....and hilarious! Definitely check it out and you will find yourself hooked.

2. Episodes - Another Showtime original series (seeing a pattern here). …

The Saga of Charlie Sheen

It's time.

I've waited discussing the daily intrigues and mishaps of our favourite warlock, but I can't bite my tongue anymore.
Let's recap shall we?

Charlie got high. Drunk. High again. And more drunk. Battles with now ex-wife Brooke Mueller made headlines last December when they were vacationing in Aspen. Domestic charges were laid against both of them and they were both ordered to rehab.

A lot of good that did. Maybe it helped Brooke. (More on her to come)

Charlie had seemed to rebound and began focusing on his cash cow Two & a Half Men, but that soon fizzled too with the very public battles he was having with creator of the show, Chuck Lorre. It seemed to bother Charlie a great deal when Lorre appeared concerned for his well being and went to the studio with his fears as well as his PERSONAL opinion of his leading man.....bad decision Chuck.

Careful, don't upset Daddy Warlock.

Charlie didn't take too kindly to this and went on a rant against Lorre. L…

It's Jersey Shore, Bitch!!!

That's right. This post is goin' Jersey!!!
So here's a brain teaser for you all? What EXACTLY had made Jersey Shore what it is today? Snooki? The neverending "I hate you/I love you" banter between Ron and Sammi? Pauly D's epic yell for the cabs? Or J-Woww's......assets?

Whatever it is, the show has done something right.

The past 3 seasons of the show have struck gold with MTV, and it remains it's highest rated program hands down. Nothing really changes with the show except location and trash. By location, I mean season 2 went to Miami. By trash, I mean Angelina!

Angelina met her end on the show during season 2 and was replaced with anotheractress a friend of Snooki's, Deena.

Deena quickly adapted to the cast, and quickly came into her own.

The most addictive part of the show however belongs to Ron and Sammi's tulmutuous relationship. One second declaring their love for one another and the next, ripping each other to shreds. The show capitali…

CNN: Don't Be So Excited When Bad Things Happen

Today will be remembered for one tragic reason: the massive 8.9 earthquake that struck Japan.

All over the world, the effect took control. Loved ones scrambling to find out where someone is or was.

Sometimes the answer would hurt.

The devastation was just that. Devastating.

You would think a respected news program like CNN would handle such a tragedy with ease and respect.

You thought wrong.

I tuned in this morning for learn about what had be INFORMED. Which I thought was CNN's job to do.

Instead what I got this morning was 2 news anchors who seemed to have the giggles.
Hala Gorani  and an unknown anchor delivered lines like:

"When you think you're having a day of bad weather".....
"Oh yeah *insert small giggle*
"Take a look now at some video footage of this amazing occurence"

Amazing?! I can think of a lot of words for what happened over there, but amazing is not one of them.

I once again  express my disgust …

Idol Results Recap: Diva Swan Song

I hate being right when it crushes someone's dream......but damn! I got the first pick of the season right! HA!

Idol kicked off tonight with a dramatic recap of Tuesday's show. These hopefully won't be used's not THAT dramatic until they get to the final 5.

Anyways! First up on the shooting range was Karen, (whom I predicted as a maybe in the bottom 3), Jacob, and Stefano (whom I predicted WOULD be in the bottom 3). Well the maybe was America's choice. Karen ended up being the first contestant up for elimination.

We were then treated to a performance by Season 8's Adam Lambert who performed an acoustic set of his new single "Aftermath". I very much enjoyed this and it gave us a different side to Adam.

Next up we have Hayley, Ashton, and Lauren in the hot seats. Now see this is where I panicked because I called 2 of those (Ashton & Hayley) to be in the bottom, so I seemed to have hit a roadblock in my prediction.


I got it rig…

American Idol Top 13 - The Good, The Bad, & The WTF!?

This week kicked off the Top 13 on American Idol and while I can say I wasn't blown away by anyone, a few stood out.

1. Lauren Alaina (Any Man of Mine - Shania Twain)

Ok......I like Lauren. I do. I think she has potential to be a standout this year, but not with numbers like this. Did she sound ok? Yeah sure, but who cares? She seemed uncomfortable on the stage and I was bored. I will dub her GOOD this week because of her vocals, but she really needs to show me something more, and more importantly, show America something more.

2. Casey Abrams (With a Little Help From My Friends - Joe Cocker)

Now THIS was GOOD. Plain and simple. Casey's proven that he has the chops to be here, and unlike Lauren, he takes risks with his voice. He growled his way through this and at times sounded like his own Idol, Joe Cocker. His stage presence was commanding and he looked very comfortable once again. Bravo Mr. Abrams.

3. Ashton Jones (When You Tell Me That  You Love Me - Diana Ross)

Oh hunny, …

Gleeking Out!

Here comes Regionals!!!!!

After a stellar episode this week featuring the returns of Gwyneth Paltrow and John Stamos, New Directions is headed to Regionals next week!!

Unfortunately after next week, Glee goes on their spring hiatus with re-runs for a month.

Let's not think about that though, and instead relive last night's FABULOUS episode:

1. Gwnyeth - easily number 1 here because not only was she funny, but she sounded great. I should note also that I never used to be a fan of Ms. Paltrow, but I have seen the light.
2. Emma - We finally saw our fave red head belt out some more notes in hilarious fashion with Mr. Stamos and Puck/Rachel/Quinn. Plus she had some great lines last night too. "I look forward to nailing her to the wall.......Oh you know what I mean"
3. Santana - Girl has a heart. Who would of thought it would have been her revealing all to Brittany and not vice versa? Nice play Ryan Murphy.

Gleeks all over must have been anticipating this episode because…

What You Should ALL Be Listening To....NOW!

That's right. It's MUSIC hour here at PopGoesTheArts!!

There are a ton of new music acts coming and going these days but why focus on the crap *cough Ke$ha cough* when you can be brainwashed by yours truly to listen to someone with TALENT. Let me introduce you to someone if you haven't already had the honour of listening to.

Adele - 4 words for all of you: ALBUM OF THE YEAR. This woman's voice has no boundaries. She is the real deal and has proven so by debuting at  #1 on the Billboard Top 200 and selling an incredible 350,000 copies in its first week!
The record is a breath of fresh air. I'd be the first to admit I am a sucker for a killer club banger, or a pop goodie, but Adele is a class all her own.
She commands attention when she sings, but also delivers so effortlessly. Consider her a throwback like Amy Winehouse, minus the crack.......and just better.

Highly recommended listen to all you music lovers out there. And for anyone who just needs to escape: liste…

The Future of American Idol

No one thought it would work.

They were wrong.

This season had the unfortunate task of starting off without its staple Simon Cowell. Sure Randy is entertaining, and Paula brought the crazy every week (I want what she was having by the way), but after Paula left and Kara Dioguardi (ugh) came into the mix, the show began to struggle.

Bring in Ellen. Looks good on paper right? Yeah that's about it. As much as I adore Ellen, and most of America does too, this didn't work. She came off very naive and way in over her head. She stuck with her signature style which didn't fit what Idol was about. So imagine my shock when she announced she wasn't returning.

But the inevitable happened when dear Mr. Cowell announced he was done. This should have been the nail in the coffin of the once can't miss show.

But the producer's had something up their sleeve.

Leaving Randy as the lone wolf, speculation was running wild as to who would fill the other 2 slots (Oh yea Kara got th…

The Journey Begins!

Well, I did it. Finally. I've created my own blog to talk about the one thing I love the most: Pop Culture.

I've decided that I need to share with all of you how I feel about today's most crucial topics, for example:
1.  Can Steven Tyler go ONE episode of American Idol without getting beeped?
2. Does anyone still watch Survivor? I mean really, what season  are they in now....45?!
3. Will Lady Gaga ever explain why she does what she does? That's a resounding NO by the way.
and finally
4. Is Sarah Palin still relevant? I am hoping not, but stranger things have happened.

Yeah I went there. His personal life in the past couple of months have been more entertaining then the past 8 years of the show he was just canned from. 

RIP Jon Cryer's career....this is all you had left. And you can thank the jack-ass above for it!!